Emery oblivious to another disappointing Arsenal performance

Unai Emery happy for Arsenal despite a bore draw against Vitoria.

Arsenal endured another bad night on the road as they were held to a 1-1 draw by Vitoria. However, the Arsenal manager Unai Emery still seems to be happy with the performance.

Arsenal fans were probably looking for a response from their team following the abysmal draw with Wolves last weekend. Unfortunately, they were out of luck but that does not seem to be registering with Emery.

This game was a great opportunity for the team to win and gain some confidence, but they ended up with another limp performance on the road.

After the game, Emery didn’t struggle to find positives like most of the club’s fans. He claimed that the team wanted to be top of the standings at the end of the group stages. The 43-year-old is satisfied that they are still top despite the draw.

‘In this competition, our objective is to be first in the group and we have 10 points and we are first.’ He insisted

Those comments are sure to disappoint the club’s fans who believe that Vitoria is the kind of team Arsenal should be able to beat any day if they want to reclaim their place as one of Europe’s elites.

The Spaniard does himself no favours ignoring the negatives so often. I am not saying he should come out and slam the players, that is not good management. But he could at least acknowledge that the performance should have been better. Even if his priority was not to lose.


  1. CorporateMan says:

    Watching that game you won’t believe it’s the same team that went to Germany and beat Frankfurt 3-0.Today we had only one shot on goal and that was Mustafi’s header.
    The team is simply not getting better.

  2. Welbeck says:

    I’d like to be the first to publicly congratulate Unai Emery on making Arsenal the best team in the whole of Islington. We are currently unbeaten and top of the league in Europe so the ‘Invincible’ season is still on.

  3. Faizal says:

    Mediocre/awful performance construed as a positive by mediocre/awful manager. He’s thrashing arsenal’s reputation at will & the board still willing to bear with him? Come on people, arsenal has never been this constantly poor.. get rid of emery NOW!!!!

  4. James Edite says:

    Brendan Rogers period!!!…he gets the best out of the players every place he,s been, his teams play hard and fight and win. His deployment and ability to pick a squad on a given day and his premier league experience make this a no brainier.PLEASE DO NOT HIRE MOURINHO!!!!

    1. Sue says:

      43?! He’s 48!
      I seriously doubt we’ll have a decent away performance this season

      1. Sue says:

        Sorry, didn’t mean that as a reply to you, James!

  5. Tinotenda says:

    Emery simply must go.Taking a look at the perfomances in recent weeks its clear the players dont want him. The fans dont want him.Its only the board now who seem hard headed.When a manager is simply not wanted by the players no amount of time will change that and its simlpy prolonging the inevitable.The sooner he goes the better so we stand a chance for top four.His replacement should be non other than Brandan Rogers.We need a manager who has the desire and hunger to win.Look what he did with liverpool now leicester.The guy knows what he does.We should break the bank for him if we are serious of hopes of claiming the league title anytime this decade.

  6. Glorious says:

    Emery is not going to be sack, the season is still young to take such decision. The team will soon be getting the desirable results very soon

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