Arsenal boss Unai Emery on ‘surprise’ sacking of Pochettino by Tottenham

According to the Telegraph, Arsenal manager Unai Emery has expressed his ‘surprise’ at Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to sack Mauricio Pochettino.

The Telegraph add that Emery considers himself to be a friend of the Argentinean’s.

Whilst some Arsenal fans may see a rival club’s decision to part ways with a manager as a success; Daniel Levy’s shock move comes as bittersweet for Emery as he obviously wouldn’t have wanted his friend to be sacked – even considering the two north London clubs’ fierce rivalry.

As per Spurs’ official website, former Chelsea and Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has been appointed as Tottenham’s manager until the end of the 2022/23 season.

Here’s what Emery had to say on Pochettino’s departure:

“Maybe in the last matches they did not achieve good results, but I think overall their way in the last years with Pochettino was perfect,”

“And now, they decided to change. I don’t know exactly the real reason for doing that, but they have their way and we have our way and then we are going to battle in our moments.”

“I think it’s a surprise how it’s finishing, that relationship with Pochettino. But I don’t know exactly why and I don’t know exactly how he [Jose Mourinho] is going to change their performance.”

“He [Mourinho] is a very good coach. Really, his career is very strong with the titles, with the experience. But I think also, Pochettino’s work in Tottenham was amazing.”


Are we going backwards under Emery?

Pochettino led Spurs to the Champions League final last season but Tottenham’s poor form in the Premier League ultimately led to him being relieved of his duties.

Emery will be hoping to avoid the same fate as his pal and get the Gunners back to winning ways in the league – starting with a home clash against relegation candidates Southampton this week.

We haven’t won any of our last four Premier League games and upcoming clashes against the Saints and their fellow relegation battlers Norwich provides us with a chance to get back into some rhythm.

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  1. Topgun86 says:

    You’re next Dracula

    1. Jdawg says:

      😂😂 too true

  2. wwe says:

    Goldberg…you next!

  3. Mogunna says:

    Yep, how can I still be there for 18 months, he got them to CL and went to finals, managed to finish 3rd.

    Pochetino got sacked as Wenger for being too demanding, they moved to new stadium and he was in CL finals with a team lead by young player from their academy as Wenger who did more, he had a full team of our youth in CL, including keeper and bench!

    He got sack for asking more players and money to compete in securing 2 to 3 top ones to win EPL & CL he got so close to. Spurs has a team who got very disappointed last year, 1 or 2 injury affected team results in EPL title fight they were very much in race for a minute, up to early March. Squad not deep enough to compete both EL and CL he managed to make finals.

    In a way it reminds Wenger who didn’t get sacked because we were behind him and he was behind us and Arsenal FC he wrote history’s best lines. He was denied Suarez in 2013 with stadium paid for, 40M bet, 5M short, Kroenke over bet, 0,01 pound more! Suarez had agreed to his contract and wanted to join Wenger first! Next year for 2015 season, same exact thing with Kante. How embarrassing was that for Wenger towards those players he convinced? As of 2016 we were too short for CL but for a decade before that, Kroenke managed to go from 9% to 100% of Arsenal shares in that period of slaving tricking Wenger who loved this club so much, he kept us up there as with academy players, making Arsenal s loved and attractive club & brand worlwide,; a visionnary who will never be matched!

    Pochetino got fired for being too demanding, board took advantage of troubled season”s start but he was turning things around; they have on of EPL best side but that CL final’s lost affects any players or club, it takes a lot mentally and work to reach there.

    They have a slow start with same team, just as Reds but it is different to win than to lose a final, the biggest one at club level.

    Therefore Mourinho will not help at all, it’s like sacking Kloop if Reds had a bad start. Making it to finals even with a lost, it would be hard to imagine this. Now Reds do have another vision; they follow coach lead, not impose!

    Emery shows how much he is mentally affected by a job and suit way too big for him, put by Kroenke to make us forget Wenger. At least, Spurs had more honor in not having fans chase him out as Kroenke managed to do with Wenger. Without our magical Prof and his kids, Arsenal would be in championship fighting a decade ago!

    Let’s see how coach Kroenke does, last year was still Wenger spirit with players who fought as much, Ramsey leaving was start of imposing what Wenger wouldn’t do! Like a new Arsenal brand; mediocrity, no Soul, no style, no identity, no coach, no hand on board!

    Can’t compare Poch to Wenger at all but that portion of 5 years are very alike at his time a decade ago or so, CL finals 2011! No money!

    Poch going to Bayern! Coach of team who had him under pressure 7-2, jhelped board sack him! Lol!

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