£22 million will be enough for Arsenal to keep hold of Ceballos

Dani Ceballos could become an Arsenal player permanently if the Gunners pay £22 million.

The Spaniard has been on loan at the Emirates for the last two seasons and helped the Gunners win the FA Cup last year.

His return to the Emirates hasn’t been as good as his first spell at the club, but he is still a fan favourite.

The emerging midfield partnership of Thomas Partey and Granit Xhaka has seen him play just a handful of games this season.

But the Ghanaian has been injured again, and that could open up a chance for Ceballos to play against Leeds United.

If he finds form and can earn a first-team place in this second half of the season, it might tempt Arsenal to sign him permanently.

Larazon says the Gunners can achieve that for just £22million.

Real Madrid is desperate for cash after seeing their income nosedive because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Spanish side hopes to cash in on some of their fringe players, and that includes Ceballos.

But Arsenal may face competition from Real Betis according to the same report.

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  1. Personally I feel he coming in as a sub isn’t 2 bad. He can be a good squad player & if Madrid sees £20m, they can’t turn it down. Overall he’s not bad.

  2. Hope we don’t splash the cash on him unless it’s a lot less than £20 million. I actually think he’s a bit meh.

  3. No way should we sign him Not good enough for Arsenal he shouldn’t be anywhere near first team What does he actually do

  4. That would make absolutely no sense, as he couldn’t even be considered a viable longer-term investment since his future market value would be directly tied to him getting significant minutes, which would have been very problematic from a selection standpoint…I don’t trust this club when it comes to making a footballing decision over a financial one, so I would rather not even tempt them with the option…he probably should have been shipped back to Spain during the January window, then we could have given one of our younger players more minutes, like Azeez

  5. He’s good as a rotational player or backup. He’s not worth even at anything more than 10m in my opinion at this time.
    But at this moment Arsenal can save 22m for key player or important player who can made better impact or improve the squad greatly.
    Arsenal will be nuts to waste money at this time. Save it for prioty purchases. Especially funds are limited.

  6. No thank you.
    We are skint so why should we waste £20 million on an average squad player?
    Add another £20 million ontop of that £20 million and sign a better midfielder.

  7. 20 mil is peanuts for a player like Ceballos, the issue is do we need his type? I think that we will not take them up but not because he isn’t a good player but because he isn’t an Arsenal player, or the type we are desperate for.

    1. Reggie, Do you not understand that post Covid the whole transfer market has collapsed financially? You seem totally unaware ! Why is that?

  8. Save the money and put towards Martin Odegaard; a far better footballer more appropriate to what Arsenal needs and more suited to the EPL.
    Celebos has his heart in Spain, whereas Odegaard, being Norwegian, would find it easier to assimilate in England. If Real Madrid need to sell, Odegaard is the player Arsenal should try to recruit. If he can be convinced that his opportunities will be better at Arsenal, rather than under Zidane at RM, he can request a transfer. If RM need to sell players, they may be more willing to negotiate on a player wishing to leave.

  9. Ceballos is just not up to being part of a top team. It would be £22 mill down the drain. Better to get Manor Solomon who is a real threat and possibly Odeggard if he keeps up the good work. It will be hard for any player to work in an Arteta system. Results prove that. We really are a mid table side. Shame we could have had Carlo Ancelotti. Sadly the dumb Kroenke’s signed the apprentice Arteta.

  10. If I can inject a note of realism into this thread, it is to say that almost no clubs outside of the few super rich, MAN CITY, PSG and hardly ANY other clubs, will be spending £22 million on ANY player at all this coming summer. The ludicrous idea that WE will gladly fork out such a sum for Ceballos is too ridiculous for words.

    The whole transfer market has collapsed due to Covid and anyone who cannot see that truth does themselves no favours.

    I am very happy that it has and pray that it collapses far further and permanently too. Anything that has a knock on effect on vastly reducing the horrendous wages paid to all Prem players has my blessing and support.

    1. Well summed up Jon. I would go one step further. Wouldn’t it be great to see professional footballers made to get a second job. And we would see more englishmen on the football pitch. It will never happen. It’s sickening to see pop star footballers with 7 sports cars. A car for Monday, Tuesday,, and so on. Wouldn’t kill for them to struggle. They may appreciate what it’s like to struggle. Better be careful in what we wish for. We’ve been told in Australia that this pandemic maybe here for 6 years

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