21 today! But what does pipping Tottenham really mean to Arsenal?

An incredible end to an incredible Premier League season saw Arsenal make it 21 years in a row that we have finished above our north London rivals Tottenham in the league table and it has sparked wild celebrations and widespread gloating from the Gunners faithful, but when the dust settles will the latest St. Totteringham’s day really have any impact on Arsenal and our future at all?

It will not make any difference to the situation with Arsene Wenger staying on as manager, because the Frenchman was already safe in his job. One the other hand it could make his job easier because he will not face the hostility of fans that might have been the case if we had to endure the taunts from the spuds all summer. That hostility could soon appear if we do not start well next season but at least Wenger and the players should enjoy strong support to begin with and that could help to get us off to the right start.

On the other hand, our rivals from White Hart Lane may well have lost a good deal of their own confidence.optimism and belief that Mauricio Pochettino is the man to lead them to the EPL title and that could help us as well by hindering them.

What I really hope this 21st finish above Spurs does is to remind Wenger just how good it feels to finish a season on a high and that being champions at the end would be so much more rewarding. If he does and gets serious in the transfer market this summer then we could all be celebrating even more this time next year. Also on the transfer front, Arsenal finishing second rather than third or fourth can only help the boss to persuade top players that they will have a real chance of trophy success if they sign for Arsenal.

However, there is also a chance that this finish makes Wenger and the Arsenal board relax about our problems and become complacent about what needs to be done to give us a realistic title shot. Let’s not let this 21st anniversary turn sour eh Arsene? Instead why not make sure that it is the key to the door of the Premier League?


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  1. Bullshiii..to me Spurs are the league’s second best regardless finishing below us, we are lucky to finish above them..to me this st spurs day ain’t no special feat, but to everyone of ya’ll celebrating and gloating,stay happy! am just an honest fan

    1. I await admins comment telling you off for not being a ‘real’ fan..

      I agree though. A lucky 2nd is nothing more than being in a long line of losers. But that is apparently enough for the owner and board of AFC. And while they keep AW at the helm it is all we can expect to be.

      1. wenger said hes looking to get 2-3 players

        xhaka is one…dm problem solved
        he said he counts welbz 9 month injury another season….so a cf….but who…he wont spend big.

        looks like a cb rob holdings looking a possibility

        so new spine?

      2. Eddy: EPL standing is an objective measure , your opinion is subjective. By EPL standing, Arsenal did better.

        yes, we may have screwed up sometimes, but the points dont lie: spurs screwed up more than we did. mathematical truth.

    2. Listen I understand your sentiments but if you talk about us being unlucky then perharps you should remember that.
      We have had more injuries than them.
      We have been shambolic and naive at times which cost us.
      We have been top of the premier league for weeks but they only stayed there for 14 minutes

      So please stop talking about luck.
      After all this season was leicester s luck

  2. There is nothing bad about today except we should remember that we are 10 points behind leicester and we only have single trophy to celebrate this season.
    Lets now focus on bringing a major trophy.
    Its a season of dissapointment but our players can take confidenfe in their bravery for how they handled the difficult times

  3. I wouldn’t say Spurs are 2nd best in the league. Remember its a league and a marathon. The table doesn’t lie. Spurs goofed totally after their great run. They ran out of ideas after that Hazard equaliser.

    In Serie A, Napoli started better than Juve but Juve won.

    In La Liga, Barcelona were cruising’ suddenly they lost games (after defeat to RealMadrid) but they got back on time to win the league ahead of RealMadrid. It went down to the wire.

    All am saying is the league is a marathon. Some teams don’t start pretty well but they end well and vice versa. Leicester on the other hand started pretty well but they were in touch with top4 for the majority of the season and then they took their chances when other teams like Arsenal, Mancity and Manu were bottling their own chances.

    Tottenham had a good season… They were up there fighting for the trophy but fell short in recent weeks. Their manager has done well qualifying for champions league but they will be livid finishing behind Arsenal yet again after the way Arsenal pip them to second.

    I hope next season, I won’t just be delighted finishing ahead of Spurs but I’ll be celebrating a trophy (League or Champions league). It won’t be easy but Wenger should fight for them. That’s what we want. We don’t wanna be in the champions league again to make up the numbers. We wanna fight and give our best.

    Arsenal All The Way!

  4. Sorry to those who say we’re not “real fans” but celebrating finishing above Tottenham shows just how far we’ve fallen in standards. We’re supposed to be frustrated that we are 12 points behind 1st place, not 3 or 4 but TWELVE. The manager and board will just see this as another reason why winning the PL isn’t the top priority, because fans will find a reason to be happy after our repeated failure in challenging for the highest accolades. I don’t see the surprise in finishing above Spurs when it should be the norm for Arsenal, you don’t see Real fans being happy they finished above Atletico after failing to win LaLiga, we should be the same. If you want to pressure the board in raising their ambition then as fans we should let them know we’ve raised our expectations. Celebrating St.Tottenringham’s day sends the message that we’re satisfied with not winning the league as long as we finish above our north London rivals. Call me a fake fan but finishing below Spurs wouldn’t have bothered me, because in either scenario we failed to meet our true goal which was to win the PL.

      1. As dense as people that are quick to forget this season was a failure by “top club” standards ?

  5. I was happy how the Gunners finished above Spurs, but I’m not satisfied. My fear is that Wenger will still believe the squad is strong enough as it is to compete for the title next year. The squad needs major strengthening.

    There is a lack of leadership and toughness in the squad. The transfer window is Wenger’s opportunity to prove that he is serious about winning the title. If he sits back and fails to add some top class additions, then Arsenal will be battling for a UCL place only and not the title again.

    The money is there Arsene, use it wisely to invest in more quality. I wonder what would have happened if Wenger had been more aggressive in his pursuit of Suarez or Higuain??

  6. I ask myself the same question what does it do for us? Aside from the pride of finishing above them…it does nothing really!! And I got to say in all honesty it is flattering that we finished 2nd thanks to Spurs meltdown!!
    But in reality & last time I checked there’s no trophy for that…not by a long shot & this just deceives us into thinking that we actually had a good season!!
    Am I happy we finished above them: Yes but do I think this season was even worse than the one before even with finishing 2nd: You better believe I do!!
    And in fact it could give Wenger ammunition (as if he needed more) to make a case of why he didn’t spend as much or felt that the way certain players finished the season deserves an endless show of faith to prove something we know already from a larger sample there not (at least at Arsenal under Wenger that is). And that it would be beneficial for both parties to move on (walcott & Giroud for example)

  7. Well, I would like to congratuiate the team and the Arsenal family for finishing second which also gives us an automatic qulification into the cl. Would have prefered top sport but Leicester was a untouchable. For Totte, what a late twist of fate.

  8. Forever in our shadow!
    THFC – The cock that cannot go the distance, climaxes too early and flops.
    THFC – The Hopeless Football Club.

  9. Even though we are all disappointed with our failure to win the premier league this season, where plenty of opportunities were wasted and to end up finishing 10 points behind Leicester, who we beat home and away, but today! I for one, can’t stop smiling because we took something away from the Spuds on the final day, which once again involved Newcastle.

    The positive’s: we had a very average to poor season,
    Yet, we still managed to finish above everyone else, except for the team who we beat twice and we were the only ones who managed to do that.
    Hey!… we finished above the spuds ?? just think how they must be feeling right now! ?? in their ???

    4th,3rd,2nd and hopefully next season, we will be number 1

    1. UCL Place, nailed on.
      As is failure to win the big prizes.

      Stan is a very, very happy man tonight.‎

  10. Finishing above spuds means nothing to me Honestly……….. It means nothing to me IF WE CAN’T FINISH ATOP THE TABLE

    i understand the Local rivalry and how Y’all value St TotterB.S day…..slate me all u want

    but my Targets are higher than just 2nd-4th and finishing above the spuds…does this make me a miserable git and fake fan?…..ur decision..

    Add to that, we really are NOT PLAYING WELL…

    I want the best for Arsenal….quality wise…. Play wise…. Trophy wise… And in every other aspect of football!

    [Bring on ur Axe upon me fellas ]

  11. End of the day we are just first in the line of losers.

    We must not become complacent and accept mediocrity as a measure of success…Club Arsenal with its long traditions, history and status deserves better….above all the the club deserves a Champion League Cup in its trophy room.

  12. Well Giroud finished 6th in Top Goalscorers. Not terrible but wish he scored more

    1. Kane… 25
    2. Vardy.. 24
    3. Aguero 24
    4. Lukaku 18
    5. Mahrez 17
    6. Giroud. 16

    I am scared that Giroud’s hattrick may make Wenger keep faith in Giroud, 140,000/week Theo and use Akpom to replace Danny or even Sanogo instead of signing a Top CF

  13. Kroenke looks so much older today,like he’s wenger’s brother…….I wish he would sell his shares to the russian guy.

  14. Great day today, the cheers for Newcastle’s third was brilliant. Then we started sing.

    Disappointing season but today wasn’t about that. We said goodbye to three players and we finished above the spuds without a lasagna is sight.

    Great day and brilliant atmosphere

  15. More than what pulling Tottenham means it’s that we puppies them…they can’t claim they Re better thannus and….WE FINISHED SECOND FFS!

  16. Happy times Gooners. We all are disappointed we didn’t win the EPL ,yes, because we didn’t take our chances. We all are gutted. But that disappointment was put to bed some weeks back until the end of transfer window when we would have seen Wenger activities in transfer market. With that in mind, today’s results should have made any Arsenal fans happy not because we reach our goal but because we took some positives from a disappointed season.
    However, fans like Soopa and his ilk are perennially sadists. They complain on every article posted. They don’t have nothing to contribute but sulk, groan, complain and haul expletives all day as if Wenger is on this forum to listen to your BS.
    Rejoice with the moment and you will always have other days to vent your anger and disappointments on the team and manager.
    Many complained and expressed their dissatisfaction over Arsenal failure in the course of the season and justifiably so. But knowing nothing can be done in the immediate circumstance, they supported and cheered the team and the results again. Even Piers ridiculous Morgan, isn’t as bitter as Soopa. Please give us a break and let fans of this great club enjoy our only moment of happiness this season and that is finishing above Totnum who had a wonderful season and we had our worst season ever. Take some pride true gooners, even if it is just

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