A great transfer window means Arsenal can still challenge for the Top Four

Some of the comments these past few days are just laughable. by Tony T

I don’t think people even realise what it is to support a football club anymore. The spending power of the likes of Man City, PSG, Madrid, Barcelona and now Newcastle have only made things worse for those with wild imaginations.

Let’s be clear that Arsenal football club has a rich history and whilst the last few years have not been the best in terms of success on and possibly off the pitch, it takes time to rebuild after the Wenger era and there needs to be an element of trust.

The Kroenke’s have backed Arteta and whilst it has been just over 2 years since the man has taken charge, he has to deal with a huge squad and some hefty wage bills. To be fair to the owners, they have spent big only 6 months ago, and to be fair to Arteta, he has instilled a sense of discipline and his way – whether people like it or not, he is the manager and that’s a sign of a no-nonsense manager. Those making a mockery of the likes of Ozil, Auba etc., are just bonkers. There is a fine balance between legacy and taking the mickey – both players achieved great things in the first few years and then tailed off. Sitting on c£10-15m annual wages, if you’re not bothered to be a team player, adhere to the disciplines and at least perform, then you’re off I’m afraid – nobody is bigger than the team.

People are whining about no incomings, but do you know how many players we actually had on the books? Finally, we have a team that is recognisable, and we know what each player’s role is. I’m not to bother about the fact that we didn’t manage to get anyone in this window – It is excruciatingly hard to bring quality in January and whilst Vlahovic would have been great, never bring someone who doesn’t want to come.

I’m however very pleased we’ve managed to offload a few and trim the squad. Let’s be clear, we only have 17 league games over 4-5 months, that’s about 3-4 league games a month. No long-term injuries in the current squad and we have a squad of about 18 first team players – which if they work their socks off for their manager, we should still challenge for that top 4.

GK – Ramsdale/Leno
WBL – Tierney/Tavares
WBR – Tomiyasu/Cedric
CB – Gabriel/White/Holding
DM – Xhaka/Elneny
CM – Partey/Lokonga/ (Patino as back up)
AM – Odegaard/ESR
RW – Saka/Pepe
LW – Martinelli
ST – Lacazette/Nketiah

To be honest that is not a bad squad (20 players) at all. We will probably, and I expect to, lose Leno, Cedric, Elneny, Nketiah and Pepe in the next window. That’s 5 more gone and possibly further losses of Lacazette and Xhaka. We will then be down to 12 first team players.

Of those currently out, I expect the following to leave in the summer – Guendouzi to leave permanently to Marseille, Torreira to leave permanently to Fiorentina, AMN to leave to Roma permanently, Mavropanos to Stuttgart. All the above have option to buy (except AMN) which I believe will be triggered. I also believe Bellerin, Nelson, Mari and Runarsson will leave permanently in the summer. You add others that left this window – Chambers, Kolasinac, Auba etc., and you can see what an herculean task it is managing a squad this size, some not good enough, some with egos who want to play without performing, and more than anything else, if a manager wants to get a few players in – where is the space from a footballing and financing point of view with all these wages?

The only player I’d like to see back is Saliba, let’s see what happens in the summer.

I think these last few windows have been the best in a few years. We’ve had a host of players that we had to move on, some signings under MA and Edu were below par (Willian, Cedric, Mari etc.) but I do believe they needed some immediate replacements for those that had to move on like Ozil, Sokratis, Mustafi etc.

Either way, come the summer we will have about 12-15 top young players from the current crop, a massively reduced wage bill and hopefully a bit of firepower to go and add some real quality.

The final left standing would be:
GK – Ramsdale
LB – Tierney/Tavares
CB – Gabriel, White, Holding, Saliba
RB – Tomiyasu
DM – ?
CM – Partey/Lokonga
AM – Odegaard/ESR
RW – Saka
LW – Martinelli
ST -??

That’s 14 players – so we need a couple of strikers, a couple of wingers and a couple of defensive midfielders and a backup for Tomiyasu at RB. It seems Matt Turner will be the backup for Ramsdale.
Hoping for a good summer with quality additions. But a lot of hard work is and was needed to just empty the room. So many had to be moved first to then be able to plan the incomings.

For now, I’m happy with the squad and to be honest the first XI is as good as we’ve had in a while. Some players are still very young but have a lot of talent and with the right application and desire, we could go on a run. Some quality additions in the summer and we could see a genuine team emerging.

Lastly, I just want to clarify that I’m not an MA fan, but I’m willing to give him time to implement a squad he needs and more than anything give him the benefit of what he, Edu and the Kroenke’s are trying to build.

They have spent money, they have bought well, they are instilling a sense of discipline and club come first mentality and my hope is that before long we will be a force to reckon with – but it takes time.

Until then get behind the team and support them.

Tony T

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    1. No they just want better then Lacazettle and Eddie Nketiah because it’s been proven since they got chance in December they been poor

      1. People forget that Saliba is coming back with only one year left in his contract
        That is funny and another asset completely mismanaged

        1. I think because we gave away Auba and got Laca Eddie with 3 goals between them, is why we wanted another option in the striking apartment.

          £13m Weghorst would’ve been a minimal risk financially but could’ve offered even the tiniest edge over our top 4 contenders.

        2. Can anyone imagine Saliba signing a contract extension considering his treatment and the state of affairs at the Arsenal?

          1. I saw an article a few days ago in The Mail, where was quoted for saying, he agrees he wasn’t physically ready for the PL, although he felt it like a slap in the face, when he was only played in the U23.

      1. Yesterday,Aulas the Lyon owner/president said during an interview that the club will do everything they can to re-sign Lacazette.

  1. Yep exactly that was my call in October.
    A squad of 20.
    Laca Nketiah Elneny Xhaka Leno and Cedric will almost certainly go in the summer.
    Not Pepe because he cost too much to let go yet. All those on loan except Saliba will be let go. Holding Niles Nelson might have to be kept as quota players. Seven newbies. GK Turner RB CB DM CDM Two strikers probably another 150 m spend. 22 senior players 3 U21. 17 games to go and top 6 is the goal. If we make top 6 Arteta stays. 7th it goes to arbitration. 8th he is sacked.

    1. On point assessment of our squad and I’m also very happy for what has been done so far. Summer is the time to go for top quality players and there’ll be good options for any player who doesn’t fancy Arsenal. We wouldn’t be under so much pressure to buy a particular player, and qualifying for Europe would also help. It’s an opportunity to put together a very strong second 11. On the financial aspect, a lot of funds have been freed up. Looking forward to another great summer transfer just like last summer. COYG!

  2. Arteta has had 5 windows … we had an unbalanced squad when he took over we have an equally unbalanced squad today … with a first 11 that is arguably slightly better .. it’s marginal … but with less experience and probably more injury prone … one that will only hit top 6 if rivals falter … my best guess is 7th .. but apparently we should be thrilled with that … progress it turns out is in the eye of the beholder too!!!

    1. @ RW1. It has taken 8 windows, 175 games and 275 mill to clean up 60% of the bloated squad Wenger’s left us. However we still need at least the next summer window, ship out Lacazette, Bellerin, Xhaka, Elneny Nketiah, Mavropanos (all Wenger signings) as well as Torreira, Guendouzie, (Emery) Cedric, Mari, (Arteta) and bring back Saliba and recruit another 5-7 quality additions probably another 200mill before we complete the rebuild. Covid and the resulting weak market has delayed the clean out and rebuild by two seasons. But by August we should be nearly there.

  3. Good article and based on actual facts. Not some of the fake facts about Kroenke’s unwillingness to spend, we see from the same writer(s) again and again.

      1. I’ve gone over this article twice Anders and see no facts just another fans opinion trying to tell other fans how we should be supporting this circus .
        Sorry Tony but another Article backpatting the ego tripping manager while trying to shift blame on players left from the previous regime .
        I should have stopped reading after I read the headline TBH .

        1. This article is fact based, because it acknowledge the fact, that Kroenke is willing to spend.
          This has been proven for at least 6-8 years, and our lack of ability to compete for the PL title, and lately our lack of ability to get into top 4, can not be excused/explained by unwillingness to spend.
          Yet, we see some, especially Dan Smith, time and time again, throwing dirt on the owner for not spending as if that was the problem.
          It is a wrong conclusion based on fake facts/premises.

          1. The article you mention is factual
            Did Stan Koronke / Arsenal spend this January ?
            So therefore there’s nothing fake about it ?

            1. You get it wrong, because you have a fixation about Kroenke.
              No, we didn’t spend in January, but it has nothing to do with Kroenke not being willing.
              Let me make it simple for you:
              Arsenal put in one of the highest bids in the whole transfer window for Vlahovic. So Arsenal/Kroenke had the will to spend also in this window, if we could get the quality, we wanted for the money.
              And either way, as others also try to explain to you, Arsenal can’t be the highest spenders in every window. Nobody can, not even City or Chelsea.
              If you truly want to analyze and discuss what is happening at Arsenal on a level higher than usual rants based on prejudice, you might want to spend a little time on researching facts.

              1. I’ll try one more time
                Did Arsenal slash their wage bill in January yes or no ?
                They literally just gave Aubameyang away to get off the wage bill
                Your saying those things didn’t happen ?

                1. Arsenal slashed the wage bill and got rid of Aubameyang, who had disrespected the club, his teammates and the manager.
                  All sensible actions.
                  Arsenal also pursued the most sought after attacker, and were willing to pay a huge transfersum. It didn’t happen, but not because Kroenke wasn’t willing to pay. Do you get it?

                  1. AndersS, as I have no idea what Aubemeyang did or didn’t do and you obviously do, can you give me a rundown of what misdemeanours he actually did, when you say, he disrespected :
                    1. The club?
                    2. The Manager?
                    3. His teammates?

                    As for the article, I understand the author’s viewpoint, I just disagree with him.
                    The end of the season will prove who is right and I hope it’s him.

                    1. @ken.
                      Auba was given a special permission to leave the country right in the middle of the most busy schedule to visit his mom. Yet, he misused that trust and once again showed up late.
                      As he was the captain, it is a letdown of everybody, club, manager, players and I might add, the fans.
                      I don’t agree with everything in the post, but I applaud the author for knowing the facts about Kroenkes willingness to spend.

                    2. AndersS, so, like me and every other Arsenal fan out there, you have no idea what actually happened.
                      Neither the club or the player have given any indication as to what caused such a breakdown between the manager and the player – something that saw the club, reportedly, give the player a golden handshake and let him join Barcelona for free.

                      You say he disrespected the fans – could you also say that the other parties involved have also disrespected the fans?

                      We are completely in the dark as to why a player, who months ago was deemed to be worth £300,000 plus a week, is now a Barca player and it cost our club £7,000,000 to make it happen!!

                      I think we, the fans/supporters are being disrespected when we see players like Mavs, Saliba, Guendouzi, AMN, Torreria and others being sent out on loan, while Lacazette has been allowed to run his contract down, can leave for free in the summer and is already talking to other clubs, let players leave this transfer window and yet sign nobody to replace any of the above.

                      Now, I don’t know if it’s cost cutting, trimming the wage bill, better players unavailable, poor management or just part of the “process”, but don’t you think we should, at the very least, be given an explanation of some, if not all, of the above – before we start pointing fingers at any one individual as the scapegoat?

                    3. @ken
                      Although I agree, none of us knows exactly what happended, I do think, as it stands, it is almost certain Auba again turned up late, and not by some 15 min. caused by a delay on the M25!

              2. AndersS

                Arsenal put in a “Huge Bid” for a player they already new did not want to come to the club.

                It appears that Arsenal then put in a “Large Bid” for Isak, a player who had a buy-out clause for $20m more than the amount we offered.

                His current club had stated categorically they would not sell for less that the full Buy-out amount.

                So did we actually expect to get either player, or was this all nothing more than a publicity stunt to make people like yourself think the club was really trying?

                In the news paper METRO a story was published stating Arsenal would have $180m to spend in the summer window and that it would be used to buy Isak, Neves and Calvert-Lewin.

                My suspicion is that this story was put out to try and mitigate the anger over the lack of new players brought in during the January window!!

      2. At least try to not embarrass yourself always. Kroenke has to spend every window now to prove to you he invest in his club?
        All you’ve ever cared about is his money, how he spends it, how we let poor players go and all that.
        Dude it’s been what now? 4-5 years that you’ve constantly moaned about Kroenke and denying he’s been backing the club?
        Put in a bid, buy the club and spend millions every transfer window.
        Stop trying to build up dislike and have for the owners.
        Don’t you get tired?

          1. @Dan its so difficult to understand some simple things.
            We had very clear needs going into January. The club did not address them and its detrimental to our success. How people support this outright failure is beyond me.

      3. He didn’t need to spend on useless players. Summer is the time you have more options and not limited. If you are a fan of panic buy, we could splash the cash on some overhyped players, then expect them to perform miracle. If they don’t, you resume your attack on Arteta.

        1. Stop being brainwashed Soccer boy,who said Vlahovic was the only striker on earth who could improve our attack.Why then didn’t they get someone else?

          1. Why would anyone want MA to spend any MORE money on useless players?
            Following your logic, Soccor boy, every signing made this window has been “useless” then?

            What’s actually happened is that Pool, spuds, city, villa, Everton, Newcastle etc etc have STRENGTHENED their squads…. while we have depleted ours and not replaced one single player.

        2. If Arteta fails to finish in the top 4 i will say he’s failed
          That’s not an attack, it’s an opinion

  4. At last someone talking sense ! Agree with pretty much every word apart from ima we should have kept Chambers as cover for Tomi and moved on Cedric & as well as Saliba back would really love to see Guendouzi given another chance, although sadly I don’t think it will happen.
    The players we have now are the players that have got us up the table, and if they play how they have for the majority of the season we can definitely make a push for top 4
    COYG !!!!!

  5. Can’t you see that the problem is our board who lacks football knowledge for appointing 2 rookies who are below average to manage the team and transfers? Why wasn’t Emery backed and Arteta is? Arteta and Edu need to leave asap because they’re only damaging the club. I don’t know why people keep defending Arteta I can’t find a single reason that justifies all the backing he’s getting from the owner and fans!

  6. When you see a projection of our likely squad for next season it’s a bit scary knowing that we have to find six or seven quality replacements for the probable outgoings. I can’t remember another close season when we had to urgently fill so many spots. It’s going to be very busy summer for Arteta & Edu. Hope they’re up to the task.

  7. It wasn’t a great transfer window but I think you’ve done a great job of laying out the scale and progress of the club’s re-set.

    Wenger’s genius was able to paper over some cracks that became apparent after he left – bloated contracts to mediocre players, fitness concerns etc. Really when you look at, what he continued to achieve with his resources is quite remarkable.

    But Arteta and Emery before him are no Wenger so a different approach was required. I’m on board with your positive outlook but equally I’m nervous that we have left little room for error. Our “what ifs” seem a lot bigger than some.of our competitors.

  8. People have their own opinions about this transfer window, whether it be positive or negative.

    We did not strengthen to push for the top 4, even though we are currently in the fight. Why I ask?

    The narrative about “lacking quality” is plain false. We had money for Dusan but not a DM we clearly need? Or a CM we also need?

    The clear out was a good thing, but not bringing in at least 1 midfielder to strengthen a weak area is a missed opportunity.

    In the Summer squad will need 2 strikers no doubting that. A DM, hopefully another CM, a winger. That’s 5 players and another £ 100 million or more. I’m skeptical Kronke going to have a repeat of last Summer.

    Possible yes, but I argue unlikely. Without another injection of funds expect another year of “patience ” and “the process” and deflection away from ambition and standards.

    I see an owner happy with top 6 now, and hoping time and developing youth make the occasional push for top 4.

    1. Spot on Durand.I almost always agree with your assessment. For the first time after so long we had a very healthy opportunity for a top 4finish.We needed just an addition of 2 quality players, a DM and a CF.We have blown that away with the January window activities.
      The Kroenkes have found a yes man in Arteta,who cares nothing about the teams success as long as he is on a hefty pay and his bosses save some pennies
      We are back to waiting for the next season.
      Its unfortunate that some fans have stooped too low and now they celebrate finishing 7th.I believe under this morons Arsenal will remain a laughing stock.
      We will soon lose all our up coming gems like Saka,Martinelli&even Ramsdale to teams who care about winning silverware.Its just in acceptable.

      1. But then again, we may get 4th anyway.
        Unless of course you can predict every result in every game until the end of the season?

        1. Admin with the way we have been playing lately, it will take a miracle to be 4th.
          Add that to the depleted squad and glaring imbalance in the team,an injury to one or two key players will definitely spell doom for us unlike most of the top 4 contenders.

  9. Sometimes no business is good business. That is why I don’t have much to say about our zero incoming but what I found unacceptable is we have to wait 6 months to get some players out. Arteta knew Kolasinac was not in his plan after he got Tavarez, he knew he won’t use Mari, with purchase of White one of Chambers or Holding is surplus yet these players got paid 6month wages for doing little to nothing. That is incompetence from him and Edu. There is news coming out now that Auba received £7m payoff before he agreed to tire down his contract and if this is true I have no doubt Kola received some amount as well. Why is arsenal so mismanaged like this.

  10. Aaah Thank you Admin Pat! Finally a balanced and logical article reflecting on the transfer window, and no typical gooner hysteria… And, what’s the point of being in the Champions League before we can compete properly and get beyond the last 16 – of course it would be great, but why get there and be annihilated?

    1. What’s the point of getting into the champions league you ask?
      It helps attract high profile players to the club and even for just qualifying you get many millions. Apart of course from possibly compete for it. By the way, the article wasn’t by Admin, it was Tony T.

      1. Declan, doesn’t it make you scratch your head in amazement when someone comes out with a statement like that?
        We might as well not be in the PL, the fa cup or league Cup this season as we’re not going to win any of them either…and have been humiliated /annihilated in all of them 😂😂😂

  11. How much time you give him???
    “I am ready to give time to implement his squad” is very Absurd or Ambiguous statement…
    From your point of view he already has 20 people squad with him which apparently of his choice…
    So I he should get top 4 this season otherwise he must leave..
    I am still unsure why he kept AMN last when he was planning to loan him out in winter?
    We had a offer for him and we should cash in on him

  12. Writer, you missed out on Elneny who is also leaving in the summer. I would expect a ST incoming in the summer with Balogun playing the second fiddle. A CM, possibly 2 to come here although we do have a plethora of upcoming CMs from the Academy(Azeez, Patino, Salah M’Hand, Akinola). Possibly a backup RB. Or else a RB like Tyler Adams who can play as a CM as well.

  13. If the club is counting on youth to make up the numbers, then that is their prerogative.

    Unfortunately that won’t get us back into the CL, or provide the level of competition we need within the squad.

    Going into next year it is looking like Arteta has 11-14 players he is counting on, and playing them until they drop. Azeez and Patino need loans so can’t count on them next year.

    Hopefully Balogun improves, but won’t be ready to help mount a CL charge.

    Our defense looks good, even better if Saliba stays and gets an honest shot to compete.

    Midfield is the lame duck in our squad; lack a true DM, Odegaard and ESR are CAMs, and Lokogna is closer to a DM than a B2B.

    Not to mention the glaring black hole that is the Striker position.

  14. just another article that on the surface appears to be a somewhat sensible attempt to explain away MA’s tenure thus far, yet, upon closer inspection, continually cherry-picks “facts” in order to sell a particular narrative that simply doesn’t make sense based on what has ACTUALLY happened since MA’s arrival

  15. Though I do essentially agree with this well thought out and well argued article, and even as perhaps MA’s most positive supporter onJA, I nevertheless feel that right now we are effectively uninsured in sheer playable and choosable numbers of players to ride out a quite likely injury or Covid crisis this season.
    I have always done and always will believe in effective insurance against unforseen but not unforseeable crisies!

    1. i agree its a gamble Jon. On the plus side, the owner and club save millions in wages. On the negative side, we are strong enough and fade in the top 4 chase, or worse yet get an injury that sinks the season even further.

          1. Here is crazy idea ….
            If your not getting a replacement
            Get the best out of Auba then sell him in the summer
            Instead we gave him to Barca for nothing while leaving ourselves with a weak strike force

  16. People who think Arteta/Edu have let us down in this window are just as much supporters as you. Do you think to B.N. somebody makes your opinion more valid than theirs. I’m happy you have your opinion but it is not an iota more valid than any one else’s. I watch every game, watch the youngsters when they are on, hope for good football, get behind the players, but think Arteta is the wrong man for the job. The last 2 years suggest that to many.

  17. Do us honestly believed that Arteta will absorb Saliba into his team-squad next summer. And have his reported expiring contract with the club extended for him to remain at Arsenal, but not loan him out again or sell him altogether?

    i have this suspicion Arteta may not absorb Saliba into his team to integrate him next summer. If not so, why then had Arsenal during the last Jan transfer window signed a 22 year old MLS Colorado Rapids centreback named Auston Trusty? But loaned him back to his club till next July wham he’ll join Arsenal.

    It is true that the Arsenal first team squad of 20 players that remained after the last Jan window is quite a very strong team-squad. That can challenge successfully for a top-four finish this season to get a UCL spot. If Arsenal qualify this season to play in the Champions League next season, top quality players like Vlahovic and their agents should have no any excuses to give for not joining Arsenal next summer.

    And us know how highly principled Arteta is when it comes to him managing the Gunners. For, he doesn’t look to condone any kind of indiscipline behaviour coming from any Gunners. Of which I think Saliba must have fallen short of before Arteta. Which looked to have necessitied Arteta taken the action he took to to sideline Saliba completely from the team after he arrived to Arsenal from his loan out to St Etieen from the the club he was bought vying Arsenal and loaned back to them immediately for a season.

  18. Not strengthening in January WILL affect our chances of 4th place Championd League or Europa Cup positions – definitely. I really would love our present squad to surpass itself…..but it won’t. Personally I really do not believe we have a strong enough squad….at this moment in time. We are creatively weak and have no cutting edge in the CF position. How then are we going to get 4th place (even though I love our Hale Enders)?

  19. Do us honestly believed that Arteta will absorb Saliba into his team-squad next summer. And have his reported expiring contract with the club extended for him to remain at Arsenal, but not loan him out again or sell him altogether?

    i have this suspicion Arteta may not absorb Saliba into his team to integrate him next summer. If not so, why then had Arsenal during the last Jan transfer window signed a 22 year old MLS Colorado Rapids centreback named Auston Trusty? But loaned him back to his club till next July wham he’ll join Arsenal.

    It is true that the Arsenal first team squad of 20 players that remained after the last Jan window is quite a very strong team-squad. That can challenge successfully for a top-four finish this season to get a UCL spot. If Arsenal qualify this season to play in the Champions League next season, top quality players like Vlahovic and their agents should have no any excuses to give for not joining Arsenal next summer.

    And us know how highly principled Arteta is when it comes to him managing the Gunners. For, he doesn’t look to condone any kind of indiscipline behaviour coming from any Gunners. Of which I think Saliba must have fallen short of before Arteta. Which looked to have necessitated Arteta taken the action he took to to sideline Saliba completely from the team after he arrived to Arsenal from his loan out to St Etieen from the the club he was bought by Arsenal and loaned back to them immediately for a season.

  20. Tony, I agree with much of what you say but I don’t think that we can compete for the top four as we can’t score.

    Waiting for summer for big business is fine and makes sense, don’t throw money away which is something that we have been good at.

    I have no problem with getting Auba off the books but we needed a central striker who would be able to take advantage of our strong wide play.

    If a great striker had arrived then top four was possible but not likely. Top six is more attainable but I would have been more comfortable with that option with another striker.

  21. This article left my lost for words on a number of fronts, so at the risk of not offending sensitive egos I’ll say as little as possible. But!!! Firstly you are assuming that the six Summer signings will all be be amazing, which they won’t. Then you are deluded if you believe a squad which incorporates Xhaka, Elneny, Lacazette, Nketian and an aging yet to convince Partey is good enough for top four. Also you are covering up the fact that many top players did not want to play for Arsenal and have turned us down.Like your man Arteta so much of your credibility lies in the hope that Saka, Martinelli, ESR, and Pepe will save the season. I hope they can but the real issues will remain.

  22. Questions to those supporting Arteta:
    1. Why did most players started performing so bad with his arrival (Kolasinac, Lacazette, Auba, Bellerin, Torreira, Nelson, etc)
    2. Why do you say the team has improved when statistics show a different story?
    3. Do you think that the young players like Saka,ESR, and Martinelli will wait for years without Champions league football?
    Apart from winning the FA Cup with Emery’s team what else has he achieved?
    4. How many transfer windows do you think a manager should have to be judged as a success or failure?
    5. Apart from the Brighton and Hove incident (where he was defending a teammate) which other cases of unruly behaviour do you know about Guendouzi?
    6. Can you fairly say Kolasinac was bad under Wenger and Emery? The Tank as we called him was a very good wingback/ left back. Was Arteta fair to use him as a central defender or he wanted to expose him so that he can sell him.
    7. Comparing previous seasons with the current statistically has the defence improved?
    8. Do you attribute the lack of goals from our strikers to poor form or tactics?
    9. Is Odegaard better than ESR as a number 10?

  23. Very good article.

    We tried hard to buy vlahovic it didn’t work out. We are left with what could be a tight squad that plays hard for each other. With some skill arteta could lead us in a strong battle for top 4.

  24. OT:Arsenal ‘paid out a £7MILLION lump sum just to GET RID of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’… only for Barcelona to stick a €100MILLION buy-out clause on his deal with them, after the Gunners tore up his £350,000-per-week contract”as for clearing deadwood it’s paying to clear deadwood more like.not only do we not get frees for our players(Chambers..)but we pay them to leave, GREAT WINDOW INDEED!

    1. They are able to do that because Aubameyang cut his weekly pay to shreds just to force his way out of Arsenal who clearly need him no more. But don’t worry, the buy out clause will mean nothing, as Aubameyang will still leave for free having exhausted his contract, or they will have to beg him to leave.

  25. A great article, full marks. According to the latest report from The Sun, Arteta will most likely be given a budget of around 180 million pounds in the summer and the most likely additions are Isak, DCL, Rubin Nevez, a CAM and another RB. So we need to support the Club and be patient.

    1. Let’s assume that the 180M is true,do you really think it would get us a CF(Isak has a release clause of 67M€),2DM(Elneny will be gone),then if Laca,Nketiah leave they’d need replacing too,a RB?? don’t forget MA has recently said that he was after quality players that are better than those we already have,meaning higher fees and clubs know we are desperate so expect a premium. lastly,I agree we need to support the team but it shouldn’t stop us from being critical don’t you agree??

  26. Oh come on a great window? You just want to stick it to those whiners. It was a decent window with us getting rid of some unused players, making room for potential summer signings.

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