Arsenal ‘irritated’ by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s relationship with AFTV

According to David Ornstein of the Athletic (subscription required), Arsenal are ‘irritated’ with superstar forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang because of his relationship with AFTV.

The extremely popular YouTube channel formerly known as Arsenal Fan TV boasts a massive following of 1.09m subscribers.

The report claims that the club believe the channel’s rapid growth in recent years has led to a ‘upsurge’ in negativity towards the team.

Aubameyang was recently named as Arsenal’s captain after Granit Xhaka’s shocking outburst towards fans during last month’s Premier League draw with Crystal Palace.

Ornstein’s report also hints that Aubameyang was “smart” to strike up a relationship with the controversial channel, suggesting that the 30-year-old has become immune to criticism in doing so.

The former Borussia Dortmund also reportedly liked AFTV Instagram posts, one which criticised Unai Emery and another that called for Xhaka to be sold in January.

Aubameyang’s activity on social media reportedly left staff and teammates ‘unimpressed’.

Finally, Ornstein claims that the former Borussia Dortmund ace has been urged to cut ties with AFTV star Troopz.

It is reported that the outspoken contributor has been invited to watch Arsenal games in Aubameyang’s executive box.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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  1. If you want to change negativity then act positive and sack Emery!!

    Start to become the big club we are supposed to be might help!?

    1. Exactly! Do what big clubs do and sack the underperforming coach. The fans expect a lot for the amount of money and time they invest in this team.

  2. Smart move by Auba, petty move by management. Shows what thet think of fans and free speech.

    Management knows how rough things are and why, and they want to ignore criticism from paying customers.

    Probably still butt hurt fans forced their hand with Wenger, and may do so again with Emery. We’ll see management’s stance when profits suffer from poor results; sponsors hate losing also, they want value for money too.

    1. I make the club right. Forget Arsenal for a minute, If you worked for say BP and you joined the climate protesters, how long do you think you would remain in a job. No brand anywhere wants their employees or customers for that matter fraternising with people that attack the brand and create a toxic environment around that brand. Arsenal is in enough of a state without its employees associating with people that make a living by rubbishing that brand. Put it this way, if Arsenal had done the treble but a toxic fan hated the manager and protested against that manager would you then support a player mixing with that person? I doubt it very much. This is wrong and I am disgusted by it.

        1. If course they are, they had a huge meeting, had Kroenke on a conference call, probably even asked Donald Trump for some advice. Give me a break.

      1. Ah yes let’s blame Auba. How dare he exercise his free will. Emery can speak poorly of Ozil, Ozil can return the favor, is that a problem or not?

        Auba speaks and maybe agrees with fans, how dare he? Fans get blasted when stating obvious wrongs and concerns with club’s direction.

        Perhaps we should all be lemmings and tow the company line.

        I read that book by George Orwell, called “1984,” perhaps some have heard of it?

        Scary indeed, Arsenal’s thought police on the case with Auba’s malfeasance.

        1. I did not blame Auba at all. Not sure I should continue responding if what I say is taken completely out of context. But hey ho, if it makes you feel better to have an unnecessary rant and put player above the club, go for it. See, did I just do what you did?

  3. What do the Arsenal leadership expect a pat on the back for job weldone on dropping performance and winning 2 in the last what 10 matches!!!

    AFTV for life, a couple of contributors there speak of what i feel after almost every match this and last season!

  4. As a liberal human being I naturally believe in personal freedom above all else. Consequently, I believe that all, including those inside the club, are free to criticise the club. But to enforce an imposed silence on the players is wrong and a retrograde step. Being free to speak out, honestly andopenly is the first step to gaining real and vital change. Pretending a problem does not exist is foolish in the extreme.I can obviously see that this causes difficulties for the club . But the solution is to have an owner, a manager and some on field leaders who the fan masse can bond with and feel an affinity with. At therisk of “blasphemy” and making some like DSue andothers ill, I suggest rathr like Liverpool. I so admire the wholeway thst club is run. It is great for their fans and the community and is the ideal to which we should aim, But we scorn them as enenies instead of learning how to properly run our club from them, at our peril. Our present club has a dreadful owner, a dreadful manager, a board who do not communicate with the fans at large and a large percentage of players who care only for themselves and who just look at the club and us fans as a mealticket with which to live in lifes fast lane, materially speaking. Deny that truth if you wish, but if you do you are refusing to see clear facts. To face the plain truth, however awful or depressing it may be is ALWAYS the first step to solving problems. RATHER LIKE AN ALCOHOLIC CAN NEVER STOP DRINKING, UNTIL HE/SHE ADMITS BEING AN ALCOHOLIC TO THEMSELF AND THUS WELCOMES OUTSIDE HELP. To deny the problem exists or to make false excuses for it is to stay damaged and slowly, but steadily regress. The club OUGHT to sack Emery today.If they do not we will all pay the price in further regression. Reality! To outline the necessary action both to yourself and to your followers is the sign of being a true leader. Liverpool have leaders in the ownership, the board , the manager and almost all the players. And their fans rightly adore them all. WE HAVE THE POLAR OPPOSITE. SIGH!

    1. Agree Jon, but there is more than one way to run a club. Chelsea has been the most successful English club the past decade and the way they treat staff and youth is very poor, yet they are still very successful. The main thing Arsenal needs to do is create a culture of winning. Easier said than done, but as you said it starts from the very top. Kroenke HAS TO GO. Simple as that really if we want to be great again. As long as we have a soulless businessman, we are always fighting against the odds. Any other serious club would’ve sacked Emery last night. Until Arsenal fans seriously mobilize and say is enough is enough with this owner, we will continue to be a side that is not taken seriously. We are going NOWHERE with this ownership. They do not care. Nobody can convince me they care about winning or the club.

    2. And the weird thing is, Jon, is that when Liverpool were bought by it`s current owners they looked to Arsenal as the blue print of how a club should be run as a self sustaining well oiled machine !

  5. If the biggest problem at Arsenal is AFTV then the club has massive shortsightedness. AFTV cannot possibly whip up negative emotion to drown out successful results and positive playing ability. Auba often mimics the AFTV characters in playful interview and clips ..its funny and in my opinion harmless.Arsenal need to rediscover their drive for success rather than look for self pitying motivation

    1. They were literally the ones that did the Wenger banner, or at least one of their so-called fans. They are toxic to their very core.

  6. To be fair AFTV guys are hyped up when the club is doing well and only criticise when the club isn’t doing well.

  7. The reason we have the worst fans for noise and passion in the whole of Western Europe is entirely down to the greed of Arsenal Football Club when setting the prices at not only the Emirates but the last ten years at Highbury. At the turn of the Millennium me and my mates was paying over £1800 for a season ticket on the halfway line in the upper East Stand just behind the old Directors box, yes, understandably a very good seat, however the best seat at Liverpool and Manchester United was at the most, £900. THIS DROVE OUT THE WORKING CLASS FANS, the fans that make the noise and create the atmosphere. This was purposely done by AFC in order to drive out any Hooligan element. At least 80% of the Emirates crowd now is made up from elderly people, foreigners, tourists and children but at least unlike Jon Fox’s wonderful Liverpool fans, they’ve not been responsible for the two worst disasters in English football. One other point Jon, could you please check your post’s before sending. I understand you’re probably texting from your phone, which can be difficult but your grammar and spelling sometimes makes your post’s very hard to understand.

  8. AFTV maybe popular, but boring, because they talk/swear much with very little input, and they are repetitive. The novelty wears off after just one match because they either hype or tear down, with very little objectivity. If you talk class in Arsenal, you don’t find that in AFTV, because not one of them is articulate enough to complete a sentence with a flow. I won’t even go into the mannerisms on camera and if these are the guys who championed Wenger Out, then that’s what we deserve. Funnily, all the sites using Arsenal’s name start policing the fans who take the time to comment, but despicable comments like “he’s cancer” etc are allowed to stay. As much as I’m not a fan of Emery, I won’t use such terms.

  9. I dont know why they gave him the armband when he’s likely to leave this summer. Great striker, but not really a leader. Should’ve gone with Guendouzi. I retain that opinion.

  10. The fans are partly responsible for the loss of confidence in the team. True fans support their teams through good and bad times. When you boo your captain off the field what do you expect? You create serious controversies around and within the squad. Perhaps I was the only one that noticed we missed Xhaka in the Leicester game. Toreira was crap and I thot Xhaka in his worst elements was better than that. I’m ashamed of what some of the fans are doing. They are simply destroying a team they claim to support.

    1. Well said, Sampson. That’s all I can say.

      Why it is hard to understand that some of the “siege” narrative at the club is not helping the players nor the fan base, I’ll never know. Imagine how much better the players would have responded had Xhaka been clapped off, rather than booed off. Auba (and anyone else with the band) will never be himself as captain as he won’t wish to be on the end of anything close to the kind of abuse Xhaka was subjected to. How will that help us.

      As for a good choice for captain, I can’t see any further than Xhaka. He is the leader in the group (you only need to watch him in-game, when we score and when we concede to see his passion). In his absence, then Socrates-Ozil-Bellerin on the field, in that order.

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