Arsenal fans need to take a step back and think about what they are doing

The fans have to get behind the team, the manager and ALL the players.

Arsenal spent so many years underachieving under the management of Arsene Wenger that it is not surprising that we have decided not to allow Unai Emery to spend more years at the helm with no achievement.

However, there is a thin line between being dissatisfied and being toxic. Recent events around the Emirates is now a genuine cause for concern, and fans need to have a good look at themselves while venting their frustration.

Every team needs its fans behind them in good and in bad times, and Liverpool’s Anfield remains a good example.

Seldom would you hear the fans of the Reds turn against their own players despite Jurgen Klopp spending four years before winning a trophy.

The abuse that was thrown at Granit Xhaka when we took on Palace is something that should be far away from a healthy environment and it is only when playing under the best circumstances that our players will flourish.

Yes, we know how frustrating it can be to watch teams like Leicester City make progress before our eyes, but our players can’t get better within a toxic environment.

Football fans have to remain loyal in good and in bad times, and that is what Arsenal fans need to be right now. One thing we know for sure is that the players, manager and club board all want success and they are doing their best to help the team achieve that.

We have to play our role as club fans well too, providing them with the environment needed for them to bring the team back to their best. Every team has gone through a bad period, but it never lasts and neither will it last in our case.


  1. Emery did not have what it takes to succeed. How hell on heart will he removed Torreira and bring on saka at 1 – 0? Weaken our defence? I have backed him for close to 18 months. I am sick and tired of all these tactical failures. #EmeryOut#

  2. AdMart-I can’t help feeling this is a bit of a “Space-Filler” headline posted up for the sake of it.Tell me how the fans are at fault here.Do they pick the team?Do they coach the players? Do they decide the formations and tactics? Do they choose who stays in and who is subbed off?
    And as for a toxic atmosphere.Do you really believe it has gotten that far?YET? Because I certainly don’t.But is coming without a doubt.
    The Xhaka incident was frustration.
    1) with the fact he was made Captain
    2) with the fact he was in the team at all after his own recent displays
    3) with the sheer arrogance he showed in WALKING off the pitch.
    I’m not saying he deserved all he got but what abuse he did receive was a long time coming for a player who gets selected every game by this manager and others are overlooked.
    The fact all this venom is starting to appear is solely on Emery and nobody else.He is taking us backwards and shows zero leadership in getting us performing as a serious top Club should.
    The blame is on Emery-not the supporters

    1. I have to say that it is only Arsenal fans saying that. Living in a cocoon will not help the team I assure you of that.

      1. Who is living in a cocoon? We all see it.Whether supporters are at the game or not, there is no disputing Emery has put himself under huge pressure and seems incapable of solving the problems he has brought on himself.
        When daily he is critisised by ex players,all forms of media and everyone with an opinion, I would hardly say the supporters are living in a cocoon.Just how much more evidence do you expect?The results are disastrous, the performances are bland with little hope of improvement, the players seem to not want to play for this manager.Snd you come back with a comment like that? I would suggest you get your head out from wherever you had it stuck and realise that the fans are the ones suffering this fool of a manager and it’s not the other way around

          1. How do they? Living in a cocoon? I’m in the real world where Arsenal is concerned.As are most supporters.How is that living in a cocoon?

            1. If you are ok with the fans booing and abusing the captain, abusing our top scorer on the street, booing a teenager, calling for the manager to be sacked and jeering him, abusing Wenger at a train station and unfurling huge banners, attacking the owners with vile abuse and so on, I mean the list is endless, then that is up to you Phil. But the people I speak to see Arsenal fans as the most toxic in football. Just yesterday I read an article about Arsenal fans from a well-known journalist, it was not complimentary. I recall Gary Neville sitting down with AFTV over their abuse of Wenger, these people just cannot understand our mentality. Trust me on this, go outside the Arsenal “cocoon” and you will soon realise how we are perceived. Me, personally, I do not boo or jeer or insult and tweet vile sick abuse about our own players, I just write articles urging my fellow Arsenal fans to take a step back and think, really really think about what they are doing. If you disagree Phil and want to make excuses for this long history of appalling behaviour towards our very own then please, by all means, write an article, send it to me and I will publish it.

          2. @Admin Martin.
            I think the comments of Phil reflect what 99 percent of football fans think of Emery.
            You can see the news today of the sacking of the coach of Bayer M.That it is the proper reaction of a Board when they see their club is sinking due to the manager bad decisions.

        1. I agree with admin Martin, no matter what the situation there is a certain line you should not cross or fall from, no abuse or threats to players or any club staff in that sense…this shows your class and values as a football club fan. Its not only arsenal but I think every football fan around the world should hold him/her self to that standard.

    2. I agree that the blame for the Xhaka situation lies at the manager’s door. I was optimistic about Emery. Especially after the last transfer window, which was one of the best I’ve seen in 42 years as a Gooner. Pepe, Martinelli, Tierney and Saliba are gonna be stars, imo. But, recent results and performances have been nowhere near good enough. This is also a fanbase which has felt disillusioned and deceived for over a decade, now. Many have had enough and are revolting. That situation is not Emery’s fault. But, one thing is for sure; I have never booed an Arsenal shirt and I never will. We’re all in this together. The players are frustrated and hurting, too, like we are. This is a time when you see who are the supporters and who are just fans.

  3. I think is unfair to fault our fans we can’t sit and watch the club go down. A time is coming and that time is now were we the fans will be making the decisions for the board during games. We are the “club”,we buy the tickets so we deserve to have our desires met.

  4. Yes , we need to get behind Emery……………and push him out the door !…………is this door on a plane ?……….a fast moving car ?……………you decide !

    £6M pa for being inept at a job, not bad money if you can get it !

    Happy Birthday Unai………… you have earnt £16,438.36p

  5. You say the fans should get behind the manager etc martin and then you drop in your usual divisive comment about underchieving for years under Wenger – brilliant!!!

    When I read this tosh, asking that we support a coach who is clueless, while denigrating the most successful manager thiis club has ever had, makes your whole article meaningless to those of us who, by now, recognise your personal agenda.

    Just like your personal dislike of Ozil, you waste no time in getting those pointless digs in and it is so unnecessary.

    Try to explain why you think we underachieved for so many years, explain why the oil rich sheik and the russian roubles didn’t make a difference, while the building of the new stadium was of no consequence etc .etc.

    Give your reasons instead of these continuous personal insults that achieve nothing but division and argument in an already toxic situation.

  6. @Admin Martin.
    Well; if you dispute my opinion of the percentage of fans disgruntle with Emery you should be brave enough to make a poll in this block.

    1. I do not think that 99 percent of football fans would take part, if they did then we would get billions of hits per day on here and I would be a multi-millionaire. I suggest you lower your percentages and state Arsenal fans only. Other fans simply do not care if Emery stays or goes.

    1. AdMart-you seem to be suggesting the vile behaviour and abuse by some “fans” is to be labelled to all other arsenal supporters.This is clearly wrong.I would imagine 99.99% of Arsenal fans all feel quite ashamed for the abuse given to Aubamayang and Xhaka as soon as it turned personal, and rightly so.But remember its very easy to get caught up in the emotion of the game, especially so when you are at the Stadium watching live.But it’s ridiculous to suggest that makes us all part of the wrongs that have been committed by the very few.
      And it’s also wrong to suggest to toxic atmosphere is exclusive to Arsenal. Trust me when I say Liverpool give their Managers and board plenty of abuse when things are not going well, and they have had far more practice than us over the last 20 years.Even their players get pasted by the fans, Karius and Moreno for starters.Iys the tribal mentality all fans have no matter what walk of life they are from.Its what makes us fans in the first place is it not?
      And can you honestly say that we are a work in progress after 15 months of Emery?Can you blame fans for being irate when we allow a half decent Wolves side TWENTY FIVE attempts in a match at home and the manager says we are improving defensively?
      Emery has been given every chance to adopt his methods and has failed.Its getting worst by the game.There is no improvement.There is little hope of Emery getting things right.
      I don’t blame the supporters one bit for taking out their frustrations on Emery and those who employed him.But I do accept there is a line that should never be crossed and it is sickening that families have been subjected to this vile and unwarranted abuse and that must not be allowed to be repeated.

  7. Mohsan, frustration is building up and is being vented. Under the last years of Wenger we could not win on the road.Now under Emery we cannot win even at home! The fans need to share the blame in selectively booing the players.Noticed that the players have lost their heart and soul for a display and a win.The team should be booed as a whole unit.Our A team could not dispatch Pool C team, shame!We could not defend even in the dying moments of the match for the equalizer. This hurts!! If it was okay for the “Wengerout” banners, “Unaiout” banners should be acceptable, no double standards. Phil is right in his analysis of the Xhaka incident, the player links something unwanted which could have been taken up with appropriate law enforcing agencies, fans are helpless in weeding out the scum who posted that nonsense. I reiterate, Xhaka should be penalized by the FA, else it will set a bad precedent for other players to follow.The fans cannot sit quiet and applaud shambolic performances when Sheff and Cherries are a point behind us and Brighton, CP are two points behind us. We can get back behind the team provided they play like warriors -a win or loss is accepted, but playing without a heart and soul does need to be criticized. And the players are on mega contracts with world class facilities at the training ground.Just imagine what Sheff players would do if they were given the perks/facilities of AFC. We need a complete overhaul of the system starting with Unai (save Freddie, all the rest should be sacked, we can recall Jens, Bergkamp, Koewn on the coaching staff, they would be interested). If Lamps can do it, Freddie will do it much better- trust me.

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