David Luiz reveals the reason he left Chelsea for Arsenal

David Luiz lifts the lid on why he made the move to Arsenal from Chelsea

New Arsenal defender, David Luiz shocked many football fans when he moved from Chelsea to join the Gunners just before the close of the transfer window.

His £7 million move away from the Blues has allowed Frank Lampard to give several of the club’s youngsters chances to impress, but most people still don’t understand the reasoning behind the move, until now.

According to the Brazilian defender, he decided to leave Stamford Bridge after he realized that he and Lampard had different football philosophies.

Speaking to the Telegraph Luiz said

‘Me and Lampard, we had honest conversations. Man to man, me and him,’ the 32-year-old centre back told The Telegraph. ‘His ideas of football were different to mine. We just agreed: “OK, we move on”. In an honest way, in a mature way.

‘We played together, we won together. We won the Champions League, the Europa League, everything together. It was done in a mature way.’

It should be recalled that Luiz had signed a two years extension just three months earlier and the blue’s fans were delighted that he would spend the twilight of his career with them.

Luiz also spent three years as Lampard’s teammate and many expected him to be a new leader in Lampard’s squad, but it has turned out otherwise.

He revealed that he was impressed by Unai Emery’s philosophy of how the game should be played and that was why he jumped at the opportunity to sign for Arsenal.

Luiz hasn’t made the best of starts as a new Gunners defender so far, he has been guilty of some errors at the back leading to goals. However, his goal which sealed a 1-0 win over Bournemouth could prove to be very important at the end of the season.

That said, many Arsenal fans are not convinced by the 32-year-old and see him as a liability they can ill afford.


  1. “He revealed that he was impressed by Unai Emery’s philosophy of how the game should be played and that was why he jumped at the opportunity to sign for Arsenal”

    😦😮😮 I wonder what Emery told him that made him jumped ship!
    I’d love to know the style of football philosophy he believed would happen under Emery

    1. Eddie he told him you don’t have to do much on the field on the match day just show some hard work in training and that is it. How many goals has Luis responsible for already? Well, he didn’t mark the player scored yesterday.

  2. What people don’t understand when comparing wenger with UE is first there is no comparison second we are looking at improvement on wenger so even if UE deluded fans say he is achieving similar to wenger then why did we sack wenger…he is suppose to be the upgrade on wenger. In reality we are actually going backwards poor results along with awful unwatchable football. How hard is it to find some one how can win things n that too by playing some sort of attractive football for fans.

  3. Maybe he considers Lampard too young to be his manager. This could happen to Arteta as well, had the board chosen him after Wenger left

    Arsenal might have to get rid of the old players first before hiring younger managers such as Ljungberg, Henry or Vieira. The old ones that have bloated wages, diva attitude and are unwilling to work harder

    Or hire an EPL proven manager that can discipline the players

  4. OT.. Was going to have a night off of football tonight, as last night has completely done my head in, but there’s a choice of Real Madrid, PSG or Man City… very tempting!

    1. Yes Sue, you should treat yourself with those quality matches. They are far better than Vitoria FC 😂

  5. It will just make you more envious Sue.After last night I would rather watch a sunday league match.

    1. It most probably will, Tommogun58.. although it’s nice to watch a game where I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat all the way through!!

  6. This topic is too well-worn. I think enough has been said about Luiz and why he left Chelsea. Enough said about that.

    How does this endless discussion of the old threadbare and mouldy story profit the club and the fans?

  7. I rightly rate both Chambers and Holding above the so called Brazilian and Greek clown’s but …
    Does anyone here know what happened to old man @vijujacob??

  8. Unai has said Tierney didn’t play last night because Kolasinac hasn’t done anything worthy of being dropped!
    Oh ffs….come on, I’m Kola’s biggest fan, but even I’d rather Tierney play

    1. That’s the problem
      Sue he doesn’t see the faults in front of him, we need to pick. The best side available
      And if ozil can’t get in last nights side I’ll eat my hat


      Freddie’ in until the end of the season

  9. I feel not wanting to watch any Champions League football match tonight even for free. Not after Arsenal have left me devastated yesternight when they lost to Sheff Utd at away in the PL which was so hard for me to take in. I thought I’m done with watching Arsenal not until I wake this today’ morning when realise that the Arsenal mania that is so much entrenched in me and running through my blood veins will not allow me do that. So, I can not believe it soon after as I started to think of watching Arsenal play in the Europa League Cup at home in matchday no 3 against Victory Giumanae on Thursday night next tomorrow.

    Nevertheless, I think Granit Xhaka should better watch it because Patrice Evera’s “Arsenal my baby” claim and the lack winning mentality that has ravaged through Arsenal teams in the past 10 seasons in away matches in the PL as highlighted by Evera may not be Bullshi*t as claimed by Xhaka but Bulletuth.

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