3 youngsters expected to make it to Unai Emery’s first team in the upcoming football season

The loss to Chelsea in the Europa League final is just about subsiding, and Arsenal fans are looking forward to the beginning of the new EPL season now. The team is yet to sign a new player this summer despite the fact that the likes of Danny Welbeck, Aaron Ramsey and Peter Cech have exited.

However, Unai Emery has many excellent young players to turn to and it’s highly likely that we’ll see a good number of new faces from the Gunners academy, in the club’s pre-season games. In this short article, we’ll acquaint you with 3 such youngsters who are expected to make it to Emery’s first team in the upcoming season. Please note, we haven’t covered players like Bukayo Saka, Joe Willock and Eddie Nketiah as they’ve already made their debut last season.

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Reiss Nelson

Reiss Nelson also played for the England’s Under-21 side at the Euros this summer. He was loaned out to Hoffenheim last season, to get him some first-team experience. The player created quite an impression in the Bundesliga, scoring seven goals in 23 games, and getting a handful of Champions League appearances as well. It’s only because he was returning that Emery let Danny Welbeck go. Here he talks about his mindset to break into the main Arsenal team.

Xavier Amaechi

The Arsenal official website describes Xavier as a thrilling dribbler who has a wand of a left foot. The youngster was apparently upset after not being included in the 23-man team for the Europa League final last month, in Baku. Hence, Emery will need to involve him a little more during the preseason games, especially to shun away any transfer interest from the German clubs. It’s not without a reason that Xavier is considered one of the quality players at Arsenal who should be trusted and used more often.

Tyreece John Jules

The exciting young forward had a good field time and scored a goal during Arsenal’s friendly match against Al Nasr in Dubai earlier in March this year. He is expected to make a good number of appearances in the preseason games. Arsenal has had John Jules on its books for quite a long time, ever since he was eight years old, and the youngster is expected to follow the example of Eddie Nketiah, his fellow forward who also doubles up as his housemate!

Updated: July 16, 2019 — 4:47 pm


  1. Amaechi and Saka are similar. They both have strong left foot and play as wingers

    However, I think we wouldn’t see them in the first team soon. Because Arsenal will promote their youngsters gradually, unless the young players are very special

    Last season was Maitland-Niles’ time. Now it is Nelson’s and Nketiah’s turns

  2. I won’t mind having these kids share the wings while we spend on CM and CB

  3. Not Smith-Rowe?
    He scored against Qarabag after subbing Iwobi in Europa League and scored an important goal against Blackpool (2-1) in the League Cup.

    He should be given a chance. He can play English League and FA cup and maybe early Europa too.

  4. We definitely need to give Reiss Nelson a chance. As an aside….how can we not sign Nabil Fekir for about 30 million. The world has gone mad. We are offered an absolute top class player who has a good 6 playing years ahead of him for a relative pittance. Are we mad. Get him NOW. He is genuine class. If anyone says because we have Mesut Ozil…..we played Ozil and Cazorla together and were 10 times more creative than the present shite midfield.

    1. its not the signin it’s the amount of game time he’ll get because of his history of injuries and the premier league is much tougher

  5. Josh Kroenke said:

    “We have CL teams wages but play in the Europa League”

    I disagree with this. Giving Özil 350k AND Mkhitaryan 180k was absolutely idiotic.

    Not selling Sanchez > lost of millions
    Swapping Sanchez for Mkhi > we gave Mkhitaryan a PAY RAISE from what he earned at United
    Not selling Özil > panic mode, giving him ridiculous wage

    Now we have underperfoming players on huge wages. Nobody wants to buy them because they can’t afford them. Same goes with our fringe players, who are too expensive for other clubs.

    Whoever handled these situations is the reason we are in this mess. So Kroenke is not solely to blame.

    1. What I mean is, we are on CL teams wages BUT we are paying way too much even if we would play in CL.

  6. Agreed. Both Ozil and Mkhitaryan make more than they are worth. Especially Ozil. His salary is insane. Mkhitaryan makes £180,000 per week the same as Lacazette. I was not impressed with either Ozil or Mkhitaryan last season

  7. Arsenal will always do things in strange ways, So last summer the club and Emery rejected Abdou Diallo that Sven wanted to get in for us as our main CB, they rejected him saying they wanted experienced defenders and shît, so we got Sokratis instead as the experienced defender, and Litchsteiner also. We settled for Sokratis because we refused Sven’s first choice, boom! Dortmund went ahead to get Diallo to be the replacement for the Sokratis we got.
    Diallo who wasn’t good enough for us apparently, that I followed through the season had a fantastic first season at Dortmund.
    Fast forward to now a year later, we’re still having issues with the defence and now looking to drag on signing an eighteen years old Saliba,why not go for more experienced defenders? the Diallo we refused to sign after a season at Dortmund, just moved on to PSG, he wasn’t good for us but he was good for Dortmund, and now a PSG player.
    Lol I just don’t know what to think about this club anymore

    1. They confused “good” with “cheaper.” No wonder Sven left, after proving himself last Summer; Guendouzi, Auba, Leno management didn’t listen. We missed Diallo, ignored Sven’s advice regarding Willock and Saka, b/c Raul and Emery thought they knew better on Suarez.

      Now Josh says looking all over for younger less known players to make a mark at Arsenal.

      Wasn’t that why Sven hired in first place?

      Can’t make this stuff up. More I hear regarding Raul the less impressive he is. Gazidis 2.0 so far, thought he had magical contact book?

      1. Durand I know about Sven being against Suarez deal during the Jan transfer window, I think it was among the article I submitted, the one that had David Orstein making revelations bout events going on inside the club.
        It further made me mad at Emery. we were letting go of the main targets and decisions Sven wanted just to please Emery, hell Emery wanted not only Suarez, I still can’t get my to forget him trying to bring a past Nzonzi and 29 years old Ever Banega in for us.
        Thank goodness for Sven we didn’t bring in those two players,I thought folks keep saying Emery’s job is to coach? why was he interfering in the transfer dealings then? I understand he needs to lay out the type of players he wanted too but Sven was a master at doing his job.
        The whole thing about Raul looking to make the club Spanish made them chase out Sven, only to get rejected by the bloke they wanted, that went back to Sevilla instead.
        Raul seems to be no different from Gazidis to me, just the same package with a different appearance and different way to operate while they get the same result

        1. Bang on Eddie. Maybe Emery got involved in transfers b/c he didn’t at Seville or PSG, and felt he knew better than Sven with his proven track record.

          Emery has his hands completely full with coaching and needs to be kept away from transfers. Apparently Raul doesn’t like to be questioned or challenged; made ass of himself with Suarez rather than listen to good advice.

          Sven uber hard to properly replace, but enough like Gazidis and Raul to go around.

          Huge gaff letting Sven go IMHO and this window has shown. All uphill now, and Raul should not be safe either.

  8. OT if you haven’t read Josh Kronke’s response to the open letter, then don’t. Sounds like a politician running for public office.

    Saying they’re in to win, despite 10 years happily taking a back seat in title chase.

    Telling fans he told Raul and Vinai to “be aggressive,” Tierney saga and Zaha joke bid comes to mind.

    Action is what fans want, not more promises and platitudes like from his dad.

    Rather than a letter, how about fly to London and drag a deal over the line, even if you have to drag Raul and Vinai by the scruff as well.

    1. I’ ve listened to his interview it was like listening to his dad when he bought the club I swear!

  9. Chelsea fans? you mean arsenal fans!I’ ve just listened to Josh kroenke interview,he said the club is not at a crossroads, that Edu was the final piece of the jigsaw concerning the restructuring behind the scene, again he reiterated that the aim of the club was to compete for titles and silverware (I think I”ve heard it before!)but that the fans”lifeblood” of the club needed to be patient!and that we should be excited about this transfers window!?

    1. The bit I picked up on like you said Tissiam was the fans should be excited about the transfer window looked like he was smirking when he said it . Couldnt help but laugh at that bit ,another slime ball taken us for mugs .

      1. I have to say, I thought he seemed a little slimy. Talk is cheap/actions speak louder than words and all that hey, Dan!
        22 days left & we shall see what they come up with….

    2. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before and we still keep falling short. It will take more than a few statements from Stan’s SON to get fans on their side. Put your money where your mouth is. Their words mean nothing. Josh is just doing the Gazidis gig atm.

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