Video: Just Arsenal’s Dan Smith dissects our top four aspirations

Dan Smith has discussed Arsenal’s hopes of finishing inside the top four for the current Premier League season, with us currently having an edge in the race for the Champions League places.

While we know that we can afford to drop as many points as the rest of the CL hopefuls and still secure route into Europe’s elite competition, our limited squad depth especially in attack does raise some question marks, but that isn’t to say we should discount ourselves.

Dan has delved into the information known included our rivals form also.

Do you agree with Dan’s thoughts on our chances?


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  1. I love disagreeing with you Dan and missed your articles and videos when you were away. Glad you’re back on JA.

    Glad you also see hope for Arsenal to finish top 4. Playing CL next season would mean more transfer funds and Arsenal would be lot more attractive to quality players in the summer.

  2. The rest of this season Arsenal’s midfielders and defenders will have to try and score goals..i hope they score a lot…next season we will have strikers but won’t have to rely only on forward players to score goals…with the right additions this could turn out to be a very good team…..!

  3. Good video Dan listened to it all while doing the washing up 😂
    How any fan on this website could question you’re loyalty to this club as a fan and you’re concerns need to get their heads out of their arses (or Artetas)
    No need at all to question you’re own views as being negative mate ,you’re points were all on the button and explained perfectly your concerns.
    I see you did a shorter vid ,probably best👍

  4. We know some fans on here won’t be happy with 4th, as it would go against their MA out narrative. Although saying that, they’d probably then just switch the narrative to we should have been challenging for the league! Classic tinfoil-hat opinions!

    For those “REALISTIC” Arsenal fans, 4th would be an amazing achievement! Was not on the cards before the season started, especially not after our first 3 games, but what a comeback!! We now have a great chance of doing it.

  5. Well nobody can accuse you of not being consistant, Dan. So we are still rubbish but other teams are just more rubbish than us. Presumably that makes Champions League holders Chelsea (potentially 2 points in front) pretty poor too? After watching your video I had to check the league table to make sure we aren’t in the relegation zone.
    Always uplifting, Dan.

  6. Repeatedly highlighting the mad celebration over Wolves win by some fans and pundits to justify their narrative of Arsenal’s present status seemed out of place in my opinion.

    For me, it doesn’t define anything about how low Arsenal seemed to have fallen as a club nor the current squad mentality. I think Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea would have celebrated a little bit more than usual in the same circumstance, considering the way and manner we pulled up the come-back and the timing of the goals (most especially), against a side that gives a good account of themselves irrespective of the opposition.

    As Dan posited, non of Arsenal or any of the 4th position contenders is confident of achieving same at it stands. However, considering how poorly we started the season, Arsenal standing a better chance than others at this point in time should naturally give confidence, not only to us as fans but the players, coaching staff and management as well as all other stakeholders. I am tempted to think that some being negative and some others sitting on the fence now tend to low-key wanted their negative assertions (in August/September 2021) about MA not good enough for us and Arsenal not likely or struggling to qualify for Europe (even the Micky-Mouse competition) to come to fruition.

    Did anyone observe Dan stuttering and incoherence? That could be borne out of the team’s on-field inconsistence or struggling to embrace the present reality of Arsenal’s log table standing and probable position at the end of May. It is good he reserved credit for MA if proved wrong come May.

    As for me, I stay positive and living the moment. Who says we can’t topple Chelsea at the 3rd position?

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