Arsenal v Crystal Palace match preview and predicted score

Arsenal has to collect all three points today against Crystal Palace, nothing else is acceptable.

There is no breathing space left for Unai Emery, not after the 1-0 loss against Sheff Utd last Monday.

It was not so much the actual loss against the Blades that was so annoying but the manner of that loss. The fans expect better and the manager and players must deliver a better performance today.

It must not be forgotten that Palace beat Arsenal last season at the Emirates. They cannot be underestimated in any form.

The Eagles are an exciting side, they are quick on the counter and are not afraid of the big boys. Just ask Man Utd.

You can take it to the bank that Palace will put the Arsenal defence under severe pressure today and it is imperative that the midfield works its ass off to make life easier for the defence.

Arsenal has the players to put Palace to the sword today but only if the forwards get the service they are begging for and are clinical when that service is provided.

Pepe will be on fire, of that I am certain, his confidence will be huge right now. Aubameyang will be fresh and Lacazette will have come on significantly following his outing against Vitoria in the Europa League Thursday night.

As long as the defence is solid, the midfield productive and the forwards clinical Arsenal will win. The Eagles will take advantage of any weakness and it is down to Arsenal to prevent that from happening.

Arsenal should have enough in the bank to win but I suspect it will be a close-run thing.

Predicted Score

Arsenal 2-1 Crystal Palace


  1. Wouldnt surprise me 1 bit if Palace turned us over can see us struggling to break them down and could be vulnerable to the counter attack where palace are very dangerous dont like this game at all can see trouble ahead!!

  2. I would like to see:

    Chambers Luiz Holding
    Bellerin Guendouzi Torriera Tierney
    Pepe Lacazette Aubameyang

  3. Arsenal has a great offence Auba Laca Pepe Martinelli Saka Willock Matteo.
    Arsenal has a terrible defense.
    Holding Mustafi Chambers Kolasinac Xhaka AMN (Wenger’s deadwood)are useless.
    Socritis Luiz Torreira are just as bad.
    Both our number 10’s are Wenger’s over paid deadwood O$ilch and Hein-Rich.
    We should by pass our suspect defense and our non existent midfield all day.
    Just play long balls into the mixer for our strikers.

    1. You do realize Emery signed Torreira but still plays “Wenger’s deadwood ” Xhaka? Bellarin is Wenger deadwood too? Chambers? Auba? Laca

  4. (Pepe) – He’s still trying to stamp his place here. Great that we look to have a bonafide set-piece specialist, and he will become a very important player for us but no point throwing the expectation at him, any people who’ve moved home to a foreign land can tell you how difficult and how exciting it can be.

    I want to see us play in front of our box when Palace have the ball, that is deepest I want us, unless picking up runner. I want to see us higher up the pitch, and most of all I want to see us in their faces, put a man tight on Zaha no backing off don’t let him get speed up sure don’t even let him turn.

    I want us to be overly physical. The best way to improve our mental state is by being this when we don’t have to be. Whenever we play a team and it looks like we have a superior ability, with the other team looking like they might just try and sit and hold on for a while. I never see us being physical in those matches, that is when we should be honing our strength more, that is how you’ll learn to play at being boss type football, men v boys.

    Xhaka and Torriera seem to be the only two midfielders we have that are always physical, overly physical in a good way, the others go up and down the tempo/paces. This is why some people like the look of Lacazette for a midfield role, in Ozil’s role, because he has that in his game, he prefers to be physical even if v’s a non physical player. This and his ..sweet ..sweet strike of a ball is why I like Laca, he’s like a big ol ball of dynamite.

  5. We have what we would like to see but as usual, Emery will go for
    Chambers,Luiz, Papastathopoulos , Kolasnic
    Xhaka, Guedozzi, Ceballos
    Pepe Aubamayang saka

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