Will Arsenal have to answer for their sins of this transfer window? (Opinion)

Well lovely Arsenal people, it’s January 31st and we’re praying for a player to come in. I’m disappointed, but hardly surprised. This is Arsenal football club, where success means nothing. Guest post by Konstantin

Remember the summer window we only signed Cech? This window feels similar if not worse. We’ve scored one goal in January. Just one and we’re out of both cups. We failed to score against Burnley and Nottingham Forest. Laca has 3 league goals, Eddie has 0 and both are out of contract at the end of the season. How can we leave ourselves so short in attack? Even Burnley signed a striker. That’s being plain stupid and if you think I’m still negative, you must be out of your mind.

We’re shipping Aubameyang out to Barcelona, the guy around whom we were supposed to build our team, yet we made a structure that doesn’t fit his playing style. I can’t believe the problem is that he was late. We’ve all been late in our lives, to meetings, work, etc. Do we immediately get fired? It looks to me like there’s been something personal between him and Arteta and the manager decided to cut the losses and the board saw £300k off the wage bill and cheered “hell yeah”.

There are two major problems here. Firstly, we’re back to dictatorship mode, just the dictator is now Arteta not Arsene. Wenger never liked strong characters who challenged him, that’s why big money players ruined him. Arteta is the same. He didn’t like Guendouzi, the guy went to France and is now a French international and he would easily walk into our midfield. I miss the guy’s passion, I don’t see it in our players apart from Martinelli.

It’s because Arteta doesn’t like players he can’t control and tell exactly what to do. We’ve shipped out Kolasinac, AMN, Chambers, Balogun and now Auba just this window. We have left-backs covered so I get why Sead left, but the others? I’d pick Chambers over Cedric any day of the week. AMN was surely going to be helpful in games, where we didn’t have a midfield practically. Balogun is raw, but Aubameyang, who’s been our main goalscorer in the past 3 years out for nothing?

And there’s the second problem. Where is the plan? Why did we leave our midfield short? Why didn’t we buy a striker if we know we don’t have even ONE who will be here next season, let alone one that scores goals? It’s beyond pathetic from Arsenal, but are you really surprised?

For me Edu and Arteta are a dead partnership. Both should leave, but why are they here? Because we don’t care about where we finish. Any ambitious owner would’ve looked at the table and said alright, we’re close to the top 4, where can we improve, to actually get there and the midfield and striking departments scream for improvement, yet we sleep. Sure we wanted Vlahovic, but he always wanted Juventus, so why didn’t we have a backup plan if that fails?

I’m angry, because this has happened so many times, it’s beyond a joke. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot in the middle of a marathon you might actually win. Even if we sign 2 players, which I find very hard to believe, I’m Arteta, Edu and the Kroenkes out. I can’t be hopeful we’ll make the top 4, knowing every injury to our squad is a potential disaster, because bar our starting 11, we’re too light, and we don’t have a good striker.

This is not negativity, it’s common sense, which has abandoned Arsenal a long time ago.

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  1. I fully agree, what a disaster! It seems that players who are successful elsewhere end up not being successful at Arsenal because they don’t fit into Arteta’s limited process. Those who leave go on to be successful and the Kroenkes lose millions and millions of pounds. The planning for this transfer window has been shocking and seems as if Edu and Arteta have to save cash because they have reduced the value of the players they are giving away.Shocking, shocking,shocking!
    No Europe once again!

    1. Please name the arsenal players sold under Arteta that have been successful beyond the replacement at arsenal.

      1. Martinez probably biggest. His successor was Leno + Runarsson.

        And red didnt say “sold”, only players who “leave”. So by that definition:

        Guendouzi, very successful at Marseille. Apparently to be sold for peanuts.

        Mavropanos, extremely successful at Germany. Apparently being sold for peanuts.

        Saliba, successful at Nice and Marseille. Still on our books though.

        Hmm who else is there..

        1. What is your definition of success, I have read any of the big clubs calling for their signatures, or have you?

          Saliba seems to be the only outstanding one, so let’s not judge, we are only fans not coaches, we don’t train with this guys,

          I believe this so called guys ain’t that good and not sure Arteta is wrong to have loaned them out.

          1. I dont think youve seen Mavropanos this or last season, at all. He’s top 3 centre-backs in Bundesliga. He was very good last season too. Lothar Matthaus urged publicly Bayern to buy Mavro but I guess he knows nothing about football either.

            And Guendouzi got called up for France after his displays for Marseille.

            Stop with the delusion. And if its not delusion, Google a little bit how our players are doing.

  2. If he had allowed the Auba issue to slide, you’d be the first to write about how Arteta is soft and can instill discipline.
    Did you just say Gued would walk into the current arsenal midfield? Cmon!
    In the current footballing environment, players must be flexible enough to adapt to different styles that best suit the team they play for, not the other way round. There is nothing wrong with letting Auba leave, the only problem is not finding a replacement.

    1. Is Zhaka ready to adapt to Arteta system? Has he? Will he?
      The Answer to all that is NO?
      Zhaka cursed the fans and was forgiven and still playing, what has Guedo and Auba done that is worse than what Zhaka has done?
      Stop being Hypocritical Man!!!!
      Arteta is a BIG virus!

    2. This is the problem with Arteta…he’s the one who wanted to re-sign Auba. He knew Auba wasn’t a traditional striker in the mould of a Giroud, but he still wanted him. The coach is the one who needs to be flexible and know his team intimately, so he knows how to get the best out of them. Torreia, Guendouzi, Saliba, Mavr, AMN, Chambers, Pepe, Leno aren’t world beaters, but they have some ability. Our manager is supposed to put them in the best position in order for them to succeed. Arteta just seems like a bully that forces his players to conform to his vision or they’re exiled…it just seems strange that so many players have difficulty playing for him, which can’t be a coincidence

  3. I actually thought this window we’d have a plan to unveil on the final day especially after such a successful summer window.
    I didn’t expect us to break the bank due to the summer spend but I did expect at least a striker and midfielder on loan with or without an option to buy.

    Nervously biting my nails until 11!

  4. Well let’s see what Arteta can do with his lightweight micro managed squad now, after all he’s been called a magician and we were told to trust the process? If anything today just proves 8thteta and Edu just don’t have a clue. As things stand we will be lucky to finish 8th again.

  5. So,now we have a striking trio of:

    1 who’s been dropped, stripped of captaincy but still refused to be sent out on loan

    2 who are out of contract in the summer (other one being refused to be sold)

    How motivated, from scale 1 to 10, do you people think they will,be for our cause?

    Auba picking 350k a week staying at home, Laca and Nketiah ready to sign lucrative pre-contracts with other clubs. Just need to stay fit.

    Have to say this has been the most ridiculous January window since Källstrom saga.

    Then again, Edu has zero experience as a sporting director so I’m not surprised.

      1. Ah I see. Got the job right away after retiring at the club. Still awful resume to be hired as our first ever technical director when we were at our worst?!

    1. @DaJuhi
      At least Kallstrom showed up to play. Did halfway decent too, broken back be damned…😂😂😂😂

  6. @kev
    Not sure they don’t know what they’re doing, after spending 150m in the summer there will be limitations this Jan and we may have had deals informally lined up only to be stitched up as the end approached.
    And don’t forget when the kroenekes are involved things are never simple.

    1. Kieron they don’t have the experience in this game they are both rookies. well makes no difference now we just need to hope Lacazette and Nketiah become goal scoring machines 😆

  7. The thin squad narrative that a lot of folks are promoting as an example of the reckless incompetence of Arteta and Edu is an interesting one.

    My gut says this criticism is spot on – we only have 20 first teamers, what about injuries and suspensions and COVID, they must be recklessly incompetent!

    But then I see that Man City has 19 first teamers. Obviously they have more quality (that’s a different issue) but they are also still competing in three competitions and are equally susceptible to injuries and COVID (sadly not suspensions as we seem to have that market cornered).

    So that makes me go hmmmm and leads to a few questions. Is Pep, widely regarded as the best manager in world football, being recklessly incompetent? Or are we Arsenal fans getting a bit too wound up about squad size?

    1. City often play practically without a striker, and are 2nd highest scoring team in the league.

      Our two forwards have 3 goals between them. One with 4 goals has been exiled.

      We needed a striker.

      Also I counted City squad 22 strong, including Kayky and Palmer but excluding Mendy and Carson. Counted our squad 20 strong, exclusing Okonkwo and Auba.

    2. You are forgetting that we are the least fit squad in the EPL compared to City is who is possibly in the top 3 for fitness.

      How many times have we heard our players going to another club and the coach states he can’t believe how unfit our players are. I’ve never heard that happen with another club.

  8. This just in. Arsenal in talks to sign young English player, Frank Lampard and World Cup winner Ronaldo Da Lima

  9. Kroenkes are not football fans and have no business owning Arsenal. On the other hand Arteta is making them loose money big time by not only mishandling players but in so doing making them
    Loose their value and leaving the club for zero.

  10. Have Arteta and Edu been hoist by their own rhetoric.

    Have they professed one too many times that the youngsters coming thru the Academy will be the future.

    I just wonder if the Kroenke’s are getting the Magician to put his money where his mouth is, and are forcing him to play more youngsters for the rest of this season?

    It will be interesting to see how this stripped down squad performs over the last 17 games.

    It will be interesting to see if Arteta gets his new contract too!!

  11. If we do not know what’s going on inside the club, remaining silent is a lot better than making up false assumptions. Arteta pushed for Auba’s renewal, retained him as captain and has supported him during his time as manager. Auba dragged Arsenal to an FA Cup win under Arteta. So why would Arteta have an issue with him suddenly?
    I understand a large section of the fans do not like Arteta, for some that is even bothering on pure hatred, but come on people, Kolasinac, AMN, Chambers are players we shipped out on loan and got them back. Nobody wanted them. We as fans even termed them ‘deadwood’. And now, Arteta can’t control them so that’s why he’s shipping them out? Seriously?
    Auba has a history of indiscipline. We saw this at Dortmund also before he arrived here. Maybe it was just being late (so many times) or maybe it’s more, we do not know at this point and we may never know. it is logical though that freezing out Auba outta the club can’t be Arteta’s decision alone. Tis the entire club and they know better, regardless of what we believe we know as fans. Current reports point to him staying after the window closes.
    We can be angry as fans for the poor transfer window but buying a player, especially an excellent one from another club is not like picking cans off the shelf. The parent club should be willing to sell and the player willing to make the move, and then the fees should be reasonable to everyone involved. If these conditions are not met then I’m sorry – anger doesn’t pay for players and their wages.
    The best we can do as fans is support the team. We’ve had a poor January yeah, let’s cheer on and hope for better in the summer.

    1. Well Mk Tulip that was spot on
      We can think we know what’s going on and on the basis of some views on Arteta and Edu they are still come up with nothing more than good old guess work.
      Even the Auba fiasco to Barca is either reported as he wasn’t willing to lower his salary sufficiently or the club were @*%* for being greedy
      What is the point of it?

    2. Auba out of the club is NOT the issue, The timing of the move is the problem. A time we’re having issues scoring goals

      1. It’s been more than a season since Aubameyang lost his form, so what do you really want, Aubameyang shipped out or Aubameyang loosing goals and costing us points,

        He cost us against watford, Newcastle,

        If you were a coach you probably would do the same.

    3. nice try MK…once again another nonsensical soliloquy packaged as a rational commentary

      firstly, the cherry-picking of “facts” about Auba’s Dortmund days, yet both Klopp and Tuchel have spoken very positively about his impact on and off the pitch…of course, this isn’t meant to suggest that he’s entirely devoid of blame, but even if what you’re suggesting were the case wouldn’t it be infinitely more logical to blame those who didn’t vet him properly before he came in the first place and then again before we reinvested heavily in this, as you would suggest, highly flawed and problematic character

      secondly, pretending that there would be no reason whatsoever that Arteta would do an about-face regarding Auba, even though there’s a very logical and Arteta-centered self-inflicted explanation…remember that Arteta attempted to cheat the “process” by changing the narrative following the FA victory, which failed miserably, and this managerial deviation originally led him to convince Auba to re-up

      in the subsequent months, once things had gone sideways and his negative tactics were incredibly problematic from a goal-scoring capacity, he flipped the script again and started to sell the notion that this was a “rebuild” all along…now someone of Auba’s ilk, on an unreasonable wage, considering the new narrative, no longer fit MA’s plans, so the campaign to undermine his relationship with the fans began in earnest

      I can only assume that he was hoping that Auba would see the writing on the wall and publicly declare his desire to play elsewhere, but that was a difficult ask considering the length of his current contractual agreement and the financial obligations that another team would need to assume…maybe MA actually felt that if he was frozen out he might be willing to renegotiate the terms if a viable alternative, to Auba’s liking, emerged

      finally, you finish it off with some sort of blinders-like settling conclusive statement like the “best we can do is support the team…and hope for better” in the future…really??? that’s the best we can do??? that’s the functional equivalent of “shut-up and pay”, which is why we are where we are presently

  12. It seems to me there is a kind of ‘pretend’ we can’t see what’s going on at Arsenal. Like we are supposed to pretend everything is OK when it clearly isn’t. Are supporters supposed to keep quiet when negative things are staring them in the face. Do we not notice that since this window began we have been totally mismanaged? Two cups and 4th place to no cups and has been’s, all in two weeks or so. From top to bottom, a season wasted. But we are only supporters and are not supposed to notice or say anything. From owner, through board, Vinai, Garlick, and Arteta Edu this club has failed us this window….even though they knew that AFCON, injuries and Covid would make us threadbare. Arsenal have thrown the season like a corrupt boxer…..and it seems that’s OK for some.

  13. 😴😴😴 Boring. Fans acting like brats. We did try to sign the right players with the right profile. If we didn’t get them it doesn’t mean we have to just sign for the sake of signing. Isak hasn’t really been prolific in scoring, so why should we pay £75m? I would rather us wait for the summer window when we more players are available. Teams are not willing to allow players just to leave in January accept for special reasons. I hope Aubamayeng can sign for Barcelona permanently. Just want him gone.

    1. Nobody is forcing Arteta to pay €75m on lsak. If he does it is on him. City just paid £15m for a very skillful and prolific goal scorer from south America and Westham is after a very good one also, Gabriel Nunez who plays for Benfica at reasonable price. What most fans questioning is lack clarity as to what Arteta is doing. We have Pepe who can play centrally and the mostly clinical arsenal players I have seen in the last 3 seasons been frozen out by our coach. As I’m typing this, Auba is in Spain trying to sign for another club. Where are going to get goals from. We need goals to win games.

  14. I had hoped that Aubameyang and Pepé would be brought back into the fold for a good, final push for the top 4 but now it seems Auba is truly finished at this club. Arteta has got to be the most egoistic coach I’ve ever seen. Holding grudges like a kid.

      1. I would like Pepe to be given an opportunity to play down the middle. He scores goals and has played there in France.

    1. The question, is what do you really want,
      You complained Aubameyang wasn’t scoring,
      He wasn’t helping the defense,

      He’s a burden on the the remaining 10players,

      Now you say Arteta is egoistic for dropping Aubameyang and adding a more efficient player,

      Pepe can hardly dribble pass he’s man,

      What do you fans really want?

      Well I understand we want the club to succeed,

      I won’t mind Ousmane Dembele, with him Pepe can play as a No9

  15. Artetas management has to be brought into question if we fail to get top 4 this season. The way he falls out with players and he and Edu allowing these players out on loan and weakening the team/squad because he cant manage Egos, is damning and damaging to us getting better. Arteta has shown that his man management skills are suspect to say the least and the success stories of Saliba and Gouendouzi at Marseille after both getting the cold shoulder, is really worrying. Marseilles manager saying Gouendouzis attitude is fantastic a future captain a Saliba being courted by big clubs when deemed not even good enough for a first team friendly. Auba has been the next player to suffer under Arteta, not only being ostracised but also hamstrung under Arteta ball that blunts our attacks and Aubas. AMN given the cold shoulder and Calum Chambers also not given a fair crack. While some may not be first team starters, although they were, they all make the squad stronger when around and weaker when they are not. Arteta has a massive job proving his decision making is correct and not misguided.

    1. Oh and then there is our natural scorer Pepe, another suffering under Arteta and his management style. That one is even more baffling considering our poor scoring record.

    2. And Leno not got selected for our semifinals corabo cups matches. Imagine the how disgraceful and wanted he will feels. We rubbish these players as if they are amateur when the truth is we have totally l and amateur as a coach.

  16. I could cry auba was one of my favourite okayers as was ozul before. To hear we are a club that can be manipulated so badly that with 18 months left of contract we give away a player for free of his potential calibre.
    Gutted for him and us as a club I personally will remeber his smile and bows of celebration with laca.

    Ps I don’t believe the returning late from France story I feel sure he did more and must has directed mikel and the team badly.

  17. Well Eddie N you wanted to play, time to step up then!

    This is why Mikel was over in the states seeing Stan, asking if we could write the fee off to get him gone.

  18. Just another normal day in the AFC managerial s***show … just remember that for all fans anything below 6th is grounds enough for firing arteta … for me that is guaranteed with the current squad manager and surrounding competition .. a fresh start come June … can’t come soon enough

  19. Well we’ve slashed our wage bill that’s ine thing!

    So gabi laca and Eddie can play up front saka and pepe and esr for wingers and mf players back to full strength soon.
    Fingers crossed for no injuries we may just eek it out to the end of this season!

    1. Hopefully arteta has something up his sleeve because if he doesn’t he wont be around for much longer. Can any one tell me what the process is now there must be a mug or two who still trust in it

  20. Barcelona !! Should be known as Uefalona from now on. Over £1 Billion in debt but still allowed to play in CL somehow. FFP rules are non existent. To see Arsenal cave in yet again,but this time with uefalona in a very weak position financially makes me feel slightly nauseous. Yes the player wanted to leave & his relationship with Arteta was probably broken but it’s just very disappointing. No doubt some of the more toxic “fans” will spout bile towards Auba but I’m grateful for the good memories & the FA Cup win in 2020. Let’s hope Arsenal can sign a striker in the next few hours otherwise CL football looks unrealistic but I hope I’m wrong 😌

    1. Well, the pundits on Sky apparently see shifting Auba as a win for Arsenal.

      Apparently it saves Kroenke $25m in wages.

      But then, money isn’t everything, is it?

  21. Well if arteta achieves top 4 with this squad we’re all moaning about then he’s definetly a footballing genius

    1. Whos moaning, the squad is well capable of 4th, the investment in the summer more than backs that up. The “squad” we go into the final 4 months of the season is moulded by Arteta and co. There can be no excuses, its not about the “squad” the squad is there and ready.

      1. no it’s not. who is going to score goals? it’s not going to be saka and maritnelli consistently. Reggie, I fear you aren’t prepared for how disappointing the next few months are going to be.

        1. You forget we were the highest spenders in Europe last summer, we have the players, the only question is do we have the manager. We have a strong squad still, nothing has been weakened this January and in some ways focussed us better.

        2. Martinelli, Pepe and Saka with support from Lacazette, Odegaard and ESR have the potential to score enough goals, if coached properly.

  22. “I’m told Aubameyang will join Barcelona on a free transfer if this goes through, not a loan” – Charles Watts

    Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, Carzola, Chambers, Mustafi, Sokratis, kolasinac, Mkhitaryan, Willian (Laca, Nketia to follow) all on free transfers.

    These free transfers praised by same people who criticised Wenger for “allowing” players enter last year of contract & selling them for millions.

    Time to remind those that hounded Wenger out that he sold 31 year old Giroud for £18m. Even Sanchez with only 6 months left was swapped for Mkhitaryan, so wasn’t a free transfer.

    Today, these same people celebrate free transfers as “savings on wages”. All of you honestly don’t deserve any good.

    1. No we are not celebrating free transfers. We are celebrating the departure of a delinquent who has no discipline costing us a lot of money.

      1. delinquent? what crime has he committed, showing up late a bunch? thats a dumb way to describe a player who has given so much to us. Letting him go on a free is a crime if anything. Arsenal just blew the rest of the season by not bringing anyone in. Do you seriously think we can get top 4 with lacazette and nketiah??? Thats a bottom of the table strike force.

  23. Arteta is costing us on and off the pitch. The way he treats players, makes them lose value and end up leaving for almost nothing. This isn’t helping the club one bit. Auba has left for nothing, Guendouzi had his value reduced due to Arteta’s treatment, same has happened with Leno. Ozil left for nothing.
    What baffles me the most is how he ostracizes players in areas where we need reinforcement.
    We needed creativity in midfield, yet he dropped Ozil and sent out Guendouzi on loan. Now we need goals, yet he dropped Auba and has now gotten rid of him. What has the club gained financially? Nothing! Would you still expect Kroenke to keep injecting funds, when Arteta keeps on devaluing the club’s players?
    A more mature coach would’ve handled this issue better. The way he’s going, he might just end up ruining this club.

      1. Does Leno have poor discipline? Do you sincerely think we can get anything reasonable from his sale now?
        Auba had disciplinary issues at Dortmund, yet they could get something reasonable from his sale. You guys can go on praising Arteta, while he keeps wasting money due to his poor man management skills.
        Not as if he even knows what he’s doing on the pitch. Using Arsenal as a learning ground.

    1. @namo

      Not sure I agree totally with you.

      Yes arteta does seem to have a habit of falling out with players but maybe the players play up as they know how important they are to the club at a given time. It’s a bit frightening bit mikel has rules and principles and I for one respect his stance as long as I know he’s tried to resolve dispute when possible.

      I think he would have tried as he’s not an unintelligent man.

      Also the devaluing of the players and club brand as a whole started a long time before arteta and his aggressive approach to a clean sweep of the squad and his attempts to bring in some discipline and get the squad to work hard and man up should be applauded, no pain no gain?

      I see it like this think of our players their wages and how hard they are prepared to work, graft put bodies on the line etc

      Now think of Burnley “minimum requirement is maximum effort” and the players wages compared to ours the kudos of playing fot Burnley versus arsenal etc.

      Basically the Burnley players you could argue have less to play for but as a team abd likely individually work harder than our players and don’t moab but get on with it, that’s what Mikel I believe is trying to instill to our club.

  24. See ya Auba. Could have been a great but now your just a ‘if only’.

    Thanks for the memories.

    1hr 46 left of window left..
    Seems easy to get people out of Arsenal these days but not so easy to get quality in.

  25. @arseovwrtit.
    Totally agree I think a lot of the time getting players in it’s about the manager and their connections.

    A certain other club signed 2 players from Juve as they were a successful manager with Juve and their sporting director remained connected.

    You’d think edu could have made use of his Brazilian connection as he did with Martinelli, (remember that one when everyone’s beating them down)

  26. Clearly few want to play for Arteta and those that do are mostly in the Xhaka, Elneny mould. Who would be surprised if in the next season or two Saka, Martinellii or ESR will also be looking elsewhere.

  27. Well the Spuds have made two good signings. Talk about ‘Stasis’, a stagnant window for us. Complete screw up of a transfer window. Makes me sad. As I have said….it’s like Edu/Arteta have given up trying to get anything from this season and that is not good at all. Imagine a boxer who gives up….the only certainty is that he will lose.

  28. Aside the disciplinary issue Aubameyang’s game was crap.. Am not an Arteta supporter but I totally agree with letting him go, cos I just don’t see anything he has brought since signing the new contract..

    amongst all the departures It’s Chambers that I don’t understand why we let him go.. He is clearly more useful than Cedric, and how come he was never for once given a look in at defensive midfield even with the continuous erroneous performances of Lokonga and even overlooking him for an 18year old Patino is just baffling.. This is someone who won Fulham’s player of the season on loan playing in Midfield 2years ago.

    Well in reality this is where we are as a club, and the truth is that we have a very wealthy owner who doesn’t even care if the club is profiting or not… cos if they do some or most our recent free transfers would definitely be investigated or at most analysed to see the values.. As a supporter I don’t even think I can remember the last player we sold for actual money, talkless of profit… It’s crazy at the Emirates

  29. A very strange window for Arsenal. Why bother paying Edu for doing .. er, nothing? I can understand MA taking a tough line with ill discipline, and even understand trimming down a squad that is only going for one competition, but can anyone explain to me how the highest ticket prices in the world give us nothing more than a threadbare mediocre squad. And yet, still fighting for 4th. MA is playing a dangerous game …

  30. well i mean, this window is a total failure. I dont think any realistic fan actually believes we have a shot at anything better than 6 now. Where are the goals going to come from?

  31. The only certainty from this transfer window is nobody wants to play for Arteta. He is factually the wrong manager. I’m sure many of you are realising this tonight. It’s sad to see such a great club suffering in the hands of such a poor manager. The worst since Terry Neil.

      1. Ozziegunner

        That is interesting. I think Terry Neil had better players relevant to the times, in fact Brady and Rix and Stapleton were very special players. Neil just didn’t get the best out of them, but there was that great cup final. Arteta though has brought the worst football that I have seen and it has no redeeming features.

  32. Arteta & Edu are keeping their powder dry for the Summer Window. They will chase a striker for a few weeks argue about the price then another club will swoop in and buy him right under Arteta & Edu nose.

  33. OMG. The child-like nature of our fanbase is wow. The sensationalism.

    People are acting like little kids throwing a tantrum in a supermarket because mommy did not get them the candy and toys they wanted.

    Now it’s all doom and gloom. It like it’s the End of the world for the fans and Arsenal football club.
    It’s okay to be disappointed and nervous as we all are, but to just fall apart, going into a paranoid and overly emotional made just because we did not get players we all hoped for is just child-like / over dramatic in my opinion.

    People need to start thinking rationally and objectively nowadays. It seems Arteta is here and the club seem to like him. I have been encouraging my fellow gooners to curb their biases against Arteta, to restrain their emotional dislike for Arteta and try to be objective. But it seems like people have already made their mind up and will only point out negatives that’s what confirms their biases against Areta.

    Take ones grudge filled emotions and feeling towards Arteta and try to be as objective as possible. It feels good trust me.

  34. Goonster

    The problem is Arteta is the emotional one. Holds grudges and treats many Players with contempt. He rants on the touchline like a hysteric and clearly has control issues and has a compulsive need to micro manage. He has awful man management skills. All of this can be seen every game. The truth is clear and people see it. You are for some strange reason defending the indefensible.

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