Mesut Ozil responds to January transfer speculation

Mesut Ozil clarifies January transfer position

Mesut Ozil is not intending to go anywhere in January and wants to see out his Arsenal contract. Multiple clubs have been linked with a loan move for the 30-year-old following his ostracisation by Unai Emery.

The playmaker has started just the one league game this season and his career at the Emirates looks very shaky. Dani Ceballos is prefered by Unai Emery and Ozil has found himself falling down the pecking order.

For his part, Emery has been trying to offload the German almost since he arrived in North London. The big problem remains Ozil’s £350k per week wages.

Going nowhere

Speaking to the Athletic Ozil made it clear where he stands on leaving Arsenal in the winter.

‘No. I have a contract until the summer of 2021 and I will be staying until then.

‘When I signed the new deal, I thought about it very carefully and said it was one of the most important decisions of my footballing career. I didn’t want to stay for just one or two more years, I wanted to commit my future to Arsenal and the club wanted me to do the same.

‘You can go through difficult times, like this, but that is no reason to run away and I’m not going to. I’m here until at least 2021.

‘I said that Arsene Wenger was a big factor in me joining Arsenal — and he was — but ultimately I signed for the club. Even when Arsene announced he was leaving, I wanted to stay because I love playing for Arsenal and that’s why I’ve been here for six years.

‘When I moved from Real Madrid, it was a really tough time for Arsenal. But I always believed in what we could do and together we delivered. More recently things have been difficult and a lot has changed. But I’m proud to be an Arsenal player, a fan and I’m happy here. Whenever people see me in the street I always say, ‘This is my home’. I’m going nowhere.’

That is fairly unambiguous, Ozil is staying put and there is no chance of a loan move.

You have to give credit to the German, he is at least showing the right attitude and is prepared to fight for his place.

That said, £350k per week is also very difficult to walk away from.


    1. His future performance in the field will show his true character

      Actions speak louder than words

      If he is still unwilling to steal the ball himself and keeps avoiding high risk actions in the field, he should be happy to sit on the bench and receives obscene salary weekly for free

      1. Such a stupid statement.. Like Pepe steals the ball himself, like Xhaka steals the ball from opponents

        1. shocking, more deflecting from you. Pepe ALREADY has been slammed by the media, and Xhaka also does on a regular basis. You have no point really. You just to bring other players in the discussion to distract from Ozil’s own failings.

        2. Grow up and learn to use words on the social media. Someone have his opinion, you don’t need to insult or call it stupid statement

          1. Oh the irony 😀

            He called the statement stupid while you call his whole personality childish saying he needs to grow up. Who’s more insulting?

      2. Shut up if you don’t have anything to say . When the team do badly to big game why the finger only pointed to him . He’s still the most player on creating chances but if they don’t convert his chances can he gets blame. Ozil still the best . Caballas can’t match Ozil at all that’s why for two years in Madrid he couldn’t play People must stop talking comparing Dani and Ozil

  1. 350k this, 350k that, 350k up, 350k down..My God!! I’m tired of this crap every single day I try to read articles. Did Mesut Ozil offered 350k to Mesut Ozil?

    Most people pick in him only because of his salary, yet the same hypocritical people will gladly get a raise at their place of work, regardless if they worked for it or not.
    I don’t believe Ozil can go back to the player he was, I’ve even said a fee times, Ozil leaving would benefit everyone involved but one thing I know I normally stay away from is using his salary to justify his performances or picking on him.

    “It’ll be hard to walk away from 350k”..
    “If I’m being paid 350k a week, I’ll be saying the saem things”..

    Please STFU!! Reject a payrise from your place of work first or better still become a footballer and earn your own shítloads of money.
    Ozil is already a player who has declined. No argument or doubt about that, but the obsession with how much he earns is alarming.
    Obsession about what someone else earns only means you’re only living wishing you could be in their shoes.
    I still expect people to call him coward and names as they done before.. At least we got this coward to the place he is now, he didn’t rob the club

    1. Happy you said he has declined, no arguments. Some guys here won’t accept that. I was also hoping you would mention that he doesn’t truly deserve a starting place in the team as some other people would suggest.

      1. No one made mention of his salary right now,we dont care,what we ask for is performance on the pitch.. Not just the talk,walk it too. Ozil was my favorite player when he joined arsenal but I won’t be easily blinded by his lazy and unproductive play on the pitch. We are criticizing is play when played not his salary. And even if his salary comes into play? I personally think we should have more output from him as his salary was suppose to be some motivational factor.. He has regressed, he has not been the same player for while,end off.


    Good he knows there is some mounted pressure and high expectations on him.
    He is a good player though so if used very well can play some part in this long season.

    He is 31 now, age is no longer on his side, football wise. So won’t be guaranteed a starting spot all the time.

    I can’t just wait for Monday to come by so we can have a better idea on our stand in the league.
    A win will keep me buzzing and I mean any bloody way, whether ugly or beautiful the end justifies the means.

  3. Ozil’s weekly salary can feed a million hungry Africans, pay for a hundred urgent surgeries
    or buy a Mercedes G63 AMG and a Ferrari

    1. @Agu Emen . In future say the salary can feed children not African children . People like you give Africa a negative impression and your arithmetic is flawed

    1. World class? Maybe 7 years ago, now he doesn’t make arsenal or Germany squad, not even the bench. Oh, the last time I checked, UE is not Germany manager. He lacks passion and it’s evident, having him on the field of play will send wrong messages and signal to the young and hungry player. We need players with positive spirit not one with nonchalant attitude

  4. This is just an ideal thing to say, in order to make himself marketable. He does not want to appear desperate to leave, neither does he want to provoke Arsenal fans more than they are now.

  5. Personally I would say tell him to leave and find a club he’s appreciated at,it seems a lot of fans on here prefer to have 10 razor ruddocks running around looking busy .
    I would add the way he’s been treated by Emery is disgraceful,not been given a chance this season at all then him getting someone else to do his dirty work telling us a load of b0llocks about how he’s not performing well in training .
    He’s always been professional about hows he’s spoke about the club ,never once moaned ,all he’s done wrong by some is to be offered a big contract and they can’t looked past it ,abit pathetic TBH .
    Has he player well the past 2 seasons , not really but who has in this squad ,all boils down to one person who is paid handsomely to get decisions right ,you only have to look at Pepe ATM Moment to see he’s struggling in this set up and fans will start to turn on him aswell because of the high price tag .
    Let’s just hope our next manager can get us back playing good football and get the players he has at his disposal playing to their potential.

    1. There will be no next manager unless Unai fails to deliver CL qualifications. There will only be you moaning and moaning all over again. About players who have played well in the last two seasons?? Laca, Auba and monreal did. Holding played well before his injury, Guen has markedly improved, Torreira is decent at least so don’t sell us the BS that everybody was terrible like your idol. If you want to play, you must show you deserve to play by working hard enough. Not by banking on some 19 assists 4 seasons ago.

    2. Mesut Ozil has created more chances for team-mates for Arsenal during Unai Emery’s Premier League tenure than any other player – 46.

      Hie many assists he had in the end? 2. Just 2.

  6. If Aubameyang or Lacazette is been paid 350k pounds per week, I think nobody will moan about that.

    They are all great players and been offered big salaries because the club believes in them so I think in return enthusiasm should be showed always.

        1. We will bat an eye lid even if he earn one thousand and he keeps dishing out inconsistent performances. We just want him to come good again, if not good luck to him in his next club.

  7. I will call him a coward if he didn’t break into the first eleven by January and didn’t leave, that means he’s staying for the money, Alexis left Manure because of playing time, the fact that he’s on huge wages didn’t make him stay, he Jess wanna play football, like salenhi said, Emery will always choose those that performed well in training, so if ozil wanna take back is position, he should work hard

    1. You think Sanchez is on less money because he moved to Inter?
      You do realise he’s been injured ever since he left Arsenal bar a few games .
      And to top it off you called him Coward because he’s not getting picked .
      SMH 🤦🏻‍♂️

    2. benex, the problem is that nobody even wants Ozil. He could go out on loan and we would pay some of wages. Issue is that nobody wants to touch him at this point.

      1. You have no way of knowing that.

        Ozil does not want to leave London plus his salary is 350.000. Why would any club even enquire about him? It’s different for Sanchez because United can afford to pay most of his salary and he obviously personally doesn’t care where he plays.

        Do you really think Arsenal would pay a club 200.000 or more per week to have Ozil off its hands, moreover the same Ozil who doesn’t want to go?? The idea that nobody would want to touch Ozil who is still a better chance creator than most CAMs in Serie A or Bundesliga (at least according to meaningless stuff like facts and statistics) is ludicrous.

  8. I would recommend everyone watch the discussions between Kevin Campbell and Lee Judges regarding Mezut Ozil’s fitness level and assessment on AFTV.
    The “rumour” Kevin Campbell has heard and relates his mind blowing. Draw your own conclusions, whether it appears true; however one wonders why Campbell would repeat it if it was not well founded.

  9. I am tired of hearing Ozil this Ozil that . The player has declined simple , IF he can get back to form the better for him and the team .
    The coach doesnt rate him much , frankly speaking i don’t either .The coach has the right to choose whoever he wants as long as he is producing results . Emery may not be playing the football we are used to but he has lost one game this season and yet people are calling for his head and are complaining over the way he is treating Ozil . Rakitic is not been played at Barcelona and nobody is complaining .
    Someone said Ozil has created more chances than any player in Arsenal during Emery’s tenure which is a blatant lie . That stat goes to Lacazette and second Iwobi .
    I get suprised when stats are pulled for Ozil and yet nobody talks about Mustafi’s amazing stats Highest clearances , most duel won etc .
    We all need to come to terms with the treatment of Ozil by Emery . If Ozil does not like it he should leave simple . What i see when i look at Ozil is an overpaid player who has lost motivation or desire to play the game and as such cant replicate the sparkling form he used to possess 4 seasons ago . IF people can call for Pepe’s head , Why should Ozil be any different .
    This is who OZil should be competing with KDB , Silva,Ericson ,James MAddison ,Sigurdson can anyone say OZil is better than the above names . Emery has implored every motivational trick he knows for OZil ,made him Captain ,Increased his responsibility ,Changed his position ,Benched him,played him in Important matches , Gave him games tailored to his strengths and still nothing .
    There is also another point in the formation; teams like Liverpool dont play with a 10 anymore i suspect Emery wants to operate in the same way. So place the blame where it should truly lie, with OZil for not changing his game to suit the managers vision rather than expecting the manager to conform to Ozil’s playing style which did not help Wenger and Joachim Low . Well i don’t know much ,this is just my opinion

    1. Well said, Gizzle. Especially when you name the other AM’s. Ozil is not better than any of them and hasn’t been for 2-3 years. It’s just some fans who cannot accept he has declined and Emery and the squad has moved on from him. The only reason he is still here and will remain here until at least 2021 is the ridiculous contract we offered him. I can’t wait until he does leave so we can finally stop talking about a player that is not even match fit in mid October!!! And he had no injury, he’s simply not fit. I can’t believe there are people defending him when he clearly lacks the motivation to play for us.

  10. Gizzle! Leave that matter. Hypocrisy is damn too much. Take a look at the nos of goals conceded, and we rant about ozil this, ozil that!. Even if KDB is in this arsenal team, they will not fare better. Let’s be more objective and free ozil abeg!

    1. @Ozil Pro Arsenals main problem this season has been unbalance , midfield placement and defense. This article is about OZil hence my comment towards him .
      That being said Mancity has being plagued with injuries to their defense but they attack so much that you dont even know .
      Nobody is being hypocritical of OZil agreeing to such wages put a target on his back his personal issues with club and country further increased this . If we were judging players per contribution as of last season where does Ozil rate .
      Auba better with the goals , same with LAca , Miki offered more goals and assists , even IWobi offered more assists . come to the midfield Torreira more defensive , Xhaka more pass completion and defense , then you go to the defense Kola more assists etc . So him trying to call other people out is just plain stupid . Top player carry their teams on their backs if necessary . I ish the best for OZil i hope he comes good but for now he is a shadow of the player he was and we are in dire need of his old self .
      KDB is the most complete midfield player in the world and this is a player who carries a whole mancity on his shoulders in some games . Thats why he has topped the assist stats time and time again not just a one season wonder .Carzola any day of the week over Ozil

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