Video: Lacazette’s superb header against Brighton after lovely Ozil corner

In the 49th minute of this evening’s Premier League clash between Arsenal and Brighton, the Gunners drew level after a brilliant header from Alexandre Lacazette.

Playmaker Mesut Ozil showed signs of a potential new lease of life under Freddie Ljungberg by whipping a dangerous corner into the box.

Lacazette rose above two Brighton players to loop the ball into the back of the net with a lovely header.

Take a look at the Frenchman’s equaliser for us below, courtesy of Amazon Prime Video and RMC Sport:

Hopefully Lacazette’s effort can inspire the Gunners to go on and win the game.


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  1. It’s only fair that we then fail to score the next one properly and Brighton go snatch it at the death, right, right?!

  2. I just checked the scores and its 1-2 wow I guess I’m not surprised.
    I dont even watch Arsenal games no more I only check the result, if i was told that a time will come when I don’t give a f… Whether Arsenal play or not I won’t have believed it

  3. We should sack the manager…oh we have already.truth is there are a few players out there that need to have a good look at themselves and not their payslips

  4. We are poor and we are not going to get any better with a headless leadership both along the line and in the board room. It’s still the same way of play as before no future no team no club no arsenal

  5. Wow, humiliated at home again. Can’t see this team of overpaid prima donas win against anyone!! Relegation battle here come.

  6. So sad that a once great club like arsenal have become a laughing stock in the league. I love Freddie but he is out of his depth, empty seats no passion and players who really shouldn’t be playing in the premier league. Game over for this season

  7. I think we get millions for being relegated , called the parachute payment, suits the money men of course.
    Where the hell has my Arsenal gone?

  8. As long as Xhaka and Ozil are in the same team sheet, Arsenal will struggle to win. I said it 3yrs back. I still say it now

  9. Those shouting Emery out can see for themselves that arsenal have over pampered players,ljuberg is the main problem right but the players

  10. This is what you get, when you have clueless people running the affairs of a club. Our defence was the issue last season. Rather than address it, this clueless bunch go and sign Pepe (who hasn’t even performed up to Iwobi’s level), for £72m. That money could’ve gotten us a decent CB, if not two.
    Worst start to a season since 1977.
    Such a shame!!

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