200k a week for Saka is “a blinding deal for Arsenal”

Bukayo Saka, who has proven himself as a key player for Arsenal, is nearing the end of his contract. Clearly, the club was looking for a means to retain his talents for an extended period of time.

Following a similar situation, they recently persuaded Gabriel Martinelli to make a long-term commitment. They are now concentrating on convincing Saka to do the same.

Saka is said to have privately told Arsenal officials that he wishes to remain with the club, and the club are reportedly finalising his £200,000-a-week deal. His reps must now resolve a few minor issues in order to make his new deal a reality.

Notably, Ray Parlour on talkSPORT believes Saka deserves every penny of his new contract because Arsenal has no one like him.“That’s what he deserves,” said the Highbury icon about Saka’s rumoured £200,000-a-week deal.

“I mean, that’s the going rate these days, isn’t it?

“And on the market now, Alan, what would he be worth exactly?”

“He’s had some really bad knockbacks as well… but he’s come back a stronger person.

“He’s a really good guy; he’s always got a smile on his face; he wants to learn; he wants to get better.

“So it’s a blinding deal for Arsenal. You can’t replace him, I’m looking around.”

However, Saka’s extension will not be the end of Arsenal’s work. They’ll still have to deal with the future of defender William Saliba, among other things.

However, in recent months, they have handled things well, one piece at a time. And the next stage of their strategy could be realised once Saka inks his new contract.

There will be big celebrations on the streets of Islington when Saka’s new contract is announced, I’m sure!


Sam P

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