Jose Mourinho reported to be in the running to replace Unai Emery

Jose Mourinho set to take over from Unai Emery if performances don’t improve.

Jose Mourinho could be Arsenal’s next manager if Unai Emery side continues to struggle under the management of the Spaniard.

Emery who replaced Arsene Wenger last season has struggled to return the Gunners to the Champions League.

They reached the final of the Europa League last season but lost to Chelsea. They have started struggling to remain with the top four again this season.

Arsenal threw away a two-goal lead against Crystal Palace at the weekend. They are now closer to Tottenham who are 11th than to Chelsea who are fourth on the league table.

Reports from the media claims that Jose Mourinho is waiting in the wings to take over from the Spaniard.

The Portuguese maestro, who has won trophies with two of England’s big teams would be eager to lead another to success.

He was recently linked with a move to Olympique Lyon, but the French club’s president claims that the former Real Madrid manager is already set to join another team.

Arsenal fans have been yearning for a manager who would bring back the glory days of winning trophies every season and Mourinho could be the answer to that prayer.

Mourinho still has a house in London from his time as manager of Chelsea and would have little problems managing the Gunners.

Whether he would be accepted by the Arsenal fans is a whole different matter. There is some bad history there and that may be an obstacle too large to overcome.


  1. Good choice, a guy who knows how to win a throphy. Maby we will park the bus better. Get Jose now, dont even wait for us to lose against liverpool tonight…

  2. There will always br bad histories between coaches and certain clubs.
    Mourinho had no problem with Arsenal, Mourinho’s War was with Wenger.
    He did give a good assessment of of teams and problems.
    He’s a smart coach and probably one who can take out this sheepish attitude our players have. The only other manager I know can do it is Simeone.

    I want a young coach, honestly I’d love Arteta to take over, I believe he would do more and achieve a lot as a coach but if we need a short term fix, someone to get us into the UCL before it’s too late this season.
    The bitter truth is the answer is Mourinho.
    There’s no way Mourinho will worse than Emery has done and hey let’s not forget his teams can play if he wants them to, his teams can be formidable if he wants them to, his first EPL win with Chelsea is proof, the way he had them playing, his time at Inter Milan also proves that.
    I won’t find it disastrous if Mourinho steps in, but the truth is we need him to do that just for this season, let him get us into the UCL then the club can assess everything before moving forward with a permanent manager.
    With a squad as ours, Mourinho will, I repeat WILL GET US TOP 4, he came 2nd with a United team less stronger than what we have now didn’t he?
    The only problem like you said, has to be the fans accepting him or not but I want people to always remember, the battle,jealousy, war of words, content and mind games were Mourinho vs Wenger not Mourinho vs Arsenal

  3. I honestly don’t know what my reaction would be if Mourinho became our manager. I always imagined it would be one of disgust, and anger. Then again, we have been so poor, for so long, that I wonder if I would find myself accepting him?

    We’re not just going through a very tough transitional phase, we have been terrible for well over a decade. It’s a whopping 15 years, that we were last competitive in the league. Apart from this years Europa League final, it was way back in 2009 that we were genuinely competitive in Europe. It’s amazing this barren run came off the back of “The Invincibles”.

    Love him, or hate him, Mourinho is one the best managers/coaches in the world, and easily the best one that is currently available. As an Arsenal fan, am I at such a low ebb that I support his arrival? I am well aware of the baggage that comes with him, but the odds are that we’ll have at least two quality seasons from him.

    I think I am still on the side of no Mourinho, but with each passing season, even game, I feel more, and more desperate for success again, or just being competitive.

  4. He might get us a major trophy like the EL Cup, but he wouldn’t give us a good system

    He left Chelsea and Man United in bad conditions. His tactics are also too predictable for the managers in Serie A, La Liga and EPL

    I’d prefer Arsenal to gamble on someone else

  5. One thing that I will give to Mourinho, in addition to his huge trophy case, is that he is pragmatic – he will set up to win, if it is 5-4 or 1-0 he will do it based on his players – all that matters is getting 3 points.

    A common complaint of Wenger, especially in last few years, was that he could only play “Arsenal football” even when it wasn’t working – so they would have stretches of really nice football and then be beaten on a counter or punished by top sides. Emery doesn’t seem to have a style, working or not – it is haphazard.

    The fear I have with Mourinho is the drama, but maybe he is a perfect fit at Arsenal – we have a very dramatic fan base. Hope it wouldn’t be oil and water…

  6. To ThirdManJW – I am also at a low ebb, explains my feelings well. Somebody else on the board said that they keep saying “not watching anymore” but they do – that is me as well. The dog won’t even sit in the room with my son and I watching them now as we get too agitated.

  7. Jose is well respected amongst coaches.

    Not so much amongst too many fans.

    But when he wins he has fans? Yes he does, he wins by dominating.

    He failed at United, why? Because he lacked the players that fits his system. That’s my only worry

    But maybe our players need the coaching by Jose type manager so we can improve defensively and also as a system.

    Emery doesn’t have what it takes. So we need to move on.

    Jose could be an option. He is definitely not someone who will accept Xhaka type performances or lack of awareness our whole team is in defending.

    Rivalry aside, Jose is actually the best manager available at the moment.

    He can speak English well, so maybe the players could understand better.

    He will make the decisions and not pass it on to the players on who is going to be captain.

    Jose has cajone’s – he will definitely improve us. Even though its not Wenger ball, but atleast we know what to expect.

    Jose wont be a flipper and lose as much points as this Spanish David Mose.

    No one right now will guarantee challenging or making top 4, but Jose could do that.

    We cant get Pep or Klopp, so I guess the options are less.

  8. I hope Jose takes over tomorrow morning.A serial winner and a strong character.It should be an interem one upto end of season.We will win the EL and FA and top 4.Is that not what all gunners want? What is best for the club is to win silverware and regain its past image. Let the board evaluate his performance at the end of the season.I am ready to swallow my pride and be humble just to win something!

  9. I think that I am with you now. Beginning of year, not a chance. I am afraid seeing out the year will really hurt us going forward. It is just that the “specialist in failure” line still bugs me (and to be fair, if he was saying this about some other team I probably would have laughed my ass off).

  10. No way Jose… We want to play pleasurable football.. Jose is unbearably boring.. It is the reason we should get rid of this Emery clown. Boring , Boring, Boring.

  11. If you have been following Jose since he came to England his always wanted the Arsenal job, lol. I can only imagine at his unveiling him saying I have got my dream job now.

    Too much bad blood Jose, if Enrique’s English is decent and his head is now clear I would rather we get him instead. If not Naglseman is 2nd choice. I fell in love with Arsenal more for its beautiful style of play than anything else really, sad it took Wenger leaving for me to realize this.

  12. What a dreadful thought – absentee investor-owners and a truly revolting specimen as a manager. If that happens then my Arsenal is truly dead.

  13. @Crispen

    Obviously one can be successful, whilst also playing “pleasurable football”, just as we saw early on under Wenger, but where has “pleasurable football” got us over the last 15 years?

    It has now surely got to a point, where we should only be looking at results, however get in them. Style should take a distant back seat, at least in the short/medium-term. We just need to get back on top/or as near as we can, and then build from there.

  14. Mourinho controversy is not what Arsenal needs. A coach of his age are rarely given to change. No doubt he will bring winning mentality which Arsenal have lacked for a long time. But he will not initiate free flowing football philosophy Arsenal are known for. Mourinho is a NO for me. Luise Enrique or Brender Rogers of L.City or even Mikel Arteta of M.City will are good options.

  15. We dont want that horrible human being anywhere near our club. Dont believe this story anyway, it is all click bait.

  16. Fired from Chelsea(2×), fired from Real, fired from ManUtd, what next? Fired from Arsenal? Let him go to Stoke, that’s a much better fit.

  17. Mourinho is not known for setting up teams that are playing a nice football. His teams are always strong, tough, pretty defensive, but usually efficient. He is pushy and with no concession to the lazy ones. But to do so, he always has experienced players who can relay his message on the pitch.
    Except Lacazette (and maybe Torreira), I see no player in our team able to push the other ones. I am not sure Mourinho’s style would match this team, but I am pretty sure he would make a better team selection than Emery: he would kick out Chambers and Xhaka, would be less crazy with youngsters selection (bring Saka, Willock, Nelson gradually, not all in the same time and definitely not when you need to protect a result) and basically shake things up.
    We would not waste a 2-goal lead like we did against Palace or Watford.
    When Wenger left, I would have litterally cried if Mourinho had joined, but now, after more than a year of Emery, I am tired of this constant lethargy and would welcome him to rebuild the confidence.

  18. No way Jose!! Simple and believable…this man isn’t the answer for what ails our current club…need some fresh blood or a well-established forward thinking manager who makes sense for how our club is presently structured…we can’t hit a full reset again without tragic consequences…make a logically link between what our best players do best and the next manager, no more round pegs in square holes…then hire an actual defensive specialist to school our current crop of younger defenders and get rid of the rest in the off-season…making the move now allows the new man in charge to get acclimated with the players and hopefully change the dire mood that has engulfed the Emirates for the better part of 5 years…Jose will rip this team apart then walk away with a huge chunk of change while leaving a shit show in his wake

  19. Interesting. Don’t know if I am for or against.

    1) He can teach us how to defend
    2) He can win trophies
    3) He can attract top players
    4) He can discipline the squad

    1) His relationship with the players will probably go sour after 2-3 years
    2) His playing style is mostly very defensive
    3) Doubtful if he will invest his time in the young players, we have coming through
    4) His personality may be questionable for the club

  20. Cant say I like the guy,but I do think he could do a good job for us and hopefully get Ozil firing again.

  21. See, you’ve got to decide what you want…..and you can’t have EVERYTHING if you live in the real world….

    There’s fans who want to watch us play beautiful football, then there’s fans that want trophies. Trophies and success attract the top players more than beautiful football. Get a manager who knows how to win things then flare players will want to join.

    I’m bored with not winning anything. I want Arsenal to finish above Spuds, I want my team to go to Anfield and win, and the Etihad…. or at the very least not lose….& here’s another important point: Lacazette and Auba will go if they don’t start winning stuff. Then we have a bigger problem. Mourinho, as I said earlier this week is a born winner, something which is thin on the ground in North London. Also when you refer to who fired him maybe take a look at the trail of silverware he left behind. If he came to the Emirates for two seasons, for us back into the CL and stuck a trophy in the cabinet and then got fired, how much worse is that than what Emery would have done?

  22. Unbearable on and off the pitch. Could he get us top 4? Probably. But so can other managers that wouldn’t poison the entire club alongside it. Mourinho does not fit at Arsenal, and I think it’s crazy that some of us are so desperate for Unai to leave that they’d welcome the disaster the inevitably comes with Mourinho. He is the last manager on earth who brings any sort of unity.

  23. @RSH “He is the last manager on earth who brings any sort of unity” – so he’d bring even less unity than our current manager? I think he’d bring a winning mentality which is a much more direct route to unity than what Emery has delivered

  24. Great news no one needs Spanish dishwasher as a manager. Weak and rubbish plane the guy has no idea what his doing

  25. @sk YES. He’d bring less than Unai even. Look how he left Chelsea in his second stint? Real Madrid? United? Half the players wanted out and stopped caring. Mourinho burns so many bridges. There are managers that can achieve success and not be toxic too.

  26. @sk Mourinho also demands a crazy budget in order to be useful as well. The money Arsenal spent last summer is nothing compared to what Mourinho would want and I HIGHLY doubt Kroenke would be willing to fork it over. I stand by Mourinho not fitting in at Arsenal. And he will always have excuses to fall back upon about upper management and lack of funds. It’s what he does in every single job.

  27. 👍 RSH.. he upsets people wherever he goes, thinks he’s bigger than the club he manages.. he’s vile, I can’t stand him & I don’t want him anywhere near AFC!!!!

  28. I for one am so thoroughly fed up of having a joke defence for a full decade already. We have better players but Emery will not use them; He prefers clowns as CB and useless fullbacks chosen by this idiot manager whist better players lanquish unpicked or on the bench.I would bite yout hand off if you promised me Mourinho could take over TODAY. I know it would end in tears but the dream of seeing my club with a proper defence once more, after these many barren years, is so appetising that I would gladly put up WITH THE INEVITABLE breakdown between Mourinho and all his teams, EVER, by his third season.If Emery stays beyond this season I predict the Wenger out campaign of the last seasons will be as a vicars tea party by comparison with the wrath Emery and those who employ him will face at The Emirates and elsewhere. They would be wise to sack Emery tomorrow, irrespective of Mourinho coming or not. I know he will not come though, as do we all. Nor will they sack Emery until things have got so toxic that no other top manager would even want to come. IDIOTS!

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