Arsenal reportedly interested in signing exciting teenage striker

Arsenal has become the latest team to be interested in signing Erling Braut Haaland.

The 19-year-old Norwegian attacker has been shining brightly for RB Salzburg this season and his performances have been attracting the attention of some of Europe’s biggest sides.

He has been linked with a move to the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid, but Sport Witness – citing Bild –, claims he and his father has visited Arsenal’s Colney Training Ground, as he looks to make a move to a big European side next summer.

Haaland has scored seven goals in just four Champions League games this season, he has also netted 15 times in 12 Austrian Bundesliga games.

While he doesn’t play in the most fancied league, Haaland is surely going to cost a fortune and it is unclear if Arsenal could sign him without selling one of their highest-earning attackers first.

I have seen this young lad a couple of times this season and I admit I am impressed, but I am not holding my breath that Arsenal will sign him.

I do believe that this rumour is credible, but it is the competition for his signature that I see as the biggest hurdle for Arsenal to overcome.

I mean, if you are offered clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and a whole host of other elite clubs, as was previously reported in the Guardian, would you choose to go to Arsenal?

Maybe he would, who knows, but I lack that confidence that he would choose us over the other huge clubs that do play regularly in the Champions League.


  1. gotanidea says:

    That boy’s dream is to play for Leeds in England, because his father used to play for them. So maybe he could be tempted to live and work in London, since he is already familiar with the culture

    He could be a powerful target man due to his height and he is endowed with pace/ skills as well. He could be a great partner for Martinelli

    Arsenal should try their best to get that kid. Aubameyang and Lacazette can leave if they don’t want to extend their contracts

    1. Phil says:

      Hang on a minute – didn’t you write a reply to a recent post about spending so much money on a reported Brazilian teenager? But it’s now ok to spend even more on a European Teenager?
      And where has this boys dream of playing for Leeds Utd come from? And how is he familiar with the culture?
      Seems a very mixed bag of questions for you to answer PAL.
      Perhaps the first answer should be to this question- why do I always manage to contradict myself with every post I write?

      1. Andrew Elder says:

        And if his dream is to play for Leeds why would he join Arsenal?

      2. Zeek says:

        @Phil, that was very funny, your subtle reply to “gotnoidea” sorry did I miss that?

      3. gerry burke says:

        PHIL, my friend, have you ever played father christmas in the past ?. i think you would make an ideal santa, you are so calm and jolly, and you always seem to be in such good i dont know , of course, what body type that you have , as in , santa is normally portrayed as a jolly old fat man. but if you are not carrying condition then i think we could stuff you !, with pillows , or some such, to enhance the santa tummy. think about it though, you have got to be the jolliest chap on here, ho ho ho.

        1. Phil says:

          Gerry- I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the thought of you dreaming about my body mate.You probably need to get out more.

          1. gerry burke says:

            PHIL, nah, wasnt dreaming about your body , mate, sure that would be weird, seeing as ive never seen you.but i really think you should give full time consideration to th afore mentioned job. you would be perfect, born to do it , i would say . i can almost hear you from here greeting the kids . i would certainally employ you if i was in that sort of business who needs a santa`.you need to raise your voice a littlem more though, you are way too quiet.

  2. Innit says:

    I agree with what you said but if Aubameyang and Lacazette leave we will need to sign a top experienced striker. We can’t rely solely on youngsters for next season

  3. Kenny says:

    Yes, my foot. Cheapo owner will not spend so much money. Dream on! Another piece of junk to excite fans.

  4. Restless says:

    There is no reason for a young player who is achieving so much at his age and with the world at his feet to walk into a lion’s den called Arsenal that does not know who its coach will be in a few weeks. If he is my son I will tell him to ignore Arsenal.
    Secondly, he does not look like an Arsenal type player for the same reasons he may not be a Barcelona type player (not saying Arsenal and Barca are same) because although he scores a lot of goals he does not appear to be very skillful/technical the way we Arsenal fans understand that term.

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