‘Made for Liverpool’ – Pundit wants to see Arsenal star play under Klopp

Adrian Durham has claimed that Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka is ‘perfect’ for Liverpool.

The 20 year-old has become an integral part of the Gunners first-team since breaking into the side at the age of 17, and his importance was highlighted by being crowned Arsenal Player of the Year for the previous season.

Saka has already made his mark on the international stage also, causing havoc for defences during Euro 2020, and is clearly destined for to be amongst the best in the world for years to come.

While there is little reason to believe he would be open to leaving, nor any questions about his happiness at present, he continues to be linked with a move away from the club, and Durham is keen to see him join Liverpool.

“Raheem Sterling just never lets England down, he’s so consistently good for England,” Durham said live on TalkSport.

“Phil Foden is brilliant and Mason Mount is always going to play if fit, Harry Kane’s going to play if fit so you’re struggling for slots.

“I’m more than comfortable with Bukayo Saka being in the England XI every time.

“If Arsenal don’t make the top four… his talents belong on the Champions League stage, I think he is made for Liverpool.

“He’s the perfect Liverpool player with the energy he’s got, his attitude, everything.

“I’d love to see him play under Jurgen Klopp in that system.”

I’ve no doubt that Saka would flourish in that role for Liverpool, but I also have no doubt that he will continue to flourish at Arsenal, where he is already known to be happy. A move may bring him Champions League football in the short-term, but I believe he has bought into our current plans, and why wouldn’t he after what we have witnessed in recent seasons?


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  1. Who is Durham?
    Has he fallen down and hit his head ?
    Why do I even justify this dross by reading it?
    I only have questions

    1. Lol Fuzz, that was my question also. Who is that guy? If he want to see Saka in Pool he can buy him in football manager and see, the same thing I did with Haaland, Mbappe, Trent, Pedri… playing for Arsenal 🤷🤦😂😂😂

  2. Adrian Durham is mad with his comments. He actually lack respect for our dear club (Arsenal). All what he’s trying to do is to unsettle Bukayo since he knew Saka is on the track of discussing a new contract.

  3. Saka will sign a new deal no doubt about it. He is still developing and this is the right place for him atm. However when it comes to another renewal after the next one, if we are still not achieving what matches his ambition then he may start looking at other clubs. Right now Liverpool and ManC are well stocked in forward positions, therefore Saka currently wouldn’t be a regular starter for either team. Good old Adrian lol

  4. Adrian durex or whatever ur name is, stick that thought up ur where the sun never shine, u are only trying to stir a rumour that will never happen since u are paid by Liverpool to help unsettle the lad, and he will never be unsettled, if he must leave arsenal it will never be a PL team !!

  5. of course no one in their right mind would want to see Saka in a Pool kit, but it’s certainly not unreasonable to suggest that he would flourish within Klopp’s system…the fact that Salah sees far more 1 v. 1 scenarios out wide than Saka speaks volumes about the obvious differences in the tactical approaches of our two clubs…one can only wonder what could be on offer if our young, talented forward was afforded such luxuries…that said, he would have to work on his finishing skills if he ever hopes to reach the goal-scoring heights of his Liverpool counterpart

  6. There’s a ton of players coming up to 2 years left on their contracts…I hope MA and Edu are actually awake this year….not their money so they don’t seem to care much about regaining revenue currently.

  7. To hell with Durham!!!
    Rice will start for England when fit,;
    Pickford starts for England;
    Philips starts for England;
    None of them play in the champions League. Nonesense!!!

    Saka is growing with us, he will progress with us and play in the Champions league with us.

    Liverpool was not playing in Europe at some point too but the built the squad and are now consistently in UCL. We will do the same.

  8. Why are these pundits treating us with such disrespect,they know we are rebuilding at the moment still they keep linking our stars to main rivals trying to insinuate that our plan will never work.it’s not as if those teams mentioned never had difficult moments.i just hope we can shut em up come may,jeez give us a break.

  9. That’s how they turn the players head with rubbish talk. They get puffed up and make the move and end up like our former number 7 whose name is Alexis. Goodness me Saka wear the 7 shirt too.

    1. Well well well

      Let’s be honest, Liverpool don’t need saka cause they have mane and Salah who are by far in all ramifications better than saka. Saka is doing well, and I came accross and article that other top clubs like Madrid might bid for him next summer. He is young and one of arsenal finest at the moment but if arsenal football club get a bid of 100mil+ then they will be tempted to sell and there is nothing, absolutely nothing a bunch of you guys can do about it. You guys are building right and other clubs will be what, watching you guys build. I laugh. If you wanna build, then build like Liverpool build or how man city and Chelsea build. Get in the right coach and the right set of players and a target, if they don’t deliver, get rid of them and repeat the process that’s how Chelsea did it, that’s how Liverpool did it and they have champions league to show for it. How many of our first team player can break into chelsea, Liverpool and man city squad, let’s be frank – none. Not even Saka can bench Salah or Mahrez. So arsenal needs to wake up and invest wisely not just for the future but for now. Get some future prospect as well as establish players with experience players to be part of the squad so that it will be balance. This rookie coach is putting all his effort and trying his best to work with players that don’t have winning mentality experience in their belt, so it’s hardwork not smart work. I love arsenal, but I don’t see them building something spetacular at all. Saka will attracts other clubs and I won’t be surprised if the boy wants to jump ships

  10. Saka is the embodiment and spirit of Arsenal. He represents the DNA of the club and it is highly unlikely he leaves the club. However, I hope we make it to the CL to motivate and inspire him to do better.

  11. Of course he is perfect for Liverpool as he is for any side. It’s just Durham storing the poo again to rile us Arsenal fans, and it seems to have worked!

  12. I am still not convinced of Liverpool’s stay at the top. In 2 years Liverpool will be fighting for top 4 and not the title.Liverpool has been lucky in recent years to have individual players carry them..Suarez, Coutinho, Salah, Mane..This cannot continue forever..

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