‘Arsenal shouldn’t really worry’ about youngster’s future

Gabby Agbonlahor has claimed that Bukayo Saka is still very young, and Arsenal shouldn’t be worrying about him pushing for the exit door.

There has been talk about his agents being approached in the upcoming window if his side do not qualify for the Champions League for next term, but with him the current Arsenal Player of the Season, the thought of his exit would no doubt be a huge blow.

Agbonlahor insists that we shouldn’t worry about it however, and tipped us to agree a new contract with Saka, claiming that he is ‘very young’ and won’t be in a rush to quit, adding that he will have plenty of time to qualify for the elite European competition with us should he stay.

“I think they can,” Agbonlahor told the Football Insider.

“The difference with Saka is, he’s been there since he was a kid and he’s still young.

“It’s not like he’s 25 or 26, he’s still very young and has a lot of time to get into the Champions League with Arsenal.

“Arsenal shouldn’t really worry about Saka. He’s at the right club, he broke into the England squad playing for Arsenal so, from what I know, I don’t see him wanting to leave.”

Everything I’ve seen from Saka on and off the field points towards him being happy, so I can’t say that I’m worried about the rumours surrounding him at present. Much like last summer when Emile Smith Rowe was linked away, the interest is likely one-sided, and who would blame our rivals for trying their hand at trying to sign one of the bet youngsters in the world?


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  1. Every footballer has a price. Saka is ambitious and if we make top 4, i believe he will stop, if we dont, he will have his head turned.

  2. They said the same about Raheem Sterling too before he left the Reds to join the Citizens – to win championships and realize his full potential with an ambitious club.

    1. good comparison RF…I think it would be a little different if he wasn’t participating at the National level, but since he is, there’s no doubt that he will face considerable competition for minutes and as such anyone who has played in more higher pressure games, with their respective club teams, will have an advantage come selection time

  3. Not going to talk about Saka because that one is a wait and see situation. I will like to talk about Rio Ferdinand’s dim-witted comments about Xhaka and in particular Gabriel. He said Arsenal should get rid of both of them because they are “worthless” and get too many red cards.

    So far, Gabriel is averaging 1 red card a season, but has scored 5 goals since he has been with us: you can’t find too many centre backs that’s done that. Maguire also has 2 red cards and 10 goals over a slightly longer period of time at Utd. Why doesn’t Rio say Maguire is “worthless?” He is an England international and helped his country reach the final of the Euros. Gabriel has just broken into the senior Brazilian squad.

    Clearly Rio doesn’t know what he is talking about and runs his mouth with little research. Gabriel is young and hopefully he will learn. Rio is lucky to be a pundit and does that job off the back of him being a former player – but he is clearly not qualified for such because he lacks the analytical brain to give a rounded professional opinion.

    There is a clear agenda by a lot of pundits and so called media people who have an agenda against Arsenal because they support other teams. The refs also has an agenda against Arsenal and some of them are too ready to give a red card to our players. Xhaka only needs to look at an opponent’s legs and he gets a yellow card by English refs. He hasn’t had a red card for Switzerland.

    If Arsenal were truly a red card team they will equally have just as many fouls and yellow cards than other teams, but they don’t. The guy we are after, Neves, has 8 yellow cards this season, the highest in the premiership so far, but is still a decent player. May be once he gets a yellow card, he is careful about what he does next or may be if he was an arsenal player he would have 3 red cards by now already.

  4. Talk of Tierney being targeted by Real Madrid now too.

    Price we pay for 2 8th place finishes unfortunately, rumours will always be there if you have UCL quality players not in the comp.

    1. So who gets us into the comp, me?
      they have the best chance now; let them take it and get us to the CL.

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