Arsenal fans will now see much more from Nicholas Pepe claims former Gunner

After goals against Vitoria Arsenal fans will see a different Pepe claims Robin van Persie.

Robin Van Persie believes that Nicolas Pepe’s performance in the game against Vitoria Guimaraes has kickstarted his Arsenal career and the fans will now see a better version of the Ivorian in the next couple of games.

Pepe has struggled to make an impression since he moved to the Emirates and some fans were becoming impatient. However, with the Gunners on the verge of losing their second consecutive game on Thursday, Pepe was introduced on the 75th minute and he changed the outcome of the match.

He scored a freekick to level the scores at 2-2, he then repeated the trick with a better freekick to score the winning goal and keep the Gunners at the top of their Europa League group.

“I’m really happy for him. You can see what it does to him,” van Persie said on BT Sport.

“You can see that he is lively and happy and he was making all sorts of movements and skills and it’s great for him to score the winner. The price tag doesn’t really matter, you just need a moment to show the Arsenal fans, ‘here I am’.

“This is his day, this is his moment. You can see it in him, you can see that he is skilful, see that he is fast. I’m pretty sure after tonight you will see a different Pepe.”

Pepe showed just why Arsenal invested so much money in signing him with that display. All that is needed now is for him to replicate that performance on a weekly basis.


  1. One just need to look at what Rogers is doing with less talented team to know Emery is crap. His team is 5-0 up at half against a team that will no doubt trouble us

    1. LC is playing some fantastic futbol ATM and Rogers looks to be on the short list of
      possible candidates if and when Manure, Spuds and even Arsenal decide to move on from
      there current gaffers.

      My only slight nit is with your contention that AFC is the more talented club atm. IMHO LC has
      a number of players that would strolll into the first 11 @ the Emirates and based on the
      player comparisons below have more quality in the starting 11 that Brendan Rogers normally
      sends out.

      My worthless 2 cents..

      GrayOzil or Ceballos
      Ndidi>Xhaka or Torreria
      Chillwell>Kola and Tierney(atm)
      Perreria>Chambers or Bellerin

      1. Can we just go back to our Arsenal ways of attacking football:

        Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney
        Guz Torre

        Pepe. Laz. Abq

        We can try this selection and see how far we go

  2. But seriously were is Jon Fox….

    He laughed at me at beginning of the season when I said Brendan Rodgers was the right coach for us.

  3. Remind me how many years you guys want us to give Emery again?😂😂😂
    Can you see Brendan Rodgers team?

  4. I pray we don’t face Leicester soon.7 goals away from home! Southampton would have been a hard nut to crack for us even at the emirate.

  5. OT: Why is there no article about Jose at the Emirates last night? plus Ozil laughing at someone, is something going on behind the scenes, is Mou gonna be our next manager? Seriously, I’d take him over Emery now.

  6. We need a good coach to utilize our full squad rightly😰😰
    Does anybody see us winning 9 nil this season?😮… No, 9 is too much for Arsenal, does anybody see us winning 6 nil this season😮😮

    1. This things happen in football, that a team scored 9 Doesnt mean they are that good, Defoe once scored 6 or 7 goals ina single match so it’s not really a big deal, judge Leicester by the end of the season.

      1. You mention Defoe like he was a chamakh,Defoe was a good striker in his prime mate.Leicester scoring 9 goals is a testament of their remarkable improvement and not a flash in the pan.

      2. I know so, it’s just kinda annoying every time I watch other teams putting up the performances we should be putting on..
        Jesus, as much as I love watching Chelsea play under Lampard, it hurts Arsenal can’t play good football anymore

      3. Lenohappy, thank goodness you have realised that…now we can stop bringing up the 8-2 and 10-2 united and munich defeats, congratulations!!!!

  7. I believe most of us agree Emery is not the right person to take Arsenal FC forward. But what i find hard to understand is the constant negative behaviour from some fans. It’s one thing to criticise and suggest solutions, it’s another thing to criticise for the sake of it. There are 4 groups of negative fans i have noticed lately on this site, – Those who criticise Emery due to lack of ozil inclusion in the team (Ozil fans), – those who wants to justify Wenger should have never been relieved of his duties (Wenger fans), – both Ozil and wenger fans and finally, fans who can not criticise and move on for the sake of the club. It’s so tiresome this days reading any article due to these constant negative outlook, it could be better but also could have been worse. Please let’s support the club and criticise when necessary and wish it well. Thanks for reading.

    1. I’m fully in support of relieving Wenger of his duty but arsenal can’t suffer this with this crop of players under Wenger Emery is clueless,it’s better we kick him out now b4 he destroys the team than this,no style no creativity no methodology, Emery out

  8. We just need to get behind our great club and see how Emery does this season there is a very long ways to go yet in this season.

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