Unai Emery discusses whether Kieran Tierney plays against Sheff Utd

Kieran Tierney is ready to start against Sheff Utd claims Emery

Arsenal fans have been desperate to see new signing Kieran Tierney in Premier League action. Well, they may get their wish against Sheff Utd Monday evening according to manager Unai Emery.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference Emery confirmed the 22-year-old is ready to start against the Blades.

“[Tierney is] ready to play. Now we have two options in that left-back role with Sead Kolasinac and him. We’re going to play a lot of matches after Monday. We will need every player.

“It depends how he comes into the first training with us, Sead, after his international matches. We now have two players in that position and we can use one on Monday, it depends how they are, one or the other.”

If both Kolasinac and Tierney are fit and ready to go I would be surprised if Emery went with the Bosnian.

The reason that Tierney was signed in the first place was that Kola is not ft for purpose down the left. He is ok bombing forward but is an average defender at best and cannot cross the ball.

Tierney is faster, a better defender and can cross the ball. So, if both are ready then it has to be the former Celtic defender that is given the nod.

But regardless, even if Kola starts, it is just a matter of time before Tierney makes left-back his own. The brutal truth is that Kolasinac is not good enough long term, Tierney is.


    1. Are you sure Sue, I thought kolasinac is your crush 😃😃😃Joke aprart have been waiting for tieney too.

    2. Who do you address this request Sue darling? Emery who picks team or God? You read what the Man said, he must check on Kolas fitness and then both at training, bit confusing indeed. If you address the Lord, then let me know, im joining you.

      1. Well, it’d have to be Emery, Mogunna.. but what we want isn’t always necessarily what we’re going to get!!
        He’s said Tierney’s ready to play.. does that mean he’ll rest him for the EL game?? Who knows…


    My wishful line up for Sheffield..


    Saka, Willock, Pepe…

    Gunedouzi, Torreira…

    Tierney, Luiz, Holding, Chambers…


    Emery’s predicted line up –


    Saka, Ozil, Pepe..

    Gunedouzi, Xhaka..

    Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis, Chambers..


    1. You think Ozil would start due to the pressure from the media and his fans? Xhaka, Aubameyang, Pepe, Luiz and Sokratis would most likely start though

  2. I’m not sure whether Tierney is a better defender or not, since I haven’t seen him play regularly

    But based on Tierney’s involvements in two matches, he looks excellent in attacking, has quick feet and nice tricks

    Tierney reminds me of the younger version of Bellerin. Bellerin needs to work harder to regain his spot and Chambers should keep playing unless he finally makes plenty of errors like Maitland-Niles

    1. I’ve watched him since his debut for Celtic (my wife is a fan) gotanidea, and I can safely say that KT is far better defensively than Kolasinac.

      This boy has been playing in the Champions league with Celtic, and whilst Celtic haven’t done amazingly they have faced some big teams. KT has never played badly against any of them, Mbappe gave him problems but I wouldn’t say KT did badly against him🤷‍♂️

  3. Spot on but being the cautious Manager he is, I expect Emery to field a back four of Chambers , Socratis, Luis and Kolasinac against Sheffield Utd who will score at least once against our current , mediocre defence.With Bellerin, Holding and Tierney joining Chambers I would be confident of a win even with Xhaka as a DM.

  4. Tierney looks like a solid signing, it’s early and there’ll be some bumps along the way but he has a great attitude and you can see he’s a real trier he just wants to play. Our backline changes a bit too often but we have to get Tierney out on that field, his crosses are immaculate. Bellerin probably still a little shy of full fitness.

    I looked up Upamecano highlights and I must say he’s a bigger lad than I thought, first time I looked him up he looked tall but with a bit of a gangly/thin frame, he looked Monstrous! in his latest clips. Also the way he comes away with the ball after winning it from his opponent by stopping him in his tracks with one foot on the ball, he makes it look easy similar to how PV4 used to make them look easy before striding forwards with the ball. We should go for him, if we offered 60m like they say we did then I hope we make sure it happens, we could have a French core spine there with the two CB’s – Upa & Sal, Guendouzi!, and Lacazette!

  5. S.I, I’ll go along with your Emery’s predicted lineup for Sheffield Utd at Bramall Lane on Monday night in the PL as against our individuals Arsenal wish lineup for the match. This is because Emery’s Arsenal starting XI for PL matches have become fixed as he hasn’t done any changes to them for sometimes now. Save, when he brought in Saka for Nelson and Martinelli to start ahead of the duo wingers. And when he brought in Chambers to start in place of AMN when he was suspended. But if he start Ozil, Ceballos will be on the bench. But if he doesn’t, Ceballos will start the match. And I don’t see Lacazette who has just returned from injury layoff participating in the match. I think it’ll be better if he waits for our home match against Crystal Palace to resume playing. The reality is if Kolasinac is fit to play the Sheff Utd match, I think he’ll bench Tierney. No doubt about that. Emery will not make a change to his preferred Arsenal starting XI for PL matches just for the sake of satisfying the wish of some disgruntled Arsenal fans. Sorry for my using the word disgruntled.

  6. for me i just see KT a a great LB and should be started against shefield on monday so that he can start catching up with epl experience

  7. Hahaha, here we go again, confused Emery, not sure if hé will play Laca, now he doesnt know who he should play between Tierny and Kolas as LB!

    Dépends on how Kolas réels After international break. Means, if fit, he will bé on, but yet dépends on both now in training. What da Heck! Unreal Emery: 6 millions /year! To have us nuts by christmas!

    1. Not confused at all Mogunna just a different manager than we are used to.
      Emery doesn’t want a starting 11 and a B team – he wants a 25 man squad of starting players that he can choose from for any given match.
      And with the injured players returning, Ozil apparently having done enough to please he may just have exactly what he wants. I don’t think any of our players are unusable if the combination is right 🤷‍♂️
      (Xhaka can do well alongside Torreira if he’s not made to try and fill holes too often, Mustafi has done well alongside Holding, Ozil needs us to be able to take the initiative so his defensive duties are minimised etc)

    1. He actually does,depending on the opponents,example against a top 6 I would play Tierney for his solid defending and attacking flairs,against smaller team kola would be enough especially against weaker full backs,the same with other positions,I’d love a settled defense with steel,physycality as for the midfield few changes here and there especially with the numbers of games to play,our attack chooses itself may be with martinelli if Pepe doesn’t come good soon,it’called footbal,you don’t win trophies with a team but a squad!!

      1. Please read Emery quotes again:

        Tierny’s fit, we knew that; right.
        Bonjour will play depends

        1) On Kolas’ fitness assessment
        2) Then after watching both in training.

        This does not make any type of sense nor to bench Tierny because Sheffield is a smaller team. We not a but Big team because so called small are not but beat us or draw.

        Tierny should play because he is better than Kolas beside bying him to boost this weak LB spot.

        He should play EPL games and Kolas in cups, period.

        Best players should be 11 starters and mainly a balanced team which Key is in midfield; Emery can’t pick right one.

        Tierny is no issue at all, nor Ozil, but balance which will come once Chambers is played as DM.

        Then as every forward, Pepe must chase his defender or our RB will have 2 players to deal with, criticized then as Niles when Pepe plays Diva.

        Now of course Nelson offers that defensive work but also can cross and get in middle, more mobility and work.

        Sheffield are running 100 minutes.

        Bellerin Luiz/Mustafi Holding
        Niles Willock
        Laca. Auba

        This is a hard working team, fast, lethal going forward; well balanced. Ozil needs Chambers, Willock and Niles a bit behind. He Can play his game and our team really entertaining..

        Emery will bench Laca usng excuses to 80M on pitch. Pepe should have been prepared much longer as he came at last minute. They put more pressure on him doing si as fans Wonder where are these 80M in 12 games? Ridiculous management, to flash fans, 4 payements’ plan! Gee


  8. He is ready, we been waiting months, Emery says he is fit which we know before break, but he must make a scoop; insist Tierny’s fit but not sure at all if he would start!

    Same for Laca! What about Xhaka? Haha

  9. I would love to see this lineup against SUtd:
    Bellerin, Holding, Mavro/Luiz, Tierney
    Chambers, Guendouzi
    Pepe, Ceballos, Auba

    Bench: Torreira, Sokratis, Saka, Martinelli, Leno, Willock

    1. Mavraponos hasn’t earned a start yet. Even Mustafi is ahead of him for all we know. It would be very risky to start him

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