‘I was vexed’ – Wright admits reacting to recent negative comments on Arsenal

Ian Wright has admitted his fury at recent comments from Ruben Neves after Arsenal beat Wolves last Thursday.

The Gunners earned a hard-fought 1-0 victory despite playing with just 10-men for the final 20 minutes of play, and the players reacted with relief and happiness at the full-time whistle.

Arsenal never looked to be the dominant team on the field as both sides fought and showed focus throughout with all the players playing with intensity, whilst also noting that we had gone the entire month of January without a win.

Neves took our celebrations to heart however, fuming that our reaction to the victory was over the top, and club legend Wrighty has fumed at his comments.

“I was vexed with Neves, coming out and saying ‘look at how Arsenal are celebrating’,” Wright said on his podcast.

“What’s wrong with you?

“That’s an unbelievable result for Arsenal the way that you lot have been playing. 1-0 nil down with ten men away from home and we get the goal [win]. That is cause for celebration!”

The fact that Neves was so livid with the celebrations, tells me that he was also emotional after such a high-intensity matchup, and it was clearly bitterness coming through in his comments after the effort that his side put in only to end up on the losing end.

All things considered, the result could well be the difference between playing in Europe next term, or potentially playing Champions League football or not, and the manager has already said that every match is a cup final from now on, so why shouldn’t the player react as so?

Do you believe the team over-reacted to the result?


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  1. I don’t understand why a Portuguese team run by a Portuguese agent is competing in the Premier League.

    1. the old ones are the best, especially coming from someone who supports a club that used to be the French national team playing in the Prem – funny how short term some memories are

  2. Well the reverse fixture will show who the better side is;is it us by claiming all six points or at least four points against them or them shuting us up at our home ground.hope we come out on top and then he will know that arsenal of about ten years ago is back and then show some respect.

  3. It’s really a 6point game and we beat them wolves…….that hurt them on the table ……..every game with any of our competition for 4th is a 6point game. I feel we can win all of them

  4. Shame Mr Wright didn’t actually hear (selective) & understand the whole comment – it started with “It shows how far Wolves have come” when a big club celebrates a league win against a “minnow” it certainly does show that (liverpool were the same)

    1. Its a shame that Neves didn’t keep his mouth shut in the first place and accept the result but there you go..

    2. Correct Sean. It annoys me hugely when soundbites are taken completely out of context, as this was. Neves was praising how far Wolves have come, not taking a pop at Arsenal. Media love stoking bad feeling by misrepresenting virtually every conversation.

  5. The reason Liverpool celebrated was because it was an injury time winner which is understandable,Arsenal on the other hand we’re jumping around,fist pumping like they had won the league on the night.Yes it was a good win with 10 men.Didn’t witness Wolves players bouncing around the Hotspur stadium last week when they picked up the points at Spurs and I doubt they will if they were to win at The Emirates.

    1. Oh SHUT UP !
      For the love of Christ SHUT UP !
      No one wants to see your analysis of celebrations !
      Who cares ?????
      Honestly who cares ??
      Apart from you…

  6. Well, that interview better be posted on the board for the 24th. If a player or team makes those kind of comments then use them to shove it down their throats.

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