Not easy to admit but teams are not afraid of Arsenal anymore

Teams are no longer afraid of playing Arsenal, home or away.

There was a time when teams felt panicked before they faced Arsenal at home. Highbury used to be a slaughter ground for every Premier League side and those teams were not even sure of taking all the points when they welcomed Arsenal to their grounds.

Nowadays teams like Sheffield United who have just been promoted back to the Premier League can hold Arsenal to a stalemate and even Crystal Palace can come to the Emirates and play confidently looking to get all three points.

One of the most embarrassing stats this season is the fact that Watford and Wolves had over 30 shots against us. These stats show just how bad things have become in recent seasons.

A younger manager has made no difference

One reason we thought teams didn’t fear us under Arsene Wenger was that ‘Le professor’’ tactics seem to have been outdated and new managers like Pep Guardiola, Brendan Rodgers, and Jurgen Klopp have new and better ideas.

But we now have a younger manager who has won three consecutive Europa League titles. Why has the fear factor not returned?

They say charity begins at home, and so we have to make the Emirates unbearable for visiting sides. We can’t expect opponents to be afraid of coming to the Emirates when the Stadium is not hostile to them.

Our away performances have to improve, that is a no brainer. It cannot be right that Arsenal is seen as an easy touch on the road. This has been a problem for at least three seasons now and must change as a matter of urgency.

I suspect that most teams are now afraid of playing Leicester City than they are playing Arsenal.

The only way that Arsenal can get that fear factor back is by beating teams on a regular basis. Sounds simple but until that happens we can expect more poor performances and bad results. That is the consequence of teams no longer being afraid of playing Arsenal.


  1. lcebox says:

    We play at home like were away we play away like we have ten men we are not a team worth fearing.

  2. John0711 says:

    Younger / older doesn’t matter
    We have no plan and and certainty don’t have a plan b
    Let me ask
    Do we press from the front
    Do we sit back and counter attack
    Do we play possession football

    No I don’t know either
    I just want a manager who makes the team better I’m sure there’s a few out there

    1. mide says:

      Its all down to the Coach. Many people lame the players for lack of effort but we can all look deeper at our approach (formation and player selection).

      Toriera is easily our best DM brilliant at doing the dirty work, he did it so fine at the world cup and last season with us. Then this seaon when he shoulb be better after a year in EPL, the manager prefer him to try and win the ball from opposition defenders thus playing him in an advanced role while our own defence is crying for the kind of protection only Toreira can offer.

      Why can’t he make the attackers press for the ball and play player in their best positions.

      Leno / Martinez

      Bell Chambers Luiz Tieney

      Toreira Gwen


      Pepe Laca Auba

      Martinelli, Zaka Ceba, Willock may at times replace one is the line up and remain back up in EPL games.

      On paper we have one of the best teams to dominant and play attractive attacking football. I can’t believe how Emery has failed to build a team with these players. Draw againt Spurs, Watford, C-Palace, Man U when we could have beaten them all de to their current poor form and injuries with a better coach.

      Maybe the Language barrier is a truly bigger problem really.

      Please Emery has tried but this cant get better u der him now. Its enough

  3. RSH says:

    Emery hiring was a waste of time and I still wonder how he got the job over the other candidates. Communication with the players seem to be a basic problem taht has come up over and over. Good teams also have a strong identity in their play. Arsenal have none. It’s just a bunch of players running around hoping something happens. even Wenger’s bad years we had very “Wenger-esque” performances and beat teams. With emery it is nothing. Please end this nightmare and get a manager that can actually speak to the players and can impose a positive philosophy.

  4. furman says:

    The only positive of this era is we got new seriously talented players. Tierney, martinelli, saliba, pepe. I hope we can find a manager who really can develop players.

  5. CorporateMan says:

    And here I was at the start of the season thinking that all we needed to do was maintain our solid home form and improve (even marginally) our away performance and we’d be sure of top four.
    Now here we are. After spending massively in the summer, we can’t even win our home games anymore.

  6. Khadii says:

    I urge you all to try and read the article on Skysports “Arsenal in decline under Emery”

    Its very clear our dear club isn’t headed in any direction of progress under this clown.

    The statistics are very depressing.

    Get in Marco Rose, Ten haag or Nagelsman

  7. Atid says:

    We haven’t been feared since 2007

    I haven’t looked at the stats, but I’m just thinking how many games have we actually won since Emery’s opening 22 fixtures where he lost 2 then went unbeaten for 20. It cannot be many as he has now only won 25 of his opening 49 league matches, with Leicester away next up, it’s not looking good. Also no success in 4 cup runs. 4 wins out of 11 is that of a mid table team. 4 out of 12 is that of a bottom third outfit.

    If people are happy for that to continue and see us sink to those levels, then they seriously don’t love Arsenal.

  8. Sean Williams says:

    Either our players are not good enough……OR our coach is not good enough. After 18 m0nths of Emery who do you think is the problem? No brainer. He needs to leave before damage is done.

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