Arsenal’s woes continue after another lacklustre performance

Wolves have come away from the Emirates with a 2-1 win, as Arsenal continue to look lost on the pitch.

The game started brightly for both sides, but after minutes into the match, play was stopped. Willian’s corner led to a clash of heads inside the box between David Luiz and Raul Jimenez, and both players stayed down.

The Brazilian was able to sit up and later stand, before being bandaged up to carry on, while the Mexican had to be taken to hospital. Latest news is that he is awake, but no further updates were given.

The match took a little time to pick up again after the break, and it was Wolves who broke the deadlock.

Pedro Neto got onto a whipped in cross into the box and somehow scrambles home.

That lead only lasted three minutes however as Gabriel Magalhaes latches onto a Willian cross to level things. This was our first goal from open play in six matches…

Breaking the curse clearly wasn’t enough of a confidence boost to push ourselves on as we fell behind again before the break.

Adama Traore shrugs off two midfielders to break clear before passing to Pedro Neto who gets the shot away. The shot comes off the defender and Leno does well to stop it, but Daniel Podence beats three Gunners in the box to the ball, and uses his skill to get into space to slide home.

The second-half was pretty even, but Arsenal had more than enough possession and chances to get themselves back into the game, but it wasn’t to be.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang looked distant and seriously lacking confidence on the ball in the final third, and he doesn’t seem to remember what he should be doing, and it was a sad watch come the end of the match.

Much of the talk will be about the clash of heads, and while I wish Jimenez well, I’m seriously worried about how my team moves forward with their current form.


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      1. Maybe look at our arrogance as our fan base
        Go back to the summer when some were making out these players were better then they were
        So many of you cheered ozil getting dropped then scratch your head saying ‘ where’s our creativity ‘
        A great player steps up when things are going wrong
        Next weekend who can you say is our.leader
        So I read the comments and we name same old names
        Time to name Auba , Leno , Wilock and Saka , Nelson , niles and truth.. .. We are not as good as you think

      1. Sue, Arteta should realise that the honeymoon is over. He should bring back Ozil and Wilshere in January. We are a laughing stock right now.

        1. It’s been over for a while, Skills. I’ll be absolutely gobsmacked if he does a u-turn on Ozil…although he should, such a ridiculous decision. Our football is horrible right now…

        2. No need for another central midfielder who can only make merry-go-round passes. We need attackers who can get past players like Traore or a towering target man, to make us able to use different tactics

          1. You are right gotanidea. We really miss Giroud. The club made some hasty decisions over the years. Gnarby for instance should have been sold with an option to buy back. When Fabregas left Barca, Wenger should have brought him back to the squad . We dumont even have players who can move with the ball. We just have to improve as a club. And the club owners need to be more invloved

    1. Yep go to sleep, wake up, make a bawl of coffee; take huge hit of it, snell it, look at table not yours but EPL and wake da hell up.

      You do feel that all you been pushing in Arteta was dead wrong.

      No brain at all, a wannabe coach driving a Ferrari with no licence!

      Go learn howto drive elsewhere is what this dumbsta needs to do for a year, not at Arsenal.

      Since we got back in EPL in 1992 , 30 years we never had such a low number of point in 10 games and at 14th spot equal points with 15th.!

      With the best squad in a decade!

      A coach in his first year ever. Lookbat Lampard, went and learned for 2, 3 years then took jib as Gerrard is doing and every coach !

      To not get that as Viera who refused position before given to him. Viera is experimenting, up & downs elsewhere then if he feels he can do it he will take the job. Respects himself and club; us fans first!

      Even Everton did not offer him position, he never coached; as City told him he can’t be coach after guardiola because an assistant! Desperatky came take the job at Arsenal after selling out in city. Viera will never coach any club in UK if not Arsenal, he has that DNA!

    2. Yeah go to bed and look forward for next game, hoping Luiz Ceballos and Willian Arteta fan kissing ass club gets picked again, mess up balance and team!

      Spurs coming up with Saints!

      14tth at 14 pts as palace 15th. Next week Palace passes us without playing in goal difference if we lose at Spurs and if Brighton wins, we will be at 16th spot Sunday.

      I guess, you need to get some sleep and wake up to realize it was not a dream but a reality waken up nightmare, you been awake but in a dreamland.

      15th spot is where we at next week if we conceid just a goal without palace even playing.

      We are 15th equal points with Palace today!

    3. Leno 4 should have done more for 2nd goal.
      Luiz 4 at least he got stuck & bloodied
      Gabriel 6 for the goal, but little else.
      Tierney 5 skinned once, decent cross but better defending by Coady.
      Bellerin 3 back to opponent rather than defend far too often.
      Xhaka 3 offered nothing, disinterested and was escorting opponents to box rather than defending.
      Ceballos 4 tried but sideways passing doesn’t score goals.
      Willock 2 kid Europa talent. He’s Ozil without the pedigree, talent, touch, vision, or passing. Equal defender though
      Auba 3 couldn’t bother for 90 minutes
      Willian 3 nice finding Gabriel but his skills evaporated since putting on our shirt
      Saka 3 missed a chance bad day at the office sub par for him.
      Arteta 1 same tactics, same approach, same end result. Can we bench him for 1 game?

      1. Agree Durand, why is Xhaka and Willian on the pitch, i really cannot understand what they do to please the gaffer that he selects them. Thank goodness Ozil was not there or else it may have been a thumping win – for the Wolves of course.
        Now people can see the difference between a good GK and a better GK. Emi would have saved the second goal and given us a point, just saying because so many out here give undue praise to Leno (although he has my support and best wishes being an AFC player, but Mikel should have got 20M for Leno if he needed money) Well with Mr. Xhaka and Cabellos, EPLs most boring two central midfield players, be happy with a 2-1 loss.
        Finally, this is what happens when the board and gaffer are not on the same page, Mikel wanted the CAM, board gave him the CDM, the rest is history. The same board denied Unail his targets, yet Unai’s Villa drew with RM, here we go down to Wolves, Villa and who knows who else we will lose to. Fire the useless board first, support the manager.

        1. Shut up with the Leno /martinez issue already that was deflected shot . Goalkeeper is the least of our worries.

          1. If you cannot digest facts, then you may keep quiet. Can you give your expert advice as to why most sites rated him a 4 or max a 5?

    1. The main problem is obviously not the manager, because Emery’s Villareal are flying in La Liga currently. The players seem to just have another day at the office without putting any extra effort in the first half and that’s our biggest problem in last fifteen years

      We will see them play with different motivation, concentration and energy level in the Tottenham game. There are definitely a lack of control from the top leaders and complacency culture at the club, which is above the manager’s paygrade

    2. Who he likes, will be in first eleven. Whether you work hard or talented enough, if Arteta say no, then a big no! If you play like a headless chicken, and Arteta say yes, then you are chosen. Shit selection! AMN should be far ahead of Lord Willock and King Ceballos!

  1. This team’s problem is from the instructions. This team is too static, the way they move the ball, the way they play, it all seems like the instructions.
    While Arteta has done a good job fixing the defense, he’s respected teams way too much. The boys are constantly playing with the handbrake on and too safe.
    Like they’re playing a way that has been premeditated and programmed from the dressing room.
    Get on the pitch, instead of being aggressive with the attack, keep passing the ball all around the pitch, just hold on to it. Whatever you do, don’t be aggressive on the attack, retain and pass the ball even back to the defenders and goalkeeper.
    The last ten minutes that Arsenal started attacking like they need a goal, what stopped them from being that way earlier on?
    They’re still playing like they’re reading and carrying out instructions from a handbook in the pitch.
    Arteta needs to ease off on the trying not to fvck things up now and tell the boys to express and enjoy themselves on the pitch.
    They don’t need to play like robots in every game.
    Jesus, this isn’t encouraging, he’s not helping himself and next week we have Spurs and Mourinho who will be glad to add to his woes.
    He needs to wake up. Wake up Arteta, this is on you.
    You still have my support, but stop this terrible gameplay

    1. Defence.
      6 1 aggregate loss last 3 home games..
      Doubting Arteta first time.
      Lile a scared rabbit.
      Think this job is too big for him

    2. Eddie, you have just given a complete analysis of the issue. I agree with you 1000 percent. Arteta is just over coaching the guys. And the players just want to be in his good book. I am really disappointed in this team. Maybe going forward, in the next game,Arteta should just be on his seat and allow the players to take initiatives. To take risks and be expressive on the field of play.

      1. i wonder if Arteta is the one who instructed Auba and Saka to keep wasting chances upon chances, same as Leeds games last week.
        i agree the coach is trying to create a compact and desciplined team, however these players are professionals who should be able to know when to shoot, make run, create space etc. i saw Laccazet standing at a spot where Belerin and Ceballos looking for who make runs

    3. Please Eddie, what defense has he fixed. We all tried to believe that because of what he achieved last season playing defensively but this season is it different. We have conceded in every matches except against United I think. We can’t n mark, we can’t tackle and their second goal I have seen that type scored against us because instead of our players to tackle the player with the ball they move in backwards position until they get into our box where it is too late to mark or tackle. Marking and tackling is part of defending and we are sh**t at that. So we have not improved defensively.

      1. Yes, I was wondering about that bit myself. For all that talk of improving our once so-called terrible defence, I don’t see that we are conceding any less goals. Going back to the days of Graham and the ‘one-nil to the Arsenal’ would be acceptable to me, just. However, while the three we conceded against Liverpool and the one we conceded against Man City might just about be, if not acceptable, then at least tolerated, but three at home against Villa and now two at home against Wolves? On top of that, it was one-nil against, not for, the Arsenal against Leicester!

        Improved defence? Pull the other one, it’s got bells on!

    4. you are so spot on my friend. everytime I see them passing the ball back even without any pressure I shake my head. the team is pathetic and we know it. we support arsenal but this bunch is lightweight.

    5. Does anyone remember that was Arteta’s playing style: passing backwards and sideways? If Arteta doesn’t change from his biases and rigidity this team is not going anywhere.

  2. 14th place, 8 points from relation zone. spurs, burnley, southampton, everton, chelsea next in that order. unrecognizable gameplay. questionable decisions. sigh ..

    don’t bother worrying about relegation battle. even if it happens (touch wood), we will win the championship and epl in next two seasons. As it is often said, “trust the process”.

    1. In Wenger era, he target for top 4 and qualify for UCL. Fans said, why top 4? Why not going for EPL champions?

      In this era, Arteta target for avoiding relegation and qualify for ECC. Truth to be told, Arsenal has DECLINED.

      Be positive, we are only 8 points behind 1st place Tot. LOL 😂😂😂😂

      1. Half cup full eh? Goodness me. I think MA is a naggy type of manager behind the scenes. The cups we won with him are perhaps owed to the players being interested. Now the challenge here is to keep players interested for a whole season. We started the league in a positive manner before gradually losing interest, you follow?

        Imagine a mother motivating and praising you when you are a toddler. But in your teenage years, those words evolved to why this and that. The constant nagging week in and week out will definitely take a toll on the players.

        This is unless you are young like Willock or a mommas boy like ceballos and xhaka. Not so much for a naughty kid like AMN perhaps.

        Just imagine…

  3. The Gunners played half-heartedly in the first half, then they played with more urgency after they were behind. I really hate it when the Gunners make half-assed attempt when playing against smaller teams and strangely become very motivated when facing big teams like Man United

    We all have seen the same movie for more than fifteen years, with different actors in it. Players/ managers/ directors came and left Arsenal, but only one big slacker remains at the club

    Changing the manager will only make a short honeymoon effect, then the laziness and the complacency will start to kick in again. The owner should change the bad culture at the club, otherwise we could see a long drought period as what Liverpool had

    1. Don’t keep looking backwards GAI – we have a totally different club, backroom staff, manager, scouting system and players!!!
      Any “bad culture” is down to the new regime, the old culture of entertaining and attacking football, along with the “dross players” who performed it are gone.

      Fo goodness sake stop blaming the past, we don’t even play football like we used to do – kronkie has paid out millions during this transition (if that’s the slacker your referring to).

      At the moment, the league says we are a “smaller team” so stop trying to pretend otherwise.
      Villa, Leicester, Leeds and, now, Wolves have proved that.

      The only light at the end of the tunnel, is that Partey will return and we might introduce a player who can actually CREATE SOMETHING!!!

      1. Kroenke is just paying his employees handsomely without proper supervision from him and he’s been spending millions without major trophies because of the lack of control

        I don’t think Partey could create many goals and assists. We need unique attackers who make us able to use different tactics and break the opposition’s defense

        1. We’ve just agreed a reported £300,000 a week for a “unique attacker” along with a reported £72,000,000 for another one.
          We’ve paid a reported £42,000,000 for a box to box midfielder and a reported £25,000,000 for a defender.

          So tell me GAI, what else do you want kronkie to do this season?
          Who do you suggest he monitors more closely in order to win major trophies?

          The players, Edu and /or the manager? Because they are the ones producing this crisis aren’t they?

          1. Ken normally I agree with you
            But koronke since he been here has not been ambitious enough
            We finished 8th , our worst position in 25 years
            When a company fails is it not the owners job to step in ?
            Gabriel’s fee was recouped
            So we got Partey for 45 !million , is that the best Mr Koronke could do ?
            If your like me and you think the Ozil decision is above Artetas head , what did our owner do to fix that lack of creativity
            The 55 redundancies was a disgrace
            Replacing Wenger with cheap options
            If he wanted too he could have got an Allegri by giving him a 200 million budget
            Go back to the day he got here and ask has he shown ambition

            1. Dan, three things :
              First of all, we are still paying for Pepe I believe and, secondly, the club has received no income from match day revenue since March.
              Thirdly, although Willian didn’t cost us anything, his salary, along with Luiz, Partey and Gabriel, plus the redundancies, (not only the 55, but the scouting team as well I presume) along with Aubameyang’s mega deal, seems like an awful lot of extra money to me..

              The third point has to revolve around the wishes of the manager, along with the transfers in and out.

              But to try and blame him for the current on field performances is quite ridiculous in my opinion… as is the accusation that this can all be traced back ten years ago, when we were playing attacking football, finishing in the top four, playing in the CL and winning fa cups
              /Community Shields with, supposedly, dross, lazy, incompetent and mentally weak players under AW. .
              It is just as so far fetched, it needs to be disputed.

              I’m not saying kronkie is the ultimate owner, but, just because AW was blamed for every cold hot dog, missing toilet paper and bad transfers, shouldn’t we do the same with MA?

                1. The narrative that Kroenke does not provide funds is lazy. The truth is that those who were entrusted to ensure the resources were used judiciously have done a for job. Raul should be investigated for the Pepe transfer. More recently the Saliba situation has laid bare that some folks take the money spent on the player for granted. The youngster finds himself not even in the EL/Caraboa squad. Yet Arteta spent 14M of Mari who has yet to demonstrate if he is any good. Torreira and Sokratis did not come cheap either. What about the waste of space called Willian? 200K weekly. Even Auba’s performance is questionable and sooner or later if this continues we would have another 300K/week guy misfiring. Arteta will not last till Christmas at this pace. Quite frankly three home defeats on the trot is simply unacceptable. This is starting to look like the 74/5 season. What a shambles we have become.

      2. 100% correct Ken. Can’t blame Wenger 2 and a half years later. Gazidis is gone, Kronke’s have spent hundreds of millions for player transfers.
        Isn’t Edu in charge of philosophy and maintaining the brand & style of football Wenger instilled?
        Arteta froze out Ozil, resigned Luiz, brought in Soares & Mari, convinced Xhaka to stay, brought in Willian, said Willock good enough to start PL games. Kudos to him for Gabriel & Partey, but has made plenty of mistakes.
        People were slaughtering Emery for matches like this, & Arteta’s performances are now worse than Emery! Arteta using same tactics since Villa game hence same results. I think Arteta looks out of ideas, & should be facing the same pitchforks & torches that Wenger & Emery did.
        You & I have been consistent, let’s see how many other show the same regarding Wenger, Emery, & Arteta.
        My beloved Arsenal is unbearable to watch, & my girlfriend pleads with me not to watch because it makes me an a-hole throughout the following day.

        1. You should worry Durand, my wife thinks that about me every day😂😂😂

          Seriously though, I desperately want MA to succeed, but the truth is he isn’t AND that’s despite more financial backing (both in transfers and contracts) than either AW or UE.

          Both of them were accused of having favourites, but it seems the same accusation can be applied to MA… Luiz and Willian, while we have Saliba, AMN, Martinelli, Torreria and Ozil being discarded… does ANYONE believe that any of these would NOT have made a difference tonight?

  4. How come Wolves dominated us when their best player went off injured?? Might have been worse if not for his injury. We lack ideas and we see the same hopeless balls into the box when we are chasing the game and at the wings we are not committing players enough. That is a huge problem. The one player we bought to do that too has failed so far. Our pressing is also bad these day compared to what I saw last season. Its going to take a while before we can fully turn things around.

    1. I heard the commentator said Nuno prefers a fewer number of players instead of having a bigger team, to avoid discontent. Perhaps this is why Wolves players work harder for the team

      Whereas there’s strong internal competition at Arsenal and some diva attitude doesn’t help the teamwork either. Internal competition is good, but only if the club can control its players

      1. Yeah they fight really hard. They’ve lost Jota who was a key player for them but the play like they haven’t lost any key player.

      2. Is there any sense in what you just said. How can you work harder when you know your place in the team is guaranteed. Call a spade a spade and not shovel. That Wolves team is coached that way and what we see week in week out is the function of the we are coached. It is as simple as that.

  5. One thing which looks apparent to me is that Arsenal has some insane crossers in the team. Saka, Tierney. Even Bellerin has decent deliveries these days.
    That brings me to the way the crosses are attacked. There’s just a lone striker to attack these crosses (and unfortunately it’s not Giroud). Neither is anybody positioned properly at the edge/outside of the box to pickup unsuccessful clearances.
    And Aubameyang, piss poor. Arteta as well.

  6. i was assuming that Arteta would be trying to make changes to fix the attack, but maybe my assumptions are wrong. Nothings changed this entire season. It’s the same thing. Maybe Arteta doesnt have the answers. Its hard to tell if hes even responding right now. By time Christmas period is over looks like we will still be in lower bottom table.

    1. Many will blame Arteta and call for his head but the truth we must tell ourselves is that we don’t have a good team, our midfield is the worst in the top 6, even Everton and Wolves have better midfields than us.

      I think I will give up on Xhaka now, we have not made the top 4 since he has been here, he alongside Mustafi cost Emery the top 4..
      We don’t have a team guys, we need to stop overrating these players. I really pity Arteta and I stand by him.

      1. And who is at fault for that. Xhaka was on his way out before Arteta came in and convinced him to stay, Cebellos was piss poor last season except in the fa cup final but Arteta brought him back, he spoke on live tv it was his decision to exclude Ozil from every team and he thought he can do without player of his skill set in his team. Who among our midfielders that he choose has the athleticism that the epl demands today, yet he decided to go with this bunch. The fault squarely lies at his feet. What irks me at today’s match is we started like we were 3-goals up. That is 3 defeats on a bounce and his team lost every record that has being kept for several decades.

  7. 3rd straight home defeat!!!
    1979 was the last time Wolves beat us at home!!!
    2, yes 2 shots on target – both in the first half
    This is worse than under UE….
    Dreading next week… it’ll be an annihilation…. absolute pants!!!

    1. At this point I am not even sure who is responsible for this misery. Players, manager, owner or my past sins. 😩

      1. It certainly isn’t your past sins, Aubakedavra!! 🙂
        Our 5th loss… I can’t believe it… I fear for the rest of our season

        1. Aren’t we expecting too much from Partey? Who is this miracle man who can boss a midfield, create goals and never get Injured.all for 40 million
          Typical Arsenal. Rather than build a team they go for ad hoc solutions.

    2. Emery is currently winning games with Villareal in La Liga and I bet Arteta would do that too if he moves to another club

      Something is very toxic and infectious at Arsenal. Players/ managers/ directors came and left Arsenal, but only one big slacker remains at the club

      1. GTA please stop saying what you don’t know. Emery is a great job and had nothing to prove to us. Arteta is just aomw ordinary man to me now devoid of all ideas.. Arteta will be sh*t wherever he goes..

  8. What on earth was that because except for thr kitchen sink in the last 10 minutes, that was relegation fodder. Anyone who doesn’t think this is a crisis is fooling themselves. We are coming out with the same old tripe week after week and the things that they are doing in training are not working at all. This is awful to watch and it is getting close to heads rolling time. The fare on offer is abysmal.

    1. Now every club can win over Arsenal
      Where is the defence structure? Awful in attack
      Very low confidence
      We already have some good players but failed to play as group. Wrong strategy, bad..
      Arteta has not ready yet for Arsenal

  9. Just wondering what premier league team would this Arsenal team beat. The team looks like they don`t train at all.

  10. Arsenal 8 points from the relegation zone and 8 points from top. Talk about no man’s land.

    Aubameyang is not inform at the moment and feel lost lately in games. Other times, we dont play so well but he gets us the goals. This time is is out of form and the goals have dried up…

    Defense is now bad.
    Attack seem lost.
    And the midfield? Meh

    When is Partey back?

    Next stop is Spurs. Son and Kane will be looking forward in burying us..

    I want Arteta to succeed after all said and done. Ended last season on a high… started the season pretty well but its now doom and gloom.

    Is the ozil saga coming back to haunt arsenal?

    1. The Gunners would most likely come with much better attitude and work ethic at Spurs’ turf. They’re just not motivated when playing against small EPL teams like Wolves

      This has been Arsenal’s disease for more than fifteen years and it’s highly infectious

    2. Not only that man, arsenal sold the wrong goalie. Arsenal football now is too slow they prefer passing backward even when losing inviting the opponent to attack them. Arteta will take arsenal to relegation. And arsenal will lose all their players if care is not taken

  11. Luiz shouldn’t have continued on the pitch bloody and shaken as he was. He was a total liability after the head injury. Keeping him on costed us the game.

  12. Emery was sacked after losing in Europa League iirc,
    Will the same happen to arteta on Thursday even though we’re already through to knockout stages?
    Oh & we could be drawing Villarreal at that stage, perfect opponents to knock us out lol

  13. This is what a poor transfer strategy over the years gets you. I am and will always be disgusted with the Willian signing. We just never learn from our mistakes.

    As regards this squad of players, we lack technical players, all we have are a bunch of imposters who have managed to snick their way into a club like arsenal.

    Arteta seems to be confused too, he like Emery can’t figure out how to set this team up. Anyways, on to the europa league where we belong. Happy times.

  14. This loss falls squarely on Arteta. He is looking Emery 2.0. He has changed NOTHING since the loss to Villa. Same static positioning, slow buildup, midfielders defending rather than fullbacks, Bellerin playing as a winger, and attacks coming from the wings and never through the middle.
    Arteta looks out of his depth, out of ideas, and stubbornly refusing to change. Things simply have to change.
    If Arteta can’t turn things around in December, he should not be given money for transfers.
    I see no change from Emery’s tenure, it’s getting impossible to defend Arteta now. This garbage is what got Wenger and Emery fired, Arteta should face similar scrutiny.
    The clock is ticking now on his term as manager.

    1. Just one point Durand, this is not AW or UE garbage – this is MA garbage 100 %.

      Even in AW ‘s last season, we at least tried to play attacking football and entertain – for the first time ever, I actually became indifferent to the result.

      I read comments about smaller clubs, one slacker left at the club, the same for years… just four years ago, we were in the Champions League and finishing a run of twenty years of top four finishes.
      All was obviously not right in Wenger’s last two seasons, but nothing like the UE era and this seasons debacle.

      1. Can u just stop please talking sense….(sarcasm)…. You are just too intelligent with your analysis….I really look forward to them…. Am a Nigerian and if only I could give you my sister to marry (smiles)…..I think you’ll do a better job than Arteta if given the chance….

        1. Dammy the best offer I’ve had for a long time, but your sister wouldn’t thank you 😂😂😂 what about Dangote?

      2. Garbage performances Ken, that’s what I meant. We lost the battles of hunger, intensity, desire, pride, fight, you name it we lost it.
        Wenger & Emery had no solutions and apparently neither does Arteta.
        He is trying the same negative football that nobody wants; not fans, not players.
        Too many new players brought in to blame it on culture and that crap. This lack of motivation, intensity, hunger, is on the coach. This is the worst football I’ve ever seen Arsenal play.
        Rick-rolled 3 straight homes games, out played it all 3, Auba barely touches the ball, it’s keystone cops with Arteta.
        Willian and willock starting go against the merit based nonsense Arteta was talking, I simply can’t defend Arteta if I wish to be consistent with the clubs standards & expectations.

        1. Understand now Durand and your last paragraph is how everyone should be looking at this tonight – after watching what was served up tonight there has to be serious questions asked – like you I want him to succeed, but standards and the same rules need to apply.

      3. Absolutely spot on Ken. This debacle has nothing to do with AW or UE. It is down to MA. I have always thought MA will make a great manager but I’m beginning to think it won’t be with us here at Arsenal. We can’t afford to slip further and further down the table because then the question becomes, not why should we replace MA at this stage, but can we justify keeping him.

    2. If I could agree any more with your thoughts, I would be a Spurs fan by now.

      However, cue certain members of the “Arsenal Old Guard” to remind us how that Arteta is the best thing to happen to Arsenal since Wenger’s Invincibles, and we’re plastic fans for not blindly supporting him and trusting some largely invisible, and perhaps non-existent “process”.


    3. Stop mentioning Emery he did well for us,speak solely on Arteta all blame this season falls on his feet.. we have been set up woefully.

  15. If Arteta wasnt our manager, Willock will not be the starter. Seriously, Willock is not EPL level. Why MA doest give AMN a run? Arteta line-ups based on who he likes, not based on who work hard in training. Ceballos, Xhaka cant do a thing. When we only scored goal and that goal.came from defender, it showed that Arsenal attacker is useless.

    Where is Saliba? Arteta just dont like Emery signing, as we can see with what happened to Gabriel Martinelli. The only players who want to win only defenders side, midfielders and attackers all useless.

    1. Spot on Lupe,

      Partey is the only player we have in midfield tbh.
      Arteta is not the only one confused, fans are super confused too.
      Move Auba to the middle
      Play Willock in the league
      Play Nelson
      Stop playing a back three
      Bench Lacazette
      All has been done and after our continuous woeful performances NONE have admitted they were wrong- what I am seeing now is why not play Maitland Niles? really?

      Then after playing Niles and he does not have any effect, we say bring back Willock or Ceballos or Smith Rowe or whoever.

      Look, we need serious investment in the midfield, Xhaka, Willock, Elneny, Ceballos should be let go.
      Nelson and Saka to come in from the bench.
      Give Allegri this team and he will fail.
      Our midfield will NEVER control/dominate a game, not with Xhaka anyway, they are not robust or aggressive enough, don’t even talk about skills now.
      Ancelotti changed his midfield completely this summer, that is what we need to do right now.

      1. where is our midfield. the defense get no protection from our pathetic midfield. xhaka is passenger for the entire 90 minutes. ceballos is only passing sideways and back ways. our biggest playmaker all season so far has been Luiz and he is a defender for crying out loud. who in the team will move the ball forward. who is it that will make this team tick?

  16. Well, what can i say?

    We are dismal, we cant play football at all.

    We are going to get absolutely THUMPED against the spuds next weekend if we play like we have been.

    The manager and the players need to have a hard look at themselves in the mirror.

    We’re not competitive, we’re an absolute JOKE!

    MA really needs to start getting the players to perform and get someone in the side who can add some creativity so we can atleast move the ball to our striker’s

    I am so pis**d off right now with how we are playing its unbelievable

    If this goes on, he will find himself getting the boot. Its just facts and reality, regardless of the fact that I think he has everything to be successful as a manager.

    14th! after 10 games, what a bloody Joke!!

  17. Wow! Artetas inexperience is going to maybe cost him with a few questionable decisions also. He maybe doesnt have the answers and we need a manager with experience to sort this mess out.

    Spurs will be chomping at the bit to play us next weekend esp Jose.

    Not looking good and breaking more records so well done lads, making the club more unbearable than usual.

    What are we gonna do now?

    1. thats what we get if we worship a rookie manager as a know it all genius..
      he had his moments but overall the results are shocking.. he obviously has to be sacked and i dont think its premature at all

  18. You know what, just get it done.

    I’d rather have another 4 years of AW in his last 4 seasons than watching this crap!

    Atleast under UE we were aggressive going forward and scored goals.



      1. At this stage Sue I would offer a playing contract to the whole 2006 squad, even at their age they can do better than this

  19. No one can hold their head up high after that one. Arteta needs to bring the joy back. In particular PEA looks absolutely bereft of any quality. He almost seems disinterested.

    1. Exactly, Trudeau, it was another really poor performance. As for bringing the joy back, I think that’s easier said than done ☹ We should’ve stuck with the spiders, snakes, rats etc!!!

    2. Trudeau, you are asking the impossible. If he could bring back joy we wouldn’t have lost twice at home after Leicester game. I wonder if fans at the Emirate would’ve accepted losing thrice at Emirate before they go berserk.

  20. We Scored From Open-Play Today ….A Positive

    If It Was Burnley Next – I Could Hope We Move On To A Win

    But It’s Spurs, Anyone Can Be As Optimistic As They Want, But We Surely Going To Lose That

    And That Again Might Affect The Confidence Against Next Team (Burnley)

    Is It Clear To Arteta Now That If Auba & Laca Are Not Scoring – The One To Gamble On Should Be Laca

    Auba Offers Nothing Else When He Doesn’t Score – He Seriously Needs To Be Benched

    I Think Arteta Should Use The Full First Team For Next Euro-Cup To Help Them Get Their Playing & Scoring Confidence Back

  21. thats what we get if we worship a rookie manager as a know it all genius..
    he had his moments but overall the results are shocking.. he obviously has to be sacked and i dont think its premature at all, why should we give somebody time if there is no base at all to warrant it? neither past nor current experiences/results/on the pitch play

  22. And we still take the *iss out of Unai Emery ?

    We sacked the guy exactly a year ago – sorry , where are we now ?

    U A was yet another unbacked manager. A manager who desperately wanted Zaha as opposed to Pepe for example.

    The “Americans” remain very quite as usual … silent Stan , and now “lockjaw Josh “ !

    Sorry, simply not good enough.

    Remember we came to the Em’s to be up there challenging the likes of Bayern!!!!😂

    Not an overnight fix , but getting worried I won’t see my Arsenal back before I fall off me perch !

  23. I liked very much Arteta when he arrived. He seemed pretty clear about what to do, and focused on improving the attitude, the mentality.
    But, his team selection and coaching are getting worse and worse. He sold, benched or dropped the fighters: Torreira, Lacazette, Elneny or even Guendouzi. He removed the creativity with Ozil. He sticked to average players: Xakha, Ceballos, Holding, Nketiah.
    He sold our best goalkeeper.
    And now the results are getting bad, all the good work done on the attitude is killed. We can see the team dropping in confidence and willingness.
    Arteta is probably a very good assistant, able to work on the confidence and the individual abilities of the players, but (it really hurts to write this, as I like the guy) I am afraid he is a bad coach.
    It is urgent to fire him and hire a strong and experienced one.

    1. Ozil had his chance for more three seasons and Van Dijk had more assists than him. Ceballos is a CAM who can play decently as a deep-lying playmaker, so he should’ve played behind the striker

      Arsenal traded Martinez with Partey and it was a mutual decision by both Matinez/ Arsenal

      1. I agree Ceballos is probably better higher on the pitch. It is another example of Arteta’s poor team selection.
        Ozil has not been at his best, but dropping him with no serious replacement is killing Arsenal creativity.

        Martinez has left because Arsenal refused to give him the number 1 spot. The mutual consent was just due to mutual respect, but it doesn’t make it a good decision.

  24. Arteta
    Un proven gamble.
    Backed it all the way.
    But not working out.
    We cant sack him because no one else would take this job.

    1. He saved us from relegation and gave us an FA Cup last season, so he’s not a gamble. If things get worse, of course he must be sacked

      But the replacement would likely have a short honeymoon period like Emery and Arteta, before starting to lose the dressing room again. Look at Emery’s Villareal in La Liga, Arsenal’s biggest problem is definitely not the personnel

      1. @Gotanidea, By that logic we should sign De Matio next he won champions league and also saved Chelsea from relegation. When Wenger was at the helm problem was him since then problem has been players?? What logics do you guys implement to come up with such reasons is beyond me.

  25. Willock was the best of our midfield trio so what does that tell you about Xhaka and Ceballos.At 73 years I would back myself in a 50 yard race against Xhaka.I have seen cruise liners turn quicker.I hope Raul Jimenez recovers quickly and perhaps someone could explain why Luis was allowed to continue .Our medical people and indeed our Manager, should have taken him off after the incident.

    1. Willock is very close to being a very good player but he needs to find some self-belief. I’m a Xhaka supporter but he was horrible today, worst performance I can remember. Don’t see much point in playing Ceballos based on current displays and obvious desire to be at RM. AMN ANYONE?

      1. Are you guys serious about Willock being close to very good players??? No wonder why we are in free fall it’s bec our fan base has no longer got a clue what quality player looks like. I can not blame you either we are so used to seeing crap football that one flick or turn by a player makes him maradona in our eyes.

  26. Every transfer window, I watch has teams who finished above us strengthen their teams, while we consistently give the excuse of no money.
    At the end of the transfer window some of us knew this will happen, but we were accused of being pessimistic.
    There is no two ways about it, it is either you strengthen your team during the transfer window or you suffer the results of not strengthening.
    It would have cost Arsenal nothing to overhaul our midfield. We don’t even have a top class winger for our starting 11 not to talk of options on the bench. Our transfer businesses have been poor for years. Wenger defended this to the detriment of his career. A coach with his abilities should have been more successful. It made Emery look worse than he was. So a rookie coach won’t change anything, if we don’t address how we recruit players

    1. I thought Willock did better than most today, dont know where you were looking. There were many more players worse than him today.

  27. It is written that even when God Himself was leading the children of Israel out of Egypt to the promise land, they complained at the first experience of problems with gloom and doom, and said to Moses, “Egypt was better, let’s go back TO Egypt”… Some said they even missed the joy of slavery in Egypt, that it was better off… Does that sound familiar in the present times? But unfortunately, they never knew they were heading to the promised land, and part of the journey was a test in the wilderness… He that can discern, should discern! Go back to Egypt? Or stick with process through the challenges of the wilderness and deep valleys and then arrive at the promised land? The choice is yours!

        1. Indeed, the problem is that today’s game wasn’t the first sign of a problem – Villa, Leicester, Leeds and now Wolves show us we are already deep in the wilderness and, unless the manager sees the errors of his ways, the children of Mikel can see that we don’t have a prayer.
          Amen to that!!!

          1. Hahahaha! Brilliant again Ken! Always brilliant!! I know the errors you speak about, restore the saviour, Ozil!

    1. Hi Indeed,
      Well my prediction didn’t come off and my glass is still half empty.

      I’m not calling for his head, as now that I have calmed down, I realise that the Arsenal job reminds me of a huge tanker/juggernaut trying to turn around.

      There does, however, need to be more than what was on offer tonight to appease the vast majority of us.

      1. Hi SueP, honestly, I feel same here, that first half was utterly poor, at a point I thought my decoder was playing in slow motion. The entire team was just too sluggish to a fault. But I took heart in the second half despite the results. I am calming down too 😔. We keep going SueP!

    2. Or they could be they wise-heads among the lemmings who said ‘turn back!’ before they step blindly over the edge…

      Both are possible, and with the evidence so far, I’d say that my take of the situation is more likely to be correct than yours. At least I am only referring to a misunderstood nature phenomena, while you are invocating a murderous divine figure that had killed all the Egyptian first-borns based on some fairy story written a few thousand years ago.

      1. And so in another few thousand years Arteta’s story will also be a fairy story…. Atleast you have a viewpoint! Sail with it!

        1. If you suggesting that Arteta is somehow divine in any way, and has omnipotent powers, the I would suggest that it is a fairy story now. No need to wait a few thousand years.

          We all have our view points, and the best to remain relatively sane is for our views to have at least some bearing on reality. Happy sailing!

          1. Realists would say Arteta should be sacked, but it doesn’t make for sane thinking…Visionaries see beyond the present challenges and such become the actors of supposed fairy tales… Again, time will tell… Happy sailing!

  28. I don’t know what’s wrong anymore, even when I want to blame MA for the team selections I feel like there are no other options, I don’t know if playing Rowe will be better than keep playing Ceballos, who obviously is done with Arsenal and doesn’t want to offer much! or Bellerin mistakes?!
    or Auba laziness!!

    The whole team today was terrible! only Gabi, Luiz, Holding and Leno deserves appreciation!

    MA should really consider having major changes and start thinking about attacking from the center more often, I know we lack the playmaker but we can use Rowe, Nelson, Willock in this position in the meantime and I imagine that bringing one player in the future will change the whole terrible games we are playing in the PL.

    We didn’t lose to Wolves since 1979 in our field!

  29. I said this last year and i was crucified.Aubamayang has hoodwinked us .
    We have Ozil, Auba , Willian ,LAcazette Bellerin ,Xhaka all earning above 100k. . The management is clueless. I love Arteta even while he was in Psg but truth has to be said he needs to go and learn better and take players like Willock with him . Gerrard and Lampard know how serious this is hence why they honed their craft at less demanding leagues . Arteta was plunged to this job as the assistant of Guardiola . To be fair to him he was set up to fail with the dross from top to bottom . The only team i feel a little confident of beating is WEstbrom and even that isnt certain .

  30. I have not written for awhile, how busy life is this time of year. But this has not stopped me from watching arsenal, and now it cant stop me expressing my views.

    On the current issues at hand, Mikel needs to find an answer short term. He has a handful of players to work with, leno gabriel holding partey saka cellabos. If it means we win ugly we win ugly.

    It’s a hard position to be in for any manager. You want to get through this by your philosophy, partly because also you want to increase the Morale of the squad too But at the moment this squad is not capable of giving arsenal what they deserve. We really are a mid table team.

    What is making the resolution for Arsenal hard is that our squad is so fully stocked and poorly balanced with expensive wages for players passing their best years or over stocked in the wrong areas.

    If we consider my sell list, Bellerin, Mustafi, Chambers, Sokratis, Xhaka, Lacazette, Ozil (thankfully Sokratis and Ozil contracts are ending), Cedric all players who are taking up key positions in our squad with most of them on over £100k + per week we find ourselves stuck and unable to purchase. This is the bigger picture issue for Edu and Mikel.

    The short term is to get some form and confidence back and get our full backs playing deep in the opponents byline. I havent seen that properly. Especially if we dont have a midfield creator on our books.
    Mikel has tried Willock in recent weeks, but it’s saddening day when arsenal are relying on Saka, Willock and Nelson to turn around our fortunes. Nothing against them 3 talented young boys, but its just that, they are young boys. Even with the teams when we won nothing…Hleb Nasri Fabregas RVP Rocisky… we offered more over them years. Now we lack essentials.

    January Transfer Window is critical for Arsenal to Sell on 2 or 3 players from my list. Ideally keep Xhaka, Bellerin until the end of the seasonal as they should atleast reward us with some sort of responsibility to get us out of our current standing.

    For the current situation, Mikel needs to settle on something that will bring points and build from that.

    Spurs next week could end up being a 6-0 spanking, but the very fact I write that, without any sarcasm shows thats how bad we are right now.

  31. I told ya all to wait and time will tell if ozil, MG n others MA had problem with are right or if it’s MA who is right? Looks like so far things are not looking for fan favourite invisible MA. Where is Jon fox the oracle who predicted great things n achievement for this so called manager? I also pointed out the fans that we are seeing same playing pattern n type of disjointed football which we saw under UE but most of Arsenal fans winning an FA cup is enough to paper over the cracks and give MA status of invisible. I have been saying this for long time and I will say it again we need to set high standard n should ask same of anyone who takes the job. Our acdemy structure is total shamble giving us only two good players in more then a decade while producing avg championship material young players but as usual fans hype them up so much as if they are the best in world. Our playing style is not only boring but does not yeild result either. All those fans who been calling Arteta has hit, pointing out to unseen improvements (loosing by less goals to top 6) and best defence chants after 10 games can now see why they were called blind and delusional. Judging by my time on this forum I know they will still come out with MA support banners, will give new excuses, will say MA should be given two years before he can be judged and best of all our squad is not good enough where as on paper we have got one of the best squad in league not only that we have spend on right players n position in last two windows apart from grandpa Willian…..I almost forgot Willian 😂🤣😂…some fans here were making him into Messi or Renaldo and where saying Chelsea’s loss is our gain that they could not believe Chelsea let him come to us….I told you he is a Chelsea discard.

    1. I will give credit where credit is due
      MA started well, his idea’s and what he did with the team to make them defend better was commendable, especially where the team was mentally when he took over.

      We have beaten some big sides aswell and won the FA cup, well done MA and the team.

      But we have absolutely sucked donkey ass since, there has been no evolution in playing progressive football, we let teams run us ragged.

      He or the club have made some big, big mistakes since the player registration window.

      I’m not saying that Saliba or Ozil are the answers to our issues but not having Ozil as an option was just retarded.

      Not allowing Saliba to learn and progress in the UEL again was retarded, we’re talking about Molde and Dundalk for crying out loud, teams in Ligue un are 2,3,5x better than these sides, yet he was discarded for 2 injured ( at the time and one is still making a return ) players.

      One has to wonder what the logic was behind these pretty obvious to me blunders.

      Is he a control freak? did he metaphorically go in and swing his D**K and say he’s king here?

      It seems that way looking at it now, he wanted to make a statement to the players and its back firing big time.

      If i was Auba or Laca I would really be wondering why Ozil wasnt registered considering the lack of options or quality we actually have in finding that all important defence splitting pass.

      I really do want him to succeed here but I think he wont last much longer, I give him till the new year and if he isnt getting results he will be out the door!

      1. Fully agree.

        I really thought he would be a good coach, and I really like the guy. But the more we see his decisions, the more I see no logic, no sense and no idea.

        If he had a real playmaker in the team, dropping Ozil could make sense, but Willock is far less talented, and probably more of an impact player.

        Ceballos might be more creative, and could be tried as a playmaker, but he plays him as a DM.

        Willian and Auba seem out of gas, but he plays them at every PL game.

        Laca is out of favour (even sometimes behind Nketiah), but he’s an EL captain.

        Martinez was very good (to me, better than Leno), especially as he was able to build from the back, but he had to sell him because he refused to give him the number 1 spot.

        He let Torreira and Guendouzi leave, while he might have been able to teach them how to progress and to behave.

        Saliba didn’t get a chance, not even in EL, while Holding is playing.

        All these decisions make no sense to me, and when we look at the results, I think he is lucky to be a former Arsenal player. Someone else could have been sacked already.

    2. I really am waiting for Jon Fox to come back here with talks of a “process” that apparently, only he and fellow MA fan boys can ever seem to perceive or recognize.

      I’m waiting for him to justify the utterly ludicrous shambles that has been the Arsenal since after Fulham, bar the odd win against Utd.

      I’m waiting for him to tell us how we’re “plastic fans” because we’re not willing to endure another 5 years of sheer mediocrity in the hopes that the already “legendary” Arteta will strike gold at some point.

      I really am.

  32. We were outplayed by Wolves for the first 75 minutes and only came to life in the remaining 15 minutes. The biggest disappointment for me was Auba who had one of his worst games for us ever. He looked listless and disinterested which, as captain, sends the wrong signal to the rest of the squad.

    1. Andrew,
      I never understand that philosophy. It’s like being late for the train and having to rush on to the platform just before it leaves. In our case, it was too little, too late. There were times when I thought we could even up the game but it Wolves held fast.

      1. Good analogy SueP, mind you I really thought we could win the match when Gabriel equalised. So disappointing!!

  33. Clearly there is something rotten in the emirates kingdom … turning us from a football club in to a financial asset with an absentee rent seeking owner is certainly a big part of the problem … but that’s not all … the fawning courtiers don’t help and the estate management is clearly not up to the job leaving the (admittedly handsomely paid) serfs to enjoy their pickings with little concern about whether or not the tithes are paid … bottom line any manager that thinks that Luiz xhaka willock willian are fit to wear the arsenal shirt on a regular basis is a manager I want to see out of the door … and before we are in a relegation struggle with the likes of Brighton and Newcastle … club is in a shocking state of affairs … shocking

  34. todays team seemed unintrested in winning. aubameyang seemed disintrested in scoring, he was not even trying.there is no passion,no guile,no spirit,no teamwork,no will to win,basically, no balls.they remind me of a scratch team who never played together this point i would question mr.wengers sacking/departure.i am no fan of wenger, and have not been for some years, since 2010 in fact,but, at least when we played under him we played professionally, we were a team, not a good team,mind, but a good team.i now question artetas abilities as a top class manager, the buck must stop somewhere,after all.also, there is something badly wrong within the club,something rotten to the very core.all staff and owners should examine their roles within our club ,surely we are not this bad. if,it is proven, that, wenger was not responsible for our downfall alone, then i shall apologise to him openly here.we resemble an amateur club, players,management and owners alike.i have seen better irish teams being run, and that is mighty bad.

  35. We’ve dominated 1 game out of 10. Even then we only scored 1 goal from the penalty spot!
    Arteta is finishing what Emery started, killing the beautiful football Arsenal played. No merit based starts; dropping Laca & still starting Willian? Willock floundering at this level, yet AMN can’t start a match?
    Even a bloodied Luiz stays on the pitch. You can’t script a match like writing a novel.
    Players disinterested because Arteta wants to control every movement, pass, positioning, decision, etc…. Willian said as much in his interview couple weeks ago.
    Arteta doesn’t trust players decision making that’s clear. I would say his 4-1-5 record and inability to score say he’s wrong. He’ll ride his ego all the way to the unemployment line.
    He’s losing locker room, fans, he’s spiralling hard and shows nothing to reverse the decline.

  36. Umm, sorry to pop the question here, without reading the comments- were we so bad yesterday? I couldnt wakeup in time for the match…😶😶

  37. A lot of frustrated punters up above and who can blame them. There’s not much more to add really except repeat the same gripes. Xhaka was abysmal. He represents the downward trajectory at Arsenal ever since his arrival.He was supposed to be a take no prisoners hard man with a reputation for red cards and a missile like shot. We’ve seen one or two of these bullets in five years and his red cards have come from the fact that he has nothing else to resort to because he is so slow and can’t anticipate and intercept. A Wegner bomb. Moreover Willock seems to blow any opportunity to impress with a string of sub par performances
    .Compared to him Iwobi and the Ox are worth every bit of the forty million paid for them. I also thought William had a reasonably busy first half today in a totally misfunctioning midfield. As for the managers contribution.
    and team selections a threee out of ten score card would not be too harsh.

  38. I always thought Arteta would be too inexperienced for the job. I hope I am going to be proven wrong but if not we should go for Pochetino ASAP.

    we have been worst than emery last year. let that sink in.

  39. The main issue though is that we are a team where players are not completing their basic duties.

    Ceballos Xhaka has been not controlling midfield at all
    Willock has not been the link between midfields and forwards.
    wingers minus Nelson yesterday did not outrun defenders in wide space
    wingers ( especially Nelson) have been Absymal in corner taking.
    Auba does not try to score at every opportunity.
    nobody tried to shoot when in the box, instead of going for failed last passes.

    How is a team supposed to win like this?

  40. Noted, jakseth What is wrong with the set up at Arsenal where these promising youngsters either plateau in their skills development or break down with a career defining injury. I loved Nelson’s willingness to run yesterday but boy oh boy has he ever been taken aside and taught how to cross.? You’d think it was essential for a winger.Mind you Arsenal once had a player called Ozil if I remember correctly and he was one of the best corner kick takers in the game.

  41. Maybe I’m old school but I don’t like the idea of a forward being the team captain. A captain in my view goes around and gees the players up, shake their fists at players who aren’t performing well and stirs them up, I see Auba doing none of these things. Could you imagine McLintock or Adams putting up with the recent performances.
    Also when are we gonna have shots at goal from long distance. I understand Xhaka has a powerful shot but how many times has he tried it. Are the players being told not to shoot from long distance. Maybe they are being coached too rigidly. The players know how to play football, just tell them to go out and play without having endless instructions going around their heads stopping them being spontaneous.

  42. This result, more than any other since his arrival, may well encourage Arteta to rethink and finally admit to himself the need to leave out experienced players who are contributing precious little for team.Luis, Xhaka and Ceballos are totally lacking in pace and are basically liabilities as they are useless in defending on a one for one basis.Our back four looked much better with Holding in place, but unfortunately Bellerin had his poorest game of the season, continually getting caught out upfield.Why AMN is not being played is beyond me for he has at least the pace and athleticism to match quick opponents .I will be very interested in the Manager’s selection for the match against Spurs , but if he continues to play Xhaka, Ceballos and the has been that is Luis, we will most certainly lose.The injury to Partey has been a huge set back but Elneny and AMN are available and should join Willock in midfield.

  43. “Mikel” better figure this out quickly. Worst start ever, damn near bottom of the table for points and chances created, no identity or flair… shambolic. One of the most frustrating parts of this to me is that arteta wants guys that will work and press in the line up but where is our press?! Teams like villa and wolves are playing out of the back with ease on us! Two passes are we’re broken down.

    side note- auba is not a captain! Anyone who has been on a team can see he is the team clown. Can’t even speak without laughing. We need a captain in the partey/gabriel mold (but ideally one that can speak English 😂). Free auba of this job and if he doesn’t like it, he can leave, just make sure to take laca with you!

    Looking forward to a year where I don’t have to say “wow, we’re even worse than last season.”

  44. It is likely MA is regretting exclusion of Özil, but he would never, never admit it. Worst of all, he will never allow him back in the sqaud.

    Will he get another creative player in the coming transfer window? Maybe! But I got a feeling that every new arsenal player have to pass a mandaroy “injury” period.

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