Arsenal player ratings v Bournemouth – Top Arsenal man gets 8

Arsenal player ratings following 1-0 win over Bournemouth

It was not a poor display against Bournemouth but neither was it a great one from Arsenal. It was a lacklustre game but a win is a win as they say.

No individual player had a bad game, they were all efficient in a match with very few chances for either side.

Player Ratings

Leno 7
Clean sheet and made a crucial stop late in the game but very little to do otherwise.

Calum Chambers 7
Another decent display from Chambers who is growing in confidence as each game passes.

Sokratis 5
Looked uncomfortable, at times, in a game that was almost impossible to be uncomfortable in.

David Luiz 8
A clean sheet, a goal, no errors and some decent tackling, fine game.

Sead Kolasinac 6
Did ok but never really sets the world alight, there is just so little to be positive about.

Matteo Guendouzi 6
Back to his busy self without actually doing anything that productive.

Granit Xhaka 6
Really negative display from the captain, far too deep too often and it is killing creativity.

Bukayo Saka 7
Thought he had a decent game, he tried to create something but he was alone too often in that quest.

Dani Ceballos 5
He just is not producing the goods on any sort of consistent basis. This game was set up for the Spaniard but he did not step up.

Nicolas Pepe 5
Gets an assist because he took the corner but there has to be more and soon. Just not good enough at the moment.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 6
He was eager but is clearly missing Lacazette as a partner upfront. There is too much being put on the Gabon international and he cannot deliver the goods every game.


Gabrielle Martinelli 5
Came on for Pepe and was as quiet as anyone else on the field, did ok.

Joe Willock 5
The average rating is probably about right for Willock, did nothing special or bad.

Lucas Torreira 5
Not on long enough to influence the game and therefore gets average rating 5


  1. Sue says:

    Yet another game without conceding a penalty… we’re on a roll 😜

    1. ClassyGunner says:

      Yes Sue, spot on. However we got robbed of one going our way.

      1. Sue says:

        That’s because we don’t play at Anfield

    2. PepKlopp says:

      Well said Sue. A few fans on twitter clamoring for Ozil. He’s too soft defensively, and except for that one-off brilliant game, useless offensively if no time/space on the ball. Dump him in January. I’d rather win 1-0 than lose 3-2.

      Matteo Guendouzi 6: “without actually doing anything that productive.” ?? How about a goal saving tackle that saved +2 points?!?! 7.5

      Chambers 8.5 Find a way to keep him in the lineup when Bellerin starts at RB. MOTM

  2. Someone says:

    I disagree with your rate of Guendouzi . Yes he lost the ball some few times but we must not forget how he saved the 3 points in the last few minutes .

  3. GB says:

    Guendouzi stopped a certain goal with a last ditch tackle amongst other good work.
    Ceballos played very well actually.
    Martinelli was a real live wire when he came on and was excellent. Willock also livened up the game. Xhaka was Xhaka, go figure! I was there with an excellent view, the writer obviously wasn’t!

    1. Lenohappy says:

      I also think Ceballos played well, that goal that Guendouzi stopped alone should have given him at least 7 and he played well in my opinion.

    2. Chi-Gooner says:

      Good to hear a voice of reason. A lot of “supporters” here that just seem to use arsenal fc as their punching bag. I for one am very happy with the team we have. I feel Emery is still getting used to things but definitely deserves to see out the project he started.

    3. Vzay says:

      Pepe actually played well showing nice skills but he was isolated in the flank. Chamber played well, but lot of misunderstanding between he and pepe. They could not connect.Still Arsenal were more threatening from right. Saka was quite ineffective for me, too much asked for young lad. From flank he should be trying more cross and shots. Martinelli showed hunger for goal with few decent shots. He should b playing more. Torreria was excellent last season. But too many experimenting with him this season. Emery is spoiling his talent for nothing. He should be playing more in defensive midfield role, otherwise we risk him being another ozil. We cannot control the ball in opponent D area, when we loose the ball then opponent can make easy counter attack, many time which had led to goal. We cannot defend as unit so can’t only blame defender for conceding goal. With better management our team will be team to beat with the players at our disposal.

  4. Hybot says:

    How on earth is the foul on pepe not a penalty

  5. Sue says:

    OT.. Always nice to see United lose.. and to see the Longstaff brothers hugging after, on the pitch, was sweet!
    Only taken Bruce 23 attempts to finally beat them.. hope for us yet?!
    United 12th, we’re 3rd 😁 Reckon OGS is sweating a little, along with Poch & Silva… 😜

    1. Le Coq Monster says:

      Nice to see a Gunnar helping with the demise of Manshafter Utd ! 😆

      1. Sue says:

        Ha I like what you did there, Le Coq… very good 😝

    2. Kenyanfan says:

      I still can’t believe that we couldn’t beat this Manchester United team that every team is yarning for at the moment. Emery is a fraud. Clueless. Couldn’t beat a team whose confidence is low and a team in a decline with an attack so poor

      1. Sue says:

        I know, yet Palace, West Ham and now Newcastle all managed it

  6. Luckyville says:

    Must Xhaka play 90mins? Arsenal football isn’t exciting to watch anymore

  7. S.J says:


    Absolutely buzzing.

    Last loss against the world champions Liverpool.. Unbeaten run continues in all competitions.

    3rd place, 1 point behind city.. The chase is on.

    Lacazette, Tierney, Holding, Bellerin to come back soon.

    Now unto the next one, Sheffield, hopefully another 3 points.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      👍 Some positivity!

  8. Chambers was really solid defensively. He definitely defends better than Bellerin. I wish he was the one who got the chances given to AMN because we would have had a clearer picture of what his quality is. I think Bellerin edges him out offensively so who should start over the other is the question.

    1. Daulat says:

      Bellerin as RB. Chambers as our DM in front of Luiz and Holding. Tierney on the left. I would love to see that.

      1. kennitelli says:

        actually this would be the secret to success for Emery ,,i hope this idea hits him before he is jobless….

  9. Sue says:

    We only had 1 yellow & it wasn’t Xhaka 😱😱😱 it’s unheard of….

    1. I really wonder what Emery sees in Xhaka, it just doesn’t make sense. For the past couple of games he hasn’t even been doing the one thing he does right, his long passes. He is a complete passenger just passing the ball backwards the few times he gets it. Then the substitutions are done and he still survives. Ceballos even did more than Xhaka today and still got subbed. Xhaka is the Henderson of Arsenal ..both do nothing but the coaches love them.

      1. Daulat says:

        Xhaka can’t even celebrate goals without tackling rashly. He nearly killed Luiz today. He is a walking yellow card.

      2. Sue says:

        He does my head in completely, QD! Don’t like Henderson either, although I guess at least Xhaka doesn’t walk like he’s 💩 himself 😂

  10. AB says:

    I believe our defense was solid today. Looking at the table, Bournemouth is not a club to toy with.

  11. Agu Emen says:

    Happy with the win and amazed with the clean sheet.
    But its gonna be another dog fight all season.
    Any one can beat any one.
    A loss next game and we could drop to 7th.
    City last season’s champions lost at home to Wolves.
    Leaders Liverpool got a lucky home win v Leicester.
    Spurs last seasons CL finalist lost 3-0 to Brighton.
    Utd look lost, hopefully they keep their manager.
    Leicster /Chelsea/ Palace look like our main challenge for top 6 now
    although still time for Spurs to come good.
    Bellerin and Tierney must be close to returning full time.
    Lacazette will be a bonus to help out Auba.
    Pepe must come good soon.
    Still need a top class CB.
    Emery is keeping us relevant.
    In Emery we trust.

    1. Dan kit says:

      In Emery we Rust

      1. Lenohappy says:

        We Rust in 3rd

        1. Agreed. He’s blinded by Emery bloodlust.

          1. Dan kit says:

            Enjoying the football are we guys ?
            8 games played not one looked convincing.
            But yea we are 3rd place but we are also 8 points behind Liverpool already ,no one remembers who came 3 rd in the league .

          2. AndersS says:

            He’d rather want us bust

          3. Lenohappy says:

            Wow now you are saying something else, “But yea we are 3rd place but we are also 8 points behind Liverpool already ,no one remembers who came 3 rd in the league “, i will take being third in the league this season rather than playing beautifully and still losing.

      2. Allanball08 says:

        Dan kit
        You are undoubtly a person who doesnt fully understand the main objectives for us this season
        I hate to say it but finishing in the top 4 is priorty for us.
        Digging out lucky results. Boring results but getting a result builds confidence
        We are actually 9 points behind pool
        City 8 and.chelski and co at least 10
        Judge him at the end and not at the beginning..but I have already said that too you on a few occasions

        1. Dan kit says:

          Thanks for saying it on a few occasions 👍that’s really cleared it up for me thanks .SMH
          Thought the objectives were to get top 4 last season ,what happened there .
          Will you still be beating the same drum next season if he’s still here (god forbid )
          He’s obviously not doing a good job else fans wouldn’t be split on him .
          If your happy watching this prehistoric football that’s on you I’m not and I’ll say it as I see it .

          1. Allanball08 says:

            Fans will always be split on opinon
            Before fergie started flying a lot of man u fans wanted him.gone
            When wegner took over every one was say who
            Klopp took time to settle and last season was the first trophy he has won..ok..was the big one
            The objective to get back in to the top 4 has been that for the last 3 season and last season was the closest we have been for a while
            Will I be still beating the drum..I’m not beating the drum for him now but I am giving the guy a chance
            3rd is good for me now and if in another 30 games we are still in the same position then job done and well done to all concerned
            If you beleive prehistoric football looks like this and we sit in 3rd then I am happy to take it

          2. AndersS says:

            Well, fans were split when Emery was appointed. In fact, I doubt any manager, except maybe Klopp and Guardiola, would have split the fans. So nothing new there.

          3. AndersS says:

            Sorry, I meant, I doubt any manager, except maybe Klopp and Guardiola, would have united the fans,

      3. Martin says:

        1 defeat in 11 matches of which we have won 7. Third in the table and still you moan. Toxic is too good for you

        1. Dan kit says:

          Thanks Martin I appreciate that 👍

        2. Daniel says:

          Chambers continues to develop; X-man continues to hold us back. Pepe needs some help, I’m hopeful Bellerin is that man. Emery cannot be judged without the entire defense intact. If improvement is not steady at that point then we probably need a change. Before that it’s ridiculous to complain about Emery.

    2. Daulat says:

      @Agu Emen Hello Emery.

  12. Daulat says:

    I think Pepe was really sharp today. It’s not long before he starts converting chances.

    Ceballos, I won’t criticize him today as I feel playing with Xhaka in the midfield puts more defensive responsibilities on him, which might take a toll on his creative side in the long run.

    Auba was wasted today really. With more defensive duties upon Ceballos and Guendouzi as Mr Xhaka is untouchable, Auba wasn’t receiving the good balls at all. Emery really hates creative players it seems. He prefers laborers.

    Chambers was impressive. I like his mentality really. Never overextends himself, he know his limits and sticks to basics, just what the Arsenal defense has needed for a long time. In fact he is the perfect candidate for deep holding midfielder for us. Calm, assured, focus on getting basics right.

    Guendouzi was good today, and again thanks to Xhaka’s non existence in the midfield, Guendouzi seems like headless chicken as he has more ground to cover. But he is tenacious, hard working, but I think he could flourish more if Torreira plays instead of Xhaka.

    1. Vzay says:

      Chamber has started 3 games and got clean sheet in 2 while conceding only 1 in the other. In 5 games he hasn’t played we conceded 10. Does this mean he brings defensive solidarity to the team or its only coincidence? If so should he retain his place as first choice?

      1. Daulat says:

        Chambers brings much needed basics to the Arsenal defense. Basics as in, good positioning and understanding your opponents to better plan a defensive approach and this is very key. And the most important thing I like about him is he knows his limits and shortcomings in a defensive duels, and plans a suitable defensive approach accordingly, which usually comes with a lot of experience really. I remember how he played after receiving a yellow card very early in the game and continued to finish the game without being sent off. He knows how to calm himself and do what’s required at the moment and not do one thing more or less. That kind of mental discipline is what Arsenal defence had been lacking for a long time. It’seems a no brainer that he should start every game. Though I would prefer to see him as a DM, instead of Xhaka. He has all the right ingredients.

  13. gerry burke says:

    has this week been the best week in gunners lives in recent history or what ?.cannot believe the results coming in all week.what a way to go into the international break. i will be guzzling seven up waiting for the premier league to come back.

  14. Daulat says:

    I think Xhaka should try yoga or something, to be more aware of his motions, and bring them under fine tune and control. He tackles like a Luchador wrestler. I wonder how he pleads innocence with a straight face after literally maiming someone under his feet.

    1. gerry burke says:

      what a sees to plant in my little mind DAULAT !, lol.xhakas motions, now i know he is utter shite and all that , but lets just avoid exploring his motions, lol.

    2. GB says:

      Xhaka doing yoga?!
      He’s all yang and no yin.

  15. oumo pius says:

    don’t agree with your Guendouzi rating, he was busy Manning that midfield in fashion, starting moves tackling, intercepting, and even made about two clearances

  16. kl gooner says:

    emery is evil

  17. Kev82 says:

    My man Luiz the saviour 😄 utd, City and spurs lose.. Arsenal up to 3rd, been a good weekend.. onto Sheffield next 👊 see you gooners in 2 weeks 😄

    1. Sue says:

      Laterz 🦊😝

  18. G says:

    Chambers def mid, he would be great as he was at Fulham

  19. Viju Jacob says:

    There’s something Emery can learn from Nuno and how he set up his team against ManC and winning 2-0 at Etihad. That’s a lesson in positive football by setting up 2 forwards, and taming the lion in its own den. Emery will it even contemplate a team like that, forget playing.
    Yesterday, Brendon almost did it at Anfield where we just played like losers.
    After the Forest game, I believed that it’s the template for our team moving forward, but we saw a shitty effort at OT, did wonderfully well against Leige at home, and then the bore that was today. In eight games we score 13 and let in 11 for a GD of 2, which is a poor return for the attacking lineup that we have.

    1. Daulat says:

      Loved the wolves game today. Such positivity in team organization. Emery wouldn’t even dream of something like that. And I’m concerned that with the striker of Auba’so calibre, we are scoring so few. It’seems utterly boring the way Arsenal is playing. And it’s no surprise really as we can’t expect any more from the team that Emery starts every game with.

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        Daulat, Viju given up on Emery, his ways, his capacity and his numptyness.

    2. ozziegunner says:

      Positive football? What game were you watching? Yes, two forwards, but played without the ball (about 30% possession), 5 in midfield with 11 players behind the ball and playing on the counter. Wolves defence and teamwork was outstanding and deserved the result, however if Emery set up Arsenal like this there would be outrage.

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        Emery doesn’t have the courage to set up teams to win. He plays cowardly football.

  20. Declan says:

    They say the table doesn’t lie but it does. We had one shot on target from open play in the whole game. Xhaka proved once again that he cannot tackle and why Emery didn’t sub him was beyond me and everyone around me. Torriera was brought on and took up a position on the right wing which was weird and then moved to a more central poison but not in his natural DM position. Ok, Martinelli was a breath of fresh air but to mr, Emery is riding his luck at present.

  21. Le Coq Monster says:

    There`s only one thing I`d like to say to Emery………………………….play Ozil you greasy haired vampire as you are obviously sucking the life out of Granny Xhagger !……………………and I can guess where you are sucking him !

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Per Mertesacher (Ozil’s fellow German international team mate) has been reported as saying that Mezut Ozil’s fitness level is not up to that required for first team selection. Yet some on here know better than the coach and training staff.
      How would you feel if you are playing for a team and a player is selected on name alone and not putting in at training?
      Much dissention has been caused in professional sport, when highly paid players are carried by others on lower wages.

      1. Solly gunner says:

        Yes Ozzie
        last year emery was praised for not picking the bigger names when they don’t deserve it
        This year people are seeing it as a conspiracy against certain players
        The funny thing I can see people who were screaming out for these underperforming players to be benched 🤔🤔

  22. Durand says:

    It’s 3 points and a win. Hopefully a new back 4 when PL resumes.

    Love to see Chambers at DM with Ceballos and Willock his midfield partners. With PAL up top we could go to next level.

    Starting 11 would be great, but I think Emery couldn’t resist tinkering.

  23. Bur says:

    Not very convincing but 3 point are 3 points and puts in contention for 2nd place🤣🤣

  24. Innit says:

    3rd place and 1 point behind City
    A win is a win
    Hopefully we will improve
    I’m not happy with Xhaka playing
    He adds nothing to the team

    Overall a GREAT week.
    Spurs lose 7-2 with 4 goals from former Gunner Gnabry
    We beat Standard 4-0
    Spurs lose 3-0
    We beat Bournemouth with a clean sheet and get to 3rd place with just 1 point from City who lost

  25. Fireworks says:

    I don’t know what game the writer watched but pepe was one of our best players today alongside ceballos. He so nearly scored with that curling shot, he assisted, had two good penalty shouts denied and was generally very helpful in pushing back the Bournemouth defenders who were scared of his pace and dribbling ability It’s no surprise that as soon as he was withdrawn, we came under immense pressure from Bournemouth who began to turn the screw. I’m sorry to say but the substitutions today ruined the game. Willock had no effect whatsoever, same with martinelli. All in all, it was a good day at the office.

  26. ruelando says:

    I actually saw some improvements

    – Less shots on our goal
    – clean sheet
    – good press in the first half
    – saw some attacking threat, just the final ball missing
    – a lot of successful tackles
    – and a victory

    still some issues

    – Kolasinac final ball
    – Saka must attack the RB more frequently
    – Auba must get more into games
    – Pepe must get more inyo games too easily marked

    Defense did a fairly decent Job
    Midfield lacked creativity
    Offense was too stagnant

    overall no major issues today

  27. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    I think the ratings are far from correct for many players.

  28. Abraham says:

    Another boring boring game from. Clueless manager cellabols is not good creative mid,ozil will. Remain our no 10

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