Reports suggest Xhaka is edging closer to Arsenal exit after house hunting

According to Swiss outlet RSI, Granit Xhaka is edging closer to ending a dismal spell at Arsenal as he’s begun to hunt for a new house ahead of a move to AC Milan.

The 27-year-old has been touted to leave the Emirates since his shocking outburst towards fans during last month’s draw with Crystal Palace.

RSI report that the Switzerland captain is keen on using his existing relationship with ex-Arsenal and current Milan chief Ivan Gazidis in order to secure a January move to the Italian giants.


Xhaka’s time in north London seems to be up.

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Recruitment at the San Siro in the January transfer window seems likely given that Stefano Pioli was recently appointed as the side’s new manager.

Some Arsenal fans will be hoping that Xhaka is top of the Italian’s club’s shopping list.

The aggressive midfielder’s exit seems like the right decision given his current situation with the club’s fans, do you think the Gunners will sign a midfielder in January to replace Xhaka?

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  1. Reggie says:

    So if he is that wanted AC Milan should give us a nice fee and a weak player can leave with our blessings. Hope all goes well for all parties then.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Gazidis should do us a favor this time by taking Xhaka

    However, if this goes through, I believe Arsenal would keep the money. Because they need extra cash to pay Emery if they fire him and to cover some losses from Pepe’s transfer

    If the board are kind enough to give us a new player, I really hope they go back for Wilfried Zaha. His price tag has gone down to 55 M due to his underperformances in this season and Palace know they shouldn’t hold a want-away player twice

    It’s better to have a Gooner like Zaha that really wants to play for us and he will work his socks off because he supports Arsenal since he was a child. Man United are chasing him, so we have to snap him up first

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Bye Xhaka, if you need assistance, I’m sure I can name over ten fans on this site that’ll come pack your belonging and load them into the van for you including myself.
    Oh don’t worry about anything, the bill is on us, we’ll be paying the company that’ll move your belonging for you, we’ll be there supervise it ourselves.
    You deserve Ac Milan, the fans will accept and cheer your average performance.
    If you need it, We can ask Sue and Pat to make you a nice bowl of soup for your trip😒😒😒

    1. jon fox says:

      ONLY TEN FANS EDDIE? I can easily name far more than that in person but of course won’t do so. I doubt you can find ten Gooners worldwide who wish to keep him. BTW, as for the packing I want first place in the enormous queue!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Jon I had to use ten fans, if I had said millions of fans.
        The weakling will probably act like he’s a victim and you’ll still see people saying we’re being hard on him after everything..
        Hell, you and I know fully well we’ll find more than a million fans to help pack his belongings.
        It’ll be too overwhelming so Let’s stick with ten😂😂
        Regarding your name being first on the list, heh? Try again, my name’s already there and I ain’t sharing that spot

    2. Sue says:

      😂😂 I ain’t parting with my veggies, Eddie hahaha!!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        You don’t have a say Sue, the board of JustArsenal blog already voted and made the decisions, you and Pat will make him a nice bowl of soup. The gentleman deserves all the love and care for his trip to Milan, Italy.
        We want him to get there in one piece and passing his medicals right?
        We’ll be supplying you whatever you need to make his soup

  4. Grandad says:

    A move to Milan would be in the best interests of all concerned.If he leaves I wish him and his family well.

  5. Kobie Fourie says:

    From the weekly AHD (Arsenal Hate Desk)
    5 Talking points:
    (1) These Arsenal fans … get rid off …bla bla bla
    (2) Emery … shocking tactics …bla bla bla
    (3) This Arsenal pundit … hopeless … bla bla bla
    (4) This Arenal player(s) .. clueless …bla bla bla
    (5) Arsenal management… shambolic… bla bla bla

    Please join us next week for more of the same

    1. Reggie says:

      And you read all that click bait?

  6. Mogunna says:

    Stop on Xhaka who is victim of a club policy to get rid of Ozil, make him captain instead of Ozil is part of it, disrespectful, mean to hurt, upset him so he can leave.

    A laim low blow! total cowardness from Kroenke and board who are hired to execute as Emery! Fans been on Xhaka for a long minute already, often booing; as Ozil before him…

    It is not about players but Kroenke policy which is to impose his ruling as board & coach to implement it. Trying to sell Ozil, save money for himself! He couldn’t & takes it on Oz who did not force anyone to make such offer in order to extend his contract, not lose him free after Sanchez!

    All about money but kills spirit and magic of football. They instructed Emery to do this to Ozil until fans sang ” we got Ozil”.

    Emery had to play Pepe, instructed to and Ceballos brought to have Ozil totally forgotten! All this hugglyness ruined it all, leads fans reacting negatively as our all game and club became.

    Anyway, I wish we would be talking more positive and not take it on players, his family was threaten by some derranged lunatic calling themselves fans wishing death to his child.

    He dennouned this before the game and club did not act, they were aware as players who went land support after some of those cowards criminals there booing him for sure.

    Then, how come he had to announce it, not club? They are cowards creating this mess to make abstraction of the real issue they create imposing rules & coach!

    They on transferring Xhaka ASAP, just as Ozil, cash up, not on sacking Emery, it will cost them!

    They will end up losing it all by keeping Emery til end of season. Xhaka has nothing to do with this!

    Emery can’t put a team together with or without Xhaka and Ozil as for all players; it will be same result. He can’t get right formation on pitch.

    I keep saying it and wonder how no one sees it in this club, we can’t fix defense unless we play Chambers infront of any CB pair, our weak point!

    It would be so many options in middle and attack with Chambers locking that area! How can Xhaka make passes to Ozil for him to feed Auba if they all have to defend ? How Laca Auba score finding themselves in our own box?

    Milan or any club will be a gift for any players at Arsenal Kroenke horror show!
    Get ready for Auba, Laca and Ozil to be out of here by July if not January!

  7. fabnit says:

    now xhaka has left the team for two EPL games, I guess all our problems are solved, we are now top of the league, we now play better and faster, everybody is happy

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