Arsenal board desperate for Unai Emery to succeed for one huge reason

Arsenal board really do not want to hire Jose Mourinho as Unai Emery replacement.

The Arsenal board is hoping things get better under Emery so they are not forced into hiring the Portuguese manager.

However, the media hasn’t stopped linking them to the former Chelsea boss. The 56 years old is actively looking for his next managerial position, thus the speculation.

Mourinho, who owns a house in London has been linked with a move to the Emirates, but the club’s board is understood to be against appointing him as their next manager.

Reports from Express Sports claims that although the Arsenal are dissatisfied with Emery, they have a number of reservations about hiring Mourinho.

First, Mourinho doesn’t play an attractive brand of football. Even though he gets the job done and wins trophies he doesn’t care about the entertainment side of the game. Arsenal fans simply will not take to his style of football.

Secondly, he has a way of dividing any club he manages. The Arsenal board cannot afford such a character at the moment. Every time Mourinho has managed a club he has left them less-peaceful than when he joined them. That is not a scenario the board will relish.

Thirdly, the structure at Arsenal doesn’t suit him. The former Real Madrid boss likes to get his own way. When he does not out goes the toys from the pram.

Arsenal would be better off with a manager that can unify the club, not a divisive figure like Jose Mourinho.

I can think of a few more reasons as we have already highlighted but some fans do want the Special one. That is how bad it is at Arsenal right now.


  1. Without doubt Mourinho’s got an excellent CV, a George Graham style of manager, he would certainly sought out the defence but as the next Arsenal manager? I don’t think so, said to many nasty things about Arsene Wenger and our club in particular

      1. Yeah, you got a problem with that, go to your English dictionary. Are you the dunce that fell off the wall

  2. Emery will remain the coach at least until end of season.
    He will begin to tuck in Ws starting from tomorrow and we’ll forget all this conversation.
    It’s the same coach that took us through 21 games undefeated.
    Mourinho only succeed with a blank check, he is the last thing we need now.

    1. I will willingly bet you a large sum of money Emery will be sacked long before you say . He is already doomed to the sack IMO. A mere week or so away.

    2. Emery will be sacked, at least we hope the board will do the right thing to sack a coach with no plan. He should just resign after losing to Leicester on Sunday

    3. I like the optimism very much, and I hope that you are correct, but I really can’t see it. The team isn’t really getting better as the season goes along, especially in the EPL, and he still makes really questionable decisions on substitution and selection. We are rudderless right now.

      I agree with Jon Fox unless the board is really fixated on the compensation angle, he will be gone soon.

      And a win tomorrow is meaningless, the next one that counts is on the weekend and I don’t fancy our chances. Leicester are pretty strong and they counter well, that is like kryptonite for us.

  3. Didn’t have too much money to spend at Porto yet he won the Champions League, plus during the 21 match unbeaten run we may have taken a point off one or two big clubs but the rest were rubbish.

    1. Kenny, Good luck with trying to get us to accept Mourinho. If it was a choice between him or having to keep Emery, then and ONLY then I would accept Mourinho. But the club are not going to appoint Mourinho and all realists know that full well. They will very soon sack Emery though. If they appoint Mourinho there would be outright hostility to the board and widespread too. They are not that daft. When judging any player or manager , recent form is by far a better guide than long ago success. He is a busted flush apart from when an owner will lavish him with endless funds. One word Kenny. KROENKE!

      1. I would take anyone over Emery right now…A manager who plays Torreira as an attacking midfielder is ,to say the least, deluded…B.Saka admitted PUBLICLY that he don’t understand the Emery rambling in english(i do speak better english than UE even though english is my third language)

      2. Jon, don’t think you read my post correctly. The key words were “but as the next Arsenal manager, I don’t think so” I’m not trying to get anyone to accept Mourinho, I don’t want Mourinho, I thought my post clearly stated that.

        1. I think it’s about time we bought in the Invincibles, Freddie and Vieira. Two people who are winners and have real feelings and identity for the club.

  4. Emery and mourinho are not right for Arsenal we need someone like the x juvetus manager or even close to home Freddy or viera someone who the players will run through walls for and is an Arsenal x player just as Chelsea have with Lampard. Maybe they should let the fans vote who they want that way the board won’t get the blame. They will certainly do a better job than we are doing right now.

  5. If Allegri can say ‘the rain in Italy, falls gingerly on the canopy’ during an interview for the job, I’d get him in!

    Wanted him above Unai. If he can communicate to a sufficient level in English he has got to be a candidate. He has been learning English since he left Juve , so maybe!

  6. Emery’s brand of football isn’t any more appealing on the eye than Mourinho’s anyway I want neither of them!

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