Insider warns Arsenal must ‘start living up’ to coveted star’s ambitions

Arsenal insider Charles Watts has claimed that we will only be able to keep Bukayo Saka happy for so long, with ‘everyone in Europe basically knocking on your door’.

The youngster was the club’s Player of the Year for last season, and could well be in contention to retain the award as he continues to impress for our side, although he has fierce competition for the award this term.

Despite only being 20 years of age, he is very-much established as an important player in the first-team, and is amongst the first names on the teamsheet week-in week-out.

There is an increased number of rumours emerging as he continues to thrive in our side, and Charles Watts has now warned the club that they risk losing him if we cannot match his ambitions, claiming that ‘everyone in Europe’ is keen on his signature.

“My thoughts are, if Arsenal are going to keep the likes of Bukayo Saka at the club, a player who everyone in Europe will want, then they need to start living up to his sort of ambitions,” Watts told his YouTube followers.

“You can’t rely on the whole Hale End emotional tie for too long. That might last for one contract, possibly two.

“But when you’re as good as Saka, when you’ve got as high a ceiling as Saka, and you’ve got everyone in Europe basically knocking on your door… that emotional tie will only go so much.

“For Saka, that (clubs knocking) will be around now.

“He’s only got two years left on his contract so there will be certainly things going on behind the scenes in terms of feeling out the agent, talking about what potential money could be, so Arsenal are going to have to deal with that.”

As much as we don’t want to think about it, it would be naive to believe that his progress has gone under the radar of any of Europe’s elite, but I don’t feel like I’m being biased when I say that he is completely happy with how things are at present.

I’m not naive enough to disagree with Watts either though, and I think he will inevitably want to play at the highest level in the coming years, albeit with us or with another club of course.

Arsenal does appear to be headed in the right direction at present though, and while the team continues to progress and threaten higher and higher up the table, then I don’t see any worries. The issue will be if our progress takes any major set-backs, as I struggle to believe that he will stay around as Harry Kane has naively done with our noisy neighbours.

Does anyone believe missing out on the top four this season could lead him to consider a move?


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  1. What makes Charles Watts an “Arsenal insider” please?

    I’m not trying to be smart I just don’t know who he is and why his views are any different to ours

    Is he an Arsenal fan?

    I feel similar with former players who are quoted on here but at least I understand why there might be a belief that they have more information than us but I don’t know where Mr Watts fits in

    1. He is a journalist who follows Arsenal home and away and he is respected in and around Arsenal.

        1. @FingersFuneral. If you don’t know who Charles Watts is, you know nothing about The Arsenal. Charles Watts knows Arsenal like the back of his hand. Watts is one insider that doesn’t dramatise the goings-on at Arsenal. He’s very well respected, and thoroughly does his research and homework before making comments regarding Arsenal. I would suggest you find out more about this guy and listen to some of his post. The only thing I can fault the man with, is his player’s ratings. He’s way too generous with his marks

          1. OK, he sounds like a proper Gunner, thorough and considerate in his thoughts on Arsenal, that’s good

            Still not seeing what makes him an “insider” though, does he work for the Club?

            Why do we think he is privy to information unavailable to other fans?

            His views within this article aren’t particularly insightful are they, Saka is probably our best player, an International who has appeared in a major international Final, he is young and is/will be much sought after, I don’t think Mr Watts needs to “warn” the Club of that really

            I’m not having a pop at him, his opinions are as good as anybodies but what makes them better than anyone else’s views?

            It doesn’t matter to me really I just thought I might be missing something, seems like I’m not so no problem

    2. Charles Watts — one of the most popular Arsenal journalist. Another popular journalist is Fabrizio Romano.

      1. Fabrizio is just a rumour monger. For me (in order) its Ornstein, Wheatley, and then Watts…

        1. Dare I ask if they are also “insiders” Pat?

          Not taking the mickey, please just consider me to be a JA poster rookie with these questions, here to learn

  2. I don’t think saka will want out at the end of this summer because for surely;
    1. He is arsenal through and through and i concur it will make him want to stay for a couple of seasons earning him a bumper contract.
    2. No team in Europe will guarantee him regular football than at arsenal for now because he will be considering who am i going to replace in that lineup with my inexperience?
    3. He will be sold on the idea of the project M. A is into if we conclude the season on a high and qualifying for the European championship bearing in mind that we are ahead of the schedule as the board is believed to have been caught up in surprise that arsenal are in the pole position to qualify for champions league.

  3. I don’t believe he’ll want to leave in the summer but he may well not sign a contract extension which is a huge issue. “I just want to focus on my football” incoming…..

    For me, if he doesn’t sign an extension he needs to be sold otherwise we’ll end up in the same situation we always do.

    If he doesn’t sign an extension but stays then we’ll be in the position where he only has 1 year left on his contract by the end of next season….a position we don’t want to be in.

  4. He will consider leaving if we don’t match his expectations and the oil money clubs come knocking.

  5. If we play poorly in the coming months, he would consider leaving. He wouldn’t be the first to leave the Emirates in search of trophies and reliable success.

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