Martin Keown responds to Mesut Ozil dig at pundits

Martin Keown blistering response to Mesut Ozil

Earlier this week Mesut Ozil gave a wide-ranging interview to the Athletic and covered a multitude of topics. One of those topics was criticism from former players turned pundits. To say Ozil is not impressed with them would be a huge understatement.

One of the pundits that basically questioned the integrity of Ozil was Martin Keown. When talking about how many games that the German has missed Keown said:

‘To miss that amount of games is quite remarkable, isn’t it? 100 matches in that period. I would say that is definitely questionable. We don’t know, only the player knows.

‘Is he injured, is he ill? One of the things as a player you have got to be available for selection & you want to give consistency.’

Those comments brought out a fierce defence from the 30-year-old playmaker.

‘It always happens that an ex-player stands there on TV and criticises me,” Ozil said. “Others just continue the theme and it gets in everyone’s heads.

So, that would be that, right? Nope, seems Keown wants to have the last say on the matter telling TalkSport.

Keown hits back

‘It’s embarrassing for the football club that he is not featuring for Arsenal. He has to take a look at himself. It can’t be everybody elses fault.

‘don’t care what he’s earning to play for the club it’s an honour to play and while you are there you make your mark.

‘At the moment is he setting a good example in training? As a senior player I would make sure that the youngsters would follow on.

‘I would graft, I would work, give everything I could. I would be collective and help the group around me.

‘I wouldn’t be talking about me. He’s looking about and saying I’m not playing now so don’t blame me.

‘Well, no! It’s about the collective it’s not about you. How do we get you in the team now to get you back in the group. That’s the next step for Ozil now. The opportunity is there.

‘I don’t see him saying anywhere he is desperate to play. For me, the oxygen every weekend was to be in that team and I would bust a gut and I want to see that from Ozil.’

Seems Keown likes to give it out but is a little sensitive when it is returned with interest.

Keown had his say, he criticised Ozil, fair enough that is his job, however, Ozil is entitled to defend himself and that should be it but not for Keown it appears.

Is Keown really going to respond every single time someone defends themselves against his comments?

I do not think it is embarrassing that Ozil is not playing but I do think this public spat is.


    1. Pat & Martin (& Mesut 😆)… I have to say over this really boring interlull, you have done really well to keep the articles coming! Bravo 👍

  1. well said Martin my legend. in future just ignore those whining wimpy wannabes getting paid to use the washrooms of our beloved club.You are a true legend and will remain one, you dont have to respond to every stray comment.Respect for Martin!

  2. “He has to take a look at himself. It can’t be everybody elses fault”
    Even his fans in Just arsenal blame other players for Ozil’s poor performances. Xhaka is at fault when he doesn’t play well but when Ozil plays badly everyone but Ozil is at fault, from Kronke to the ball boys on the field.

  3. full credit to martin keown, a real arsenal legend, not just a wannabe legend like a certain ozi.people are handling this ozil situation with kid gloves for far too long. play or leave sunshine, that should be the clear message to the best number ten in the world, hahahaha.

  4. I’d love Martin to come back in a coaching capacity again. Its not coincidence that his time at the club tied in to our best defense for a while and our run to champs league final. He made senderos look world class.

  5. trash from another pundit..all they do is talk action!…admin are u not tired of ozil news? he that valuable to you

    1. Martin gave blood sweat and tears for this club week in week out for years… he doesn’t need to take action anymore, he expects ozil to do the same and rightly so.

        1. He earned his wages with hard work and respect and love from the fans, remains grateful to the club.True legend.Not a mercenary who uses any excuse and blames the entire world for non performance and happy to earn his wages hopping around the pitch like a heron in the marsh.At least the heron achieves something – works hard to earn his meal.

  6. I have saud this a number of times, and repeat it here again: ENOUGH ALREADY WITH ÖZIL. This subject is no longer entertaining, nor is it palatable. We cannot read either his or the coach’s mind, so everything we write about why he is or isn’t playing is pure speculation.

    I believe we should park the Özil subject until he plays again if he does and then we can analyse his performance to death. But for now, this subject is putting me off totally from this blog

  7. Please why can’t you just let Ozil be. I believe he will improve now tell me is Xhaka playing well. Why his he not on the bench. Please we need to know the real truth behind this story.

  8. Mesut Ozil is finished at Arsenal, the boss doesn’t rate him, he might play an odd game, but Ozil should be wanting to play every game at his age so he should find another club in January and move on if he isn’t totally money oriented.

      1. Good ebening missus 😂 had to read that again Sue thought you said you were going on a coach trip 😅

          1. Haha watching bo selecta Michael Jackson hilarious 😆 Sue have you heard Bob Seger the famous final scene listen to that would have been perfect for Wenger 😆

          2. Shamone motherfu**er 😂😂😂 perfect for Wenger but such a great song Sue 😀 so what did you get up to during the international break ? Cheer on Kane did you ? 😂

          3. Not a great deal really, Kev. Ooh no, couldn’t stand watching that crap, darts & coach trip instead 😉😁
            I bet you did 😜

    1. The same boss said he wanted ozil when he was at psg so why don’t he want him now ,I think Emery doesn’t like when people challenge his authority even when he knows he have done happen at psg now we are seeing it at arsenal.emery should not make it about him but the team that why he overthinks the tactics cause he wants to be seen has a genius

    2. What?!!!! @kev82
      Is it now that he will be playing for playing sake, and not for money? He is not going to get any contract anywhere that easily now, for any fat wage.
      I cannot recalled I ever commented on Ozil situation before, thing I differ with him is not his capability and wage. so for me, if you are in charge, you do your job, but if you found someone in charge who cannot get you to do your job, but depends on setting you up, if you are secure, enjoy yourself until that security lasted.

  9. Keown should just get off his back, he’s not helping matters. I made a comment on his astonishment that Ozil missed a total of 100 matches over 6 years. The fact is he has played an average of 40 matches per year over the 6 years, the first 5 with AW and the 6th under UE. Ramsey averaged 37 per year over the same period so he must have missed more games.

    Never heard him criticise Ramsey or for that matter Jack Wilshere who missed more that he started. As an ex Arsenal player he should be trying to help the player and not question his commitment to the club.

  10. Its rare seing legends speak good about the present counterparts and Martin is no different. For a moment I thought he would bring something helping, expentially at time like this to Arsenal FC, to the centrally he is like every other pundits who seek attention. He is not helping at all just putting more fire to the fan base.

  11. The best expression is an old quote from Monsiuer Wenger “those who know, don’t talk, those who talk, don’t know”

  12. Keown said a bit more than that, I can’t remember the word he used but he used a certain word to describe Ozil.

    Keown was one of those players that would run through a wall if the manager asked him to, and he was about the team first and foremost, we could all see he was a huge team player, didn’t complain when Campbell and Toure kept him out of the team and was willing and able whenever called upon. Played second fiddle to Adams but he was every bit as important to that almost impenetrable defence, the clashes with Manu, we witnessed his passion in the red and white as second to none. Keown, Wrighty, Dixon, Parlour, Seaman, these guys loved The Arsenal and they always showed it, even before Wenger’s great players arrived.

    The game has changed a lot but there will always be passion on show, maybe less so compared to other generations, but fans do love to see players who care for the club in as much as any fanatic supporter.

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