Campbell urges Arsenal to sign this striker no matter the consequences

Kevin Campbell has urged Arsenal to ‘break the bank’ to sign Erling Haaland, even if his signing is detrimental to the squad overall.

The Gunners are in desperate need of a new striker this summer, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang having been allowed to leave last week, and with both Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah both set to become free agents at the end of the term. That will leave us with Folarin Balogun, who will return from his loan with Middlesbrough, as our only striker, while Gabi Martinelli or Nicolas Pepe could possibly play out of position there.

The reality is that we could well be forced to sign two new strikers in the coming window, and that to bring the right level of quality we need to take the club to the next level will likely cost heavily, and Campbell insist that Arsenal should do whatever it takes to target Haaland.

“If you can get him, you get him. 100%. If you can get him, then you get the best players in the building that you can,” Campbell told the Highbury Squad (via Football365).

“If you had to break the bank to get [Erling] Haaland and that hindered you in filling the squad. Do you do it?

“That’s what we really lack, isn’t it? We lack that striker who is going to bang 20-25 goals in, so if you can get that, then you get it. [Even] if it’s going to be to the detriment [the squad].”

As much as we’d all love to see Haaland arrive at the Emirates, I find it hard to believe that we would have any chance of beating the heavy hitters to his signature. It doesn’t even sound as if he has any interest in coming to the Premier League currently, and will likely end up in Spain or Paris Saint-Germain.

Do you think Haaland will just join the club who is willing to offer the biggest pay-package or would he already have his heart set on somewhere?


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  1. Vlahovic didn’t want us now and haaland would want us when we were without cl football, arteta with 2 years extention as a prize for top 8 and the likes of city, Madrid and others knocking his door…

  2. Kevin Campbell needs to take a break from the media! There is no chance whatsoever Erling Haaland will ever be interested in moving to Arsenal.

  3. We are heading for the top but signing haaland is way off the mark my legend he is out of our reach at least for now.

  4. I might sound crazy but I think the player himself could be interested in a move to Arsenal, IF

    1) We would be playing in the Champions League
    2) Our manager would actually prove to him that this project of his is going somewhere
    3) He wouldn’t let his blood-sucking leech of an agent do the decisions for him (for his own personal financial gain)

    Håland himself doesn’t strike me as an arrogant diva -type of player like the Neymars, Mbappes etc. Håland is best buddies with Ödegaard (which doesn’t really mean anything) and he did choose Dortmund out of all the clubs. I guarantee BVB wasn’t the biggest club after his signature but it was the right choice for him. He’s the star player of the team, very much loved there.

    Players go to Real Madrid, Barcelona and fall to obscurity quite quickly. The fans of these clubs are the worst. Mbappe I can see going to Real for all the wrong reasons but Håland I’m not so sure.

    That being said, I think Manchester City could be his likeliest destination given his father’s connection to the club.

  5. There in lies the issue ladies and gents, without Champions League these types of players are off the table.

    As I’ve said with the Vlahovic deal if Juve hadn’t been flirting with his representatives for the last 18 months, we probably would have signed him. We rightly made an attempt for Vlahovic knowing that there was the slight chance in Jan, compared to no chance in summer because of Juve.

    We will have to target potential super stars or target players that have not hit the heights when they signed for top clubs. Examples being Jovic at Real or even De Jong at Barca. The former even stating who would like to have joined Arsenal but at a step to the the Barca’s and Real’s of this world.

    I think this is a ploy we can use to pull top players to the club. Development in the best league in the world alongside fellow potential superstars. The pressure at these clubs is huge and winning the Champions League is the priority and failing to do so puts huge targets on these players backs. From which some players find hard to deal with.

    We are Arsenal after all we do have the ability to make top signings. I know we didn’t sign a striker but we’ve been caught out spending big in the past paying overinflated prices for players not cut out for the prem. In another recent article, it says how we have spend almost 900m on players in the last 9 years. The 3rd highest spend in the prem over that period behind only City and Liverpool.

    Look at the comparisons in titles and silverware, City are serial league title winners and Liverpool have won 2 Champions Leagues and a League title. This has showed how bad our recruitment was compared to the 2 afore mentioned teams. Even now Liverpool signed Jota for 30m and their new boy Luis Diaz for 35m very good prices for very good players.

    Our new look Arsenal team also reflects this with all signings (bar Ben White) under 35m. We have Saliba back in the summer. The priority first and foremost is get our house in order before any new recruits are signed. New contracts for any lads coming into their last 2 years, tie them down an protect their values. Even though on the field we are inconsistent, we have to get the work done off it first for any stability and success to be achieved.

    For years Arsenal have been a club in termoil behind the scenes and pereneal under achievers on the field. The waters look far calmer now with the players booted out. Its time this summer to move on and build on the foundation we created for ourselves. There is a culture of no nonsense professionalism growing that needs to be supplimented with players who have the desire to improve themselves and succeed. Not players who look to pick up a fat pay check regardless of their performances.

    1. In the past 24 months, we have sold/released wages roughly of:

      Özil 300k
      Auba 250k
      Chambers 50k
      Willian 192k
      Luiz 100k
      Kolasinac 100k
      Mkhitaryan 180k
      Sokratis 80k
      Mustafi 80k
      Martinez 40k
      Willock 40k

      In addition, Laca 180k, Nketiah 50k, Elneny 50k and Leno 100k are very, very likely to be gone as well. Not even mentioning Torreira, Bellerin, Runarsson, Mavro etc. That makes it roughly 2 million a week!

      Money has been available and there’s a lot of space in the squad. Let’s hope we will get proper reinforcements.

      1. I think we all have been very silly to think the Kronkes haven’t spent any money. It’s just they employed silly buggers to spend it.

        Agreed mate now with all those wages off the books. Plus the players who were here for the money. We should be in a position of no excuses going forward after the summer. Now the management are in focus now not the players

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