Arsenal show true grit to earn hard-fought victory over Wolves

Arsenal fought to a tough 1-0 win away to Wolves at the Molineux this evening, having to finish the match with just 10-men also.

The Gunners took their time to get going in the game, although we knew that today’s opponents were going to be tough to break down, and our best work was seemingly on the counter-attack.

We eventually got the breakthrough from a corner however, the first time that Bruno Lage’s side had conceded from the set piece this term. The initial cross was whipped in by Gabi Martinelli, but the defender failed to clear properly allowing Ben White to head it back into the middle of the box where it fell to Gabriel Magalhaes to tap it home.

Both sides continued to remain focus and neither side was allowed to take a grip on the game throughout the clash, but we were forced to ring the changes with 20 minutes left on the clock after Gabriel Martinelli picked up two consecutive yellow cards.

Manager Mikel Arteta opted to replace Bukayo Saka after losing his other winger, with Rob holding coming in to make it somewhat of a 5-3-1 formation, and while the hosts appeared to level soon after, the linesman was proved right to rule it out for offside.

We then had the perfect opportunity up the other end to close out the game at 2-0, but despite putting Alexandre Lacazette through one-on-one with Jose Sa, he lashed his effort just wide of the far post.

It was a tough watch from that point onwards, but our defence continued to remain focused, and while Wolves were allowed much of the possession, they were still limited to very few chances to seriously challenge Aaron Ramsdale.

All in all, we can be extremely happy to have earned ourselves this 1-0 win against really tough opposition, a result we should have been happy with even if we had 11 men on the field.


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          1. Sending Martinelli off was a decision way out of proportion, and you will struggle to find just one similar example in football history.

            1. The referee was not crazy but I have to agree that the decision to send off Martinelli was out of proportion to the offences.

                1. In the context of the game, the timing and the circumstances at the time it was ridiculous.
                  Most referees do not manage matches in this way and apply reasonable discretion. Otherwise there would be far more cards than are usually given in a match and games will not flow.
                  A yellow card is also normally given as a warning not simply as a punishment.

  1. Very lucky win. Martinelli was the best attacker in the first half, but he lost his head in the second half and the referee was too harsh on him

    Lacazette’s miss was really disappointing. Arsenal/ Spurs/ Man United seem to be still in holiday mood and fortunately Wolves were dull in the final third

        1. That’s the point. They can create but sometimes will never score. I never got scared even when we were to play with 10 men. I was relaxed. When you take out Jimenez or mark him out then they are found wanting and depend on unlikely sources for goals plus their secret trump card in Traore wasn’t around.

            1. Its historical. Thats just how Wolves are. He is their game. I remember wanting him at Arsenal before his injuries because I believed if he could so much with little he would be better with more.

      1. That is why Xhaka scored for them, luckily it was an offside, although in some games refs allowed own goals like that to stand. That would be devastating, an own goal just after never seen before red card… There was really no need to go into a tackle the way Xhaka did, several Wolves players were in offside and it speaks for itself about his concentration that he is not aware of that.

        We had no luck vs Burnley, we should have won that one, but it is much better this way. I hope luck will be on our side few more times in last 16 games, because we had none several times this season.

        If Chelsea continues to play as they did in last 2 months, they are far from certain to hold 3rd place. We made big step towards Top4

    1. Wolves are not usually a free scoring side anyway. We only needed to score to ensure victory, or at worst, score 2.

      1. Yeah, Wolves are similar to us. Focused too much on defense and ball possession, but too monotonous in passing

            1. Hi Sue omg you disappeared 😳 I’m good how are you ? Haha well I only scored 5 points this week so your still in the hunt 😂 glad your back online 😀

              1. Got a lot on at the minute, Kev, other than that I’m well, thanks. It’s good talking to you – been a while! Ha, you know you can do it 😉 I’m doing alright on the match predictor on the Arsenal app..
                That was tense, Kev.. so I’m guessing the Dubai trip paid off haha..

                1. Oh that’s ok Sue I thought you quit this site 😳 yeah I commented that it was unfair on you on the prediction page as you were leading 😯 and you Sue it’s been too long hopefully you come back on more often 🙂 haha I’ll probably finish no where 😂 by the looks of it, it paid off for Ben White 🤪 is that an Android app ?

                  1. Not a chance – look how well you did last season and you barely played!! It’s going to be more exciting than the top 4 run-in 😄 Aww thanks, Kev!
                    It did indeed – he certainly had a spring in his step – maybe they should’ve all gone to that pool party!!
                    Yes – I have a good old Samsung – don’t have to put in my email to see where I am on the leaderboard anymore 😄 got our score correct last night, just not the goalscorer or time of goal 🤦‍♀️

                    1. Haha no doubt it’ll chop and change over the last few months but your certainly still in the mix, I think I’m only a point or 2 ahead of you 😯 haha yeah lacazette should of gone maybe he would have came back a goal scoring machine 😂 never had any luck with Samsung I have a one plus Nord contracted to the damn thing until December 😂 did you see Tierney tonight? Didn’t know he could throw so long 😯 Where are you on the leaderboard Sue ? I predicted a 1-0 Wolves but you know what I’m glad I got it wrong I’d much prefer we win than get my predictions right 😀

                    2. We bloody need a goalscoring machine – look at Jota; he can’t stop banging them in – makes me sick 🤣
                      Yes I was surprised – very Rory Delap-esque!
                      In the 40s now.. considering I was mid 400s not so long ago.. Happy days!
                      One plus nord – eh?! 🤣

                    3. We can sign Jota ourselves the one playing at Celtic on loan from Benfica ? 😂. Yeah I had a bit of a long throw myself back in the day 🤪 not quite as long as Delap though his throw ins were like free kicks 😂 I bet you predicted Southampton to beat totts 🤪 well I should get ready for work but great chatting with you Sue I hope you get your predictions in later 😀

                    4. I’m surprised you can remember back that far 🤣
                      Well, have a good day, Kev, and just for you I’ll predict later 😉 Catch ya later 🙂

    2. Gai,
      Realistically against the opposition is not a lucky win. Playing a good Wolves for 25 minutes doesn’t seem lucky but an astute defensive work. It was never meant to be easy at Wolves stadium.

    3. Arsenal won because they played very well and our tactics was spot on. We could have scored 3goals. Kudos to the boys, for winning through hard work and not by luck.

      1. Jay, Arsenal could have scored 3 goals, but didn’t. This happens far too often and Arsenal’s profligacy in front of goal is holding the Club back.

    4. All along I have never trusted these mo.
      They are to sabotage Arsenal since Wengers time.
      Look at the decisions against Arseanal and u can find a pattern to hamstring not g string the gunners.
      It will be a miracle if the gunners can get 4th

  2. Negative tactics when leading and dominating….why? Make no mistake, if we had continued to be positive we’d likely have with more goals and 11 men.

    Martinelli very silly but still a strange one to be honest.

    1. There was nothing positive in our play. I laugh when I see Xhaka ahead of Partey trying to lead the press in a high tempo match.

  3. Who would’ve thought that of all the players making poor challenge today Martinelli was the one going to get red carded. It was deserved imo considering he wanted to take the referee for granted on the first challenge which was obviously going to be a yellow. He might be and Arsenal player but I care less as I have to be honest. Even Cedric Soars got away with poor challenges. Our play before the red card was choppy and sloppy. You can also see that Xhaka is very poor in matches where the tempo is high and Partey was also very poor in the first half. I’m not shocked our goal was from an unlikely source in Gabriel because we tend to make many poor decisions around in and around the box which makes us not be able to create clear chances. The defence in particular deserve a lot of credit for today though I never rate the Wolves attack from a goalscoring point of view. Perhaps Traore could’ve wreaked havoc in those final minutes.

    1. “Perhaps Traore could’ve wreaked havoc in those final minutes”

      Perhaps T.Henry could of scored a couple, if he played for us and was not retired…lol…

      1. Of course you are 100% entitled to say that and I said that because he usually does well for Wolves in these situations but thankfully he wasn’t around. That debutant had Tierney on toast so Traore would’ve done him worse as we have seen before. I’m just being honest.

    2. Wolves have a well organised defence,
      Ode had a good game and it was going to be a very close competition anyways, we did well overall

      1. Above average display but to a point it was to be expected because of the way Wolves press and their use of wingbacks.

        1. Ignore the fact they are the 2nd best defence in the league and we could of scored of more despite the fact no one scores against them normally 21 deep on their stats. Not a flash maybe when it evens games played they might drop behind chelsea.

    3. Agree Kev, all 11 starting was poor, the head coach was poor, the bench was poor, the assistant coach was poor, all and everybody was poor, the ref was poor should have dished out 10 more red cards, Hale end is poor, Emirates is poor, the opposition we played was poor.
      Can we not enjoy one victory? The “world class” Conte lost, to whom? Southampton! Man U with all their “stars” drew with the same Burnley we drew. Real Madrid limped home to a 1-0 against Granada after investing billions. All doom and gloom whether we win, lose or draw.
      What more can Mikel do when a 180K/Week striker misses sitters every week? Should he buy him contact lenses? Sign Isaak on 75M GBP for s striker ranked 34th in goals tally?

      1. I wish I could buy you a beer. Here, win, lose or draw, it’s all gloom and doom. The negativity is baffling.

  4. Huge fan of Lacca.
    Missed the chance to go 2 0.
    Red card debatable.
    Gabby had no chance to accept the first yellow

      1. Gai I agree with you.; I hoped throughout he doesn’t get a Red. But he helped defensively. Lonkonga in experience would have shown in this type of game.

  5. I have no issue with 2 clear yellow card challenges being given 2 yellow. No-one can debate that both were worthy of yellow cards.

    I just don’t know if it’s in the rules, I’m sure it is and as long as the same is applied for all teams.

    1. The decision was excessive in the context of the game. It is evident referees do not all apply the rules exactly the same way.

    1. We have needed a new striker for a few months now.. Its unfortunate that one couldn’t be acquired due to the nature of the January window.. I am sure that we will be acquiring one in the summer.. Lacca has always been wasteful and will not be missed by many..

      1. I find it frustrating that so many would seemingly rather have auba up front waiting for something to happen, than laca who actually tries to take hold of the game and helps instigate chances. Gabriel scored because laca fought for the ball – auba would have pulled out.
        Laca’s finishing had been poor since he signed for us, and we do need better, but he brings something important to this team that will be missed if we’re not very careful about choosing his replacement

  6. Looking at the positives, we won. Don’t know what else to say. Lots of things went Arsenal’s way today, except for the sending off. Why isn’t ESR, starting? Please don’t give Lacazette an extension. Ramsdale and Gabriel, world class.Partey not. Wolves although a well organised team were toothless. Well done to to our players.

      1. I think you are seriously over rating Odegaard.. He had nothing to do with today’s win. Would like to see him taking over Xhaka’s role though.

  7. At least it’s only a one game ban as two yellows but was a bit hot headed of Martinelli. I thought Laca and Tierney were poor tonight. Gabriel had a great game bu5 my man of the match was Ramsdale, again!

  8. I feel like a fraud. First Arsenal game in years that I stopped watching, right after Martinelli’s foolish red. With the exception of a few bright moments it was a painful 60 minutes from the get go.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted we won but we are a far cry from the team that went on a run before Xmas and largely outperformed ManC on New Year’s Day.

    Arteta has found the grit but he needs to find some glamour and figure out some way to freakin finish a game with eleven men.

    Can’t recall feeling so demoralised after a win…

    1. You won’t play like World brayer every single game (like against Man City)
      ….sometimes You have to grind out wins….

    2. Demoralized? I thought the win had taken away all the stress and negative energy. Fans are hard to please. Even after victory some still complain.But what’s going on with the red cards? Is it a curse? When Partey and Xaka got yellowcarded, I thought we were done. But this Arsenal has grit.

      1. Usually I’d agree that a win takes away the stress Soccer Boy. Not sure why this one didn’t. Maybe I’m just having a bad day!

        Still, a win is a win is a win. And takes a special team to shoot itself in the foot and still get over the line. The table is looking good after the results this round. Onwards and upwards!

        1. Not a bad day against a solid defence. Was actually a good day until the red card, wasn’t city perfect but if it was we’d be challenging for the title so…..

  9. Excellent result against a well drilled Wolves team although a tough watch and some stupidity by Martinelli but we move on.. Brentford next, another big game.

  10. Great win, needed when all our rivals dropped points. The crazy race continues! 16 crazy games to go.

    Some say we don’t play nicely but I don’t really care. Some years ago, some fans were complaining we were to soft, now we seem to be hard. We need a centre point.

    Burnley play rougher football than us and they don’t get free red cards. We just got to find a centre. One down, 16 games to go.

    And negative guys, keep that stuff away from me. Thank you very much.

      1. Anyone would think Arsenal are a tough, hard tackling, if not dirty team based on the number of red cards. The frustrating thing is the number of potentially dangerous acts by opposition players let go by referees. Lack of consistency is indicative of the poor standard of officiating in the EPL.

  11. This was the most important win of the season.

    If we win our 2 games, we will be 2 points behind 3rd place Chelsea.

    Arteta should bring in Pepe in the number 9 role.
    Pepe has a point to prove. We seem to forget his contribution towards the end of last season.

    Arteta has to learn. Put your ego aside Arteta.


    Nketiah is not good enough against top teams.

    1. Pepe could score a hat trick, get 7 assists and deliver a baby in 8 minutes and he still wouldn’t get to start the next game.

      Pepe can’t prove anything, because he’s joined the ranks of the ousted….for whatever reason this time.

      1. Agree this and your earlier comment PJ. Why oh WHY is the lethergic, useless, departing Nketiah coming on instead of Pepe?
        And time wasting from the half hour? Shameful and cost us any chance of control and making the game safe in the 30 mins before GM went off. . I heard Arteta pre-match saying we would play attacking football. Hmmm…!
        Still tonight I’m a happy bunny because the result was really all that mattered, however it was achieved.

      2. 👍 👍 Spot on. Arsenal (and Arteta) cannot afford to waste an asset like Nicholas Pepe. Arteta better wake up quickly, because he can’t continue sending players to “Coventry”, or there will be no one left to play for him.

    2. How many starts does Nketiah have compared to Pepe?? This is a cheap attempt for Pepe propaganda. At least just admit you like the guy than using Nketiah as a leverage.

      1. Kev, but we all saw the goals Pepe scored last season.
        The 2 goals against Crystal Palace. His world class goal against Wolves. And so on.
        The truth is Nketiah is not good enough.
        Even Saka should be on the bench a times why Pepe starts on the right.
        A manager has to utilise his squad properly.
        Arteta is going the route of Pep. They both don’t have the patience to Man manage any player. If they seem the player as not good enough, they give up easily.
        While Pep Guardiola has the financial backing to spend 500m pounds on his defence, Arsenal can’t afford that.

        Pepe has proven times and times again that he can win you games single handedly.


        Nketiah thinks he is some Messi with his attitude.

        An average Player who says he is not renewing his contract with the club should be sent to the reserves.

        Pepe is a gem. He should be in that starting line up.

        You can’t get the best from him by benching him.

        ARTETA’S EGO WRITES CHEQUES HIS BODY CANNOT CASH. and that will probably cost us the top4 finish this season.

        1. ”Nketiah thinks he is some Messi with his attitude.”
          This tells me you have a problem with the player plus the arguments I see here about Nketiah isn’t fair. They are mostly jabs and lowballs. The guy has not consistently played for us or in a system which can bring the best out of him. If Balogun is rated that highly I see nothing from him that suggests on the basis of talent he’s better than Nketiah plus Nketiah has better natural ability to be able to score goals.

          As for Pepe, I don’t see the fuss about him. His stats may be good but he is overrated by those who rate him. His individual game is lacking just like Auba who got exposed when his goals dried up. He may play but if you expect him to be world class you set yourself up for disappointment. As for being better that Nketiah that argument is cheap and easy to say. If Nketiah consistent had the chances say Laca had he would be a starter but is always in and out of the team. Nketiah is a talented player that is capable of shinning in the right system and probably elsehwere.

          1. @ Kev,
            I may have some bias against Nketiah.
            But how many games have Pepe played this season?

            The moment Aubameyang was sold, Arteta should use all his attacking options and try new things upfront.

            We are struggling for goals.
            Nketiah does not see his future with the club. He is not extending his contract. That alone should put him on the bench.

            Pepe is the most composed finisher in the squad.
            Pepe should be rotated with Saka on the right to freshen things up front. Saka deserves a rest.
            Arteta has ego issues. He would rather play ESR/SAKA on the right than play Pepe there.
            Arteta is a young manager. He has to pit his ego aside and utilise all his players.
            Xhaka has cost us many points this season.

            He still starts matches. What has Pepe done to deserve being on the bench?
            How many games has Pepe played this season?

            I am tired of Arteta playing the same team with Saka on the right when the guy needs a rest.

            Even when we are winning matches, our 72m pound signing can’t even get some game time.

            Against Man United and Everton, Nketiah came on ahead of Pepe and he contributed nothing in those matches.

            Truth be told, our current attack needs an injection of pace. And Pepe is the solution

            1. Nketiah has been used in situations which make him look bad. Today he was brought on to just chase. The criticism against him has been cheap and laughable considering he has never been a consistent starter at Arsenal. I have no doubt that had he received the same chances as Auba and Laca this season he would’ve scored more goals. Pepe has never been a player who looked that great coming off the bench. I am not for exiling players but this is why he should’ve done better when he had chances. He may well get his chance now but for me I don’t expect much from him except inconsistent dribbling and some goals which papers over his overall performance. Hopefully his time comes for you because I don’t expect much. If I was in charge I’d have sold him this window.

              1. I agree with you Kev as per Nketiah not getting the consistent starts in the number 9 role.

                But I am really worried honestly with our attack. I am seeing a tired Saka.
                I am seeing a Lacazette who has been made the captain with a huge responsibility to deliver the goals without his partner Aubameyang.

                The pressure is on him to score and to provide leadership.

                Arteta should rotate. Our attackers are struggling for goals. This is a worry especially especially you look at the effort of our GK and Central defenders.

                Arteta should change things a little bit upfront. Not the same starting 11 every match. We need goals.

                Giving Pepe a start in the next game wouldn’t be a bad idea. And if he does not perform, he takes him off.

                I enjoy the conversation and I respect your views on this subject.

                I believe Arsenal will make top4 this season.


                1. Nketiah has got more potential than Lacazette and Aubameyang as players. He just needs the right team to express it in because he has a natural goalscoring ability proven in the younger sides and at times at senior level. Lacazette in our team plays more like a Firminho than a central striker. When you look at him under Wenger and to an extent Emery you can see his areas of play are different. I feel pressure is more on our wingers and midfielders to score. I am not for ousting players from the team like in the case of Pepe.
                  I agree with your points about rotation and being more inclusive. I would like to se some difference and even hope for some of our youngsters to be included. Cheers man.

                  1. Wow, younger than those 2 that’s it. Nketiah couldn’t score in a brothel with an open suitcase full of cash.

                    Don’t insult Auba or Laca like that, please wake up from your delusion.

                    Compare Nketiah to Sanogoal, thatshis level with couple years in first team as evidence.

                    Good grief man, hope Nketiah pays you for being such a hype man.

                    1. I’m not delusional. I just believe he has talent but can’t express it over here. He’s got more potential than both ever did as players. You can disagree with me as most would but that is how I see him. Sanogo never scored as much goals Nketiah did at youth level plus Nketiah has sometimes proven at senior level that he has the ability to score goals. It’s the conditions that do not favor him but I believe in the right team and mindset he can score goals because that natural ability is there.

                    2. The statistical argument about him being average and what not is cheap and lacks context. Even from a ball playing point of view Nketiah possesses better feet than both players. Its that both are older and more established so it would seem ridiculous to compare but when I look at talent I see him as higher than both.

                  2. It’s not even worth arguing over Kev. Whilst I agree that Nketiah has always had potential eg good feet, pace and a capacity to score some excellent goals, I also think we agree that he is going backwards at Arsenal. His body language and attitude are poor and he’s missing too many easy chances. Whether he succeeds elsewhere or not, the fact remains that he needs to leave as he will never succeed here.
                    So the argument is irrelevant.

                    1. The thing is the arguments against Nketiah are cheap. People speak as if he’s not capable of making it elsewhere. He has a natural ability to score goals and in the right team he can as has been proven at youth level. All the strikers in the past we produced at youth level never made it at top level but Nketiah has shown signs that he can. If he had the same chances as Aubameyang or Laca this season he would’ve outscored and could’ve even been our highest goalscorer. He as more potential than both ever did.

    3. Spot on Skills. Even when I try to see Arteta in a positive light he makes a crazy decision to prefer a player who WAS poor before, and is visibly getting even worse, over Pepe.
      But only important thing tonight was the result. Right back in the thick of the battle. Poor performances by many but superb determination.

  12. Wow I thought we won this game.
    But judging by most of the comments so far we lost.
    Hard crowd to please 🙂

      1. I said I hoped for a win but would take a draw. I also said a win would be fantastic. I correctly predicted a sending off and that we needed luck with a goal that was defelcted and fell for a lucky tap in. So yes you are correct when you say I have a great footballing brain. Thank you in advance.

    1. FF I fully agree with you. These guys are never happy with anything. Even City wins some games ugly so who are we? What we want is the precious 3 points especially at this point. Had we lost they would still be here mourning.

  13. We were extremely lucky today. Hard work earned us the clean sheet, and luck helped us get through it.
    Martinelli has the grit and spirit, he still needs to perfect when to channel all that energy.
    All in all, not the best performance, but very happy with the win away at Wolves.

    1. Why was we “extremely” lucky today?? We are good at keeping clean sheet, Wolves don’t score many goals. 🤔

    2. Lucky based on what? Balance of play before the red? Heavily in our favour away against the 2nd best defence in the league that also has massive issues scoring. When was that ever in doubt? We should scored more and Wolves can only argue that once it was 11 v 10 and even then no Wolves player missed the chance Laca missed. So lucky?

  14. We seems to have more red card since ‘no more red’ campaign than ever.
    What is going on
    Seems like there is red card competition now at arsenal

  15. Good win.
    If we keep up with the red card party, Arteta will need to play himself sometime before season ends.
    I did not expect many goals anyway

  16. Good result against a very good team. We will play a lot better and lose, because (IMO) barring Odegaard, everyone except Gabriel, White, Holding and Ramsdale were poor. Worrying that GM is back in his headless chicken mode. AMN hasn’t performed well for a while, Saka too wasn’t great, but he remains dangerous, in particular playing off Ode. Laca unfortunately again spurned all of our best chances. And our midfield was non-existant going foward. Partey’s inconsistency as a threat is worrying.
    Time wasting from the half hour? I was embarrassed. Why, Arteta?
    But this was one occasion when I don’t care about the performance – a lot of bottle and a crucial result at a difficult ground.

  17. Arteta has a work to do,infact no refery who is in our side,I advised him to take session with the team and find solution to more redcard that may harm the team in future.we were very lucky to win at wolves it very strangth with 10 men against such team.congrats for players and the coaching team .you are doing a nice work.

      1. Hey Kstyx! All good thanks, how about yourself? Massive 3 points tonight – see we can do it!! These red cards though, damn, will be the death of me!!
        Thanks for the message – just like I missed you when you went awol!! 🙂

        1. Glad to see that you’re fine Sue. Yes, a massive 3 points. Though we are not even close to competing for the top 4. I still read comments even when I don’t comment myself. I still look forward to you, Dan kit, PJ SA, TRVL4, Reggie, Ken, Ozziegunner and few others who seem to be the only voices of reason left on this platform

    1. Aww thanks, SJ. I’m fine – just been incredibly busy of late! Hope you’re keeping well and a great result tonight, hey?! 🙂

    2. And some regular commentators are stil missing like third man, adm Martin, and sue, I don’t know where are they but I hope they are all fine. I used to love an argument between Dan k and third man plus his articles.

  18. OT: The UK-based JET laboratory has just made a major breakthrough in their quest to develop practical nuclear fusion. Hopefully this will put an end to the fossil fuel corporations in the next decade, who’ve been powering Man City, Chelsea, Newcastle and PSG

  19. Where is the spirit of football???Martinelli didn’t know he was on a yellow. The ref should have booked him…..only.
    Backs against the wall, but we won. Lucky Wolves have a shite attack.

  20. I’m happy we won & as long as we have the three points, I’m okay & I will take this win any day, anytime. The boys did very well today, COYG!!!

  21. Shocked ppl agree with the red. I’ve never seen that in my life. It seems ppl are taking refs sides and think our players just are just immature. Yellows are for cautions. How can you give a 2nd yellow to a player who doesn’t know they are on a caution???? There’s a reason why players roll around after they do a dirty challenge the ref WAITS until they are up again. There have even been reds given after players are walking off with an injury. Players have to know they are on a caution or on a yellow. It doesn’t make any sense to award two when you didn’t even give a caution yet. It defies logic .

    1. Martinelli commits a foul that’s worthy of a yellow by pushing a player trying to throw in…..yellow card.

      Refs waves play on to give Wolves the advantage….good reffing and we’d want the same.

      Martinelli commits another foul that’s also worthy of a yellow card all day long.

      2 clear yellow card fouls being given yellow cards. Martinelli knew exactly what he was doing both times, neither was a genuinely miss timed tackle.

      Is there a rule that says 2 yellows cant be given to 1 player in a single phase of play?

      1. Hard hearted and not in the spirit of the game. He did not know he was on a yellow. There has to be some common sense. Never a sending off. As Martin Keown said….PEDANTIC.

        1. Facts are the facts and the laws of the game were applied. You can say it’s not a sending off all you like, it doesn’t change the truth.

          Players job is to know the rules inside and out.

          Harsh decision 100% but you cannot say it’s wrong.

          1. When you are in the game on that kind of emotional state, I don’t think you can remember all the rules of the game, the card was harsh

      2. I doubt if Martinellii knew what he was doing giving away the second yellow within seconds. He would have been too involved in the moment and his head would not have been in a place where he could have made clear decisions. The incident should be treated as a freak one off, although Xhaka might be capable of something similar. I doubt if any other team except for Arsenal would have been punished for that though.

      3. The issue and why i take issue with you personally and fans like you is that it doesn’t happen normally. Technically yes what you argue is fair in normal reality it never happens yet fans like you argue it is normal and it happens everywhere else, when it doesn’t.

        1. Quote of my own comment that I made earlier regarding the incident before rereading the rules. I clearly say AS LONG AS IT’S APPLIED FOR ALL TEAMS. Facts don’t care about your feeling Angus so job on!

          “I have no issue with 2 clear yellow card challenges being given 2 yellow. No-one can debate that both were worthy of yellow cards.

          I just don’t know if it’s in the rules, I’m sure it is and as long as the same is applied for all teams.”

        2. Also I never once said it’s normal or common….so stop putting words in my mouth! Please point out where I said that?

          I don’t take anything personally from fans like you 😊 you don’t matter to me.

          People resort to lying and putting words in others mouths when they have poor character and they don’t really have a valid point.

    2. I agree, it’s rubbish. Refs. are picking on Arsenal players nowadays giving away red cards every game, and then everybody on tv and their dogs and even here are explaining to us the rationale of the card. Come on, the kid was just over enthusiastic. Taylor was disgusting all along.

  22. Open question:
    Gabriel was again close to losing his cool and getting a red, as were both Partey and Xhaka. Does the jury (that’s you guys) think that in a strange way GM’s red calmed them all down and made them play more responsibly, knowing that with 9 men we would definitely lose? And with a 1-0 lead GM was the most expendible one of the four? We showed again that with 10 men we are actually close to impregnible when we stop attacking, so well done Gabi!

    1. Great question. This member of the jury agrees that one of Xhaka, Partey or Gabriel (my pick) would not have lasted the game.

      I don’t think there is a deliberate bias against Arsenal but do feel we aren’t getting the rub on red card decisions. Having said that, the players and Arteta have to figure out how to stop giving the refs legitimate reason to pull out the red. The No More Red campaign has taken on a double meaning.

  23. Was it not foul on Martinelli before he committed those 2 consecutive fouls? His second foul was similar push he revived before that throw in . Seems refrees are waiting for an excuse to send Arsenal player out. Conspiracy or co incidence is debatable but you can see similar fouls committed against Arsenal player where no yellow card or even professional foul is called.

  24. A very Bizarre Red Card honestly.
    Now Gabi is out, Arteta need to start up with ESR and not Nketiah not to mention Pepe.. ESR needs to fill up that gab instantly.

  25. Arsenal must impose huge fines on players for getting unnecessary , foolish , avoidable and emotional yellow and red cards. For such yellow cards ,the players should lose 2 weeks pay, while they lose 4 weeks pay for red cards. Xhaha (foolish) and Partey (not good enough for wages of 200,000 pounds weekly) must be sold in the summer transfer window. Arsenal must buy two quality strikers (Karim Adeyemi/ Irling Haaland/Darwin Nunez/ Jonathan David/Alexander Isak/Cody Gakpo),which ever,are available. Replacing midfield trio, Partey, Xhaha and Elneny with Fabian Ruiz, Aurelien Tchouameni and Boubacar Kamara would take Arsenal to the next level.

  26. Is it really the case that Arsenal players are committing more card worthy fouls than others ? Looking at other match highlights it doesn’t look like that but Arsenal players seems to be punished more in comparison. If this is true then Arsenal fans need to stop criticising their own players and support them. Yes at some times Xhaka may have committed more serious fouls but that shouldn’t lead to entire Arsenal team treated like this. Even Xhaka is treated unfairly many times by referees. I thinks We need to be careful before questioning our own team players. Many people think for quite some time referees are treating Arsenal unfairly.

    1. If you cant see why Arsenal get so many yellow and red cards, you need to go to specsavers. We are a petulant naive bunch of idiots, with the brain of a flea sometimes. Most of our cards are unavoidable and not needed. We have a massive ill discipline problem, thats why.

      1. I think naiive is the most appropriate adjective here Reggie. Arteta started off with a program to reduce cards, but we were getting beaten too easily, so he switched to trying to make them more passionate, but theyre a young group with a very poor role model in the team. They are actively discouraged from or have not yet learned either the “dark arts” or how to control their tempers. The problem is too widespread for it not to be largely attributable to Arteta. For such allegedly model, responsible pros to all be unilaterally losing their heads is simply not believable.

      2. Need specsaver yeah reg? Less fouls more cards specsaver? Do you watch other games? I do, we do not commit worse challenges than others, we don’t.

        1. Agree Angus – but we always choose the wrong time or situation to commit those we do – that’s how I see the problem. It’s several close together, or when the home crowd is already pumped up, or and most relevantly they are often ANGRY fouls, when it looks like the player is looking for revenge. In such cases invariably players are carded. Burnley are a dirty team but get few cards because they don’t commit them looking angry! Refs hate emotional tackles. Watch games with that in mind and you’ll see what I mean.

          1. It isnt about the amount of challenges but the type of challenges, stop using the lemon ALL refs are after us, thats reducilous, open you eyes, learn the rules and look at the idiotic challenges and decisions we make as a team. Then remove your bias and you will see many of our cards are stupidity.

    2. @Vithal Which one of our yellows last night weren’t a yellow if I may ask?

      We’ll ignore the fact that Cedric should’ve had a yellow earlier than he did….so ref definitely wasn’t after us.

      1. My point was, do players from other teams like Liverpool get red /yellow in similar situations ? I just feel we as fans should not create atmosphere where players start feeling guilty every time they get red. It is part of the game and not every time it is their fault. They should be able play freely and aggressively. I am sure management would be monitoring and if players are at fault then they will be taking required action. No manager good or bad wants to play with 10 men frequently

  27. Huge result, and a great defensive performance! So happy!

    The big worry is our strike force. Yet another clear chance missed, Laca again, and I’m sorry, but Nketiah is not good enough even for our bench.

    At least Laca has great link up play, so an injury or suspension for him, leaves us massively short!

    1. Gabriels goal was Laccas shot and would have gone in, he works his nads off and brings other players into it. He is far too unselfish, that is his problem.

  28. A great win at a hard place and some very good performances. Gabriel, Tierney, Ramsdale, Lacca, Partey and Cedric were excellent and really dug in. The pluses were the grit and determination but going forwards, Odergaard was just non existent, our build up play is so predictable and lacking invention but we dug out a great win. The obvious blot was the naivety of some of our play and actions, the result was Martinelli capping it all off. I did not get Nketiah coming on at all, he was like a fish out of water. What on earth Pepe our 72 mil attacker must think sitting watching our blunt strikers toiling away and he is sat on the bench twiddling his thumbs. What has HE done wrong?

  29. If this young team can pull off a top 4 finish, we could really turn this into something.

    A top striker and an upgrade on Xhaka and this team is complete and ready.

    Laca doing what he can but he’s so limited. Poor miss. He seems broken in front of goal.

    Never seen two yellows in that fashion before. Way too harsh.

    Great 3 points.

    1. Near enough how I feel, wouldn’t single out Xhaka personally think striker is worse and wings have limitations that will be surpassed in time but aren’t yet because they are young.

  30. A win is a win is a win. Great performance full of grit and courage. The red card was very unfortunate, on another day Martinelli would have been on the field. Lucky for Xhaka, his own goal was declared offside. Had Laca put away that chance in the second half it would have been more comfortable, but all in all a great performance. Gives us real hope for CL qualification.

  31. AFC got the W, barely, and I mean barely.

    Without another mid and striker, it will be a reach to far.

    We do not score enough goals to make this team something to truly get excited about.

    Much of the sameness with this coach.

    Just ask yourself why is our most offensive player on the bench, if you do not know who he is I will give you a hint, ESR….

  32. Consistent collection of yellow cards and red cards is not good for the team. I think it’s more of phsycological. That team needs phsychologist. Why should it be happening consistently? Something is wrong somewhere! . Indiscipline, arrogance and lack of control! When something becomes persistent, then you question the person that is in control. Although Arteta will not be on the field playing, but there’s a way he needs to control the temper and the psyche of the players not to be committing unnecessary fouls. It could also be their style of play. When you defend more you are likely to get more caution. Artetaball is more defensive.

  33. Martenelli red card might be a blessing for pepe. At least next game he may get a start. Don’t know what arteta sees in Eddie, but must be something we don’t see as he is quite frankly useless. ESR looked a bit slow and lethargic when he came on. Good gritty win though our attacking play is so toothless right now, it seems the only way we can score goals will be from corners

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