Arsenal 2-2 Southampton – Simply not good enough

A draw just masks over the terrible display from Arsenal against Southampton.

I have held off calling for Unai Emery to be replaced but I cannot any more. Make no mistake, Southampton deserved to win this match.

This was an abject performance right from the start, everything that could be poor, was.

Though in all fairness to Mesut Ozil he had a very good first half, and up until the penalty Kieran Tierney was decent.

Sokratis is a liability and has to be dropped. I judge these defenders by their performances and the treatment that Mustafi, got and this lot is worse.

Aubameyang is no captain, that was evident today. He was woeful in attack and if there is ever a player we need on his game it is Auba.

The midfield put in its usual placid display, simply put, the whole thing was a joke.

Southampton did play well, they spoiled the game for sure but I cannot blame them, they are fighting for their lives and the truth is, they were the better team and should have won.

In fact, the Saints had as many chances as we had from what I saw, no doubt the stats will contradict me.

I could go on and on about how poor this was but I have said enough otherwise I run the risk of just repeating myself.

I cannot see how Emery can remain in his job now. He got the formation and team selection wrong. I mean, THREE central defenders at home against Southampton. Who does that?

Sure, the players let the manager down but that excuse can only be used for so long.

The ref was bad, I have to say, but to blame him would just distract the attention from another awful performance.

Arsenal is in serious trouble now and a change has to be made.

I really did not want to do this.

But Emery must go and go now.


  1. We almost lost, mostly because of the players. But Emery simply has to go tomorrow, because the players don’t improve under his management:

    – Lacazette: Scored twice and worked his socks off, but too slow to break Soton’s defense

    – Aubameyang: Tried to get past Soton’s fullbacks, but mostly anonymous

    – Ozil: Surprisingly had a little bit of fight in him

    – Guendouzi and Torreira: Did their best in midfield. But Torreira should have been replaced by Chambers after the yellow card

    – Tierney: Worked hard to break Soton’s defense with his dribbles and crosses, but he was unlucky with the official’s unfair decision on the penalty

    – Bellerin: He has been showing the effect of his long injury and the lack of competition in RB position. If he keeps showing gutless performance like this, Arsenal should get a new RB as soon as possible

    – Luiz and Chambers: Tried their best as CBs. Chambers should have been kept in the field, instead of Sokratis and Torreira

    – Sokratis: He is not an EPL CB anymore. 20 M has gone down the drain for this old and sluggish CB

    1. Lacazette was really average today apart from his two goals. I’ll give him credit for fighting hard to win back the ball though.
      The CB pairing of Luiz and Sokratis was exposed massively particularly Sokratis who out of position and almost gave away a cheap goal. Ozil was ok today but his influence on the game was low and some good moves broke down because we kept making wrong decisions. PAL was average

      1. PAL will always be average because it’ll always be off balance. Auba is arguably the deadliest striker in the league, but becomes so ineffective when Laca plays, because he then has to play out of position.

        1. I totally agree with you but don’t forget that so as long as Aubameyang was signed to replace Sanchez it was always going to be a problem. The bigger picture wasn’t looked at but the smaller one. Imo Lacazette is forced to play this way due to instructions and the fact that it helps Auba too. They combined well at times last season but long term they were always going to be ineffective as long as they continued tplaying with each other.

      2. Sokratis must be replaced by either Mustafi or Holding. Mustafi tends to have brain farts, but he is physically better than Sokratis

    2. Arsenal board is too miser to sack Emery n waste contract money Arsenal have to pay if they sack Emery. Also they need money to bring on another coach which they don’t want to spend. So we can expect Emery to run down his contract.

      1. The board can’t keep Emery. Because if this bad trend continues, we could be in relegation zone in January

        I predict they would sack Emery tomorrow

        1. If sacking him is so difficult for them, they better give him technical suspension (if there is anything like that), and let another person manage the team till the end of the season.
          This team has everything but shows nothing.

        2. You are very correct. I have a feeling they could sack him tomorrow. He should have been sacked during the international break. Arteta in. Emery out

    3. To Maks
      So what is your point?
      If you don’t have any views about our shit performance , just shut up and let people who wish to have say, express themselves.

    4. @gotanidea
      *Quite an incisive analysis.

      *Good you for once, you applauded M.Ozil performance today

      *Emery must go. Players are not improving under him and no clear playing style. (Pressing game, possession based or counter attacking)

      *Panic substitution from Emery.

      *Should have bought 2 Physically and technically good holding midfielders with N.PEP money.We already have Lacca & Auba.

      *Arsenal are not likely to qualify for Top4. We can’t seem to compete with Liverpool, Mancity, Chelsea & Tottenham defensive midfielders. We need players like Wilfred Ndidi. Our defense don’t have good cover.

    5. @gotanidea
      *Quite an incisive analysis.

      *Good you for once, you applauded M.Ozil performance today

      *Emery must go. Players are not improving under him and no clear playing style. (Pressing game, possession based or counter attacking)

      *Panic substitution from Emery.

      *Should have bought 2 Physically and technically good holding midfielders with N.PEP money.We already have Lacca & Auba.

      *Arsenal are not likely to qualify for Top4. We can’t seem to compete with Liverpool, Mancity, Chelsea & Tottenham defensive midfielders. We need players like Wilfred Ndidi. Our defense don’t have good cover.

      *Socratis should be replaced by Holding or Mustaphy.

  2. A huge reason why we did nothing in the 1st half was largely due to the formation employed. We were outnumbered centrally in midfield. Both CM’s weren’t press resistant thus always going backward due to restricted space. With the formation switch in the 2nd half our players were better distributed and we attacked better. Dont let the hype get to you. Even the Laca and Auba partnership is overhyped let alone OPAL. Dead wing play. You can’t just combine individually good players and think all is well. I hope next season I don’t see Auba and Laca in the same lineup. Luiz, Sokratis, Bellerin,Torreira and Lacazette were really poor today. Tierney was imo our best outfield player even though he was average. Willock and Martinelli had a good cameo. Terrible display and what were Southampton doing in front of goal??

    1. Our midfielders were outnumbered because Emery chose to start three CBs, but 4-2-3-1 was not the answer either. We opened up a lot of space after switching to 4-2-3-1 and this led to Watford’s penalty

      4-2-3-1 is excellent for attacking and dominating the ball possession, but it is very vulnerable to counter-attacks. That was why Wenger and Emery changed the formation to three-CB formations, to stop the leakage

      About the dead wing play, I totally agree. The fans like us can only watch our transfer targets by watching their YouTube highlights, but Arsenal scouts should be able to observe the targets’ performances at the stadiums

      Pepe played in AFCON before Arsenal bought him and he was awful there. Arsenal scouts and decision makers didn’t do their due dilligence properly

      1. We are still average in defense regardless of the three back system. He should play a formation that suits the players. You can see that we were far better in attack after the formation switch even if we didn’t really do that much. If not for some poor final passes this result could have been far different even though we didn’t deserve the win imo

  3. The Board made a mistake not to sack Emery.
    Now it is so clear.
    I didnt see Ljungberg on the bench?
    I hope I will see him next game, and without spain crew, without Emery!
    Finally Emery tried to play attacking football, but it is too late – EMERY OUT!

  4. Emery and sokratis out… I can not believe that we play like this. No midfield and no Defense… What a shame arsenal, what a shame…

  5. The Arsenal board is a disgrace… if Emery escapes the sack again then the board deserves the same treatment given to Emery by the fans.

    1. They were teaching us a lesson in how not to finish and they did pretty well.
      Now I kind of understand why they are struggling

        1. Well I can only say I’m lucky I’m not a fan of theirs but then I think again and realise my luck of being an Arsenal fan

  6. If this fiend is still employed Monday I simply hope we lose every game til he goes … and the so called supporters who never wish for that can crawl back in to their wenger style sleeping bags and froth at the mouth as much as they like … we have gone back three decades in 18 months with this joker

  7. Yup, the stats contradict you. According to livescore, we had total 7 shots as opposed to 17 from Southampton.

    From my tv , I saw something like 20+ attempts from Soto.

    1. I wrote that part early on, I like to put my thoughts down as the game unfolds. Normally I go back and correct any misleading info because that was as misleading as it comes. That pummelled us. Thank god they could not hit a barn door from a yard out.

      1. Hey admin. Not taking a dig at you. Love your work here. Just volunteering with the numbers through your statement.

        Cheers to you, jeers to Emery

  8. Team A has limited talent but work their socks off, have a plan and work as a team.

    Team B has all the talent in the world yet have no plan and look like 11 guys who have never played with each other before.

    Team A beats Team Be 90% of the time

    Mr Emery. Please just leave. Now.

  9. I actually feel so sorry for the Southampton fans. They dominated the game, and created so many clear cut opportunities. How didn’t score at least four or five is beyond me. They should have won the game comfortably.

    Absolutely shocking performance! No cohesion, no plan, no defence, no attack, just plain awful! The performance just confirms what I already thought…that Arsenal are the luckiest team in the league. We’ve had a few shocking VAR decisions go against us, but given the amount of chances we’re regularly giving away, I am amazed we have as many points as we currently do. We got away with it again today!

    If Emery survives yet again after another horror show, then I give up!

    1. These were the kind of performances we were putting up early last season where we’d give a ton of clear cut chances to the opposition team and they’d fail to finish. We’d then come back late into the game and finish them off or score to draw the match. This was shown during the unbeaten period we had last season yet many people ignored the fact that it was due to luck

      1. Yeah I agree. I could see it last season as well, but I gave Emery the benefit of the doubt given the crazy injury list, so he never had a settled, half decent team at his disposal. But we’ve recently been getting everyone back, yet we’re just about at rock bottom now. He has to go!

        1. Debatable because the likes of Bellerin and Holding who were injured for most part last season played in several of those matches and the performances were mostly the same. It’s just that lot of excuses were made for Emery last season. I always maintain that he lost us the UEL final due to his formation rather than Chelsea being better.

          1. Disagree a lot about the EL final. Chelsea’s squad was far superior to ours, and they didn’t have the crazy amount of injuries as well. We were just about scraping by towards the back end of last season, until yet another key injury (Ramsey), just finished us off. The results just nose dived when he got injured.

          2. I respect your opinion but I don’t think they’re squad was far superior. Maybe better but not far superior. Chelsea under Sarri were also bang average for most part the season and they finished in top 4 because we were worse and Emery once against us with his selection in the last games during the EPL season cost us. We beat Chelsea at home at too and we were more than capable of beating them in the UEL final had he used the right formation. Look what happened as soon as we switched to 4-2-3-1 and brought on Iwobi. We had clear cut chances to score three goals. A lot of people seem to ignore the effect the formation but had he used the 4-2-3-1 with Iwobi starting we would have created a ton of chances against that average Chelsea backline

  10. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back

    I can’t with good conscious back Emery any longer. I said I’d give him to January but if we can’t beat a relegation side at HOME, we won’t be in the Top 5 by January

    I’m officially joining the Emery Out Brigade

    If he still has a job by January and we are magically in the top 4 then I will change back but that is HIGHLY unlikely

    Emery Out

  11. This “coach” and his “tactics” are absolutely pathetic. All those defenders starting at home, why?

    Emery should be fired for his cowardice alone. Emery needs to go now, it’s painfully obvious he has nothing to offer.

    Anyone who says Emery needs more time hasn’t been around the last q8 months.
    I fear only way to save the season is with a change of manager.

    Emery finds a way to make team struggle against anyone.

  12. In one of my post, I said if we lose or draw then Emery needs to bounce. We were trailing against a team in 19tg. Against manc they score first but was on the back foot and lost the game. Today we made southampton look like Barcelona.

    We can’t progress under Emery….

  13. It is way more than good enough mate! It is heaven, miracle, wthey missed 3 clear chances before this 2-2 goal, we should be at 5-1! A debacle always saved but a clear one!

    What a starting 11 was that? What da heck with changes, take Chambers, Bellerin, Trreira off? Who is left to defend ? Sokratis & Luiz! He wanted to make a bet,take a chance, but we almost got so punished! Still are; players must be completely lost in Em’ crazy tac tics! Unreal stuff, yep, Kroenke is running our coach !

  14. Arsenal are 7 now. I still don’t think Emery will be sacked before Arsenal gets below 10 or 12. Though I would absolutely love to be wrong here.

  15. It’s apparent that most of our players are average, if xhaka had put in the performance put in as captain in this match, he’d have been deported.
    Bellerin is past it , he has clearly lost his pace..
    The two center backs are terrible, I was even surprised that chambers came off instead of torriera.
    I am not sure if the players actually train at Colney or just piss for pictures..
    Sadly we are going to live it emery till the end of the season..
    Looking forward to next season .

  16. Scored less and conceded more than BURNLEY tells you all you need to know… Leicester have scored just shy of double the goals we have and conceded less than half we have, completely diabolical!!!

  17. My worthless 2 cents..

    Emery shouldnt be allowed to give a
    rambling, worthless post game
    analysis of how somehow once again
    he won the tactical game. Arteta or
    Freddy should be given the reigns

    Luis and Socratis should NEVER play
    ANOTHER game in Arsenal shirt. They
    were an ABOMINATION. Holding and
    Mustafi going forward, yeah thats
    how bad it is.

    Back pass Bellerin might be rusty but
    even when healthy he is a pedestrian
    at best RB. If there is serious
    interest from Italy I would move him
    on in a heartbeat. Simply not good

    Guendouzi, Tierney and Laca all put
    in a good shift, the the young
    Frenchmen by far MOM

    Auba, a few moments of quality but
    he needs to have more of an impact.
    Playing out wide and lack of service
    hasn’t helped his recent run of form.

    Ozil is still a quality player but
    unfortunately a luxury item @ AFC.
    I watched the first 15 minutes of
    the Bayern game earlier and the
    German would thrive in the system
    surrounded by such techically gifted
    players. Sadly Arsenal doesnt have
    any such players ATM.

    Pepe is sadly lost @ Arsenal atm, be
    interesting to see if he’s capable of
    recapturing his Ligue 1 form under
    a new manager and system.

    I still rate Torreria as a player but
    his best futbol days are still ahead
    of him back in Siere A.

    AFC is once again on life support and
    sadly I have a hard time seeing this
    club being anything more than
    Europa League quality.

  18. No wonder bellerin calls for calm and support For the team .. his alternative source of income would be stacking shelves in the local tesco … utterly hopeless player … missed a chance to sell him to Barca …

  19. This has to be one of the poorest displays from an Arsenal team in the modern era.I await with considerable interest the reaction of the Board to this abject performance.To start with a defensive back three, which includes two of the poorest centre backs in the league, against a struggling Southampton side,defies belief.I don’t like jumping on the band wagon but in the best interests of our Club a change of team Manager is essential .

  20. Well that was another dire performance.

    Whilst there was nothing wrong with the lineup Emery put out per se, it was far too defensive for a home game against Southampton.

    As for the players themselves – so many heavy touches, loose passes and players turning themselves into trouble it was painful to watch 😔

    Onto the positivity

    KT was looking good, not sure if it’s Emerys instruction or just not wanting to push himself too much after the injury but I know he can get forward more than he is right now. Unlucky with that bs call for the penalty imo, especially considering some tackles he let slide from Southampton.

    Guendouzi was working his butt off all match and whilst not everything came off he was a large part of our driving force.

    Lacazette is back on the scoresheet and was working hard but sloppy at times, like many others.

    Leno saved a penalty 😱 – but shocked himself as much as us, that he just lay there and watched the rebound go straight back into the net. Glad to see him finally save one but wish he would get back up a bit quicker, or hold on to something instead of always blocking (less relevant on Penalties I know, but generally speaking) 🤷‍♂️

    Willock and Martinelli were both hungry when they came on and both made some nice contributions, even if they didn’t come to anything and that clearance by Willock was huge.

  21. 19th placed Southampton came to the Emirates stadium and had 19 shots.

    That’s double what we had.

    In our last 5 matches the opposition have had double our shots, and that included the 19th and 20th teams on the table

    If Emery is not sacked his weekend, the board becomes the only problem to our progress.

  22. Here’s something to scratch our heads on:
    Soton had more shots both on goal and off goal. The only thing Arsenal were better at was dangerous attacks count (that not always result in a shot on/off goal).
    Sadly, I don’t see us crawling back to top 4 this season. To pain the picture more painfully clear, in Wenger’s worst/last season, after 13 games, we had 25 points, we played scum at home, City away, Everton away, Watford away, Chelsea away, Liverpool away, Leicester home.
    When you compare that, this season we only played Leicester away, manure away, scum at home, Liverpool away, it’s painfully clear that Emery is not the man for the job. He should have been gone before Poch. This is literally the worst Arsenal season in the 21st century. I pray we at least stay in the EL places.

  23. pepe 70 million lol looked out of his head,,,look at the jeff we all knew he was gona b a player,dino will go the same way,NEWAFLASH….emery”s been sacked

  24. Hi Gunners I will like to inform you guys that Tottenham won their first game under the much hated Jose Mourinho.. the last post I commented on here was the post where Emery said Arsenal is still above Tottenham and Manchester United.. well let’s see what next week brings.. I greet you all.

  25. I’ve said for quite sometime now the manager needs to go. When I said go for Jose I didn’t get much traction but that ship has sailed now anyway. It has to be Eddie Howe or what about Rafa?

  26. I would assume nobody expected Arsenal to win after they saw the lineup. I am actually sorry for the Saints – they deserved to win this one.

    Emery set Arsenal up for this dismal performance with the choice of players and formation. This was an abomination. It must be stopped now.

    Surely it must be abundantly clear to the club management that Emery is completely clueless.

  27. Little point in commenting on the game as we all agree we are shocking. What REALLY MATTERS NOW, is whether or not our decision makers do the correct thing and sack Emery this weekend or not. On that answer depends our direction of travel either continuing to plummet or have a hope of change for the better, however slowly it might be. If Emery has any personal honour, he will resign tonight.

  28. The referee first – Arsenal 13 fouls…6 booked / Saints 19 fouls…2 booked: But let’s remember, so we are told, it evens itself out over the season and referees aren’t biased in any way.
    Is this referee the standard we believe should be controlling a game in the highest profile league in the world? Should not he and his boss be ordered to explain what exactly the standards are, explain their mistakes and be sacked for total incompetence?
    No excuse for UE though, that is not what I am saying – just in case my views are mis-interpreted.

    Now the match: Disgraceful tactics against a team in the relegation zone – players being dragged down by the inept “vision” from a coach who is so clearly out of his depth, I am starting to feel sorry for him – fans voting with their feet in a clearly half empty stadium (I chose to stay at home today myself in protest) – Arsenal = 12 shots with 5 on target…Saints 20 shots with 6 on target – that sums up yet ANOTHER game at the once famous top four club called The Arsenal.

    How I miss the days of Arsene Wenger, for ALL the faults he had, we played with vision and a love of the attacking game – this is a slow, sickening slide down the path to obscurity and we are nearer relegation than the top four that was so derided by some.
    19 points behind pool, with just a third of the season gone and only 8 points from the relegation zone…NEVER in the last twenty four years have we been in this position and yet some still blame AW – in just over eighteen months our identitiy has been trashed by a new regime that hasn’t got a clue.
    We are the only team in the top ten with a minus goal difference, the tied second lowest goals for and the tied highest goals against this is the biggest humiliation our club has been in for over 50 decades.

    We have got Our Arsenal back, with a vengeance…thank you gazidis, UE and all those deluded fans who thought they knew better.

    1. I will let this one pass Ken because I assume you are as frustrated as I am but stop with the digs now.

      1. admin Martin, frustrated? Absolutely I’m frustrated – but not at you!!!
        I’m frustrated at our club, the referees association, the coach and the media.

        I assume you are referring to my paragraph regarding the referee and our recent debate?

        The media are the ones who have said for years that everything evens itself out and being a referee is hard…at the moment, the disgraceful refereeing we saw today only makes it even harder to accept the decisions being made.

        That’s not a dig at anyone, it’s an observation borne out of 60 plus years of watching unexplainable decisions that have no merit and being told not to worry – whether it’s The Arsenal or sunday league football (mind you, not much difference in the standard of football at the moment.

        Watch MOTD tonight and see if any of the cards (for both teams) are discussed, see if they agree with us that the ref was, at the best, poor.

        No digs, just frustrated observations.

    2. Yeah because it was so much better under Wenger, ken1945! Not wanting change, I would say is far more deluded! Unless you wanted to keep Wenger’s horrific run in the league going of 14 straight years of not winning, or even challenging for it! Or maybe your interests lay more in Europe, where it was 9 years straight of not even making a semi, or a final, or not winning a European trophy at all in 22 years for us.

      1. Of course it was better under Wenger TMJW, you just won’t admit it!

        How close are we at the moment, to being IN the CL, let alone challenging?
        How close are we to winning the PL, let alone challenging?
        How close are we to being in the top four under UE let alone challenging?

        Deluded? The only delusion I had, was that every year, we would be classed as a top four club, play entertaining football, not being scared of playing clubs like watford and southampton and that was achieved for twenty years.

        If you cannot see that the football we are dishing up at present bears NO resemblance to the days of Wenger, then it is you who are deluded and anyone who thinks this club hasn’t gone backwards in EVERY area since he left, are living in cloud cuckoo land.

        Unless we get rid of this joker UE tonight, the damage our club is suffering, not only in results, internal turmoil, player revolt, but in our world wide appeal, it will take decades to repair and, if you stopped trying to use trophies as an example, rather than looking at the bigger picture of why The Arsenal have always been a top club, you might just grasp the reason why AW’s legacy is so much bigger than trophies.

        1. No Ken1945 you are factually wrong, as always! Not wanting rid of a manager (Wenger) who couldn’t produce the goods anymore, over a long period of time, is deluded.

          Just because it hasn’t worked out with Emery, does not mean it wasn’t the right decision in sacking Wenger.

    3. Agreed with every word you said Ken especially about the competence of the referee. Took him 80 minutes to book a Southampton player for time wasting. Trouble is, some people just can’t see it. Emery the worst Arsenal manager since Billy Wright.

    4. Ken1945 World over leagues, you bring
      down a player in your box when he is in high motion with the slightest touch it a straight penalty. Regardless if you really an Arsenal fan were you expecting a win watching today’s match for you to blame the ref for the draw? Bottom line the technical bench not good enough, playing unit very week both mentally & physically & board of average age 70yrs. Not interested on the football aspect of the club not even aware of what’s happening

      1. Fred, I never mentioned the penalty did I?

        Did you read all of my post? I said more about the game than the ref, so not sure what your post is about.

      2. Fred Caffaso, what are you talking about? Ken1945 never mentioned anything about a penalty, I think you owe him an apology, but you youngsters don’t do apologies, sad but that’s the world we live in now. Believe me Fred, Ken has more knowledge in his little finger than you have in your whole body. I can tell how much you know about the game by the words you use, high motion, technical bench, playing unit, all words from your computer game, ha ha. Fred, you’ve never kicked a ball in your life and probably never even attended the Emirates so please don’t try telling an experienced football man like Ken1945 anything, you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  29. Whoever makes the big decisions, and I’m not talking about Kroenke here, needs to grow some balls and sack Emery now.

  30. So judging how long it took to get rid of Wenger I reckon Emery has about three years to turn it around.

  31. Watching City v Chelsea… will Martin Tyler ever announce Unai’s sacking? Or will it be Silva or Pellegrini?? I know which one I’d love!
    Come on Arsenal, get him out! I’m so desperate now, I don’t care who takes over… just get him out. Enough’s enough!

  32. What action should the Arsenal board take now has become any Owner’s guess after another draw game performance by Arsenal today at home against Southampton in the PL?

  33. This reminds me of the dog-days towards the end of Billy Wright’s managership in the sixties. It culminated in a demo outside the Daily Mirror Building at Holborn Circus. Dreadful atmosphere of frustration and despair just like now.

    1. That was before my time… this is without a doubt the worst I’ve ever known it!
      To worry about playing “high flying” Southampton at home, says it all ☹

      1. This present fiasco brings it all back. At one stage we played centre-half Ian Ure at centre-forward!
        Utterly depressing and Billy Wright was a national hero. He had to go and this now looks exactly the same.

        1. 100% right Ingleby, Billy Wright was a lovely man and a national hero, the first player ever to gain 100 caps for England but never cut out to be a manager.

          1. Yes – that was a time when respect was earned. As you say, just not a good manager, by a genuinely nice man. Football as an industry has gone downhill in many respects. The media and too much money in the game hasn’t helped. We have managers hogging the limelight and slagging each other off in public. I want to watch footballers playing good exciting football, not some character on the sidelines jumping around like a demented puppet. That goes for the greater percentage of scowling, gesticulating, prancing show ponies who call themselves managers.

          1. Hello again Sue. I’ve read with much admiration your staunch supportive views on our club. I rarely get time to comment myself. As you imply with ‘but’ – it feels very much as if the whole matter is out of control. Nobody among the owners/board members appears to have a proper football appreciation of how grim it has become.
            Fingers crossed that it will soon be resolved and Mr Emery can experiment elsewhere.

          2. Love your “experiment elsewhere” comment, Ingleby – spot on!!
            I honestly think it’s going to take something really drastic (worse than what we’re seeing now, is that even possible?) to happen before the board act. I can’t see us winning again in the PL this year, but hey it’s been pointed out to me that it’s ok as we’re top of our EL group!! Sheesh!!
            All I look forward to now, is Wrighty in the jungle ☺️

  34. I see Initt and GotanIdea are joining the Emery out brigade.
    Mad Hatter are you next? I suspected you were Emery posting here for a while.

    Why does it take so long for some fans to see the inevitable?
    The signs were there at the end of last season when we failed to qualify and had a dismal finish to the season.

    1. arsenal7, I think you will find that everyone you mentioned (except MH) were still busy trying to convince everyone else it was Wenger’s fault.

      Those that “converted” to the obvious are now the loudest objectors to UE…funny old game.

  35. 13 league games, Arsenal has -1 goal deficit,we don’t score goals, can’t defend, no creativity just boring football, You just don’t have it, The premier is different, a top team needs intelligent coach.

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