Potentially some brilliant news for Arsenal fans

Dani Ceballos holds talks with Real Madrid bosses over permanent Arsenal transfer.

It is being reported in Spain that Dani Ceballos has held transfer talks with Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

According to Spanish media outlet El Desmarque as cited by the Daily Mirror, Ceballos wants to make his loan permanent.

If this piece of news proves to be true then it will be absolutely brilliant news for Arsenal fans. The 23-year-old has already become a fan favourite and they would love to see Ceballos become a permanent signing.

The midfielder has had a mixed start to his career at Arsenal but has shown enough already for the fans to take to him. It is expected that as he settles down his game will become more consistent. He has a level of creativity that Arsenal has been lacking in the midfield and his style fits in perfectly at the Emirates.

The Spanish international also has immense respect for Unai Emery and that could be pivotal in Ceballos final decision.

Being realistic though, it is hard to see any new deal being done this early. Just because talks are taking place does not mean that anything will happen in the near future.

It should also be noted that it would take far more than Ceballos talking to Perez to convert the loan into a fixed transfer. Unai Emery has to be on board, Zinedine Zidane and the Arsenal board also have to be on board.

So, this is good news if true but I suspect patience will be the keyword here.


  1. That would be fantastic if he stays but I’m not keeping my hopes up high. Im not sure what the purchase price would be

    1. yes brilliant, just like the other brilliant player we got from RM 6 seasons back are trying unsuccessfully to move him on.AFC has become a dump yard, and later you will hear how injustice has been done, how he is being targeted, blah blah blah moan groan etc.No need for RM trash at our club, better we look to our youth.

  2. I wouldn’t say it’s Brilliant news TBF he’s not really done much except that one great game against Burnley .
    What I’ve seen since as been average at best ,maybe it as to do with Emery’s prehistoric tactics or maybe he’s just not as good as he’s made out to be ,either way he does not get me excited but maybe we will see more before the season finishes.

        1. Seeing him play live twice already this season, his close control and turn on a sixpence is exceptional, he keeps that central midfield ticking over. A player in his mould is what we are missing a of we don’t go for him we need to go with a player in similar vein.

      1. I dont think he is that good in all honesty. He has flashes of brilliant ball control but other times just makes bonehead decisions like passing it to our own penalty area from corner. And he seems to be more concerned about him then the team. Maybe he will get better but if not, I’d rather we pass on him.

  3. He’s okay, not sure if his style of play suits the premier league. We shouldn’t pay more than 30M.

    1. Precisely this.

      A good attacking midfielder, but there’s at least half a dozen of similar quality in Spain probably around 10 – 12 and their price is typically 20 – 30 M. But since we are the Arsenal and in the EPL we might have to pay 40 M for a player of his quality.

  4. As such it is a credit to everybody in and around the club, if a player from Real chooses Arsenal.
    Personally, I think it a little bit too early to judge, if he can be an “Arsenal Great”.
    On the other hand, it may be very clever business, if a reasonable deal can be struck.

  5. Some of you need put down the alcohol 30m for him or some of you don’t rate him

    Meanwhile Xhaka is our captain invincible
    He’s 10x better than Xhaka

  6. If its far too early to judge Pepe, why TF should I judge Ceballos and call him average then?
    I’ve seen what he can do, he only needs to improve and do it consistently.
    He’s young, got a lot of years ahead of him.
    If y’all could give Emery a year pass, give Pepe time, why should Ceballos be judged now?
    Even though he’s hardly set the world on fire, he’s miles better than Xhaka

  7. How does Júlio Baptista sound to you “if such it is a credit to everybody in and around the club, if a player from Real chooses Arsenal”.

    That a player left Real Madrid doesn’t mean he is a good player.

    Infact I’m not even turn on with this Ceballos thing until he shows some quality I’m sure he has.

    Don’t know if the EPL is too much for him. But I will judge him after the season but not special now

  8. Oh my, we are so quick to judge. Show us the player that just walks into a team and performs on the top of his game, particularly in the position he is playing. He’s young and HAS shown that he has great potential. Give him a chance. Soon we will all be crowing about him, watch this space.

  9. I think it is positive news. This clearly shows that decent players can still choose us inspite of the argument by some, that because we are not playing Champions League nobody worth anything will want to come play for us.

    Ceballos is at worst a decent player from what we’ve seen so far. It is too early to write him off as an average player. The coming months will tell. Who knows? He may turn out to be super for us.

    I think it is encouraging that he wants to stay. If the rumours are true, that is.

  10. Not a great idea to read too much into it – but we are hopefully about to put something more noteworthy together, a side we can begin to believe in. Cementing this guy in the side would be a step in the right direction. I’m mildly confident that we’ll surprise a lot of doubters this season.

  11. It’s inaccurate to call him bang average. He’s much better than Xhaka and Ozil (who doesn’t defend)

    Ceballos defends, tackles, good passer. So far he’s scored 1 goal and 2 assists. That isn’t bad for a new guy adjusting to a new club.

    Give him some more time before you Judge him

    1. Just a quick question, why didn’t you include “who doesn’t defend” in front of Xhaka’s name as well….. I mean, of both, Xhaka I the one playing deeper, no?…… and yet he sucks at it, giving away needless fouls, PKs, getting booked, getting caught out of position as well….. yet Emery (whom apparently, you have faith in) keeps playing him week in, week out, when he doesn’t really add anything to the team.

      1. And yeah, he’s not better than Özil…… if you had said he puts in more effort than Özil, I would have agreed

  12. Well, it took seventeen posts until Ozil was mentioned, so don’t blame Admin for keeping his name at the forefront…and to think it was Innit who was one who moaned about it!!!

    So I make no apologies for the following:
    Ozil is going to see out his contract and then probably leave and this guy, so far, looks a good replacement, given the game time they have both been given to judge.
    The remainder of the season should see what he can do, it’s in his and UE’s hands I guess.

    There may also be the fact of where we finish in the league to consider by the player, but he does seem to like the club and enjoy his life so far in the capital.

    The fact that he comes from Madrid means sweet fanny adams really, unless one sees our club as smaller than them – I certainly don’t, especially as we don’t have the backing of the country’s royal family behind them!!!

    The other stumbling block will be the asking price, as already mentioned, but we have seen the club backing UE with £72,000,000 for Pepe, so maybe not as big an issue as previously believed.

    1. Do you think he is a suitable replacement though Ken?

      Don’t get me wrong I like Ceballos and I think he shows the work ethic that Emery is looking for from Ozil, but I don’t think he is anywhere near Ozils level regarding the quality of creativity, nor have I seen much more in terms of consistency in the small sample window.

      It’s still early days but I can’t help but wonder if Ozil and Ceballos might not form a similar partnership as Ozil and Cazorla – there were certainly signs of promise in the short while they did play together like that. What’s your thoughts bud?

      1. I agree madhatter ,not a like for like replacement but if played together it would work IMO which some of us have been crying out for .

      2. Madhatter, that combination of Cebs and Ozil with Torreiria or Guendozi behind them?) is something I have been wanting to see all season.
        The creativity was seen in the Burnley game, which was of course, Cebs best game by far (strange that!!) so we do have a game to judge them together on.
        That is why I couldn’t understand it being broken up before it had even started.

        I guess we should take into consideration the experience of Ozil over Cebs and that could explain the difference you mention in the level of creativity to date…I believe it would follow as he gains experience.
        I would also say that I felt Cebs close control when one on one, actually looked better than Ozils, but as already said, it was only in this one game and that is such a shame.

        Without stirring up a hornets nest yet again, going back to that Burnley game, both players were consistent with their contribution and work ethic, with UE keeping Cebs on until the 60th and Ozilthe 70th minute, so in that game, at least, the coach seemed satisfied with that aspect of their performances.

        1. I like your assessment, it’s pretty much the same as my own. I think Ceballos could be the creative outlet to eventually replace Ozil but not quite there yet, in the meantime the combo is potentially quite delicious.

          I also liked parts of what I saw against Burnley, I think they may have managed more between them with a more secure, less error prone backline behind them giving them more freedom, and with a bit of familiarity could do even more. So I’m quietly hoping that Emery lives up to his ‘Tinkerman’ moniker and experiments with all the options he has available, once he has managed to gain a level of balance at the back of course. Nothing drastic with his changes but we do have a lot of exciting possible combinations now that I wouldn’t mind seeing at one point or another lol

          1. MadHatter, I just hope he doesn’t do it Monday evening though!!

            I am expecting a game like those we had under Pulis’s Stoke City, you know the rugby coach and his tactics?!?!

            A bit harsh on Sheffield Utd I agree, they do look a solid premier league side in their first season back, but I have this feeling they will believe that a stoke type approach will be beneficial.

            As we have Mike Dean as the referee, I expect a lot of this intimidation go unpunished and can only be pleased VAR is there to cancel out his evergreen penalty decisions only he seems to see when refereeing our games.

            Going back to Cebs and Mesut, I think that combination would also benefit Pepe and ( yes this is a little way out I know) AMN as well.
            THe Bournemouth game saw AMN making some great intelligent runs, only to be frustrated by lack of service, especially in the first half.

            However, if UE (I know we differ on this) could only get his style of play, tactics and selections correct, I am very optimistic about the squad as a whole, with Salibas also to come into the reckoning next season.

          2. Agreed Ken I think it will be a physical match too, one we could definitely use Laca for if he’s fit, maybe the type of match for Willock to get his teeth into too, he’s not afraid to put his body to good use (faint sense of viera about some of his runs lol).

            Cebs and Mesut if they really do connect will pay dividends for all our forwards, one of those where if its good it’s gonna be magic but if its not, well could be pretty bad indeed lol. AMN has so much promise but something about him rubs me up the wrong way 🤷‍♂️ maybe it’s where he has been shoehorned into RB but feel he could offer more than he does and certainly has too much cockiness at times – hope it settles with time/experience and being in his preferred position in midfield.

            If Emery cocks it up I might just cry lmao, I’m reasonable enough to see there may have been reasons for everything so far but like you I’m expecting much more going forward, haven’t felt so positive about our squad in a long time 👍

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