3 reasons to believe Wenger CAN push Arsenal forward

If you had asked me just a few weeks ago about Arsenal and the team’s chances of winning a trophy and actually moving up in the football world under Arsene Wenger then my answer would have been a definite negative, but I have to say that my position on the prof has started to soften.

There are still big doubts in my mind about next season being any better or even any different if the Frenchman stays in charge, because we have had to suffer the same old story of unfulfilled promise time and time again, with certain questions coming up year in and year out, but three things recently have at least given some hope that Arsenal could be taken forward by the current boss.

The first is that Wenger has done what I thought he was never going to do and change to a three at the back formation. Whether it turns out to be a system that the Gunners use regularly or anything like as effectively as the likes of Chelsea, we will have to wait and see, but simply the willingness to try it and give us an option signals an end to what many have called stubbornness on the part of the prof.

The second is that, after it appeared that the boss had lost the dressing room and the players were being talked about as not playing for him, there has been a definite change and a working together as a team to put things right. We are far from being back to our best but at least things are getting better and heading in the right direction once more.

The final thing is that we have seen recently that Wenger is also willing to be flexible in his team selection in terms of which players to use. Oxlade-Chamberlain has been the main beneficiary but there have been others like Holding and Giroud who seemed to be on the fringes suddenly getting chances.

At the same time the Frenchman seems to have toughened his stance on some other underperforming stars and I think that is hugely important if he is to get the best from the whole squad. There needs to be strong competition but I think the Arsenal players, especially those favoured by Wenger, have had things way too easy and they have needed a kick up the backside.

Could these three things prove that Arsene really is the right man to take Arsenal forward after all?



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    There is nothing to believe anymore

    Wenger is finished and he is leaving

    We need to support our incoming new manager in getting more funds for quality signings

  2. Sir Muda says:

    It is nothing new, he always flattered to deceive once he’s desperate as he is right now. that’s the problem with us (arsenal fans) we change opinion every now and then. just two wins and wenger is the one again. on tactics part, it takes conte just a single game against us to shake up things the next game. how long does it take wenger to even think of trying? ?? #WengerOut.

    1. bran99 says:

      it’s true, heard that people hid their Wenger out banners after we equalize against city, and the banners were nowhere to be seen after we won, very short minded. we forgot how we ended up as a laughing stock? the answer is Wenger, and still people want his outdated services for some more years.. b**lsh*t

  3. Guneal (English Arsenal fans let me down) says:

    This article represents mediocrity in print.

    Deluded like our manager.

    Mr. Wenger has got nothing to offer.

    1. bran99 says:

      today I see more thumbs down, the win gave you (AKBs) a lifeline to come back show your faces again? we are all doomed

  4. Arsenal007 says:

    I wonder how easily swayed we are as fans.
    One thing Wenger has been good at, is playing the fans as a fiddle.
    After a million years as manager, just when he is loosing the fans, he tried 3 at the back (successfully)…and every one is singing his praises again. Is this coincidence?
    I’ll say, after 22 years in charge…the best tactical change we could make is to change Manager.
    I respect Wenger, but not even the Cup final should save his job now. However, as it stands, he doesn’t need the Cup to save his job…Playing 3 at the back obviously has.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I’ve been thinking on this a little lately myself, I was imagining if I can see myself do a complete turn around.

    I’ve been behind Wenger up until this season. So if certain things were to happen I’d have no problem writing this season off as a learning curve, players in important positions not being settled or some such, Arsene spending in two seasons what others spend in one.

    One of the main things needed to be seen was him being more flexible with his formation. Stubbornness, if he can make some player cuts, and listen to fans again, like how he brought DM’s in after us crying out for them, or Cech even though he was happy with the GK, this would be a change from old ways.

    I hear he’s selling Giroud, and keeping Alexis either way. Having a top goalscorer here along with Alexis, on the footballing side of it ..that is an excellent way to go.

    I’m sure he knows by now that he’ll have to exclude Cazorla from any big plans by bringing in a long term alternative, hopefully one who has a bit of bite about him.

    He already started targeting taller players, finally, and I think Cazorla’s rival will be no different.

    He already has his left wing back brought in for next season by the looks of it. He is talking strikers with French clubs, Giroud out-in Lacazette.
    Then there is the sporting director business, it seems the penny might have dropped, I say might have, and if it has I will love looking forward to next season.

  6. JPS_AFC1 says:

    To little to late. Waits till the season is totally screwed and then reacts. Once upon a time he was the best manager in the world with a great tactical mind. Now he is just washed waits for other managers to try something if it works he copies it. MR WENGER I LOVE U AND APPRECIATE ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR MY BELOVED CLUB. But your time is finished and you and the club need a change in direction. Please please step down at the end off the season.

  7. Vanpayslip is the truest/name a troll I ain't influenced says:

    Wenger is a loser. He is more interested in off field stats than on field stats. He doesn’t have it in him to win

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s all Good, as long as Arsenal are Winning ? isn’t that what it’s all about? ?
    Yes,Wenger is fighting for his Arsenal life because he hasn’t got the full backing of the board, like before… Hence his desperation with changes.
    The protests and the run of bad form have split the Board regarding Wenger’s contract extension. I reckon that our final league position and whether we win the FA cup or not will decide Wenger’s fate.
    Yes, bigger changes are needed in every department of the club but the biggest area that needs improving is the squad. It’s nowhere near strong enough to compete for major trophies and that’s all thanks to Wenger’s lame & penny pinching transfer business over the last few seasons,but who’s to say that he will change in that department too, if he is still here next season?

  9. khangunners says:

    Shame on you bob!! Shame on all those who after two wins want to give wenger a life contract. The guy never does his preparation before a season kicks off and when we start badly runs into the market for panic buys just to appease us and show us all is well. I will not be fooled i loved the team performance vs city but i still stick to the point that even if we win all our games till the end of season wenger has to go.

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Or how about 15 reasons why Wenger is dragging the club into the abyss!

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