Lacazette and Aubameyang will drive Arsenal to a convincing win over Southampton

Charlie Nicholas predicts Arsenal will return to winning ways against Southampton.

Arsenal has not won any of their last five league games and that poor run of form has seen them drop down the table to sixth behind newcomers, Sheffield United.

The International Break was a welcome relief as it gave the players time to rest and recover for those who were not involved with their country, while others had a welcome distraction with their national team.

With the players now back and preparing for the next round of games, this weekend may be the weekend that Arsenal eventually returns to form according to Charlie Nicholas.

The former Gunners star reckons that the fact that the likes of Lacazette have been well-rested during the international break could be very helpful to the team as they return to action.

Writing for Sky Sports, Nicholas reckons “Alexandre Lacazette was not on international duty and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been a bit quiet recently, so it is time for Arsenal to get back to winning ways. They are sixth in table and have been awful. Chelsea are going to Manchester City, which could bring back a little belief once more that the top four is achievable. These are the games you are expected to win and Arsenal will win”

Southampton is also struggling at the moment, they were beaten 9-0 at home by Leicester City, however, they were not disgraced in the loss to Man City last time out.

Nicholas reckons the final score will be 4-1 and I am with him in that it will be a comfortable Arsenal win.


  1. Stewart Macintosh says:

    I like your optimism and I hope that you are right Admin! Sadly, I won’t be surprised to see a pedestrian performance with stupid mistakes and bad decision-making.

    But when I put my hat on in the morning, I will only have good thoughts, thinking of sweetness and light, unicorns and rainbows! Come on you Gunners (and come on Emery for that matter) – Prove me wrong!!!

    I have been trying different clothing combinations, snacks and such but nothing has been helping.

    1. Vzay says:

      Arsenal will win 1 game n Emery will be safe then again we will draw or lose many. Once Emery will have job pressure he will again win one game. Mediocrity is what Emery has given to Arsenal, and Mediocrity is what Arsenal will be remembered for if it goes on like this.

  2. Sue says:

    Surely after the game, someone will be given their marching orders! Ralph or Unai??
    There were loads of tickets available on the ticket exchange..

  3. AlexLaca9 says:

    I honestly can’t see a 4-1 win with the way we’re playing, with emery knowing how close he is to the door can’t see him going out all guns blazing. If it’s a win at all I probably see a 2-1 or 1-0 more likely, but I expect a draw and god forbid a loss.

    1. Vzay says:

      Its sometimes good to lose to achieve something better. Its kinda obvious that Emery doesn’t have capacity to drive Arsenal to greatness. Here I m not talking only about points or ranking in table. Arsenal has not been playing like big team under Emery. Not a single game in which we can say Arsenal played really well but were unlucky to lose or draw. Even when weakest of the team put some pressure on Arsenal they seem to score on will. Their confidence is low, their strength is low their playing style is just average even with weak team. So I feel for better change something must happen n this is right time for something to happen.

  4. Innit says:

    Real Arsenal fans should hope for a Win tomorrow

    Especially at When the match starts we should all be on the same page and support the players and manager

    I’d 💗 to see a huge win but any win will do me just fine

    I predict 4-0 to us


    1. Sue says:

      Innit, we all want a win tomorrow, but after the rubbish we’ve watched lately, it’s no wonder a lot of us aren’t expecting an easy game and a 4-0 win! Have you forgotten about our lack of shots on target??
      Never did I think I’d be doubtful about a home game, but I’m afraid this is what Unai has driven me to!!!

    2. jon fox says:

      Innit, 4-0 then eh? Based on your unbiased in depth analysis of the most likely score, and taking into account our recent lack of goals scored and our almost never ability to keep a clean sheet? Or more likely, blind, unthinking, biased, hope only!

  5. Jim wall says:

    I can see Southampton goalkeeper
    Having a man of the match performance.
    And arsenal defense having a shocker. Also arsenal strikers missing sitters .I love this club
    But I have fell out of love watching please arsenal board get rid of this manager…

  6. Gunner23 says:

    WOuld like to see something like this:
    but maybe Emery would play this

  7. Lugdush says:

    . Leno
    Belle listado holding Ferney
    Guendo. Torreira
    Pepe. Ozil. Auba

    This is how se can win tomorrow

    1. Lugdush says:

      Mustafi, no listado

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