Alexandre Lacazette hails teammate and compares him to top midfielders

Alexandre Lacazette full of praise for improving Matteo Guendouzi

Alexandre Lacazette may be busy working on his rehabilitation but he has found time to heap praise on Matteo Guendouzi.

Guendouzi was named the Arsenal September play of the month, an award fully deserved states Lacazette.

It is clear Lacazette has a lot of time for the 20-year-old and has built a close bond with his compatriot.

“He is like the younger brother [in the friendship group with me and Auba]!” Laca told “We all really have a good relationship, we like to work and to laugh together so it’s really good.

“I’m really happy for Matteo [for being named September Player of the Month], he played really well, he helped the team when we needed him, he is really improving each season so we are all really happy with his performances this month.

“We can see that every top midfielder in the world is like this [in terms of demanding the ball and being brave]. They all want to take the ball.

“Matteo has a good ambition, he wants to be one of the best players in his position so every day he is trying to be the best and this month he showed that he can be.”

The young midfielder has really improved since he joined Arsenal. He is becoming more effective and cutting down on the headless chicken runs. His passing and vision have improved and he is showing far more creativity.

Guendouzi still has a lot to learn but with teammates like Lacazette mentoring him his future looks bright.


  1. Looking a little more into Lacs enthusiasm for Guendozi and Auba, let’s hope it bodes well that he will sign his new contract offer, along with Auba…as chris mentioned earlier, they have been on the table for six months!!!

  2. I agree with Laca. Matteo has played really well and deserves our POTM award. I’m so glad Laca’s back, as I’ve loved watching their friendship!

    Oh christ.. we have Mr Dean on Monday night ☹

    1. I predicted we would lose Sue, now it will be with ten men and a disputed penalty and six of our players booked!!!

      Just hope UE doesn’t select Xhaka, Luiz and Mustafi…at least Var might help us out!!!

  3. Yes I agree Emery is stupid he used so many young players all very lousy young players, he should use Ozil every game we surely top of table now. Why he loan Nketiah out so stupid, I don’t like Emery he get us to 3rd only now, if he never use Xhaka we should be top and thrashed liverpool, spors and watford I HATE EMERY.

  4. Please is Nketiah playing Tonight, have been trying to find a link to watch the match just because of him and wilock but no luck.

    1. Once again an article about Lacazette and Guendouzi is redirected to attack Emery. At least it wasn’t extended to attack Wenger as well.
      George Umaz is apparently sufficiently credentialled to assess the coaching ability of Emery differently to his peers and other “so called” experts. I look forward to seeing his qualifications.

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