Opinion – Arsenal have to name a new manager before January

A new manager will want to spend money in January and not inherit other managers players

If Arsenal does not name a new manager before the January transfer window then whoever takes over from Freddie Ljungberg could, in theory, inherit players from three separate managers.

There will still be some Arsene Wenger players in the squad, obviously, players that came in under Unai Emery and you would have to assume players that Ljungberg wants in January.

No new manager can build from that simply because he will not have any of his chosen players in the squad. That is the problem that Ole Gunnar Solsjaer has at Man Utd.

A new manager has to have the option of offloading players and bringing his own players in the winter transfer window. If Arsenal appoints a new coach after that date then it will be a mess until next summer.

It is obvious to almost everyone what areas of the team need surgery, we are kidding ourselves if we think Freddie is going to stabilise that defence. So, new defenders have to be acquired in January, well, you would think so. But they will not be the new managerโ€™s purchases.

What about Aubameyang and Lacazette? Will they sign a new contract before a new manager is installed? I doubt it very much.

There are basically five weeks max for the club to sort this out and I am not confident they will. I would not be at all surprised if Freddie is still in place come January 1st.

The board have messed this up, they waited far too long to sack Emery. They must get this next appointment right and fast.


  1. Yes, of course we waited far too long to sack Emery. We waited almost a decade too long to sack Wenger too. When I began following Arsenal,as a child in the fifties, we were known throughout the football world as THE pro-active and visionary club. This ranged from even BEFORE Herbert Chapmans days and started when Sir HENRY NORRIS, A TRUE VISIONARY, despite his warts and all in business ethics, moved us to Highbury and got us voted up into Div One, after we finished 6th in Div Two.

    David Dein was our greatest post war director and was and is a true visionary. Some fans, mostly the younger ones, have little idea how great DD was and what a total catastrophe was his forced removal from the board. HE WAS THE CHIPS TO WENGERS FISH. Gazidis was, by comparison, a snake instead of chips. Our decline began that very minute. MANAGERS/ PLAYERS COME AND GO BUT VISIONARY OWNERS AND THOSE WHO MAKE DAY TO DAY BOARDROOM DECISIONS ARE THE REAL STARS WE HAVE AT ANY CLUB.

    We have had a succession of incompetent idiots and shysters for years. Gazidis was, in my considered opinion, the single most damaging and dishonest man who ever worked at Arsenal in all my time. A dishonourable and cunning, self promoting man who harmed us dreadfully and much of our current troubles stem directly from him, AND OBVIOUSLY FROM KROENKE. REALITY!!!

    1. Yes they must get the next appointment right but not necessarily fast. If fast means a knee jerk appointment like the last one then no. If the right person is not available now, then wait till he (or she, yes radical!) is available.

      1. “She” is not radical. Just not possible, as things stand with human evolvement -or lack of it- among football fans generally. If you wish to educate folks on life matters best not to begim with football crowds. THAT IS FAR TOO DEPRESSING BEING AROUND THE DINOSAURS WHICH INHABIT EVERY CLUBS SUPPORTERS. The double standards are so ingrained that truth is almost impissible . MOST JUST REFUSE TO HEAR OR SEE , HOWEVER MUCH YOU TRY TO TELL IT.

    2. we go back whining again, why does your generation do this?
      how bad gazidis is and wenger and how Dein was great blah blah blah, how does this help the current situation NOW?

    3. @jonfox
      Thanks much for that assessment Gooner… I feel that after Dein left, the bird along with Gazidis undermined AWs every move.

      1. The loss (forced departure) of David Dein was catastrophic and the beginning of the decline of Arsene Wenger (he lost Dein’s guiding hand) and the Arsenal.

  2. Freddie should get his chance. There’s plenty to fix, and I don’t believe the season cannot be salvaged to an extent with the current squad. Together with Per there is a good combination

    Let’s give them a few games before we shout for a so-called internationally experienced coach and make the same mistake again.

  3. We should try give Ljunberg till the end of this current season, let see what he’s capable of, No good coach will want to leave is job halfway and jump ship, unless the board give him Assurance over spending in winter window which I doubt Arsenal board will do.

  4. I very much doubt if any meaningful recruitment will take place in the Jan window unless we need replacements for Xhaka and Torreria who may be moved on in the best interests of all concerned.Whether he likes it or not, a new Manager will be obliged to work with mediocre players such as Sokratis and Luis because who on Earth would buy them?The challenge for the football hierarchy is to somehow unload our numerous plodders to clear the way for players of real quality.No mean task.

    1. Hopefully, Grandad the scouting network ups its game and overseas and the lower leagues are being scoured for the appropriate players

  5. This post is just negativity allover it.
    Any manager that can not get a good result with 80% of these players is wack and has no business coming to arsenal. Or has Emery that should be forgotten messed up your mind so badly you no longer see the players we have as more than capable to turn the tides?

  6. FFD Perhaps you could enlighten me as an old realist,as to how a new Manager can convert our trio of experienced but sub standard centre backs into effective players.?Hopefully Ljungberg will give Chambers and Holding an opportunity to prove they can cut it in the PL because if he continues with the three amigos our defensive frailties will continue to be exposed.

  7. #WengerNow

    * Loves club more than all the fans.
    * Certainly best short term appointment at least until the end of the season.
    * Best at diagnosing, attacking, and making full use of current squad give familiarity.
    * Will look for D back line with Koz gone, as was planned two years ago when he tried to get Virgil Van Dyke.
    * Wenger knows how the EPL works, and this really important for any manager.

  8. We brought a cb in summer and weve got another coming next summer so I don’t think we are gona buy anyone in january no matter who the manager is. Freddie should be given a proper go and hopefully he is able to get some positive football going

    1. If we do not make top four or win in Europe there is no CL and no Auba and Laca.

      We have to bring in an experienced manager before January. Wenger is best for the next year to get us back to CL with top four finish. This team has a great attack, and Wenger will destroy weaker teams, lose the top two, but get into the top four.

      Then Wenger will retire.

      1. And what if you’re fantasy fails and Wenger or even another international manager fails to get these lads going. What will happen to the fan base. Let’s stop dreaming and get behind Freddie and let him have a fair good shot. Emery was deemed to be world class by some.

  9. I am also for Freddie having his chance at our helm. Allegri apparently has a poor command of the queen’s language so I don’t get why some fans want an Emery 2.0 situation. Arteta isn’t a miniature Pep and is just as inexperienced as Freddie in the senior dugout though Freddie has U/15, Bundesliga and reserve team experience to his credit.

    I would gladly accept a Nuno Espirito Sanchez appointment, Brendan Rodgers I would swallow with a bitter pill but I don’t see either appointment happening during this current season so let’s back Freddie all the way to the hilt.

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