Can Arsenal tempt Thiago Alcantara to join Arsenal instead of Liverpool?

Can we tempt Thiago to the Emirates? by Shenel

Reports today on Talksport confirm that Thiago Alcantara wants to leave Bayern Munich and Jurgen Klopp is “interested” in bringing him to Liverpool. Surprise surprise, a player is linked to Liverpool yet again! Its not like they need any more midfielders right!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with improving your team, but Thiago is a very experienced player who has won the League titles and many Cups in his time at Barcelona and Bayern Munich and the U-17 and U-21 Youth Championships for Spain. Do we really want a rival team gaining another good player?

So, if Bayern are looking to unload him from their ranks because he feels like his playing days for them are over given his lack of game time, then why can’t we go in for him too? The futures of Guendouzi, Ceballos and Ozil obviously seem unclear and become a main talking point at every Arteta press conference. I don’t see why we can’t show some intent and go for him too. Yes, we may not be in the Champions League for the new season but if he wants game time, then surely that is something we can give him over Liverpool?

Many fans may feel like he is not exactly the right fit for our club but a player of his quality and experience cannot lack ability and talent and would surely fit in wherever he goes given the chance. I have seen Thiago play for both Barcelona and Bayern and despite him only having 150 appearances since 2013 for Bayern he has got 17 goals under his belt but that is because he doesn’t seem to be favoured.

Imagine him in our team, he is partial to a goal or two and given a run in the side maybe he can help us to our first Premier League title after winning La Liga twice and then the Bundesliga title for Bayern in all of his seven seasons at the club.

I know I would take him for a good price of course and, quite frankly, I don’t think we have a choice to be picky with players right now. Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. You are joking?! Just saw this online:
    Liverpool are still some way off an agreement for Thiago Alcantara, but they have stepped up their pursuit over the past 24 hours

  2. The blokes poison.a horrible little scooter..No surprised hiS ex Barca Bandit.Let the theiving scousers have him.We can do better.A lot better.

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