Ian Wright chooses a side in Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery feud

Ian Wright knows who he wants to stay at Arsenal out of Emery and Ozil.

Arsenal has been the centre of a minor battle between Mesut Ozil and Unai Emery this season. A feud that has split the club’s fans and former players.

Several fans believe that Ozil is no longer up to the required level to play for the Gunners. Others feel the former German international is exactly the player that Arsenal needs at the moment.

Ian Wright is however very clear about whose side he is on. According to the former Gunners attacker, Unai Emery is wrong to keep Ozil out of the team as he has done for much of this season.

Ozil has only started two games for the Gunners all season and Wright believes that he is the exact kind of player that the team needs at the moment.

When asked who he wanted to stay longer, Wright said: “Well hopefully Ozil”

“He’s already said he doesn’t want to leave. For me, hopefully, it’s Ozil.”

Arsenal has struggled for creativity in the absence of the German and was beaten in their last league game against Sheffield United.

Emery and Ozil are both contracted to the club until 2021 and it would be interesting to see who leaves first.

That said, a lot will depend on results. If Emery has Arsenal top-four by Christmas then Ozil could be forced out first. If results do not improve then it could be the Spaniard out first.


  1. Yea yea yea it’s all about Ozil again.
    Who has declined truly but still is a much better options than the midfielders our coach is obsessed with. Oh not to forget one old grumpy äss lord of realism who’s obsessed with how much the man earns.
    He’s going no where.
    I made a simple comment and you questioned my sanity for it, questioned my dignity and respect as a person.
    Yea yea yea Ian Wright must be insane and probably has no principles too for wanting Ozil over your beloved coach.
    I stippesy being an Ozil supporter after Wenger’s last season but one is it doesn’t mean I’ll always brush him off just because he earns a certain amount.

    “He doesn’t play because he doesn’t run around, that’s the problem,”
    “Not my problem because he plays in my team because he can play and he makes thing happen.

    “But because he doesn’t run around, because he’s on £350k-a-week, and that’s the problem, if he was on £10k-a-week, he would play every week. Even if he didn’t run around. But because he’s on £350k-a-week that means he has to run around like a maniac.”
    – Paul Mersin recently on Ozil.

    I’ll keep saying it, I have no business with whatever Ozil chooses to do. If he chooses to take home his salary and he’s happy then so be it.
    He’s not entitled to please any grumpy äss old man on this site. He’s not entitled to please me.
    He got to wherever he his today because he worked for it.
    But then, I have no self respect or philosophy in life because I see no problem in him collecting his salary.
    Everyone now knows clearly like I keep saying, Whatever game Emery is playing with Ozil.
    Ozil surely knows how to play it and is playing it real good so far.
    Unless he decides to leave.
    Maybe someday someone on here will stop being a bully the day he stops obsessing about another man’s salary.
    Realist my furry ässhole

    1. Eddie-that reply from Jon Fox is just so typical of him and his views.Ask him to defend a question and he goes into hiding.Lets not forget this was the person who said Immediately after the Anfield debacle that he was as sure as ever that Emery was the right man for the job.Now,just a handful of games later,he wants the manager gone.He probably forgot he wrote that.
      I’ve found the best way to put him on the back foot is to ask him to answer many of the issues he states with proof.He can’t.He has no answers other than squirming off into the abyss for a few days.He is forever ducking out of confronting the so many points he is asked to reply on.Yet can find time to attack you for your views.
      For every attack on Ozil, he only has workrate and salary as his theme.Thats all.Ozil was given that salary.And this manager,so lorded by him yet now dumped, actually started this work-shy, lazy, money grabbing player and even gave him the captains armband.
      Ask him who else we can pick to give this side the creativity we are so desperate for.He is all so ready to offer his opinions but let him come up with the answers as he knows so much.

    2. I like people who argue with basic points (facts or even false-can be debated). But it unacceptable when someone questions about your sanity simply because you got different opinions. Jon Fox is in question here.
      About Ozil, he has ever right to see off his contract till the last second playing or not.

  2. Sorry to go OT, but I’m buzzing.. huge shout out to Gerwyn Price – recovered from 5-0 down, to win 10-6.. absolutely awesome darts, well done Gezzy 👏

  3. Even if we win tomorrow, which I wouldn’t bet on, but will be there willing them on, we will still be 5th and 2 points off 4th in the table. Whose fault is that? Well, certainly not Ozïl as he hasn’t played so it’s Emery out as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Noted on the radio the other day was Ozil last game which was in the cup against Nottingham Forest.

    He played the ball to one of the youngsters expecting a one two and when he didnt get the ball, and the young lad lost it, ozil just shook his head and jogged on. No chasing the ball or encouraging his colleagues.

    I think the issue is, the work rate unai wants he isn’t getting. But equally I dont think he is getting it yet from everyone.

    Though others might be behaving with more passion and desire.

    The issue needs to be resolved one way or another. Its affecting the squad imo.

    1. Tom, you are right and that was only one thing of many that made me think this guy is rotten. Any normal person would have been ashamed of himself for what he did or to be real, didn’t do on that night but he obviously isnt. His attitude to me looks awful, i wish it wasn’t but it is. What i saw that night made me feel sick as an arsenal supporter. Personally, i wish Ozil all the best but please, just move on and be realistic if you want to play football elsewhere. Im not sure it is an Emery problem but a club problem, most of the people involved in renewing his contract have gone and the club now are not getting a return on their investment at all.

      1. “I’m not sure it is an Emery problem but a club problem….”. Your point here is corroborated by Emery’s claim today that it was a club “strategy” to leave Ozil out of the team.
        And this seems to support my thoughts earlier on that the club hierarchy may be conniving with the coach to frustrate Ozil out of the club so as to get his huge wages off their books.
        If that is the “strategy” then, I’m afraid, they are going about it the wrong way. They gave him the contract, he didn’t steal it. While it is true that some of the people who gave him the contract are no more in the club, certainly the Kroenkes who sacctioned it are. And I’m sure they had to persuade Ozil given the situation with Sanchez at the time.
        So I don’t understand the logic of trying to force him out now.
        Surely somebody should know that Ozil holds the aces as it is now. He is at the stage of his career where playing regularly is not of such a high priority anymore. So he can just sit out his contract and keep smiling to the bank while it lasts. And if his recent utterances are anything to go by, that’s exactly what he intends to do.
        Meanwhile I think the man can still do a job of football for the team no matter what misgivings anybody may have against him. So why not give him a chance? Why freeze him out?

        1. CorporateMan, I agree with your synopsis that Emery is carrying out the directions of the owner/board/management. If he wasn’t there would be a reaction.
          If Emery fails to achieve Champions League without Ozil, his contract will not be extended into the third season and he can be made the fall guy will regard to Ozil. Ozil on the other hand will still have another year left on his contract.

    2. So Tom, you take one example from the 70 minutes that Ozil played , as an example of why UE is justified in his treatment of an Arsenal player?

      UE, the board and kronkie are just snowflakes, who haven’t got the cojones to be truthful to the fans – they tried to spin the situation by blaming Ozil, then, when the player broke his dignified silence and explained his side of the story, they back pedalled so fast, everyone thought Ozil was a certainty for the next game.

      They just cannot go on like this, ignoring the fans who chant his name at every home game.
      One of the things AW was accused of, was keeping the fans in the dark and ignoring them, in order to be servile to kronkie. .. same situation here don’t you think?

      1. I think Ozil has an agenda, he got bombed out of the German team and went from hero to zero in no time at all. I think he is a bit of a sly guy on the side.

          1. Please look at Ozil’s playing statistics, games played, goals scored and assists last season under Emery.

  5. I am impressed with Lampard and his boys. On paper, we have better players or better attackers than them but they score goals Freely… I hope we start scoring enough goals in the league. We need to play to our strength

  6. Who else isn’t surprised another legend wants Emery out, everyone’s already grown tired of his tactics and gameplay (or the lack thereof)

  7. I’ve watched Lampard’s Chelsea easily winning four against Burnley. Please forgive me if I don’t feel the same way as you.

  8. I see Chelsea play and am just wondering how a club in distress still plays better than emery team. Chelsea got a transfer ban, lost their best player, signed a novice as coach and we are still doing catch up with them. If the board still See’s future in emery then am disappointed. A coach that sacrifice creativity, A coach that doesn’t know his best 11, A coach that can’t see obvious errors.

  9. If Josh is running the club I expect something to be done, but likely at years end. Emery’s will have had 2 years, boatload of financial investment, and freedom to dig his own grave.

    He’s drowning in the PL, and after failing at PSG and floundering at Arsenal it shows he can’t manage a big club with big players.

    1. Durand, it is fair enough to express your disappointment with Emery’s coaching at Arsenal, but please explain “failure at PSG” and whether Thomas Tuchel will progress further in the Champions League.

  10. TBH I am tired of both and want both out with Xhaka, Socrates and Kolasinac.That would be the best New Year’s gift for me in for a very long time, but it will be too late to save this season.All mentioned offer nothing significant to the club and their big fat egos are dragging the club to CP level and below .Even Leicester are above us.Shame! And we Gooners are debating Unia vs Mesut! Debate it till we reach 10th place.

    1. Actually, Kolasinac is the perfect quality for a backup LB. Anyone better would want to be a starter.

      The problem right now is that Kola IS a starter, but how is that his fault??

      Even Sokratis, it could be argued, is close to being good enough to be a sub. And again, is it his fault that he’s a starter??

      Xhaka, though, should really go. He’s proven he’s less useful than Mustafi who was attacked so much.

      1. Hi Moses, hope your doing well, is anything wrong in my post?That is the truth! Sooner rather than later we will be hovering around 10th place despite spending 200M.
        We are just not good enough in our output on the pitch. Even Barca do not rely on big name sympathy but on output on the pitch.We at AFC are sentimental to some big names.Years ago we would walk out of the dugout confidant of 3 points against anyone, today our captain is scared of the 20th placed team. The central lunatics hi five when they concede a corner!!Bad time to be a gunner with or without Mesut on the pitch (from a fan of over 30 years)

    2. I also want to see some urgecy and ruthlessness from the club and fans, but am resigned to the fact both are distracted with the ongoing Ozil &Emery saga hence no urgency. For this to happen I hope one of them goes soon and I hope its dilusionalmary

  11. Both Unai Emery and Ozil needs to go. But Emery is doing more damage to the beloved Arsenal than Mesut. So Emery has to leave asap. Ozil may not be as good as he was but not so bad that he can’t make the bench in a Europa league match. Arsenal fc has values. The treatment Ozil is getting is something I have come to expect from Mourinho and is not the “Arsenal Way”.

  12. Leave arsenal o…when finish 10th lose auba laca toreira and others in a summer their eyes will be clear…today arsenal will drop point against palace will be beaten in their next game am so sure of that

  13. Rodgers took up Leicester in March 2019, inheriting a team in crisis, lost a key player in summer, and how he had improved the team he inherited after 10 months!

    Lampard’s journey is similar, and Chelsea had in fact progressed even after losing Hazard – 3 months!

    Emery got 18 months, so please don’t defend his incompetency saying he STILL need more time!

    If he really still need time to figure to improve our team, it just shows that he is not good enough. A lot of the times talent is inborn and you can’t force it. Let’s accept that Emery does not have the talent and get a replacement.

    At the same time Ozil had past his prime, but before we have the replacement, he is the only creative player left in the team. We have to use him. Blame it on the Club management for believing in Emery that we don’t need creativity to be a title contender.

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