Analysis – Arsenal’s performance under Arteta compared to Top Six teams

“Trust the process” is working based on the data by Jonbo

One thing I loath with the age of social media, in relation to football, is how quick we are to judge someone or something, in the positive or negative, and often without ANY context! If a new player or manager starts badly, they’re condemned very quickly. If they have few great games, suddenly they’re world class! 

When assessing anything, only data over the medium/long-term can give one the necessary information needed, to truly make an informed decision. 

In this article I have put together a table (league games only), with a longer data set dating back to December 26th 2020. Why this date? On that day, we beat Chelsea at home 3-1, and I feel that was a massive turning point in Arteta’s Arsenal career!   

We were on a horrific run going into that fixture, and many would argue Arteta should have already been sacked prior to the game. I am a fan of Arteta, but even I was surprised he survived up to that point. It’s no exaggeration to say the win over Chelsea probably saved Arteta his job, and it was also the day that we really started to see sustained improvement. Finishing 8th last season was more because of the first half of that season, and not really results post Christmas. 

The table below is league games only, for the “big 6”, dating from 26/12/2020 – 03/03/2022. 


P….. W….. D….. L….. GF….. GA….. GD….. PTS…. PPG
Man C 52…. 42….. 3….. 7….. 128… 37…. 91….. 129…. 2.48
L’pool 50…. 29…. 11…. 10…. 102… 43….. 59….. 98…. 1.96
Man U 52…. 26…. 17…. 9….. 89…. 57…. 32…. 95…. 1.82
Arse 48…. 28…. 8…. 12…. 81…. 48…. 33…. 92…. 1.91
Chel 49…. 26…. 14…. 9….. 78…. 40…. 38…. 92…. 1.87
Spurs 49…. 24…. 7….. 18…. 78…. 63…. 15…. 79…. 1.61


Looking at this table, without any context, reveals very interesting information. 

1 – After almost 50 games, we’re in 4th. 

2 – Collect just 4pts, from the 12pts available in hand on Man U, and we’re 3rd. 

3 – Win our 2 games in hand on Liverpool, and Arteta will have the same amount of points as Klopp over the last 50 league games. Putting us in joint 2nd. 

4 – Apart from Man C, data clearly shows that we have been performing just as well, if not better than our rivals, even Liverpool!

In my opinion, the table shows that we have been performing very well under Arteta, but once we look at this with context, things look even better, and even more promising looking ahead to the future.

I will break this down into two main categories, to give us better context.

1 – What the table shows is that teams have played a different amount of games. We’re in a great position to overtake Man U, and as already stated, we’re level on points with Liverpool should we win our two games in hand on them, AND we’d have one extra victory over them. We are level on points with the current European champions, with a game in hand. Even if Arteta loses those 2 games in hand on Klopp, he’d still only be 6pts off Liverpool after 50 games. Which is extremely impressive. 

2 – What the table doesn’t show us, is a sub-set of categories that can help us quantify Arteta’s performance in more detail. Despite some advantages, this sub-set actually makes his record look even better. 

Quality of squad

It’s fair to say that Arteta has the fifth best squad at the moment out of the big six, and a far weaker one prior to this summer. Liverpool’s squad, especially the starting XI, are light years ahead of us in quality, yet we’re almost on the same points and victories as them. Chelsea are current European champions, and Liverpool have recently won the league and European Cup as well, and just think of how much quality, especially in forward positions, Man United have. Arteta is working with less quality, less experience, and players that have hardly won anything, yet is getting the same, or more points than his rivals.

Time with squad

Over the last 50 games, Pep’s squad is his and complete, and the same with Klopp. Tuchel has barely got any of his own players in, but did inherit a LOT of quality to work with. I would say that although Arteta has been here for the entirety of these 48 games, it was only from last summer onwards we could truly say that it’s HIS team, and it’s yet to be complete. Just imagine if we had a quality striker! Very unfair to judge the likes of Conte and Rangnick, who have only recently taken over very difficult situations.

Money available 

We know Arsenal cannot compete with Man United, Chelsea, and City in regards to finances over the long-term, but Arteta has been heavily backed in the short term, outspending everyone last summer. So one would expect/demand an improvement in results. 

Games played

Along with the money spent last summer, another big advantage Arteta has had over his rivals has been no European football this season. Less games, means less chance of injuries, fatigue and more time on the training ground.

State of club

For me, Chelsea (until the last week or so), City and Liverpool have been very stable, and run well. Whereas Arsenal have been going through a huge transitional phase and have massively improved from the mess Arteta inherited. Man United and Spurs seem to be a complete mess still. 

Overall Assessment

The table shows how well Arteta is doing, but context shows how much better he really is performing. I think a lot of Arsenal fans often like to compare ourselves to Liverpool, because we spend a similar amount, both clubs have a similar approach to finances, and both have American owners who don’t like to dip into their own pockets. There is the potential to be level them at the very least.

Also, Liverpool is playing at a level that we want to be playing at – winning and competing for the biggest trophies. So, if Arteta has almost matched Klopp (and Klopp is considered world class, and has so many world class players to work with) over this many games, and could end up with more wins, does that not tell us how good Arteta is, and the potential to get even better results considering the gulf in quality and experience of the two squads? Just imagine where we’d be with a quality striker right now, for example. 

I am not saying Arteta hasn’t got any flaws, but it’s simply untrue to say we have not been improving, and that we’re not competing. Only City are outperforming us, and by a lot, but they are doing that to EVERY OTHER TEAM, including Liverpool. If we complete our team this summer, and continue on the same upwards trajectory under Arteta, then a title challenge is easily conceivable. 


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    Man C 52 42 3 7 128 37 91 129 2.48
    L’pool 50 29 11 10 102 43 59 98 1.96
    Man U 52 26 17 9 89 57 32 95 1.82
    Arse 48 28 8 12 81 48 33 92 1.91
    Chel 49 26 14 9 78 40 38 92 1.87
    Spurs 49 24 7 18 78 63 15 79 1.61

    My table has come out funny in the format, so this should be easier to read.

    1. Please I have a problem with this data as it doesn’t appear factual… Arteta has had about 19 games in that 2020 half season, 38games last season, and another 24 this season… How manage he still has reached 50 EPL games(48)?

      Please check again for credibility sakes…

  2. Misleading title….it should be “Arsenal’s performance under Arteta from a cherry picked date compared to Top Six teams”.

    I have no idea if it would be better or worse but surely you should take his full time at Arsenal? If we’ve been so good since 2020 then how did we end 8th last season?

    I agree we’ve improved on the pitch but only in EPL, what about FA Cup and Carabao Cup this season? We pretty much did as bad as possible in the cups. What makes the cup performances even worse is that we had no European commitments. Next season will be the proper test once back in Europe.

    1. Finished 8th, because of a poor start to 20/21. I would say a whopping 48 games, is hardly cherry picking. It’s a season and a third!

      Point of the article is to show the improvement based on facts. Win our 2 games in hand, then level on points with Liverpool after 50 games, and with more wins, yet Liverpool have a far superior team.

      Cups have been disappointing, but the main area we surely want improvement right now is the league.

      I have to say, I was stunned out we’re almost level with Liverpool over such a long period.

      1. How is it well said? Cherry picked means taking a random subset that is the best results. Going back the last 48 games isn’t cherry picking/a random subset, it’s our most recent run of games and well over an entire season. Worth noting as you can see from the table you could actually go further back than that if you equalised games amongst teams as United have had an extra 4 games and Chelsea/Spurs an extra 1 in that time.

        So we have under Arteta been in top 4 form for over 50 of the most recent games. No ifs, no buts that is reality. You can pretend it’s not as your ilk continually do but it doesn’t change that reality. The main argument in the summer against the objectively good run we put together at the end of last season was that only the current table mattered…. Well we are also 4th based on the 1st 24 games of this season for all teams so either way you slice or dice it, same conclusion. Even favourites with the bookies for top 4, odds-on favourites at that too (for those unfamiliar with betting odds, odds-on rates your chances at greater than 50% which means they believe we have a greater chance of top 4 than United/West Ham/Spurs/Wolves put together.)

        You guys are not half getting desperate. Apparently are 50+ most recent games is not evidence of top 4 form. Seriously? That’s your position lol

        1. but why pick 50 and not 70?

          It was picked at that point to improve stats, of that i am sure.

      2. @Dan kit

        Just ignore the “cherry picked” side of it from your perspective, and look at it objectively. Everyone says how amazing Klopp is, and his team that is jammed packed with world class players, yet Arteta is matching him over a long period of time?

        Is that not impressive? Surely this is what we want is it not?

    2. You don’t accept the fact that our team is developing and getting better? I agree that something happened in December 2020 when we won 3-1 against Chelsea. You are trying to prove statistics wrong, a very difficult exercise. Even members of the Flat Earth Society do have a doubt from time to time 🤣

  3. Thank you for a very interesting article 👍

    Some of us do use statistics as a tool. We are achieving very interesting results with the youngest squad in the league, and they have a huge potential. To compete in Europe next season do we need a better squad depth.

    There should be less difference in quality between our first eleven and our second best. When we have a better squad depth we will be title contenders, from my point of view.

  4. The only fact that shows how well we have done isxwhere we finish in the league. We can All support or counter cherry picked stats to suit but ultimately if we dont improve our league position in May from where it originated when a particular manager was sacked, it is all meaningless. Last season we were told we were in the top two in points from January to May and finished 8th, so what did it matter? This season we look to be doing better but the truth is, IF we dont finish top 4 from where we are (especially after quoting said stats) we have failed again to achieve our target. And dont kud ourselves, top 4 is the target of everyone at Arsenal this season. Lets wait while May to judge what we have done!!!!

    1. We can only focus on ourselves because we can’t influence on what our opponents are doing. Most of them are trying to get better and they are getting better.

      Premier League has never been better, from 2010 to 2017 only two Premier League teams played in the Champion League finals. Between 2018 and 2021 five PL teams have played in the finals, and this year Chelsea, Liverpool and ManCity have good chances for another final.

      We need to progress more than our opponents to be title contenders, and from December 2020 our progress has been remarkable. We are in a much better place now than we have been in several years. We have an exciting team of young players with potential to get better, many years since last time 🔴⚪️

      To prove statistics wrong is a very difficult exercise.

    2. Repeating in the case of this article our most recent 48 game is not cherry picking, it’s our last 48 games. I was the one sounding that horn is the summer. You all said it was irrelevant yet it continued for the 1st 24 of this season making us odd-on favs for the top 4. No way to deny it we have now been in top 4 form for actually over 50 games now. The most recent 50. Odds-on with bookies. Obviously you still have the finish there but it’s absurd to pretend we are not on course for it when all the evidence suggests we absolutely are and have been for some time in fact.

        1. Let’s cherry pick in May shall we. Then there is no need to cherry pick. Facts will speak for themselves. If we get top 4, we have done great, if we don’t then NOT so.

    3. Seriously Reggie – was top 4 the target of everyone at the start of the season? I think for most it was top 6, and this was also the yardstick many needed reaching for Arteta to keep his job. We are in touching distance of 4th now so for many of us our target is NOW 4th. If we get 4th, our target may well then become 3rd. If we fail to reach THAT target, you will it seems say we have failed overall this season, whereas we will have by a distance succeeded earlier expectations. Of course, by using your approach of continuously moving the goalposts we will always fail. which is a pretty depressing way of looking at things.

      1. Guy, i and many others expected 4th at the start of the season minimum. Because you say some expected less, is down to lowering expectations. Managers have been sacked for not getting top 4, why should our expectations be lower?

        1. Because we came from a darker place than the unnamed clubs that you claim would sack their manager, Reggie. If we had an excellent team when he came he would be absolutely sackable. The squad was old, overpaid, entitled, underperforming, disinterested, lacking in morale or team spirit and bolshie – with very little scope for improvement.
          Much like Man Utd is proving to be now, but with a lot less “superstars”. Man Utd didn’t want to do what we did, but instead are trying to paper over the cracks – now look at them.
          Arteta had to rip everything up and start again, and all as a rookie manager. After a season I couldn’t argue if he was sacked. He made a lot of obvious mistakes, but also put in some important yet unnoticed building blocks. And now that he’s making more obvious progress is a crazy time to sack him. Any new manager would look great because MA has done the difficult part.
          You think Newcastle should sack Howe next season if he doesnt get top 4? Should Leicester sack Rodgers? Villa sack Gerrard, who has a good squad and one of the best keepers in the world according to disgruntled Arsenal fans? If not, why not?
          I have been told a lot recently that the table doesn’t lie. But when we start moving up the table the argument changes to either “but performances aren’t good enough” or “it’s only because Man Utd and Spurs have been rubbish”. News flash – Man Utd have been imploding for a while because they won’t undergo an Arsenal style rebuild and insist on buying guys like Varane instead of White – another choice Arteta was pilloried for. And Spurs have been rubbish for 2 decades, and buying two midfielders instead of defenders, or taking a coach the doubters said should replace Arteta hasn’t improved things, because guess what? They need a total rebuid too, and no manager will bring them success without one. They overachieved under Poch, and are now sliding back to their rightful place in mid-table.
          I will be very surprised if we don’t beat both of them this season.

          1. Great post Guy.

            I do find it amusing that many of the folks who tell supporters to wait until May before judging Arteta a success (a completely sensible proposition) are the same ones who are quick to judge him now as not being good enough.

            1. Lol Voy, true. Unfortunately they don’t see the contradiction (I’m too kind to say hypocracy) in their argument. Heck and we are accused of being the unrealistic, blindly loyal ones. I’ve hopped back and forth over the good/bad Arteta fence so many times I should be an Olympian, but some fans constantly refuse to see any good in Arteta – the poor guy is guilty of everything under the sun.

        2. Yes Reggie I anticipated beyond our previous finish which is top 4 considering that we aren’t playing in European Competition

  5. Performance wise, Arteta’s team looks similar to Wenger’s last team. They mostly lost against the teams above them in EPL table, but won against a lot of team below them

    Both teams also relied on plenty of short ground passes, slow tempo, high ball possession and slow ball progression. They all have passing variation problems and Wenger was just more pragmatic by having Giroud

    I agree that we have to achieve Liverpool’s and Man City’s levels, to dominate EPL again. High quality players and coaches are required, but Arsenal should also follow Liverpool’s and Man City’s disciplines

    1. Not much similarities from my point of view. Arteta’s team has potential to get better and his rebuilding project isn’t finished.

      I have very much respect for Wenger, but when he left we had been in a negative trend for several years. To be honest, I don’t think that Wenger’s team had significant potential to get much better.

        1. I respect that you believe this, but I don’t share your opinion. Wenger had done magic for many years, there was no tricks left in the book.

    2. @gai
      I think there is a huge difference in the current team compared to teams of the past 10-12 years.
      This team has a very promising core of young players, which give us real hope of contending for the title in maybe a couple of seasons and in the following years.
      It seems to me, there is more strategy behind this, than we have seen for many years.

      1. Yeah, hopefully the young players can give us at least a Europa League trophy next season or two years later

  6. Quite simply put 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 were hellishly bad for Arsenal which an FA Cup win did not obscure. Miraculously Arteta the failed manager is given a second chance. 6 new players at 150 mill are bought. A horror 0-3 start is followed by a superb 14 win 3 draws and 4 loss record the best after Liverpool and City. So Arteta and Arsenal have definitely improved “this” season. No European football has been an advantage allowing us to keep to keep in the main to a 14 man squad. A very soft Carabao cup draw was most helpful as well. Top four “seems”
    tantalisingly ours to lose but with our nearest opponents still within striking distance and with decreasing work loads the Arsenal revival will require intense focus, application and execution right up untill May 22. To summerize then Arteta MK1 was poor very poor and probably should have been sacked. Arteta MK2 has been a revelation and totally deserves credit for fighting back from the brink.

    1. Miraculously Arteta’s record in 2019-2020 had us win the FA Cup and pick up 1 less point that 4th placed Chelsea who we beat in the FA Cup final. The team finished 8th because of Emery’s results. I have said this to you on multiple occasions and yet you still pretend Arteta was in charge that whole season.

      As to 150 mil our squad is still the 5th most expensively assembled with the 5th largest wage budget so should be no expectation of top 4 in reality considering funding.

      As to not being in Europe I believe that has been an advantage. In particular it has allowed us to trim the squad this year and send people out on loan which long-term should have huge benefits particularly if as likely we finish top 4 as we will have funds available for the higher calibre players we could then attract.

      1. Well said Angus – to all those saying we should do better because we are only in one competition, we also have a first team full of new young recruits, a squad of only 21 players and no real striker. We have completed the lion’s share of a massive overhaul while getting to the prime spot for fourth. Our main rivals Man Utd and Spuds refuse to rebuild and we are seeing the decline of both.

      2. by that logic Wenger and Emery should still be here as they spent peanuts compared to Arteta the last 2 seasons.

        ao we should have accepted where they finished as doing a good job.

        pffft, you think because liverpool spent less than City they are happy to finish second? Dont fool yourself they want to win even having a leaa expensive squad.

        again by your logic PSG should be wining CL each season, but other teams have something to say about that.

        But hey, what ever makes you sleep at night.

  7. I’m pleased we’re fighting for top 4, let’s be happy with that.

    Speaking of facts, Arsenal finished 8th twice last 2 years, all the comparisons to Klopp can’t change that. Arteta far far from equaling Klopp, bit silly to limit comparisons to points while ignoring PL and CL titles.

    After all, didn’t Arteta mention CL title in around 3 years?

    Congrats on your research, but it reminds me of the discussions about “Arsenal 2nd best since December” yet finished 8th yet again.

    Let’s see how we end the season before making comparisons to Klopp, SMH.

    1. I kept bringing up the 2nd best to prove that there had been progress at the end of last season when you were all claiming otherwise. That was proved right by the fact we have been in top 4 form for the 1st 24 of this season. Funny how despite being proven wrong about that stat being irrelevant you all bring it up as if it was negative. It was right, that form did carry over into this season and showed we were improving. Objective fact.

      1. Recent run top 4 form, I would not argue. 1st 24 of the season, not close. 0-3 to start the season, hammered by Chelsea and City, and overrun by Brentford.

        Cup loss to Forest, and Everton game was a disappointment in how we failed to play. This team has beautiful moments, the latest was the comeback and finish against the Wolves, of which Arteta deserves credit along wit the players.

        It is looking like we have found some consistency, but time will tell. An honest person will admit to seeing the gears slowly moving as the tide slowly changes. An honest person would also admit concerns still remain, like style of play, man management, etc….

        The trend is moving upwards which I am glad to see. But again, let’s wait until the end of the season before we start crowing about progress and success. A couple injuries and all the good work could fall apart.

    2. I understand that you want Arteta gone, but which narrative do you really have? To prove statistics wrong is a very difficult exercise!

      1. Bit misleading the comparisons to Klopp. For example, why was there no discussion of their head-to-head matches? Klopp has won the CL and the PL, yet oddly not included in the comparisons.

        There are other factors left off also, maybe that is why a previous commenter mentioned “cherry picking.”

        For a better comparison, head-to-head would be relevant when discussing Klopp and Arteta.

    3. I’m not a fan of stats, Durand, and agree about Klopp. Interesting nonetheless.
      Exciting times – it’s been a while!

      1. I agree guy, not a big fan of “stats” myself, and they can be presented to support two different arguments.

        Just found it interesting that with all the talk of how Arteta compares to Klopp there was nothing comparing their performances in head to head meetings.

        Thought it would have painted a more full picture is all.

  8. Interesting article, thank you.
    Very difficult to deny, we for a long time have performed to be in the top 3-4.
    We just need to finish the job this season and work from there next season.

  9. Wow, burning some midnight oil there Jonbo, I have to admit I am not a big fan of a lot of tailored statistics with regard to my football, I research a couple of things to try to support a point but I couldn’t be bothered to go to those extremes, so good on you for that

    However these stats tend to align with the view I had already, Arteta has made mistakes but has done a good job overall, got us close to a top 4 challenge and with the addition of the right striker (or two) in the summer we could genuinely challenge for the title next season

    I think the other point that the piece makes, albeit maybe a bit more subliminally, is that Premier League Clubs shouldn’t sack their Managers too hastily, which I totally support

    To turn the Arteta debate around a little bit, although there been some odd poor games (Everton & Forest away this season come to mind) that all teams have I would say that there was just the one period when I had my doubts about him and it was referenced in the article

    We were well beaten at home by Villa on 8th Nov 2020 and only picked up two points in the following 6 League games until that game mentioned in the piece against Chelsea that turned it back around

    My main concern at that time was that it had gone on too long and Arteta didn’t seem to know what to do about it, but the Club stood by their man I am pleased to say, after hastily sacking Emery mid season about a year before

    Arteta is no longer a Rookie and has established himself as one of the top Premier League Managers around at the moment

  10. Good article
    And some nice comments follows as well…..
    But to me all I know and could remember vividly is none or minor would av dream of top 4 at the beginning of the season base on what happened to us last season….
    Majority of us only see 5 or 6th position as huge improvement to last season but to our surprise arteta has turned things around drastically and he deserves credit for that because the improvement is obvious and not accidental……..
    On paper our squad are not better than
    Man city
    Even westham
    But still we are moving in the right direction

    1. Hi Accurate

      I wrote last year that we would finish 5th with a chance of 4th
      With a few games to go. I said, “people should put their neck on the line and come up with their predictions of where we would finish” because of the ludicrous judging of the manager/team after
      3 flipping games.

      Most supports (I reckon) could see the improvement in the team the season before and could recognise
      It will take time for the team to gel with additional players that came in ( we are still gelling).

      Overall I’m happy with the team, don’t care about the cups this season and expect a strong finish to the season, and I still stick to my prediction ….

      1. TBF I did wobble a couple of times since the manager took over but don’t all supporters do that 🤔😁

  11. Got to love the audacity of multiple commenters on this article trying to claim it’s cherry picking. Lets us just break down artetas form shall we:

    19/20 Takes over the club Arsenal’s form from there until the end season sees them 1 point behind the 4th place form team Chelsea. They win the FA Cup against Chelsea. Objective success and good form, given he was appointed with the team in 10th and on a terrible run of form with morale at a massive low

    20/21 1st 14 games of the season are terrible bottom half form. Quite possibly would of been sacked for it had he not had the previous success and it not been the pandemic season and all that entailed particularly for us. Final 24 games have us as the 2nd best team in the league, damage had already been done by the 1st 14 and made it an objectively bad season finishing 8th but reasons for optimism going forwards given the good run of most recent form.

    21/22 1st 24 games 4th best team. If the 14 bad run was enough for last season to be terrible and the table is the only thing that matters then surely 24 game run this season is the same no? Or does it only apply when it’s negative?

    So again the audacity of the naysayers to claim the stats are cherry picked when you literally have to cherry pick a 14 game bad run vs all the other games Arteta has been in charge is staggering.

    1. There is no need to cherry pick, just see iff the job is done in May. You were guilty of cherry picking an argument over how good we were over a period from jan to may last season but it meant nothing in the end. The only thing that matters is the position we are in now must be cemented and we finish fourth. Otherwise if we dont, cherry picking the games form now until may will prove we weren’t good enough. May will tell us everything.

  12. Yes I am also a M Arteta fan. Initially, I never thought he was the right person for the job but he convinced me last season.
    This is a well crafted piece with facts.

  13. I am really not a stats fan (“lies, damned lies and statistics”) but having had derogatory stats rammed down my throat for nigh on two years and cries of “8th place” and “the table doesn’t lie” used against Arteta (correctly rammed until quite recently IMO) it is so nice to see some favourable stats on show.
    Also predictable to witness the usual suspects and stat quoters saying these figures have been manipulated. Very blinkered and, considering where we are now, rather ungracious.

    1. Considering where we are !
      What 6th place guy .
      This article as been manipulated to bend the truth .
      Unfortunately you and many others have a hard time coming to grips that other supporters have a difference of opinion.
      Where as I see a team that as progressed a little, but the progression is a a result of the failings of his first season and a half ,was he not in charge when we finished our worse season in 25 years ?,he couldn’t really get any lower having all that war chest thrown at him ,which is 250 million and growing ,could he ?
      So yes he as progressed himself but the club have not .
      The all important test though is the drab football that I still have to witness week in week out ,maybe if he could improve that side of things I would get on board but I’m afraid as of now it’s still Arteta out .

        1. “Whyever do you bother with him Pat “
          I believe Personally because I have our clubs best interest at heart that’s why he asked me the question.
          Where as you are a sad sack of a human being who constantly bullies readers on this site (calling out someone’s weight 👏)i on the other hand only give an opinion where I don’t try to measure dick size .
          Hope that answers you’re silly question JON FOX .
          Once again Pat this clown as done what you asked not to be done , and use this website as personal war ,surely you can see that he is always the instigator of all arguments that occur.
          I’ve answered your question below with no malice but once again this snowflake as butted in.

            1. Thanks Reggie
              I believe you are like me in that you have you’re own opinion and won’t be swayed (respect)but we get barraged by mr bully and then respond (every right to )and we get put on the naughty step because of he’s comments ,I just wish Pat would actually go through comments and see where all the arguments stem from

  14. Was you’re question aimed at me Pat ?
    If it was , does it really matter as my voice and many like me have no say anyway ,the club have made their choice and it looks like half of our fans have backed this mess ,which is apparent from this silly article bending the facts .
    If you was to push me the list would be endless but my top 3 would be as follows
    Ten Haag – needs no explanation,favourite for the Man Utd hot seat if that’s who they are after then we should be also

    Stefano Poli – working wonders with Milan ATM gets the best out of his wingers and attcking players (something Arteta lacks )

    Gasperini – attacking flair ,but maybe abit old to take care of our day care centre students that need their hands held .
    Plenty more in the prem alone that I believe could do so much more given what Arteta as been backed up with .
    Ralph Hasenhüttl
    Depends on what fans think is important ,which ATM seems to be getting 4th place which was never good enough before hand now whats changed .
    Like I’ve said countless times it’s always the football on show on how I judge our managers (OFC results matter )but the drab robotic football I’ve personally come accustomed to with Arteta in charge just does not cut it with me .

    On a side note Pat it Seems just Arsenal as now turned into the a place where if you don’t toe the Arteta line you are burned at the stake what happened to this website where you actually had a voice without being constantly called out for not being an Arsenal fan .
    Seems you have lost a few older posters(Ken Phil HH to name a few ) and they have now been replaced by a constant stream of school
    Like snivelling children .
    Hope my reply answered your question though Pat 👍

    1. I find that the written word is the most dangerous way to state opinions Reggie. Almost every post (not all though) if spoken in a pub is taken for what it is – friendly, enjoyable banter. In writing it so easily can come across as aggressive, rude and confrontational, and invariably provokes a similar reaction from those with a different opinion. In the flesh the tone of voice, facial expressions and body language give a much less confrontational and threatening context to our words.
      Pat! You need a video meeting link on here!

      1. guy what you correctly outline shows how difficult it is on anY social media site, where no one poster personally knows anything at all about any other posters, to make accurate assumptions about them.
        We do not often even know age, background, which country they are or were from, how much or how little they know about AFC history- which gives context- or anything else at all.
        But we arrogantly presume to judge others as people , while knowing nothing whatever about them. I am typical and am on both ends of this judgemental attitude, being both outspoken and much slandered. It has made me think that it is hardly worth posting nor even following what others think.

        I may decide, after reading your post, to cease being on JA altogether.
        I WILL AT LEAST CHEW IT OVER BEFORE DECIDING ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. After all guy, in the world today with all the daily trauma for so many poeple, who have nothing but agony awaiting them, does any of this football nonsense even matter a bit??
        I have always tried to get my life priorities right and even though I often fail, there is still time to get them right.

  15. There are statistics and there are also the facts. Context is important also. Opinion always complicates things. Truth is only ever in the eye of the beholder. My “memories” of the post Wenger era are these. Emery got 5th and made the PL final in his first full season despite no English and never having lived in England and having no PL experience but already having had a 20 year managerial career. Arteta got 8th in his first full season despite many years as a player in the League and three years at City and being fluent in English and having 8 months in charge in season one behind him to learn the ropes. He also had the huge advantage of the 2020 Covid break which allowed him a hundred extra days to learn and prepare his squad. The Covid break also took the stuffing out of the season meaning ostensibly the last nine games were like a completly new season. Arsenal’s face saving FA Cup run happened when most teams were just happy to get the wretched season over with. In the second season no matter how you slice and dice the “stats” the “fact” is Arsenal finished a humiliating 8th a second time running. The “stats” say we finished strongly but the “facts” say by this time the season was “over” again. This reminds me of a racehorse who is battling away mid field all race but runs on late to finish 8th long after the race is actually “over”. The “stats” show the horse passed 6 horses in the run to the line but the “facts” show the horse was well beaten a long way out. Emery who had one bad run was sacked immediately because his poor English made him a laughing stock to mono lingual English speakers. Arteta bycomparion has had at least 9 bad runs, finished in our worst place for 25 years twice yet was rewarded wiith a third season and a 150 mill summer spend because his good English allowed him to absolve his “failures” blaming a litany of injuries, bad officiating and bad luck. This season Arsenal has embarked on the long overdue rebuild. We set out to buy a new team. 6 new players at a cost of 150 mill have been recruited. The poor covid market meant we have lost massively on players leaving for free or peanuts with Guendouzie the most recent so successful under Emery being sold for 20 million less than his true value. But a combination of canny recruitment and all our direct rivals struggling with European committments has seen us rise to top four favouritism. What is also significant is the form of ESR Saka and the return of Martinelli from injury. I am undecided whether their form has any thing to do with Artea or came about because of Artetas inability to get a tune out of mega stars Pepe Laca and Auba which gave Arteta no choice but to play the young ones. The super soft Carabao draw was an added bonus. My belief remains that Arteta Mark1 was an abject failure. But I have been consistently glowing of my respect for Artea MK2. I may not have the “statistics” to back up my analysis but instead I humbly tender the “Facts” and “Context” instead. Perhaps a combination of the Facts, context and Statistics may lead us within a bulls roar of the truth?

  16. Last 50 seems like a round number to me, not cherry picked. Saying 37, 43, ect would sound cherry picked. But who cares if it’s cherry picked? Doesn’t deny the fact we’ve improved

  17. I don’t think those you mentioned are any better old man.we are in a rebuild,just trust the process and stop wishing to have shine today flop tomorrow managers.just take a look at liverpool they are ripping their sows winning matches and trophies with ease.

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