Unai Emery given the dreaded vote of confidence – good news or bad news?

Unai Emery receives the backing of the Arsenal board.

Unai Emery has been handed a major boost as the club’s head coach after Arsenal’s head of football Raul Sanllehi defended him in front of staff.

Emery has come under fire from the club’s fans in recent weeks as they have won just once in their last seven competitive matches. Several fans have been calling for a change of management, but it seems the board is not ready to get a new manager through the door just yet.

The media is claiming that Arsenal has spoken to former Barcelona boss, Luis Enrique about replacing Emery but the club’s head of football has come out to rubbish the rumours by giving him a show of support.

‘We are as disappointed as everyone else with both our results and performances at this stage of the season,’ said Sanllehi.

‘We share the frustration with our fans, Unai, players and all out staff as they are not at the level we want or expect.

‘Things need to improve to meet our objectives for the season, and we firmly believe Unai is the right man for the job, together with the backroom team we have in place. We are all working intenstively behind the scenes to turn things around are confident we will.

‘We never take our fantastic support for granted. We hope we can all stick together and get behind the team in this challenging period, as together we are stronger’.

Getting a vote of confidence is fairly meaningless these days but in this case, I believe its genuine.

The feeling I get is that the board have no intention of sacking Emery because they believe in the project. Problem is, no one knows what that project is.

Not even this Arsenal board can continue to ignore bad performances. Patience is a virtue fans simply do not possess.

The next game Arsenal play would be at home against Southampton and anything other than a win may change some attitudes on the board.

Is Unai Emery getting the vote of confidence good news or bad news? Is it a prelude to the club firing him or do they really mean it?


  1. Reggie says:

    They have come out and said, they are not happy, they want improvement, they said they have told Emery that. If he improves to where they want, happy days, if he doesn’t get a response from the team, its got to be bye bye. Some people wanted him gone, he isn’t but there is now at least a puplic statement of what they expect.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Of course Arsenal have to support their manager in public. But we never know what’s behind the scene, unless an inside man tells us

    They don’t have much choice, because the unemployed top managers will pose similar problem as Emery’s due to language barrier and because of the high compensation for contract termination

    I agree that the result of the Soton game would be vital to Emery though

    1. Reggie says:

      Agree GAI. I think he has possibly been told so too.

      1. That’s what we said before Leicester, ha! He’s still here.

  3. GunneRay says:

    A “staff meeting”, eh?!

    Aren’t staff meetings what you have when the crap hits the fan? I think this is the clubs way of saying, “improve or else”! Because we have clear targets to achieve to pay for the debts Emery is running up. No EL qualification would be a disaster! This is Emerys warning..

  4. Roshan Gill says:

    Naglesman is the best option. Has done well playing exciting football and loves developing youth.

    Also if Xhaka leaves we should use the funds to buy Thomas partey or another midfield boss of similar standard who plays the Ndidi role.

  5. Modx says:

    This is a wrong move from arsenal. Our season can be salvaged if we sack him now. It will be quite difficult if we play the waiting game. I am litteraly a dead man walking arghh

  6. Daulat says:

    Emery has been experimenting with his tactics and team selection, since his appointment, as if he has been given a 10 year contract to build a new foundation for the Arsenal football. Maybe the board believes him to be the right man, like for real, who knows.

    Anyways, It’s probable that Auba might not be here for the next season. He is being wasted in Arsenal, in the kind of form he is now and he is starting to feel it. Laca might stay for a possibility of a more regular start after Auba leaves.

    Either sack or no sack, I don’t see Arsenal getting into top 4 this season. The best Arsenal can hope for is winning the Europa league. In EPL, no hope. We both lack players of the required mould, as well the manager with right tactics and mentality to reach top 4. Either our whole midfield needs replacing, or they should undergo brutal athletic training. You can’t compete in EPL with midfield with such mediocre athleticism. And we don’t exactly have players like Pirlo or Xavi Hernandes to compensate for pace and physicality.

  7. Jonathan Elisha says:

    Emery go go go before we die of heart attack!

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