Will this be the forward line that Freddie picks to face West Ham?

Time for Freddie to unleash the beast and select a forward line that can do some damage.

On paper, Arsenal has a frightening front three if only there was a manager that would be brave and go for it.

It works at Liverpool for a reason, Jurgen Klopp has an unbending faith that his front line will deliver. Arsenal has players that can do the same.

It helps that the Reds have wing-backs that can cause serious damage, well, Arsenal have that potential in Tierney and Bellerin. Freddie just has to be brave.

Playing Nicholas Pepe in a free role behind the front two of Pierre-Emerick Lacazette and Alexandre Lacazette could tear the West Ham defence to shreds.

Pepe can then move across the middle of the park from the left wing to the right-wing with two clinical finishers in front of him.

Lacazette and Aubameyang have an understanding with each other and know how to play together but they need service, they will get that from Pepe and the two wing-backs. But Freddie has to unleash them.

If it does not work out then Ozil can easily be brought on and then Freddie can mix up the front pairings as he sees fit.

Arsenal are in a dog fight, Lacazette has shown fight, Aubameyang, when played in the centre, shows fight and Pepe will feed off of them. I am sure about that, he did trackback against Brighton when required.

So, a front three of

Nicholas Pepe
Pierre-Emerick Lacazette
Alexandre Lacazette

I really do not see what Freddie has to lose playing all three of them.


  1. No, I believe Ljungberg would use 4-2-3-1 again to win the ball possession. I bet Ljungberg would assign Lacazette in the front because he scored against Brighton and put Ozil behind him because of his assist:

    ………………………… Leno
    Chambers . Mustafi . Holding . Kolasinac
    ………………Torreira ……….. Xhaka
    Aubameyang ………. Ozil ………. Saka
    ………………………. Lacazette

    I don’t think Arsenal would win with that line-up and formation, but at least Sokratis is not there

    1. Saka won’t start over Pepe. Pepe changes the game against Brighton even tho it wasn’t enough to save us

    2. I think Aubameyang should spearhead the attack, with Pepe, Ozil and Matineli behind him. Or preferably a front 3 of Aubameyang, Pepe and Matineli, then mid-field of Xhaka, Torreira and Ozil, with a back 4 of Chambers, Mustafi, Holding if fit and Tieney.

    3. Pairing Laca with Aubu doesn’t work, is better to start with one, the front three should be

      Mertilleni Aubu Pepe

      Toreira Ozil Guendosi

      Tieney chambers Holding Belerin


  2. Freddie speaks like he believes the talent is there and
    all the team needs is a a confidence boost.
    So I will be looking for the team to play with confidence belief even arrogance.
    There for I expect a fast flowing open game with Arsenal scoring at least 3 goals.
    Will we win? I don’t know but it’s the performance for me right now.
    The leagues gone, top 4’s gone winning the EL/FA Cup would be a bonus but not essential.
    Give Freddie the rest of the season to see what he can do.
    We have nothing to lose.
    If it does not work out get a new manager in June.

    1. June? JUNE? Good grief man , can you not see that will be months too late. We need a proper prove manager, not just coach but manager, and we need him NOW. “We have nothing to lose” you write, foolishly. We could well be relegated by then! Do think properly!

    1. I wish we had signed “Pierre-Emerick Lacazette”. The guy has been a consistent match winner since he existed.
      Blame the Kroenkes for being tight with the cash.

  3. Auba and Laca should not start together. The front 3 should be Pepe-Auba-Martinelli. The midfield should be Torreira-Ozil-Xhaka. The defence should be Belarin-Chambers-Holding-Tierney. Lenno in goal. Arsenal will surely win with this line up.

  4. Ceballos when fit should be benching Xhaka paired with Torriera and Ozil.
    Tierney should be ahead of Kolasinac… And honestly Martinelli should start ahead of Lacazette..

  5. I want to ask because it seems, we arsenal fans do not know football well enough..If you are a left wenger and you are being played right weng, how do you perform better..Please answer this..

    4 3 3
    Pepe right abu center Matins left
    xhaka, oxil and torera
    Teirney holding, lui and bellerin/chamber.

    Let them play in their position, then after 65 minutes, make your sub, super sub.. Martins out laca in and Xhaka out, then willock in.

    You can then leave torera to hold the back four and let willock and oxil run the CM and AM.

    Sense even fans and coach no get…owner self no get sense.

  6. Comparing our front three to those of Liverpool is foolish and there is no true comparison. All three of Liverpools three are warriors and play as if their life depends on being fierce. PEPE AND TO A LESSER EXTENT AUBA ARE SO LAID BACK, aka LAZY, AS TO BE HORIZONTAL. YOU CANNOT MERELY COMPARE INNATE ABILITY AND LEAVE IT THERE. Not if you want the truth. You must compare heart, desire, will to win and on those there is NO true comparison. Not in a million years. Reality!

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