Auba the best in 2019/2020 Arsenal Squad ratings – but who else deserves an 8?

This Season’s Arsenal squad ratings by Gurjit

Leno 8/10 – Leno was superb for us whilst fit and an incredible shot stopper given that he was kept very busy is most games. he does however lack a commanding presence in that he is not looked at by our CB’s as someone who will organise them and bring a sense of calm during difficult periods in games. His distribution also, though an improvement on Cech, was still not ideal for our system as he often he made mistakes under pressure which did not do any favours for the team.

Martinez 8/10 – Given the pressure and the type of games Martinez has had to come in and cover it has been a huge relief that we have had such a good back-up goalkeeper. He brought much of what Leno did not with excellent distribution and great decision making which often saw him holding the ball where other keepers would parry. A part of me wants to give him a higher rating than Leno, however I just don’t think he’s proved that this season, given how much work Leno was doing in the first half of the season. I’d like to see more from this lad and he may well be first choice next season.

Bellerin 4.5/10 – Mixed season for Bellerin. We cant forget that he really has struggled coming back from his injury and that is likely a big factor in his form this season. Personally I thought he might have been done at Arsenal but having seen some flashes of what he can bring going forwards some of my faith is restored. I really want to see more from him next season using that burst of pace to force the ball forwards into the attacking third. This right side of the pitch has been a problem all season and with Pepe and Bellerin, we really should be carrying much more attacking threat than there is potential for.

Cedric 5/10 – Hasn’t played enough this season, but from what I’ve seen of him he looks to be much more stable defensively that Bellerin and a wise choice to add some depth to the RB position, and to offer an alternative option when needed especially given Pepe’s poor record for tracking back.

Maitland Niles 4/10 – Has been good in these later games, but was one of the worst performers in the side prior to Arteta’s arrival. Its no wonder that he was dropped losing the ball and misplacing passes/crosses game after game. I’m sure the lads got ability as we’ve seen it, but I’m yet to be convinced that he should be in the starting 11 on a regular basis and anything more than a squad player.

Chambers 5.5/10 – Chambers was one of our better performers at the back this season especially given that he played through our worst part of the season and did so without looking a complete clown. I’d like to see him given more of an opportunity to play at CB as I really do think he has something to offer, though given the number of CB’s we have on our books and the likelihood of another signing this may well go out of the window.

Mustafi 6.5/10 – In my eyes Mustafi has been our best and most consistent performer of our CB’s which really should evidence how our season has gone. He didn’t really play much until around the turn of the year but although shaky at times hasn’t really put a foot wrong. It’s a shame he missed out on the cup final, I felt he deserved to be out there.

Luiz 6/10 – The problem with rating Luiz is you have to compare the world class defender he often shows glimpses of, to sideshow bob, and it really is difficult. In the league he was somewhere between poor and pretty decent, but in the FA cup in some crucial games where we needed a result, he was exceptional. Given how important those few games where he did show up were I think a just above average rating is pretty fair.

Sokratis 4.5/10 – A tough one as he’s been in and out of the team this season and not had much of a chance under Arteta. I quite liked the guy when he came in (and still do), showing a lot of heart on the pitch and wrestling strikers and making their job hard. Rather than what seems to be the popular opinion with fans, in that Arteta does not trust him to defend. I think it’s more likely that it’s his style of play that is not required. He hasn’t had a great season as he mostly played when we were struggling, and I think the opportunity for him to redeem himself has been more limited than that of Mustafi and Luiz who are both much better at passing from the back.

Holding 5/10 – I’m not sure there are enough games to judge Rob on this season, but if I were to it would be that he has been very average. Obviously struggling with injuries and match fitness he does not look sharp on the ball, though defensively he has been quite good.

Kolasinac 4.5/10 – pretty poor showing this season from Sead, but I don’t think his time with us is done. He isn’t defensively stable and this season has made a lot of errors, but he does offer quite a bit going forwards. I’ve seen several counter attacks come from interceptions he has come out of defence to make. He shouldn’t be involved in a back 3 but as a LWB/LB I think he does have something to offer for next season, and gives some much needed depth.

Tierney 7/10 – Its hard to fault the Scot since his return from injury. It was a shame he wasn’t fit for us for longer as he has been a safe pair of hands at the back, and going forwards is actually able to cross a ball (when did we last have someone who could do that). I like him a lot and although it doesn’t sound like the highest praise I would describe him as an all-round good player without any real flaws to his game.

Saka 8/10 – Saka has had a strong season there is no doubt about that, and what impresses me most is he did a lot of this under pressure, in one of the worst periods I’ve seen from an Arsenal team and playing at LB. He’s great on the ball and has created chances for others throughout the season so I am excited to see his development with us. I’d love to see his game modelled on that of Sterling as they have similar attributes and Sterling is a leading winger in the league.

Torreira 4/10 – I cant really explain why Torreira has been so poor, its probably a combination of the league, his build, how our team is being structured, but it seems fairly clear that he is unlikely to work his way back into the team. This season even the things within his control such as passing and postioning have been all over the place. I partly blame Emery for this, but he hasn’t had a chance under Arteta and I suspect that is because he just isn’t a good fit for us.

Guendouzi 6/10 – If we put this down to just performances he has been good for us. Yes he is very rough around the edges when it comes to his play but there’s no doubt that he worked very hard and was one of very few players who could hold their head up high during the first part of the season. At times his lack of maturity has shown on the pitch but honestly I don’t think there’s many Arsenal fans who could admit that they didn’t like the energy he initially brought to us. If he has to go he has to go, but it does feel like a shame given his potential.

Xhaka 7.5/10 – Ill put it down to this. Xhaka has not hidden and has consistently performed very well for us this season. He wasn’t great at the start of the season but he certainly wasn’t as poor as some fans almost want him to be. His resurgence in the second half of this season has been so important to the performance of our team and I do think that the team now is almost built around him and his range of passing. I don’t have a doubt that he will be in the side next season regardless of transfers and I fully expect to see a lot of our play go through him to stretch play as it has done this season.

Ceballos 6/10 – Ceballos has been far from consistent since he arrived on loan and up until COVID19 stopped play I think he had been poor. There was the odd glimpse of his ability on the ball and his passing but nothing that would make you glad we brought him in over somebody else. Since the restart however he has been a key player in the squad and although often slow to move the ball has been vital in our attacking play and often puts the work in to track back. Ideally I would like him to stay, but given the up and down nature of his performances over the last season, I could be convinced that there are other options available.

Willock 4/10 – Im not sure what Willock really offers to the side. Part of this may be that he is basically just an engine and when he has come on of the bench it is probably hopeful to expect him to change the game. Hes a useful squad player and perhaps if we had a better balanced side and better options of the bench we may well have seen him utilised in a more effective manner. Personally I think the jury is out as he hasn’t really done anything of not either under Emery or Arteta.

Nelson 4/10 – Another who has a lot of potential and on paper should have had a better season. He showed some glimpses of what he can do but not consistently over a full match let alone a few games. one to perhaps go out on loan to see if he can reignite his career

Ozil 6/10 – probably a strange rating to some. He basically didn’t play under Emery so we can’t judge him on that, however he got plenty of game time under Arteta and to me he looked pretty good. Not great or excellent but certainly better than our other creative options, and he was offering much more at the time than Ceballos. I don’t really get why hes been dropped since COVID19 and not even on the bench. I know people love to hate him but I’m not sure what he’s done wrong – see with Guendouzi we all know what the issue is but with Ozil? I just don’t see whats changed pre/post COVID.

Lacazette 6.5/10 – you cant fault his work rate and since the restart has really helped stretch defences leaving holes for our other attacking players to pop up in. This however does not completely make up for the lack of goals and he really needs to get on the scoresheet more. He replaced Giroud and I honestly don’t know how much better off we are with him at this point, as setting up goals and hold up play was something we already had.

Aubameyang 8.5/10 – He gets goals. Its all very simple; he had a job and hes done it – though maybe not quite as much as he should have which is really my only criticism of him.

Martinelli 8/10 – A high rating yes, but based on the games he played I’m not sure that anyone can say different. Hes scored and brought energy into the side when it was really needed. He demanded the ball going forward and his head never dropped. A shame about the injury but what a fantastic find.

Nketiah 6/10 – Hes done more than I expected of him in the small period of the season he has played and was without a doubt pushing Lacazette for a starting position for a while. Work ethic is fantastic and he does look like he has an eye for goal – though an eye which needs a tune up.

Pepe 5.5/10 – Pepe has frustrated me all season. This is solely because he has ability but doesn’t know what to do with it – how can he dribble past 2 players and then have such poor decision making? At times hes been slow to move the ball and not tracked back but then at times he has been able to unlock the opposition defence. I think well see more from him next season as he becomes accustomed to the league and what is expected of him.

What do you think of my ratings?



  1. How on earth can Ozil get the same rating as Ceballos? I was enjoying the article, but you lost me at that point.

  2. Gurjit, I must salute you my friend. I tend to steer clear of ratings on this site as they are highly murked in emotion. I might disagree with you on some points, but I think your ratings are mostly balanced.

    My first is on Cedric’s defensive stability. In the games he’s played, he’s not really been solid. He’s actually been more suspect in defense than his counterparts.

    Torreira’s struggles come mainly from his passing range. Not a disagreement, just responding to you not knowing what is wrong with him.He still has the bite in the tackle, but he doesnt have range on his pass. If he’s willing to stay though, there’s a few games where I’d have him Xhaka and Ceballos or him, potentially Partey and Xhaka. If we need to be dogged.

    On Laca’s case, Giroud played at a time when we definitely expected Goals from him. You’ll notice that with the arrival of Sanchez, he sort of started playing like Laca is now. Creating a focal point for Sanchez, or in the current case Auba to play off of. In current times, unless the center forward is the primary source of goals, he’s usually a diversion to let a wide forward score. To up Laca’s goal tally, Auba would need to become a provider which in my view would be counter productive.

    Honestly, it’s a beautiful article.

    1. Thank you for your comments

      I agree to a point on cedric but its rather difficult as there hasnt been too much game time to judge him on. Maybe its more what I think he is than he has been.

      Torrieras passing has been a problem and i do like him in the tackle but im not sure hes going to offer enough next season but i could be proved wrong i still do like the lad!

      The Laca situation is a tough one – like you say i think because of how he plays he shouldnt be judged solely on goals but i think he doesnt have enough goals this season based on the oppertunities hes had.

  3. ceballos 6 is too much for him, idk why people over hyp him, he looks good normally at weak opposition, good mid fielders are solid on strong opposition, he is too weak to earn a 6, I think a 3 could work for him, coz he’s been sort of creating lots of problems to our defense even at weak oppositions.

    1. @Danie Have you seen the interceptions, blocks, tackles, buildup play, movement off the ball, passing, dribbling and workrate of Ceballos? Because he excells at all of those. He did that against Man City and Chelsea too.

      Or did you perhaps only look for negatives? Easy to miss the positives then.

      1. Ceballos has been amazing since the new year. He is relentless in his marking and throws his body around for such a small player. His dribbling, ball control and ability to spin in any direction and evade the press has been instrumental in our midfield improving

    2. Danie please don’t be an hypocrite, if you are condemn Ceballos rating then please do well to talk about the rest, I was expecting you to also say something about ozil,in my opinion ozil should be around 4, I mean how could a player who hardly played under Emery and Freddie and only didn’t even played after the restart get a 6? The writer gave ozil a 6, the same ozil that had 1 goal and one assist all season, and Pepe a 5.5, the same Pepe that was involved in 19goals this season, the same Pepe that was brought on in the Europa league and scored 2 Wonderful free kicks for us that made us qualified from the group stage, the same Pepe that assisted our first goal in the fa cup semi final and was involved in the build up to the second goal, the same Pepe that assisted our winning goal against Chelsea. Lol I swear the ratings is funny.

  4. You have obviously never played the game.Sorry to be so candid but you have been watching performances that I have not seen.

  5. Obviously,you are a bad judge,because,whatever yardstick measure used cedric should not get 5p in how many matches?on how many minute?while AMN who start the season and did very well for ARS got 4,it is did sokratis got more than AMN?Ceballos should be 7,same as musti.willock should 6,nelson 5,nketia 6.5,cedric 4.clearly you don’t like all the young black players.

    1. AMN, Nelson, Cebellos and Wilock were all fairly poor for 3/4 of the season. AMN in paticular was awful and although i think he has ended very well it doesnt mean that pulls his rating for the season up.

  6. Nketiah gets 6 for having an “eye for goa”. but Pepe gets 5.5 with the second most goal contributions in the team? Oh please, then you have Ozil on a 6 for what? 1 goal and 2 assists? Ozil’s season started and ended badly, very badly. He was just okay for a few months at the turn of the new year but he’s been awful and should get a 3. Maybe you’re rating these players from your very biased heart but they’re poor nonetheless

    1. I think what you are missing is that Pepe has played a lot all season and was often subbed off etc. I just dont think he performed during that period which is what is dragging his rating down. If we wre to look at only the last portion of the season i would definitely give Pepe a higher rating but im going by all the games they played. Again Ozil did not play a lot but in the games he did he was okay so you cant give him a 3. I cant really count him not playing into the ratings as thats not what im trying to do – its solely on playing time.

  7. It is brave, yet foolish, to pen an article about season long ratings for players. YOU ARE ALWAYS ON A HIDING TO NOTHING. I got as far as Ozils ludicrous 6 and then concluded the writer was in a world of his own, not shared my me , nor would I want to. But I applaud his bravery and commiserate him on his naivety!

  8. 7.5 for xhaka … can’t make some fans up … he has improved 100 per cent under arteta it’s true from 2 to 4 … a footballing fraud and the fact that arteta seems to want to keep is a major question mark over his managerial skills .. but at same tin he seems to want an upgrade in that position … just hope that’s what happens … AMN would be a better back up though and any sensible assessment Would mark him above xhaka for season

    1. Yes RW1. The question mark you mention is exactly how I feel and for exactly the same reason.
      Arteta has done well so far so don’t want to criticise too much.
      I can only conclude that Xhaka has a big ‘presence’ in the dressing room and Arteta is somehow overawed by him. How on earth can he pick him for football reasons?
      It also took Arteta until near the end of the season to realise how good AMN is – unless he purposely didn’t play him because AMN mentioned he was a midfielder and not a full back and would like the same chances in midfield as such as Willock.

  9. Some I agree, some I disagree. David Luiz I think has been our best defender, out of a very bad bunch. He was the best one under Emery, was poor under Arteta, but redeemed himself towards the very end. Mustafi had good moments too, but he was a disaster as usual in the beginning of this season. Really bad and cost us points consistenly. I think this is forgotten a lot. How we would have leads and then our defenders losing focus would make us drop points.

    Ozil is just too high relative to other players. He DID play under Emery and was horrible, and he was only passable under Arteta. I dont see how that warrants a 6. Ceballos was poor for 90% of the season tho but also, vital in us winning a trophy. I’d give them the same ratings. Not good seasons for either if we look at the whole thing.

    Also, Xhaka rating, I agree actually. He was actually our most consistent midfielder, even with Emery in charge. And fantastic after Arteta came in and I dont have much to complain about his on-pitch displays besides his usual faults with passing and committing stupid fouls.

    Besides for that, AMN too low, same with Willock who was only really used to close games and never did much wrong. I think the ratings bother me because relative to some other players I think they are off. Also, have to give Leno the rating over Emi. The guy was dealing with 30 shots a game sometimes. I felt bad watching him.

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