Strikers that Arsenal can sign to replace Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Arsenal’s striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is reportedly unsettled with Barcelona and Real Madrid keen to sign him.

The Gabonese striker is looking to win more trophies and he doesn’t believe that he can do that with Arsenal before his career finishes.

With Aubameyang most likely leaving in one of the next two transfer windows, here are some strikers I believe Mikel Arteta can sign to replace him.

Ciro Immobile

The Italian is back to his best form and I believe that he can even better Aubameyang’s legacy at Arsenal.
Immobile’s last foray outside Italy ended in disaster, but I believe he is more matured now as a person and experienced as a footballer, he would thrive.

Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen almost lost his way as a young striker at Wolfsburg, but the Nigerian is having a storming season at Lille.

He would be the perfect striker for Arteta to develop and turn into a superstar like Thierry Henry.

Danny Ings

Danny Ings can’t seem to stop scoring at the moment. The former Liverpool man took the gamble to leave the Reds last season and it has paid off.

Ings has returned from injury to score 11 Premier League goals at the time of this writing.

Ings is a striker that plays with his heart on his sleeves and scores all types of goals. His determination and hard work in front of goal are exactly what Arsenal need now.

Timo Werner

Werner is one of the best attackers in the world at the moment. He has proved over the last few seasons that he can keep his top level of performance.

Werner is fast, skilful and can score from all kinds of angles. He would be the perfect striker to replace Aubameyang, but he won’t come cheap.

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  1. None of the above. We are after Kevin Volland according to Sky. Excellent piece of business if true. Works hard, great left foot, links up well. I will let Aubemeyang go for him.

    1. i saw that article as well. If this is true (sky isn’t as reliable as it used to be), then the club must be preparing to let one of our strikers go surely. No chance Auba/Laca/Volland are all on the books at once. Volland can play LW as well, but assuming Arteta takes notes from Pep, he will want true wide players.

      1. One of them has to go surely. Arteta demands industry so I think he can’t have aubameyang in his team for long. Lacazette isn’t clinical enough though he works hard but, again, I will let Aubemeyang go for Volland.

    2. Kevin volland
      He was hot prospect in FM few years ago at youth age
      Never him again later, i though he was failed to meet his potential

  2. If we must sell auba or Lacca I say we give martineli and eddie nketia a chance. Look how well T abraham is doing for chelsea. Arsenal dint buy stars we make them right. Martineli has impressed me alot more than lacca this season tbh

  3. Arsenal will only buy if we sell.
    Want a striker? Sell a striker (Aubameyang)45m
    Want a CB? Sell a CB (Mustafi)25-30m Luiz 7m.Mavro 2m.
    Want a DM? Sell a DM Torreira 25m or Xhaka 30m
    Want an AM. loan/sell Ozil/Mkhitarian
    But will any club come in for the price and wage demands?

    1. I’d sell them as if it were black Friday. The sooner we get rid of the players brought in by the biggest spuds fan – Ivan Gazidis, the better.
      Literally, buy one, get one free approach. Still beats letting them sit out their contracts.

  4. Admins conclusion on Timo Werner is that “he won’t come cheap.” I think the word “cheap” is superfluous here.

  5. I would go for Haaland if the chance to land him was there other wise we right now have to sale in order to buy now the question is who will come to buy?

  6. Lacazette is a player that can replace Aubameyang and we can get him for zero squid. I’d focus the funds from Auba’s transfer on buying a top CB. Keeping in mind who owns the club and the actual spending spree the club did in the summer, I’m pretty sure additional transfer funds won’t be available in January. And it’s really not a problem. With one top defender, the goals won’t leak as much and we’ll get a chance to actually score one goal more.
    Also, we should buy a solid box-to-box midfielder that can create chances for Laca and the wingers. That would take selling some players so it’s a bit of a stretch but not impossible.
    I wouldn’t bother buying an Auba replacement.

  7. I think we would suffer more losing auba, you just can’t replace the goals he will score that easy however that being said if we could get a really good fee for him two clever additions in defence and midfield would improve the team as a whole. I like cantwell from Norwich as a box to box midfielder at the right age and for a defender plenty will improve what we currently have

  8. “The Gabonese striker is looking to win more trophies and he doesn’t believe that he can do that with Arsenal before his career finishes.” I fully understand Aubameyang. No thropy to Arsenal for a long time to come. Arsenal obviously are aiming at succes in the long run. Arsenal are by appointing Arteta in a new phase of build-up.
    I don’s see any need of a new striker, if Aubu goes. We still have Lacazette and Martinelli. Where we IMO need to strenghten up front is on the wings to make services to our forward(s). Nicolas Pepe has been a disappointment until now with no PL experience at all before coming to us. I have several times been speaking for buying Zaha and Fraser. Very quick and dynamic players on the wings. As for Zaha it’s IMO a scandal we havent signed such a fantastic player, who wants us so much and he has officially told this. But Arsenal are slow and don’t want to spend that much money (on a proven PL player) and did instead buy an unproven PL-play like Pepe. Tt was incomprehensible to me why Arsenal did this. Now we can all se Zaha going to Chelsea in the coming transfer window.

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