Laurent Koscielny attempts to justify his appalling behaviour at Arsenal

Former Arsenal captain Laurent Koscielny has finally spoken out about why he left Arsenal

Family, physicality and mental wellbeing are among the reasons the French defender has given for why he demanded a summer move to Bordeaux.

The 34-year-old has admitted he could not do another long Premier League season and was wary of getting injured. A return to France basically became a necessity.

Speaking to L’Equipe as cited by the Daily Star, Koscielny said

“A Premier League season is very long. It requires a lot physically and mentally. I didn’t feel I could play 40-50 matches and I didn’t want to end my career with injuries. I’ve gone down a level, but to take more pleasure,” he told the French publication.

“Either I finished there or changed clubs. With my family, we felt it was time.

“Everything was in my thinking: football, my physical state, my wife, my children, the daily life we could have.

“I can only say that I left with my head held high. All of those I worked with for nine years… everyone respected my decision to return home with my family.”

Fair enough, you cannot blame a man that knows his physical limitations and wants what is best for his family but what he has not addressed was how he forced a transfer.

Going on strike, refusing to travel with the team to the USA and disrespecting the Arsenal shirt is what the fans have an issue with, not his reasons.

Koscielny response is simply not good enough, he knows what he did wrong and he should man up and admit it and apologise.


  1. How Leicester is still playing draw in this match is beyond me, they should be ahead in this match, this team is so organized and disciplined. What a player Ndidi is.

  2. Kos was treated badly with the new one year contract, if reports are true, so he wanted out. Club said No, he too said No and refused to travel for preseason. The rest is history and as the saying goes, loyalty is a two way street. Judging by the way Ozil is being treated, I’m inclined to believe that some players aren’t being treated well. Kos left, Ozil is staying, but both are being branded. This is not the Arsenal way.
    Kos is nowhere near the nasty carpetbaggers that Sanchez, Nasiri & Cole were, so a little bit of objectivity is required.
    PS: I didn’t like his Bordeaux unvieling video though

    1. Viju, add the Ramsey debacle to the two examples you give and then ask the question, what has happened since the new regime took over?

      1. Yeah Ken, we seem to be confused. Imagine pulling Ramsey’s deal off the table when all was agreed. If Rambo had reacted like Kos, he’d have been branded too.

        1. Lol..if Ramsey had agreed the deal why hadn’t he signed it??? The reality is Ramsey, just like Van Persie, never had any intention of signing that allegedly “agreed” deal. He was stringing the club along with the hope that he will avoid the bench and play till his last day.

    2. Sanchez gave us two FA Cups, 80 goals and 45 assists (mostly for Ozil) from 166 appearances. In his last season (half season) at Arsenal, he still gave us 7 league goals from 19 matches

      Whereas Cole gave us three EPL trophies and two FA Cups

      Both have contributed a lot, despite their “treasons” at the end of their contracts. I know many will take their huge contributions for granted, but that’s the fact

      1. I limited my comment to the way they forced the exit…I will never take any achievements away from anyone.

    3. I am going to be brutley honest here guys. You are living in a world of fantasy
      Treated you even know the meaning of the word.
      The club paid his wages during his time when he was out injured.
      He was still under contract
      Just the fact he has even mentioned the words mental wellbeing is a complete disgrace and an insult to people actually suffering from it
      As for ozil.. please move on
      He is a highly paid player
      The manger requires him to pay a certain way… he either adaps or moves on to club where he is best suited. It’s getting boring now reading how poor old ozil is being treated. In real life the employee has little say….footballers at the top end have all the power ..I am sure he will land on his feet somewhere

      1. The manager doesn’t require him to play a “certain way”, instead he just doesn’t play him, so there goes.
        When Kos was injured and the club took care of him is because that was the ethos of the club, which just isn’t there anymore, so no need to crucify anyone. Time to move as Kos said, not my time to move on as Ozil is saying.

        1. Viju
          Sorry totally disagree with you
          Will not argue with you opinon as you think it valid
          In my eyes the pair have not adhered to what was or is being asked off them
          Kos was never a leader and as such we are better off without him
 my opinon is better off somewhere else and would back the manager all day long to move him on

      2. Couldn’t disagree there , but hey I’m off to Rio to think through my most recent crisis.
        S’pose I will just have to rough it.

    1. Leicester should have been more careful seeing that the ref was looking for a loophole to give a hand to Liverpool.
      Anyway they lost gallantly; just hoping the Wolves don’t invade ManCity and Arsenal wins too.

  3. Apologise for what actually?
    Can you guys just let go of this crap?
    Apologise for looking at what’s best for himself? Apologize for a decision he took while Arsene Wenger was still the coach? A decision he made public years ago?
    Really what do you guys want from this man? And the crap about him disrespecting the Jersey, I ask again how did he disrespected the jersey?
    Hypocrisy is a norm among Arsenal fans.
    PEA refused to attend to trainings, stayed away from trainings just get his move, we got him, but none of us demanded he apologized to Dortmund for leaving that way.
    Now we’ve been fed with the same dose of medicine and suddenly we keep crying foul and expect Kos to apologize. FFS move on with your lives

    1. What crap? Is it that difficult to shoot a normal unveiling video Eddie? He definitely went out of his way to take a dig at his old club. It’s subliminal.

  4. Omg Hazard has finally scored for Real Madrid.. I’ve only just come round after passing out…..this really is on par with Pepe & his first goal from open play… I think I’ll be out cold for longer when that happens!

        1. I have a board, with a picture of Kane & Alli on it 😉
          Right, Kevin.. I have work tomorrow, need to go to bed! So..first of all good ebening 😜 hehe! Enjoy whichever film you decide to watch, sleep well silver fox.. and lets hope we bag 3 points tomorrow! Goodnight Kevin 😉🦊😀😁🤭💤

          1. Silver fox 😂😂😂 working on a Sunday 😯 you need to have a word with your employers 😁 let’s hope or its another long list of Sundays ruined 😞 alright Sue goodnight, sleep well, don’t work too hard 😃💤😴💤

      1. Well, all I can say is Kevin, about bloody time 😉🤣 (I was waiting for your comment, as soon as I saw the score 😆)

        1. And not even a mention of me ? Been saying all along his muse would strike soon and how right I was 😄😛 maybe you’ll listen next time uncle Sue 🤭

          1. Or just too afraid to admit you were wrong 😆 Eden has just given a sample of what’s to come 😜 so you watching the game Sue? 😄

          2. I’m never afraid 😉 (well maybe a little while watching Arsenal!!)
            Zidane hopes so Haha!!
            I am, to see Wilf 😉

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            Actually, Silva is on the list too.. Poch has to be sweating good & proper, bet he’s glad it’s the break!
            I’d love him to, but reckon we’ll see the tank..

          13. That’s Keanu reeves isn’t it? Yes Sue we’re a rare breed 😄 I don’t understand how he’s so highly rated, he’s crap everywhere he goes 😅 the tank should move on simply not good enough, can’t cross, can’t defend just a liability 😀 I think poch will go to utd I think he always wanted to tbh Sue

          14. The gift I’m on about is Jason Bateman 😍, few years old.
            Well he’ll be permanently on the bench after the break.. and I hope he dyes his hair.. preferred it dark!
            Imagine if he did?! Someone on here earlier said Wenger to spurs!!!

          15. I don’t think I’ve seen that Sue 😮 you looking forward to the international break? You won’t have me annoying you for 2 weeks 😂😂😂 can’t see Wenger managing anyone hes too old and he’s past it 😬 grown men shouldn’t be dyeing they’re hair 🤣

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          18. You’re gonna be a silver fox (& I think Arsenal can help with that!) 🦊
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          20. It’s a female thing haha!
            Oh thank christ for that, there’s too bloody many and there hasn’t even been any darts on ☹

          21. I know I hate international football it’s so boring 😴 haha is that your excuse 🤪 why don’t you just buy yourself a board and play them yourself ? 😂

  5. Kos explained WHY he wanted out, good reasons in my opinion.

    HOW he went about it was disgraceful. Refusing to travel and play was disgusting from a professional towards a club that provided a platform to make him a millionaire many times over and the opportunity to get selected by French national team.

    Wrighty was spot on with his comments, and coming from a club legend who knows the business.

    Let Kos get his wish and collect his payday as he fades away.

    1. He earned his millions, didn’t he? He wanted to go, but they wanted him to stay for another year at reduced wages, so who is at fault here?

      1. @vijuwgat you don’t seem to grasp is that few blame Kos for wanting to return home to France.What the vast majority found utterly undefendable was the way he forced the move.Refusing to tour the US as Club Captain is inexcusable.Whatever has been said about a new contract, the club would have sold him if it was felt the player was insisting on the move.But it’s also worth remembering that Kis was demanding a free transfer so he could trouser a nice little signing on bonus.The Arsenal refused this and demanded a fee.As was their right.So respect? He lost the opportunity to receive that by his actions and whatever he says he must live with the fact that for someone who could have been remembered as a true club great ( certainly not legend) he now is up there with RVP,Nasri, Sanchez, as past players who royalty earned and warrant any vitriolic abuse that is directed at them

        1. I don’t look at the scenario with binary specs but to keep branding Kos is wrong, same way I see the video as wrong. For all concerned, the matter could have been handled better and no bridges burnt.
          We all gather info from what is out there, and only Kos has said why he wanted to move, while board hasn’t said Kos was tabling several demands that can’t be met.

  6. Liverpool only won by 2-1 at home
    If we win 2-1 at home, many arsenal “fans” will shout “Emery Out”!

    1. Why don’t you use your analysis to see reality? Leicester went to Anfield and gave a tough fight and nearly cake away with a draw, unlike our team who was set up so badly by Emery.
      All you Emerybois must stop this whataboutery and see reality for what it is.
      Using your own spin, I’ll ask what happened when a weak Spurs came to Emirates, led us 2-0 and walked away with a draw? You still want Emery in? Or is it still Wenger’s fault?

    2. I did not watch the match, but would like to think those who say Emery out look at the team performance. Look at the way we have been playing. It has been a while since Arsenal played the brand of football we got week in week out in previous years.

    3. One team is off a UCL win, and on a 17 game winning streak, the other team throws on three CDM’s to fend off United’s worst squad in decades. Levels to this…

    4. Innit you are right, only too optimistic. We have just won 4-0 and they still come out of the woodwork with the message. So I bet we could win 5-0 tomorrow, and nothing will change.

  7. Kos made a decision for health reasons and I think Ramsey left for the same reason. Arsenal treated some players badly and some players left when we needed them. That’s the business of football.

          1. I wrote pat behind my comment. I need to stop typing. But truly that was very funny 😂😂😂😂😂.

  8. For me, going on strike was not the issue, neither was refusing to travel with the team to the USA the issue. The REAL issue is disrespecting the Arsenal shirt which represents the club and what the club stands for.

  9. The “new culture” of treating players badly is going to end badly. Wenger would have let Koz go with a class. In fact, Koz would have stayed on to fight under Wenger.

    With all the money spent on the new players, Wenger would be now #3. He attack with Ozil allowed to create, and defense led by Koz, would have had better balance than playing from the back leaking goals. Koz more than likely left as he did not see the point in playing from the back and leaking goals…

    1. If Wenger still was here, he would have offered him 500k a week, started him every game, Maybe trying to turn him into a goalkeeper or striker.
      And we would have been fighting to avoid relegation letting in 3 goals a game, and in every post game interview Wenger would have sadi, he thought we did well, dominated the game untill we lost “cohesion”.
      Stadium would be empty, but at least the sky above would be jammed with planes with “Wenger Out” banners

        1. Yeah, well – it wasn’t really meant to be ´taken seriously. It was an attempt to invent as many unfounded points as the comment, it is listed under.

          1. The truth is Wenger was re-building the team… dumping entitled English talent, for younger players and world class one from abroad. (Theo, Ox, etc., with other to be signed long term and sold.)

            Wenger got Ozil in for the money he would cost to buy in the open market to supply Laca and Auba.

            Traded a superstar for a serviceable player with United…

            Wenger was looking to buy Virgil van Dyk… to shore up the back line. (Not the three losers brought in lately under Emery).

            There was still the problem in the middle that Ramsay was growing into with his best years to come.

            Wenger was looking for Mbape for the wing… and by now would have had another winger. Might have even brought back Alexis, who played under dismal conditions.

            Wenger would not be so stupidly inflexible in forcing a team to play from the back no matter what.

            Wenger would have destroyed United in this state of disarray.

            Wenger won how many FA Cups until recently?

            There is such a lot of disrespect for Wenger, bordering on irrational hate.

            Emery is busy destroying superstars. He did so in other clubs. It is an ego thing: Emery cannot coach great players.

            If the current Arsenal team under Emery cannot make it to the top three with the Spurs and United falling apart, it is a great shame.

  10. Kosceilny gave his heart to Arsenal.

    I wonder why the Arsenal supporters turn a blind eye to the betrayal of the Arsenal board that have had many victoms but yet remain off the radar.

    The fans turned of ARSENE WENGER.. a man who was classy enough to never blame anyone even though he had his hands tied up.

    There’s only ONE Arsene Wenger.

    1. Fans are mostly not educated enough to understand class or the board room.

      Wenger made Arsenal into a global brand able to come back even after a down turn.

      Emery cannot understand that Ozil, for example, is a special player, who can be used with the current snipers that Wenger bought. Emery undermines the attack by playing from the back leaking goals. The link up play is bad with the Emery when playing top sides. There has to be a better player, like Ramsay, who was getting better… box to box. Xhaka is not good enough, but the mid-field would have used AMN at some point.

      There are plenty of young players that Wenger brought through. However, it would have helped for him to have more money to buy great players.

    2. Truly,there is only one Arsene Wenger. If was given the sorts of players UE has been given today,my ARSENAL would have been something else or a force to be contended with. UE style of play is crappy. And for the KOS,he lost my respect like every other snakes before him. Van,Alexis,Nasri whatever,etc.

  11. Wenger kept too much faith in underperforming players. Sven and Gazidis brought in Auba, thank goodness, or where would we be without him saving us lately?

    Wenger never addressed the defense as he should have, lest we forget year he bought Cech and no one else.

    Would he have got Tierney or persisted with Kola? 10 years also without DM until Sven got Torreira.

    Wenger brought glory and larger global brand to Arsenal; as well as beautiful football except his last 2 years. Only a hater would deny Wenger his massive accomplishments.

    However, he refused to adapt to the changing game, and stubbornly refused to admit his team wasn’t good enough. In the end it cost him the job.

    He brought title and trophy expectations to our club as a standard, and fell victim to his own success.

    I’m grateful for his stewardship, but his time came to an end. We have to move forward, and if Emery fails again this year, he must go.

    1. You miss that Wenger was trying to buy the best… that is the type of poor “fan” observation that I note above.

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