Everton steal the spoils but it was largely disappointing from both

Everton scraped past Arsenal in today’s evening encounter, leaving the Gunners hopes of European football in doubt.

We started the match slowly, and it certainly wasn’t the greatest spectacle early on.

Thomas Partey was our main outlet, provided our front men, but it was very telling that we were without both Alexandre Lacazette and Aubameyang this evening.

I can’t recall a single shot on target for us in the opening 45 minutes, Everton challenged Leno when Richarlison created his own space inside the box to get his shot away, while the most exciting moment came from Gylfi Sigurdsson’s free-kick which smashed off the crossbar.

The second-half didn’t appear to be much better initially, but around five minutes in there was a penalty call. Dani Ceballos was brought down in the box (I admit this would have been soft), but upon a VAR review Nicolas Pepe was deemed to have been offside in the build-up.

We pushed on after this however, and was starting to look much more dominant in midfield, and was beginning to assert ourselves on the match.

That man Pepe was our main source in the final third, although he may well have appeared to have been trying a little too hard to force the issue, and he was then replaced by Odegaard with just over 15 minutes left on the clock.

That change was shortly followed by the opening goal however, as a breakaway by the Merseyside boys saw Richarlison run deep into the box, and he looked set to square only for Bernd Leno to mess up his lines.

Despite 15 minutes left to play, the next noteworthy incident came in the dying moments when Gabriel Martinelli forced a super save out of Jordan Pickford.

This all-round performance was miles from where it needed to be, and I can’t grumble at the result.

Everton most likely didn’t deserve the victory either, but if one team looked more like scoring it was them.


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  1. The players seemed distracted by the supporters outside the Emirates and might be thinking about EL/ ESL. Leno has been disappointing and careless since he lost his strongest internal competitor, so he must get his shit together before going to Spain

    1. I can’t stand Richarlison, gai – and that celebration 🤬

      How poor have Everton been lately? And yet they still managed to do the double over us – so disappointing..

      1. Yeah his dance was 🤮

        We dominated Everton, but we badly missed Lacazette. I’d be surprised if Nketiah starts in Spain

        1. I don’t know the extent of Laca’s injury, do you?
          I was hoping Auba would be back tonight, so pray he’ll make Thursday 🙏

          1. I haven’t read anything about Lacazette’s recovery, but a hamstring injury usually takes one month to heal

          2. Sorry but we don’t need Auba. We rather use Balogun and Martinelli.

            Don’t forget VAR actually robbed us again. That’s about the only consistency I see with VAR.

      2. Absolutely atrocious manager needs a huge rethink of this bunch. Our club is seeing the worst embarrassing laughable season. These players don’t care they will move on and seems it doesn’t matter to them. Leno needs gone he wants a new challenge he didn’t come near fulfilling this one

    2. I love your excuse, I can’t help it but laugh at you 😀😀😀 Accept it or not, this team and their coach are not good enough for this club and I am not expecting anything from them for now until things change drastically from Mr Kroenke himself. This team generally have lost ambitions from owner to board to coach to players and then to fans.

        1. GOI do you ever get off the fence and actually say what is really happening instead of making excuses. I have never known anyone make an excuse for absolutely everything like you do in my life. And Nketiah didnt prove me wrong, poor choice tonight, gave absolutely nothing and seemed like he was playing in another game too everyone else.

          1. Kudos R & P…I took a lot of grief for expressing a similar sentiment, so tread carefully

      1. And the mighty arteta during his post match speech as I expected still claims on his retarded mind “we were the better team and had the better chances” lmao.reality is starring clear at his face but always finds a way to twist it. what a clown of a coach.I feel pity for the fans because this shitty people calling the shots here have played on our intelligence for too long. players will perform badly week in week out and still unremorsefully get their huge weekly checks. A once great club that commands respects both within & globally has been turned to shreds and has become a laughing stock.. i lack words to express my disgust towards this club. shame to the so called owner,shame to the players and most shame to the coach , that is if there is one

    3. Exactly my thought – I was and upset about all the noises.

      Then the VAR robbery again, and Leno’s howler to put ice on the cake.

    4. I’m tired of excuses whenever we came short, Man City & Tot both played with supports outside the stadia and both came out with victories. We are simply not good enough.

  2. Welcome back to the 1930s where we have lost as much since then.

    The own goal is nostalgic as well. Remember Barca in UCL final?

    Definition of urgency is to play safe and backwards.

    Meanwhile, defiance means Leno as he spends two whole minutes in opponents box. Clearly a message to send the ball forward.

    Martinelli should do a Laca (who is greatly missed) and drop deep to taste the ball. No one is servicing the lad at all.

    Finally, still waiting for Partey to hit the target with his occasional long range attempt. Elneny has done it many times yeh?

    Arteta can now proceed with tinkering EL.


        1. @Lenohappy
          I know I will get a lot of hate for saying this but at the time we signed him his FIFA player card was 84. Immediately I saw his rating I begun to doubt him. I know some people consider FIFA player ratings a joke but a lot of analysis is involved in coming up with those scores. Though I don’t believe idiots like Firmino deserve an 87, the player ratings are still mostly accurate.

        1. I don’t know what you guys are watching. From what I see every week, Party deserves far better than Arsenal. His recoveries, ball winning, and passes are top notch. If he has poor shot does that make him overrated? Arsenal is a mess. If we had a Partey during Wenger, hmmm…

        1. Partey was and isnt overpriced, dont use that old chesnut. He was immense for Athletico, is a top top midfielder, whi like a few other players in this squad not playing to his potential because he isnt being played to his strengths and being asked to play in a way he isnt noted for. Im sorry stop using that old chestnut too suit, it is not right.

    1. Gurrosco, I missed your point because in the 1930’s under Herbert Chapman, The Arsenal had arguably the best football team in the World.

      1. I should have made it clear. I was just relaying what the commentator mentioned. I think it was something like Arsenal haven’t lost more home games since 1930. It can’t be during Chapman era right?

  3. I will say it again that a lot of people were angry when Martinez was startoing over Leno. They wanted Marinez to be sold so that the yafvorite could start meaning they picked their favorite rather than the good of the team. Unfortunately he’s bringing back his days of Bayer Leverkusen again. I feel sorry for him. Same when Iwobi(17/18) was doing better than Ozil.. Many hoped Iwobi would fail just so Ozil could start. You pay 72m for a player to be a game changer and people are content that he’s not the worst player in the world. When you watch us it’s like using a blunt knife to cut. Frustrating

    1. Kev what is Martinez has to do with our result tonight. If you don’t know he has been gone almost a season and had and “excellent” game last night. Besides, he asked to be sold and he had conceded more than 30 goals this season. Back to the game when you had 2 shots on target in your home and couldn’t get into opposition box after conceded until extra time and expected a positive result you are deluded.

      1. Poor argument. Villa are top 5 in clean sheets this season and Marginez has been a big part of that. Don’t be ignorant of the facts.

      1. That is the worst mistake he as made since he signed ,let’s not pretend that is the norm .
        Let’s not use the keeper mistake to hide the actual problem which is Arteta.
        And let’s not start with the Iwobi discussion ,that is fcking laughable to even bring that sh1t up ,where was Iwobi tonight ?
        Please do your homework Kev before you start talking bollocks .

        1. @Dan
          Heh, maybe Arteta is the problem, but this is the third time in a few games where they score between Leno’s feet. This time it wasn’t even aimed towards goal.

          Let’s not pretend that Leno is not part of the problem.

        2. Dan, in support he also made a great save in the match. All players make mistakes, but his looked bad (loss of concentration?)
          With goalkeepers people soon forget the saves they did make; it is an unforgiving position to play.

        3. At least the records mention that Iwobi has a EL goal in the finals which the golden (boot)boy of some did not care for during his time on the pitrch. Leno, Xhaka are mistakes lurking around the corner along with Luiz, Gabriel, Bellerin.
          Have to admit team selection was poor, maybe Arteta has his team picked up for the semis and hope it includes Matt Ryan in the starting line up.
          Thanks Kev for mentioning the truth, as they say “truth hurts”

        4. @Dan Kit your comment is laughable. I dont careif thats the wprstmistake he’s ever made but the hard truth is Leno has always been an error prone keeper and nothing you say can change that. You can’t argue quality into a player and as an older fan its pathetic your standards are so low. Also on Iwobi, he was playing better than Ozil in Emery’s first season but people wanted him to fail so Ozil could start despite Ozil being poor in that season. Lo and behold, Emery decided to bench him for the UEL final and cowardly went for the three back formation which cost us the game. Y’all are just a bias folk. Btw I never rated Iwobi but I’m speaking with respect to only that season.

  4. Should have never got to Leno, Xhaka is the culprit here. In fact Xhaka is almost always the culprit

    1. Xhaka to blame if Leno ad is mind on the game instead of think he could do better at a other club he would av save it well if you call a cross a shot he so so bad bring back seaman anyway looking forward to summer when the players av a good rest because we aren’t playing in Europe next season

    2. Xhaka was too easy to pass but he’s not a left back. That shot was not going to be a goal. There was no Everton player near it. It was Leno and his constant lack of attention when it matters. How similar was that goal to the one against West Ham? He should not be beaten by that weak cross!

    3. With the amount of balls Saka has dropped at the front I would play him at left back and keep poor Xhaka in midfield.Arteta never learns this.What will happen if we dont win the EUROPA?Will the blame still be directed to Stan?This is just super disappointing if Arteta cant use all he has at clubs like Everton and Fulham

    4. None of the players can play for Arteta. He is not a manager….he is a beginner who cannot motivate. He really is, factually, empirically, truthfully, not good enough to be Arsenal manager. He needs at least ten more years to be ready. We don’t have ten years. Arteta must leave. Look at this season’s results. They don’t lie. This is Arteta’s skill set. C’mon Arteta supporters you must be seeing the truth now.

  5. Trust the process.

    Leno over Martinez.

    Willian over anyone in this footballing world.

    Xhaka LB, just brilliant.

    Top top manager this guy is. We actually hired a guy with ZERO experience to manage Arsenal.

    1. There is other “trust the process” :

      Nketiah over balogun

      mustafi over saliba

      Drop guendouzi

      And for the inexperienced manager yes… It was probably
      a to save some millions from the club. Ancelotti or allegri were more expensive. But in the end, they probably would have done better ! I know it is easy now to say that. At the time it was nice to gamble on arteta and give him the chance. But it has collapsed apart from the FA cup… Wait to see if we catch EL, but that would be miraculous.

      1. Ancellotti was also disappointed with Everton’s performance. As the realist he is, he stated a draw would have been a fair result and made no excuses.

    2. Agree 100%. Arteta’s selections, tactics, have people seen enough yet?

      Started Nketiah and how poor was he yet again? I don’t blame Xhaka playing at LB, that’s the genius of Arteta.

      Arteta worse than Emery, not really up for debate. He has done nothing to inspire confidence, worse results than last year, absolutely looks every bit an inexperienced manager.

      Get Nagelsmann before spuds do, please. Arteta is killing this club, taking us backwards.

      1. I agree with you Durand. You have said it all. Arteta is not good enough. He deserves a sack. If Aubameyang and Lacazette were both out, it is not rocket science. Martinelli is the best to play in the number 9 role. Martinelli as number 9 is a no brainer. Arteta is just negative and scared of losing matches. How can we explain a season where we lost home and away to Everton, Aston villa and Wolves. This is a disappointing sesson so far. EVEN IF HE WINS THE EUROPA LEAGUE, HE SHOULD BE SACKED.

      2. Terry Neil lost 11 games as Arsenal manager and was sacked. Neil obviously wasn’t a “yes” man and KS&E didn’t own the Club. What is Arteta’s record thus far this season.
        It will be interesting to see how Arteta’s Arsenal goes against an “ordinary” Villarreal and their “failed” manager Unai Emery.

      3. Durand, I’m likewise very concerned we’re going to see another manager that I desperately wanted at the Emirates plying his trade somewhere else in the Premiership…Klopp, Pep, Tuchel and maybe Nagelsmann next…what a terribly depressing notion

        my bigger concern is still the tactics:

        so much wasted possession that amounts to nothing

        no real presence in the middle of the pitch, which allowed Everton to double-team both Saka and Pepe every time they got a touch in a wide position

        no one minus Partey, on occassion, who can pick a long pass

        still slow passing, always with an extra touch before dispensing and we don’t seem to know how to provide a pass to our front foot, it’s always to the back foot without any pace

        this obviously has been deeply ingrained within the players by Arteta during training, as it’s a primary component of a possession-based sideways/backwards passing tactical philosophy, which has been all-too-familiar this season

        a lack of intelligent movement in and around the box to take defenders away from the man on the ball or to open up space for a pass to someone in a good shooting position…I’ve never seen a team get more of their shots blocked in my life

        if we can’t take chances now, then when? at the very least when you field a bunch of younger players up top adopt a higher tempo tactical approach…worse case scenario, if you burn guys out, sub guys out sooner then have at it again…you simply can’t play to win a 1-0 game when you have Xhaka at LB and the bumbling Leno in the net…simply put, piss-poor

    3. You need to stop overhyping this Martinez. With a much much better organized team he has conceded 35 epl goals why Leno shambolic team has conceded 36. Our as it stand now is having a coach is learning in the job. We need to get Arteta out as fast as possible first before we look at the players. Any coach who started Nketiah ahead of Martinelli doesn’t know what he is doing . base on game time they both had in the last 4 matches Martinelli should have started this match

  6. Leno is the worst keeper in the league and Eddie is the worst forward in the league and mikel is the worst manager in the league we or so bad can’t wait for the summer and forgot about this season

    1. I agree about Arteta. Choice of line up, strategy is all wrong. How do you let your cover for Tierney go out on loan? Not saying Kolasnic was amazing but better to have cover than not. Xhaka is not a left back.

        1. Disagree, as Kola is asked to do far more than Xhaka…Kola was always farther up the pitch, making overlapping runs and trying to provide crosses into the box…why do you think Pepe was always double-teamed…now of course I’m not suggesting that Kola is some sort of high calibre LB, but either is Xhaka…most of the commentators still can’t believe that teams haven’t taken advantage of Xhaka, of course we saw today what can happen when they do, regardless of the fact that Leno should never have allowed such a piss-poor goal

    1. Please arteta resign now and at least give us a chance (1%) of getting through on Thursday. What absolute crap that was

  7. Leno didn’t prove me wrong. Xhaka didn’t prove me wrong. They didn’t prove me wrong. I went for an Everton win 1:2 but wanted the team to prove me wrong. It was a below par performance from both teams but Everton will take that victory. 7 home defeat in all competition I think, Everton getting a win at our turf in many years. A double over us as well….. a lot of broken record (negative on Arsenal side).

    Season is long over.

    Europa league is the only hope but can we win it? Arsenal is giving us stress. It’s tiring..

    1. We are tired honestly. We appointed the wrong guy. We can still correct this. Xhaka should have played in midfield while Cedric shoud have played at left back. Martinelli should have played as a number 9. This Arteta is VERY CLUELESS.

  8. We were not creating a lot, but had complete control of the match, so that’s why I knew that goal was coming.

    I have been a big supporter of Leno, but he needs dropping for the rest of the season because he’s clearly out of form. Ryan may only have a couple of appearances under his belt for us, but has looked excellent so far.

    Miserable end to the week! Only highlight was a good turn out for the protest, and I hope they can keep the pressure on.

  9. Everton weren’t exactly great. Sorry to say that in an even game between 2 uninspiring sides, poor Leno made a mistake which scuppered our chances. It happens but it was a shame and at the other end Pickford makes a good’un
    Sh*t happens

  10. How many points has Leno cost Arsenal this season? At least 4 games….

    How many clean sheets does martinez have at villa?

    Who would you prefer?

      1. gotanidea, how can you only “hope”, if you take the time to compare the records of Ryan and Runarsson!
        Your judgement of footballers’ abilities must be questioned.

  11. My Dad gave me a choice 50 years ago to watch either Everton or Arsenal as my first game. I chose Arsenal and have been a gooner ever since, through the good times and the bad, and I always will be. But they are not making it very easy yo keep the faith at the moment!

    1. Same here.

      I became a fan of Arsenal when Arsene Wenger n Arsenal play attractive attacking football dominating the league. Though I was a Liverpool fan just casually. Arsenal won me over. I became ever since.

      Til now even though Arsenal has been quite inconsistent I still have some faith that good time will be coming back n hopefully I dun have 2 wait like 10 years more.

      Arsenal is not suppose to go downhill!

  12. I literally have something personal against Leno but I don’t think that goal was really his fault.

    Richarlison was about 5m away and the ball was hard and low. Plus there was Mari I think, standing in front of him(Leno).

    But Nketiah, after watching him scrutinously for the matches he’s played for us, he either doesn’t know how or just simply chooses not to play with his teammates.

    1. Pirate Dandy wow that ball was hard and low😎😎. The ball wasn’t even going to the net, IN case you didn’t notice the goal was giving to Leno as an own goal.

      1. Yah but a goalkeeper cannot let the ball go across his box, his 6-yard box. There were about 3 evernton players waiting to tap it in.

  13. Have said it before and I will say it again, we are not going to win any major trophy with Leno has our number1. I think Leno had a good game, Nketiah tried to make things happen but he’s just too average. Let’s trust the process. IN ARTERTA WE TRUST.

  14. As much as I love Saka at RW, he needs to play LB until Tierney gets back or we get a decent back-up. We have options up front but despite hard graft, Xhaka and Cedric aren’t the standard needed as makeshift LBs.

    Never a penalty but neither was Fulham’s last week. The clear and obvious error though was VAR drawing the line from Pepe’s elbow.

    Tough job for Arteta to get them up for Thursday.

  15. As long as we are still in with a shout of winning the Europa League Arteta is safe IMO. If by some miracle we win it, he will be safe as houses for at least another season (to continue his long-term project.)

    1. No offense Bryan. Even if Arteta wins the europa league he shoud be sacked. That is what big and ambitious clubs do. A rookie won Chelsea their champions league. He was sacked some months after. Ranieri, against all odds won Leicester the premier league, he was sacked a season after. There is no project ongoing at arsenal. It is all nonsense. A rookie who is NAIVE and arrogant at the same time. I can give you 5 managers who will do a better job. Conte, Allegri, Nagelsmann, Inzagi.
      Conte is winning Serie A title at the moment. That is an experienced coach that will take us to the next level. It is a result oriented job. If you dont deliver, you get the sack.

  16. Kroenke is not the only cancerous person in our club. Ceballos cheating for a penalty (only overturned for a hairswidth offside) is also not the sort of person I want representing me and my support. I will be interested to see if anyone else even cares. But I do, as I will NEVER condone BLATANT cheats. I seriously ask myself why I support this unsavoury club right now AND whether I will go on doing so.

    1. Jon that was a clear penalty, if not for the offside. I really don’t understand what you mean by ceballos cheating.

      1. If your theory applies Jon Fox then there are always 22 potential chests on the field. Every player tries to milk an advantage. Let’s not get off the main issue. Arsenal have lost 13 games and Kroenke is our club’s worst nightmare.

        1. Dont ever bother speaking to me again Joe, as I will not be speaking to you. I want nothing to do with dishonest and spiteful people like you!

      2. Ceballos was hardly touched and went down – not in an intant either but when he thought about it – like he had been kicked by a horse. That is cheating!

        Both the studio pundits Kevin Campbell , who is a Gooner, and Souness both agree with me and said so. They are being honest and are right. You seem not to be honest, sadly.

        1. Yeh! Whatever. You come across as a self serving pompous git. I guess the empire was built by people like you. Ceballos was interfered with and it was a 50/50 call for al a penalty soft as it was. Their defender was nowhere near the ball. If Ceballos had played on he would have been off balance and referees never pay attention unless a player is down. For you to call him and whoever disagrees with you a cheat is very Alf Garnettish You are probably someone who agrees with Ray Parlour regarding AFT’s protest. What a Wally he is being. A lion heart on the pitch, a nothing has been, now trying to milk as many goodies as he can off his reputation.

        2. Part of the modern game unfortunately Jon.

          Makes me sick to the stomach too..

          Remember the Adidas advert I think it was where players were practicing in training rolling over and feigning injury!? Says it all really.

          On the game: pretty average but that’s what we are. Look at the table for proof.

      1. Jon what are you on about, it was a stonewall penalty, it was ruled out for offside in the build up not for the penalty. Again you are deflecting from the real problem THE WAY WE PLAY. And ARTETA.

        1. It wasnt a penalty for me Reggie but the problem is neither was the one last week and it cost us the game. The officiating is so poor and inconsistent that it’s no wonder Ceballos went down like hed been shot. Is it embarrassing? Yes. Is it cheating? In my eyes yes. Did it win Fulham a game last week? Yes.


        You say what you want and ILL SAY WHAT I WANT, NOT what you want me to say.

        1. Jon, i dont want you to say anything you dont want to but it doesn’t alter the fact the piint you brought up about the game was not relevant to the bigger picture, what is going on and what you are trying to avoid like the plague. I have no problem with you supporting Arteta but as an intelligent man give me facts why i/we should agree with you. Dont just stay silent on the massive issue/problem with our rookie managers league form and style of play.

          1. I will back up my buddy Jon and say Ceballos was a fcking embarrassment trying to win a penalty with that slight touch ,one thing I can’t stand is pussy players trying to con refs ,and the worst thing was VAR actually agreed with it ,so it does not matter to me if it was offside or not ,the right decision was called .
            Players need banned for sh1t like that,can’t stand it never have never will .

          2. But Dan he got kicked on the shin by Richarlison, who when you look at his face, he knew what he had done and Ceballos’s problem is he wears thin shinpads that are crap and he will get hurt when kicked. Its a fad thing started by Toni kroos at Real, who people think doesn’t even wear shinpads. I agree Richarlison never brought Ceballos down and he maybe a big baby screamer but it f**ck*ng hurts when you get kicked in the shin.

          3. I have got to admit that whatever the argument for the penalty or not, i have just had another look and i haven’t changed my mind. But how many moves can they gi back to Pepes offside in the build up? The ofside was about 9 passes earlier and he wasn’t involved in the buikd up. What dickhead referee was in the Stockleigh park room?

          4. Sorry Reggie but that was fcking embarrassing ,if me or my mates did that on a sat afternoon we would prob kick each other in the face and we would let play go on ,the game as gone stupid ,I can’t stand shit like that TBH .probably by the letter of the law it was a soft penalty but FfS is that what this game as come to.

          5. Glad to comment on your question Reggie. My take is this and I will be , as ever COMPLETELY honest and open. I see no chance at all of MA being sacked while Kroenke owns us, unless we get relegated. Kroenke has given no manager from Wenger, Emery and MA a real chance of competing on even near equal terms with other top clubs, as he has zero interest in our team and where we finish in the table, nor in trophies at all. This is the ongoing problem that dwarfs all other matters, til the debacle of this evil superleague was rightly overthrown by the goodies(all proper football folk) defeating the baddies, Kroenke and his evil billionaire accomplices. By comparison to the corrupt nature of top footbalL for decades, mere games are RELATIVELY unimportant. I stress, by COMPARISON!

            The constant cheating by most players and fans unfairly blaming refs by calling them cheats has never sat easily with me, as I have a burning moral passion towards how I wish to live my own personal life and I do not mix or want to be involved in ANY sense at with bad and immoral people. I see a time fast approacing when I CAN NO LONGER TOLERATE THE STENCH OF HOW MODERN TOP FOOTBALL IS RUN. Not the game ; the business all around it!

            This is the whole and only reason I shunned the last world cup in Russia and will do with the next in Qatar. Both are corrupt countries with bad people running them and I want NO truck with them.

            On Arteta, I believe he has made many mistakes so far and will make more. But I also believe he is the best hope we have, under Kroenke(do not forget Kroenke!) of making progress but only in good time .

            He has had to change a whole cuture of neglect and coasting within the club going back many years and is still in the middle of making this vital and necessary change, hampered by lack of money to remove serial coasters such as OZIL(mercifully gone, though years too late) and to bring in hungrier but proven quality top players

            Til right now he has had no real chance and many fans, including you, have been far too impatient and unfairly demanding. In short the expectations of those fans are IMO, outrageously unrealistic and unfair. I intend to back my own beliefs , as I always do vocally and consistently. THAT IS MY VIEW REGGIE.

            I already know you do not agree with it but you asked my for an explanation and now you have it.

          6. Yes jon thank you for enlightening me. I know what you keep saying about kronk and most things i do agree on but lots of money has been spent on players this last 3 seasons, you can say what you like but we have bought and have many players of value and ability that are all capable of a better position than what we currently are. The players are not being allowed to express themselves under Artetas regime. We all call players that are not good enough in this squad but the truth is there are many in this team that are better than 10th shoukd be. There isn’t any excuse that can be thrown at Artetas door to defend the position this squad is in. I had high hope for Arteta but it is as obvious as the nose on your face he isnt cutting it or getting more out of these players than he should be. Im not sure how long you can go on defending Arteta without losing face jon, you avoid telling it is how it is about him but he isnt getting any tune at all out of this squad. For all his failings kronk isn’t responsible for how these players are underperforming.

    2. jon, Ceballos was clipped. If you don’t go down precedent shows penalties are not given. Arsenal has softer penalties given against it.

      1. Once again you’re spot on Ozzie! you’d think that some people on here have just started watching football like it or not and i don’t that’s the way it is nowadays players go down at the slightest touch and why is that!because 9 times out of 10 if they stay on their feet even after a proper foul the penalty is not given.

      2. I agree but Reggie said he was kicked in the shin Souness got it right when he said he took a bit of varnish off his toenail

  17. Everton drew with Tottenham and Maureen-ho got sacked.
    Even though they are ahead of us on the table.
    Lampard was sacked.
    Arsenal’s lack of ambition and inconsistency is appalling.
    Emery didn’t even lose this much matches.
    Arteta is a coward. Waits too late to make subs.
    Nketiah can never make it as a top striker. Wycombe standard at best.

    1. That is because the English media and the fan base is so biased and sentimental to pick a rookie coach that is not ready to coach a championship club talk more of an arsenal over a coach with so much wins and trophies in his CV

    2. Yup. It’s the lack of ambition that really kills me. So many fans are perfectly fine with what is happening because of their sentiments for Arteta. It’s absurd. Look around. he’s doing a pretty awful job. I’d let him go at the end of the season no matter what happens in the cup. He’s clueless. He’s got zero footballing philosophy. He’s showing nothing. If Lampard has been accused of skipping steps to a top club, what has Arteta done??

    3. Emery lost 3 from 8 matches in his second season and had Arsenal in 8th place, after finishing 5th and making the Europa League final in his first season.

      1. One the reasons he was sacked is because of fickle fans who didn’t like his strong Spanish accent and because they think that because MA is an eloquent speaker(i would hope so he’s been living in England for many years) that makes him a better manager i think it is very shallow and superficial look at Bielsa it doesn’t seem to be a problem for him Poch used an interpreter for 2 years.

      2. Ozzie as we keep saying Arteta isn’t being treated the same as Emery by kronk or some fans. I do believe though if we dont make Europe he will be out.

  18. I thought since you couldn’t score with your arms then they aren’t considered offside???

    As usual our attempts on targets is never up to half or quarter of the total attempts. We just making and breaking records this season…
    Thank you Arsenal, thank you .. Just thank you👏

  19. Arteta is a terrible manager… Who doesn’t know how to fix the team.

    He doesn’t developed the team… So sad as my heart breaks each time I see how poor and average we have become under arteta management.

  20. Didn’t we see it coming, though? I could smell the stuff up coming, it was a question of which player was going to make it week. It all comes from a lack of positivity in how the team is set up. Would we have cared about Leno’s howler, if the score had been 3 – 1 in our favour.

  21. Now who is to actually blame for this result? Seriously, is anyone actually responsible?
    As @TMJW quite rightly stated before the Fulham game, don’t worry about the defence, because Arteta has introduced a system of play that produces results. It’s all quite simple. We just score more than our opponents. It worked against Sheffield United FFS so that proves it can work. Against Fulham they scored ONE and we scored………. oh!,,,,,,, We only scored one as well. Now that’s a huge surprise. @TMJW, who of course only changes his mind every other time he posts something was very very insistent t on this. We don’t need to worry about defending. Arsenal simply create far too many chances for us not to w in. Let’s call Fulham a blip. A typo. It happens. @TMJW is always correct.
    Tonight they score ONE but we are ok because we scored eh eh eh ……..actually we didn’t score!,,,,,
    Now I’m confused. In the last 16 games we have kept the very impressive total of ONE CLEAN SHEET. OK. It’s not perfect. But let’s face it. It’s a massive improvement over Emery. How do we know this? @TMJW told us so it must be true. It’s also a massive improvement on Wengers last few season. We know this how? @TMJW told us so it must be true. Forget the facts, they mean nothing. Forget the results, they are obviously misleading. Forget the League position, that means what in reality?
    No, @TMJW is always right is he not?
    Our defence has not. Improved.
    We make fewer chances.
    We score fewer goals.
    All those facts and statistics mean nothing.
    Arteta is the man. To lead us forward
    How do. We know this?
    @TMJW told us so. It must be true.

    1. Hahaha, you seem to have an obsession with me? Classic troll like behaviour. Why not try to just give your analysis, without an unprovoked attack on a fellow fan? Speaks volumes about what type of person you!

      Today proved my point yet again though . Our defence looked comfortable, organised, and protected Leno really well. Just like with the Fulham game, it’s our attack which has disappointed me. Our attack really improved post-Xmas, but has dipped.

      1. Oh so now it’s the ATTACK that’s not working and the DEFENCE that is. Last week you said the opposite. What’s it going to be next?
        And care to actually comment on the following
        But of course, Arteta continues to improve the team, side, players, club, youngsters, defence, attack, chances created!!!!!!!!!!
        Proven by the fact we sit NINTH in the Premiere League with the possibility of that being ELEVENTH by the end of the weekends fixtures.
        Yeah PAL- and some expect Arteta to lose his job. Why would they think that?

        1. THIDAMANHAF@
          Let’s not blame Leno for that performance ,even with that really bad mistake would we have won that game ?
          Arteta as taking down to a mid table team even with being bought the best
          DM player on the market which you constantly talk about Wenger not signing .
          I have just witnessed the worst 2-3 weeks of football as an Arsenal fan (and that actually includes my buddy Emery)how you can keep coming up with excuses for this pathetic excuse as footballl is beyond me buddy .
          Martinelli is ready to go after all the excuses about him not being ready and he plays Eddie ,a player who hasn’t featured all season ,unless Martinelli is goer start on Thursday which we all know he won’t .
          Arteta needs to go right now ,I said it when Emery needed to and also when Wenger had to ,the time is right ,I’ve got to the stage where I have no intreast watching us and that is awful as a football supporter.

          1. Sue, im not sure we will, we can all kick and squeal and make it horrible for the people in charge, and we must. But Kronk isnt in this for us, he is a belligerent devil and im not sure he really cares if we are mid table or bottom, unless it affect his investment. Even then i still think he will cling on and on as long as he can. If Arteta gets CL football this summer, he will have done his job and he will deserve time, if he doesn’t he should be sacked for the most miserable league campaign i can remember. But will he? Will Kronk do the right thing?

          2. Sorry Sue that above was a reply to your nightmare ending soon post, dont know how it ended up here.

          3. Dan kit, are you now on side with me, that head coach Emery should have been supported (players he wanted, player discipline backed up) in his second season like Arteta has been, to try and turn the season around? After all Arteta as Manager (not head coach) still finished 8th and had a terrible start to his second season, which Arsenal haven’t recovered too well from.
            Consistency of treatment for equity and fairness.

          4. @Dan kit

            Well Wenger went about a decade too late, hence the mess that was left, that is taking years to sort out.

            It’s a disappointing end to the league campaign, and I’m not defending this, but one can tell the players have downed tools in the league. Everyone knows its Europa or bust.

            Arteta is on thin ice for me, but I’ll stand by what I keep saying – if you think just ONE main transfer window was enough time to turn around our dreadful squad then you’re delusional!

            ALL other managers needs years to turn things around, especially when it’s a mess, yet you expect miracles off Arteta in less than a year for a lot of you.

            Remember that Wenger did nothing in his first year, then won an amazing double, but then a long 4 year wait for another major trophy. Yet more evidence that even the best of them need time!

          5. I know, Reggie, was just trying to be optimistic to cheer Kev up, but deep down this isn’t going away any time soon! I’m absolutely dreading Thursday. If we play like that Villarreal will be out of sight!!
            Will Stan do the right thing? Has he so far?? I’m not going to hold my breath, Reggie. I can’t handle a rinse and repeat season next time, as this has been the worst season I’ve ever known!! Embarrassing…

      2. Pls explain what was “comfortable” about Richarlison skipping .. literally .. past the hapless xhaka who was an endless sauce of vulnerability at the back

        1. It shouldn’t need explaining, but I will offer the obvious explanation anyway – Xhaka is not a LB!

          1. But what part of “xhaka isnt a left back” excuses him from the diabolical tackle that allowed Richarlison past so easily. He was on the pitch facing up to a player and was feeble.

  22. Anyone else get the feeling that Emery’s team is going to give Arteta’s shambles of a team a lesson in how to play football by scoring and not conceding goals over the two leg Europa semi-final.

    1. I don’t think so, because the players would likely play with higher intensity, motivation and energy in Spain. They know EPL games are pointless now, but they can still get EL trophy

    2. Nor me, but on paper (player valuations) it shouldn’t be a contest. As many on here tell us Unai Emery is a poor coach/manager, despite the trophies he has won and having supposedly failed at PSG, with a better record at that club than Tuchel, Blanc, Ancellotti and so far Ponchettino.

  23. This Coach is not good enough for Arsenal. Pepe was our most lively player in the second half but he was surprisingly taken out

  24. There is something intrinsically wrong in the way we play football under Arteta. We, as we often have in the past, controlled the game, the opposition just wait and we alway seem to give them opportunity with out them having to try too much. I didn’t think we played too badly but after the game, my mate text me who isnt a supporter but likes football and said Arteta wont last, his football is so boring to watch, nothing happens. This league campaign cant for me be defended and if people still think Arteta is the blue eyed boy, they are deluded because there is something not right in the way he wants us to play. Today it shone like a beacon, control of the game, quite comfortable, Everton were never going to be good enough to win and like so often they do. We are i think at the lowest point that this club has been as far as owner and manager, since i can remember, its not acceptable at all. Our clubs standards have dropped to level we could never have dreamed of without getting relegated. I dont accept the squad is as bad as the results, i think there is talent in this squad but it isn’t being utilised at all. We are my friend in sh*t street.

  25. C’mon it’s over for Arteta. Look at our season diabolical. He really has to go it’s not good enough.

  26. Arsenal were one point ahead of United when they sacked Emery in November 2019. Arteta replaced him and they finished that season 10 points behind United. They are currently 20 points behind United, having played a game more than us

    1. Sue but still some says Emery is arsenal worst ever coach😂😂 but let’s keep trusting the process.

    2. The absolute minimum Arteta should be given next season is 4th spot.

      He will have to go if it’s any worse.

      1. He should be gone now total embarrassment has taken the club even further backwards to the point of being a laughing stock if he is in charge next season I will continue my stance of not bothering to watch as for trying to finish 4th do you mean from bottom that will probably be very achievable!!

  27. According to Opta, Bernd Leno has made 11 errors directly leading to an opposition goal in the Premier League since the beginning of last season, the most of any player. LEGEND 💪

    1. Any fool could see the massive error made by Arteta not making Martinez No1. That is just one of the many glaring nistakes he has made that has led us to here.

        1. Beat thing is though Lenohappy you only comment when Leno makes a mistake .
          Let’s not forget your comment a couple of months ago saying you would take Iwobi back over Pepe.

          1. Dan Kit I don’t even know what to say to you, because this doesn’t even have anything to do with iwobi but don’t worry bro, Leno is still the best keeper in the league.

      1. Reggie, it’s so easy to say that in hindsight. I was one of the people backing Martinez at the time, but I got the impression I was in the minority, fairly heavily. Most thought he was worth sacrificing to bring in money for Partey and/or Aoar
        It’s similar with the Willian signing – most people thought he would at least be a decent signing based on past performances. Some people thought he was unnecessary and many had a problem with the contract size and duration, but not many expected him to drop as much as he has.

  28. Party was a good player. Players cannot play under Arteta. He cannot motivate them. The record on the turntable has become stuck and Arteta has no idea how to change the tune. It’s all over for him. Arteta supporters it’s time to say enough is enough.

    1. It had been said a few weeks ago in an article i read about someone who played with Partey. He said Partey is not the type of player to be comfortable to play how he wants him too. He was immense at Athletico and a monster, he has degraded under Arteta, he has lost so much of his game.

      1. Reggie
        Totally true. Party and others cannot play Arteta’s sideways backwards football. Arteta has to leave.

        1. And Partey isnt another player overhyped and we paid TOO MUCH FOR he is a top top player being stiffled, he is far better than he is playing for us. So dont people start that old chesnut.

          1. 👍 Reggie, injuries haven’t helped either. Was he brought back too soon after the first thigh injury?

          2. Ozzie, i dont think his injury has anything to do with his recent drop off in form. It seems to be a common theme with Arteta.

  29. Another poor result from team and Arteta will be excused.

    Hangover from Kronke and ESL, fans protesting outside Emirates, anything to try and excuse the disaster we are under Arteta.

    How can anyone blast Emery and then excuse Arteta? What was deemed “unacceptable” with Wenger and Emery is tolerated under Arteta.

    Sad thing is that this was predictable and avoidable.

    1. If fans were allowed in the stadium, they would be leaving in drones and banners all over. The football is dross.

  30. PHIL The DILL, who forgot to take his daily medication PILL. Listen here PAL,, you really come across as a real F_ck Knuckle when it comes to football knowledge. You seem to love bullying people. If someone has an opinion, you abuse them. You’re the type of person I would love to dearly play against. Especially going up for a 50/50 high ball. It would be Snap, Crackle and Pop for Phil. You love to bully people, don’t you PAL. You are brainless

    1. And you are who exactly PAL- a supposed failed goalkeeper coaching Aborigines in the Outback. Yeah- can see why your taken so seriously you Mug
      Ha Ha

      1. Not sure why you have had ago at PAL Phil ,Pjennings ,looked up the thread and I can’t see where that outburst as come from buddy ,I will say I’ve been on here a fair few years and Phil is a proper supporter mate ,let’s not pretend we are Jonnie Rambos behind our phones makes us look weak .not that he needs me to fight his battles anyway .

      2. Phil, too bad Australia can’t attract more Aboriginal goal keepers. One only has to watch AFL to see their athleticism.
        Phil, I am disappointed you have to bring the race card into it as Australia has produced world class Aboriginal sports people, in a multitude of sports including football.

        1. Yeah OG- possibly not my best comment when o look back on it so apologies. It was meant as a reply to someone who actually commented that he would liked to have done me. What a knbhead. And I’d still fancy my chances even at my ripe old age. He still hasn’t actually told us what he’s done in his
          “Football Career”. Probably gets off on one every night looking at a photo of Pat Jennings. Take some advice PAL- Where gloves.

  31. I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over 30 years and this is by far the worst state I’ve seen the club in. I have no words left.

          1. You think so Sue ? From what I read the club are happy with Arteta also I was reading up on Kroenke and his Col Rapids team hired an assistant manager for them too 😳

  32. Arteta should have been sacked ages back if we had any ambition, now to sack him would be a mistake. Let him finish the season and if he wins the EL then keep him otherwise get rid of him. I fail to understand where is the progression ppl talk about when we are in worst league position ever I can remember and the amount of losses we have suffer is more than any such record we had in EPL. This is not a squad which should finish in this league position where we are, Areta might be a good assistant coach but I think this has proven he is way over his shoulder on this.

      1. Reggie, we all have their own opinions and some times they align sometimes they don’t. But matter of fact is I guess in our own way we all want what is best for the club. My night mares are turning into reality after Wenger. I always thought we as fans were too quick to blame Wenger for everything, some of the criticism was harsh and the way it was delivered was sad. If after all this does not open our eyes that what Wenger meant to this club then we are just blind. I don’t agree with the direction club and some of the fans wanted from start after Wenger. We should have improved and tweaked his project not completely replaced it. We did. It because fans called for it and look were it has landed us. It’s been three years but still there is no sign of shape or some sort of gain from this new so called post Wenger project. As they say be careful what you wish for.

        1. Im sorry Logic, that didn’t last long but i dont agree. Wengers time was up, he was losing the plot and gad to go, what has happened since has been down to ultimately bad appointments. Wengers days were long behind him, hence why he never got another managers job or offer that mattered.

    1. Yup. No matter what happens in the cup, out at the end ofthe season. Chelsea would do the exact same thing. Arsenal need to grow a pair in that boardroom. They really dont care. They were perfectly happy with Emery too. They seem even happier with Arteta.

  33. I would get more effort and attitude out of Aboriginal people than you Phil. I never failed as a goalkeeper. I am giving back to the game, that the game gave to me many years ago. Obviously you sit back and abuse people PAL

      1. Hahaha Sue P. Phil is a clown. He has asked me what I’ve done in the sport. I’ve just told him. Obviously he has the mentality of a Norwegian Racing Maggot. And that’s me being kind. The man bullies people. Third Man didn’t need that kind of crap. Especially from someone who has never amounted from anything in life. Just a big bully boy.

        1. Your a MUG PAL- you don’t know what I’ve ever achieved in life yet comment as though you do.
          Where’s you can’t even tell us what your “MAKE BELIEVE” football career was can you?
          You’ve tried to Blah everyone your some sort of ex- professional goalkeeper when it’s very obvious you are nothing OAL.
          AsI said- YOUR A MUG

  34. Can it get worse?? Nkethia ahead of Martinelli as striker. Demented choice! Change of manager needed.

  35. Give what back to the game PAL? Full of sht I reckon you are. Tell us who you played for and what you actually achieved that you have to give back.

    1. Don’t take the bait Phil…that PJ clown is just trying to goat someone into the sin bin, where you have to wait for Admin moderation to post, which sucks balls this time of year…I know all to well, as I just returned from my JA mandated “time out”…he brings nothing to the table, regardless of his claims, so it’s best to just ignore his senseless banter…he’s already on his second handle in less than a month

        1. This is the third time you’ve attempted to troll me by using some sort of quasi-sexist remark…it shouldn’t matter if I’m a male or a female, so I’m not sure why you would chose to constantly reveal your obvious immaturity and ignorance…so until you learn how to converse as a fully-functioning adult, please don’t respond to my posts anymore…feel free to put your ruler down now

          1. No. Not ruler. I never made it as a school teacher. Maybe I should lay down my goalkeeping coaching gloves down. That sounds more appropriate

  36. You want Arteta Sacked and get who?
    How about sacking incompetent players. You can blame Arteta because he was the one that picked the team, but can you blame him for players personal errors?
    We didn’t have anyone to score, yes, we should not have conceded. I saw the first 10min and I knew we can’t score in that match because ceballos is just not good enough, in fact most of our players are not good enough, any manager would fall with these bunch.
    People are so sentimental they have to blame xhaka because they don’t want to blame Leno. How many games has he cos us already? My question is, how did Leno become this poor?
    I remember he almost won AFC players of the season last season, so what has changed?

  37. If you must know PHILIP (PHIL), I last played in 1992 for Melbourne Knights. I retired in 1993 at the age of 27 resulting from a car accident leaving me with spinal injuries. Enough to cease me from playing, but not enough to stop me from gaining my coaching badges over the years. I now live back in Bundaberg. And if you must know, I will be playing again next year in the local 3rd Division League at the young age of 56

    1. FYI, the Melbourne Knights FC compete in the National Premier League Victoria, having been founded by Croation immigrants in 1953. They are one of the most successful clubs in Victoria.

      1. You know your football history well Ozziegunner. I’m full Aussie, but have full German blood. Both sets of grand parents were German. But my grandfather fought for Australia in World War 2. And survived it. God Bless Jack. I never got to meet the man

        1. My maternal grandfather fought in the horse artillery on the western front in World War I. My parents were both returned service (Army) personnel from World War II. My mother lost 3 cousins, 2 in bomber command, 1 as a prisoner of war on the Thai-Burma Railway after HMAS Perth was sunk in the Suda Strait. Out of eight apprentices my late father served his time with, only he and one other survived the War.
          My son in law is marching as part of the HMAS Canberra contingent in Sydney on ANZAC Day 25th April.
          Lest we forget💐🇦🇺 🇳🇿

          1. Happy Anzac Day, Fellas. Don’t you also think that if Adam Goodes had played football, he would have been one of the best midfielders / central defenders ever. Sorry to bore the rest of you but he is an Aboriginal AFL player who would have been a phenomenal footballer.

          2. My son is in the Australian Army. He’s in Artillery. He’s hell bent on getting the Arsenal cannon tattooed on his chest. But he wants the actual Arsenal emblem. I’m not that keen on tattoos. You are scarred for life. It’s a small world Ozziegunner. Back in Sleepy Bundaberg, my son played along side Joshua Brillante for Bundaberg Across The Waves. Josh has played for Australia. Mitchell Langerak played is junior days here for Across The Waves too. He was in my Goalkeeping Academy School 1999 to 2001 before moving interstate. He made a small blunder the other day playing for Nagoya Grampus. It didn’t go through his legs, but under him. That’s just goalkeeping. They get over it. You have to be crazy to be a goalkeeper. I’ve had a broken Femur, broken noses, and a raptured Spleen with the 4 fractured ribs and bruised liver and kidney with that one hit. I was 45 then, playing local football. That put me out for 12 weeks. My next game back, we played the same club. He tried it again. I won the corner cleanly, he put me into the back of the net. I still held on to the ball. As he was running back to the halfway line, I threw the ball at the back of his head. He got the yellow card, I received the red card. I was suspended for 8 matches for violent conduct. That was my season gone. But I am going back to play 3rd Division next year. Actually I’ll be 56 years young. Keep thinking I’m 54. That’s what happens when you get hit in the head too many times. The memory fades. Head blows are now taken seriously. Shouldn’t joke about it

          3. Adam Goodes would have been a champion at football, if he had chosen that path. He is also a champion human being.

    2. Ah ok I’ve now got it- so you played in goal for an AUSTRALIAN Football club.
      I can only apologise for getting this so wrong. I actually thought you played professionally for a Football Club that somebody might actually have heard of PAL. But obviously it makes you feel proud of yourself so knock yourself out.
      And for the record PAL- Pat Jennings was never a legend at Arsenal. He was in decline when we signed him, and mistake ridden for much of his career until replaced by John Lukic. So if you believe that handle impresses anyone your totally wrong.

      1. Phil can you and pjennings agree to disagree, maintain decorum and move on.
        This football club has more problems than to get involved in name calling.
        By the way, I and probably many others, disagree with your assessment of Pat Jennings as an Arsenal goal keeper.

        1. I also disagree with Phil and profoundly so , about Jennings. He was here for seven sesons and was a top pkeper for almost all of them. Enough that he would be in my top three keepers since KELSEY BACK IN 1950s/ EARLY 60s. Seaman would be first, possibly Jennings next or third at lowest behind KELSEY. So Phil is quite wrong.
          I do not believe even he believes what he wrote on JENNINGS.

  38. And the mighty arteta during his post match speech as I expected still claims on his retarded mind “we were the better team and had the better chances” lmao.reality is starring clear at his face but always finds a way to twist it. what a clown of a coach.I feel pity for the fans because this shitty people calling the shots here have played on our intelligence for too long. players will perform badly week in week out and still unremorsefully get their huge weekly checks. A once great club that commands respects both within & globally has been turned to shreds and has become a laughing stock.. i lack words to express my disgust towards this club. shame to the so called owner,shame to the players and most shame to the coach , that is if there is one

  39. Gosh. After the FA win, i did say that sadlly like Wenger, it gave incompetance another season and its tiring to be correct so often.

    I was one of the earliest to say we have a poorer version of wenger, poor tactics, selections, favourites BUT I was wrong, he is not even a shadow of wenger. He was poor as captain and he is just continuing the trend as manager
    Not one person here supported my public view last…last season that nketiah was poor, remember Leeds didnt want him. Xhaka, the worst regular player EVER, having him in the team means we play with 10 players, and again these two are/ were automatic 1st teamers. Yet, this novice kicked out Guendouzi who would have been our natural captain BUT some jokers on this site heartily supported that decision.
    We have good players but this incompetant coach does not have the tactics to suit. He has to go at seasons end, regardless but if laca is fit we should scrape past emery but sadly not win the EL

    And fans, please dont be like pool idiots and burn the shirt, its your club. Cant blame the club nor players. Its the owners. Petition the bozo johnson to legislate club ownership like Germany.
    By the way, I started supporting in 1969, watched us in Highbury during my uni days and now sadly have to wake up early to watch us play this dross football under this incompetant novice

  40. If we will sign Ryan, then I want to see him EL. Leno can continue the PL, it is a hopeless case anyways.
    And frankly, I hope we cash on him in summer. He is a good shot stopper with some mistakes and his long range passes are not good.

  41. 1) Nketiah will never ever going to be good enough to lead the line for Arsenal. Sell him.

    2) Leno is the most error prone Gk in the premier league. Sell him.

    3) We need a backup Lb to the injury prone Tierney. Xhaka is not the solution.

    4) Kroenke needs to sell the club for cheap. Fans need to keep the pressure on.

    5) If Arteta doesn’t win the EL this season, sack him. I don’t trust the losing process at all.

    1. Adam Goodes is a gentleman as well. To think that Phil made a racial slur about Aboriginal people earlier this morning. Does he know that Arsenal’s women’s goalkeeper Lydia Williams is Aboriginal as well

      1. No never knew that PAL- probably because I have a life and have better things to do than get caught up in Women’s Football.
        And if she was any good would she not be playing in goal for the female Melbourne Knights team? It would then be two teams nobody’s ever heard of, and what’s more, nobody gives a flying sht about either

          1. OG- Yep your right and have better things to do on a Saturday morning, such as larup my way round a Golf Course all day.
            I will just leave it there.

          2. In reply to Phil
            A lovely day for golf and much better than 2 Arsenal supporters having a row although it did deflect me from a tepid performance on the pitch.
            How are you getting on with the new handicap system?

          3. Don’t worry Ozziegunner. It’s water off a duck’s back. Been there done that. I have my FA Coaching License. FFA “Level 2” Goalkeeping License to coach goalkeepers from kids to youth football level. As for Phil,,, anyone who has footballing knowledge, would know how well Pat Jennings was respected worldwide. Played his last World Cup game at the age of 41. Was selected to play for the Rest Of The World as captain versus South America 1986. Little does Phil know. More like Irish Hater.

  42. Nketiah is not good enough. Should he sold? Possibly. But who should replace him?
    The Leno issue- makes mistakes, but he is generally a good goalkeeper. Suggesting he should be sold makes no sense unless there is a world class goalkeeper you are planning to bring in.
    Backup Lb. Agree. Not having backup was very risky given Tierney’s injury record.
    Kroenke- saying he should sell is easy to say. But to whom? These kind of sentiments are often expressed by unrealistic fans.
    Should Arteta be sacked? Results have obviously been unsatisfactory but has he had the backing he needs to turn the club around? Has he had enough time.? To me the answer to both is no.

    1. @SueP- it’s based on the last twenty rounds on your cards, as opposed to a monthly medal. Someone explained that not only is it more accurate, but also fairer. By playing more regularly in the summer months, when conditions are “easier” than winter months, is gives a more reflective account of your game.
      I cannot see how it will make that much of a difference to be honest, but will see over the next month.
      Hope your game is going ok. Just so glad to be back out there

      1. Me too.
        Our club has a high slope rating so we can no longer do better in matches against ‘easier’ clubs courses, and it means that my club handicap as gone up from 24 to 26. If only I didn’t look up sometimes before the club hit the ball, I’d be playing off scratch!!!
        Enjoy your game. Such a lovely day

        1. SueP and Phil, my dear departed Dad an excellent all round sportsman at cricket, tennis and golf could still play to his age at 87. As for me, I always thought golf, a game of chasing a white ball across a number of fields, was a waste of a good walk. Still probably the hardest ball sport to master; that ball just sits there with a smirk on its face, saying “hit me”. 😁😊

    2. The Nketiah one is pretty easy to answer – he’s had his chances and it’s not worked, so just anyone we think might have a chance of being better. Balogun is the first name that comes to mind and then Martinelli (at least he’d be more of a problem for defenders even if it’s not his primary position) but frankly it wouldn’t be difficult to pick up a striker from a smaller league like the Netherlands who could at least be more effective as a backup striker, even if not a world beater.
      Leno has turned me to his side this season and then put me off again. He makes great saves sometimes – that’s great but the key for any defensive player is consistency and he doesn’t have it. I’d rather play Ryan for a few games now, maybe Leno needs a break but I do think he needs to be replaced soon.
      Agree on Arteta. 2 transfer windows isn’t enough to turn the mess around but I will say he needs to start getting his incoming transfers spot on.

  43. I’ve read a lot of very emotional responses which is of course predictable after losing a game against a very average side, but I really think we should all focus on what actually happened on the pitch.Like Trudeau ,in the absence of Tierney we need to play Saka as a LWB in Spain as Xhaka is needed to partner Partey in central midfield.Arteta, I’m afraid made the wrong call by playing Xhaka at LB , particularly when we had two full backs on the bench, one of whom has played LB on numerous occasions .As for the Leno mistake, individual errors are costing us dear and the Manager needs to react positively by leaving out the offenders particularly when they are clearly out of form as in the case of Leno and Gabriel.As for the criticism of Nketiah, some comments are completely without foundation and display a lack of understanding of the game I’m afraid.On the night Nketiah was no worse than Saka whose first touch throughout the game was poor.This is the reality, not perception.Despite the loss, I am optimistic we can regroup and get a positive result in Spain with Ryan in goal.

    1. A common-sense approach Grandad and I do think teams are wise to Saka now but will this manager make the common-sense decisions you suggest. George Graham made a very strong decision to replace a popular Lukic with Seaman unfortunately Arteta did not do the same with Leno. For those of you that say Martinez was here for ten years and only proved himself in the run-in last year, I suggest you google his time on loan with Reading. The fans loved him there. It wasn’t just the Leno mistake that was to blame yesterday it was the risk-averse nature of our play. I have lost count of the number of times we break then stop and pass the ball backward allowing Everton to set up. I can remember the 1975 team that was nearly relegated and I would say that Arteta is taking us back to those standards. He is a very good coach but not a good manager just like Don Howe in the eighties. Great on the training ground but his team selections, tactics, style of play, and contact decisions Willian, Soares, Luiz are found wanting. We started the season with 9 centre backs and no adequate cover for an injury-prone left-back. The only cover he did have for left-back he moved on without a replacement. Poor decision making again. And let’s remember he was moved up to become a full manager so he is responsible for the decisions made. I would love for him to prove me wrong and go on and be a success in the Europa League and I do believe it isn’t worth changing him at this late stage of the season but I think the club needs to have a strong review of not just his position but behind the scenes as well in the summer.

    2. Agree with what you’ve said but I will say the difference with Nketiah is that he’s never been convincing; his goals have always been a few tap ins or a result of tackling defenders. He’s got some ability and goalscoring instincts (hence the tap ins), but overall I see a player with tremendous heart and confidence but neither the physicality or finishing ability to be the kind of striker we need now. When he does go through 1 Vs 1 with a goalkeeper I just never have the belief he will score. Sad to say but that’s how I see it and I don’t think he should be getting game time now – it’s time to try someone new.

  44. Arteta has no excuses whatsoever.
    He has had more than enough time here to get us out of mid table mediocrity. Since he has been here he has struggled to make it out of mid table (8th) place.

    This is the season that I promised to judge him and what a disaster it’s turned out for him. He has absolutely failed.

    Poor poor poor.

  45. Honestly, the fact that Arteta is still managing this football club shows the ambitions the owners have. Vinai, Edu, Stan and Arteta all need to be sent packing.

  46. I know we’re living in the age of stats analysis..but at the end of the day football is a pretty simple game forget expected goals chances created blah blah blah..after 30 or so games”despite injuries suspensions…”the table doesn’t lie”is as true today as it was 20 30 years ago all we have to do is look at how the team/players perform when the manager gets his selections tactics right then you realise that quality is not so much the problem sure we could and should get better players but we are better than a mid-table team.

  47. Our eyes tell us reality. Arsenal are a poor team. Same mistakes made by the manager, same lack of concern by the owners, same not fit all man Vinai as executive. A mess, a shanked, an unfunny farce. It’s going to remain the same. It saddens me that some supporters agree and endorse Arteta. Seems that wisdom has gone down the pan. If things are manages really poorly they will get worse, not better. I really hope there are Arteta supporters who are seeing reality and have the integrity to courage to change their view.

  48. Racism is the scourge of the world. The aboriginal people of Australia have been abused for such a long time. All people are exactly equal. Have respect for all people.

    1. That’s true and correct Sean. The Australians are two faced. We are a racist country. It’s been going on for 200 years. The European settlers also copped it. My last name should end with 2 ns but my grandfather chopped one n off so it wouldn’t look like a German name. Yet some how he fought for Australia in the 2nd world war. 2021 and things have not changed much

      1. pjennings, during World War II the anti German feeling was so high that the name of the town of “Germantown” in NSW was changed to Holbrook. Relatives of mine changed their name from “Segnitz” to “Segnit” . Understandable at the time when the Australian casualties percentage of adult male population in WW I is taken into account.
        As for Aboriginal people, I have lived in the same towns, worked with, played with and against them and coached them, so I have first hand knowledge of the problems they face.
        Anyone who doesn’t know the story of Adam Goodes as an example should watch the documentary “The Final Quarter”.

    2. So true!by the way the song by midnight oil”beds are burning”is a great song i love it always have!

  49. It’s okay as much abuses and condemnations by the Gooners on here have been rained and poured on Arteta and some Gunners who played at home in the PL yesterday for Arsenal against Everton but lost to them.

    It’s worth remembering to note that the Justarsenal suggested Arsenal starting XI lineup for the match was the starting XI that Arteta played in the match. But without Martinelli who Justarsenal wanted to see Arteta start him in the match. I think that was the only change that Arteta has dore to the Justarsenal starts for the match as he started Nketiah instead. And to be honest and be truthful, that Arteta’s starts he played in the match was a very strong starts

    To me, it’s not the manager’s fault that made Arsenal to lose the match. Rather, I believe it was the players fault and the PGMO anti-Arsenal match refereeing in the PL that caused the match loss for Arsenal.

    Martinelli was given the chance to play in the match, but he failed to score. So too were Saka, Nketiah and Pepe who was substituted did all not score. So therefore. It was the misfiring of the Arsenal forwards coupled with the Leon’s hawler apart of the PGMO VAR unjust that led Arsenal to succumbed to the unwanted defeat in the match.

    I am by a copy of this my comment appealing to all of us Gooners to calm down and forget about that our home loss in the PL against Everton yesterday. But us should now start looking forward to our next week’s Thursday night match when Arsenal take on Villarreal at away in this season’s Europa League Cup first leg semifinal match.

    Let us Gooners be hoping and praying for our beloved Arsenal to overcome Villarreal with away win in that 1st leg semifinal match.

  50. The job of a manager is to motivate his team. Never have I known a manager so unable to do this like Arteta cannot. Surely those of you who originally supported Arteta, like myself, have now realised he cannot do that. He lacks nearly all the skillset needed of a Premier League manager. Isn’t it time to admit that? He just cannot do the job.

  51. I will admit that I was pro Arteta from day one. And still was 3 weeks ago. Can’t keep making excuses for him. Every club have had their injury woes. Every club in the country are suffering because of the pandemic. And every goalkeeper in the Premier League have not been bulletproof. He is starting to clutch on to straws. I don’t want Arsenal to become another Watford. How many managers have they gone through?? And who would be willing to be a Disciple to Kronke

  52. Not only will we finish (probably) at 10th in the league and with no european football since 1995, though having the 5th payroll in the EPL (and strongly ahead others)…
    But arteta will make us get rid of balogun. Why no news since last week ? Why this guy has had never never any chance except last week 2 garbage time minutes since he scored two EL goals ?? Why ??? Auba and laca out and no chance. What a treatment. After what he did too to martinelli. What a poor player assessment. We were happy to get rid of UE just to dig and get a way worse one

  53. Everton managed to win while they didn’t have a single shot on target (including the goal!!!).
    But our performance was so poor… I am really sick with Arteta. Even in the last minutes, the team seemed to have 1 target: keep the ball. It looked like they had no intention or idea to try. The only ones trying to go forward were the central defenders!
    I really liked the guy, but let’s be realistic: he doesn’t have what it takes to manage a club of this magnitude. I almost hope we don’t win the EL to be able to get rid of him.

  54. Arteta should be fired on his treatment of MARTINELLI ALONE. There is no way any decent manager leaves his talent on the bench and brings him in for 16 min for
    Nketia. He did more in 16 min than any other player the entire 90. His player management skills are atrocious .I thought UE was bad but MA is even worse. Winning EL
    could keep him employed but that also would be detrimental to the progress of the club. Ancelotti has brought Everton forward with less quality that we have .
    It is amazing how we keep making the wrong choices across the entire club. Wrong players (Willian/Luiz/etc) and managers as well.
    I have resorted on watching highlights only so I don’t stress over this team anymore. Been a fan for this club has turned into a joke.

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