Will Arteta have taken Klopp’s recent comments into account? (Opinion)

Should Arsenal work on Jurgen Klopp’s observations? Maybe not…
By Sylvester Kwentua

The Liverpool game is drawing near, and everybody seems to be gearing up for the clash of the Titans. However, according to a report by football.London, Jurgen Klopp, who spoke to Sky sports recently, revealed to Arsenal, what they needed to do to come out victorious on Saturday evening. Exactly what he feels Brentford did to his team recently.

“They [Brentford] deserved their three goals for the way they played. We obviously couldn’t deal with them properly, with those long balls today, for different reasons. We should have scored more goals.” Klopp said.

Well, Arsenal could take a clue from what the Reds boss said, in order to stand a chance of going back to the Emirates with the 3 points, but on Saturday, something tells me Klopp would have rectified that fault.

Jurgen Klopp is a world class manager and surely knows his job! If he has noticed a fault in his team, he won’t waste time in fixing it. So, Arsenal may be disappointed if they wished to go the long balls route.

Secondly, maybe the German said that to distort his next opponent’s plans. He says his team was beaten by long balls, and he sure expects the next team to start preparing to play that way, no?

Besides, playing the long ball tactics may hinder the creativity of the players. We have players who like to make things happen singlehandedly, and these tactics may limit ourselves.

So what should Arsenal do? It’s simple; we play our natural game.

Arsenal are not known for playing long balls regardless. We play it short! In some cases, everybody can play it long sometimes, but mostly we play it beautifully. Playing to our strengths against Klopp’s team may just be enough to take home all the points. What do we think?

We are Arsenal and proud.

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  1. We’d most likely not be able to play with short passes from the back, since Salah, Mane and Jota are very quick in pressing. So I predict Ramsdale will make excessive long goal kicks that are hopefully directed to Smith-Rowe

    1. Gai, why should Ramsdale long throw “be directed to smith Roe”? I feel Tavares and Smith Roe should double up on Salah, I trust Gabriel and White to manage Jota but I kind of feel Tomi will need help to restrict Mane because of his quick feet and tricks.

      Realistically, I think a draw will be good enough for Arsenal. Liverpool lost to Westaham last match I don’t see them losing at Anfield today. Klopp won’t lose back to back.

      1. If Ramsdale distributes his long pass to Aubameyang, Van Dijk will always beat Aubameyang in aerial duels

        So we’d better distribute the ball to Smith-Rowe on the left wing, since he might be able to dominate Tsimikas in the air

  2. If u keep playing with the initiative for 90 mins we’ll win, we score and lose that initiative when we start to defend.

    It was the only thing west ham changed in their 2nd half, in the 1st half they scored, gave the ball to Liverpool(which is ok) but stopped looking for how to hurt them (which is what we do)

    But 2nd half, from the get-go they wanted to hurt Liverpool everytime, even after they scored second and were largely defending they were still the ones with the most highlights – kept trying to hurt them at every chance.

    I hope we can do same
    We’ll defend majorly today, but that u are defending doesn’t mean u should lose the alertness and hunger to add more hurt to your opponent

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