Is the Arsenal banter era now behind us? (Opinion)

Let’s be honest, it has been a tough time in recent seasons as our rivals poke fun at us, but I don’t hear so much laughing any more. Guest post by Sarah Rohan

It’s a breath of fresh air that my mates are no longer tagging me in their posts to mock Arsenal. For the past maybe five seasons, it’s been an absolute nightmare watching us and the constant mocking. I used to dread the final whistle as I knew what was coming.

“Can’t wait for AFTV tonight” Is all I read. I’ve never watched AFTV before, probably because all I ever heard about them was moaning about the team, manager, owners… But that was probably because they had reason to moan.

Obviously, the supporters on this show were airing their feelings publicly, probably what we were all thinking in our heads. But at a time when we were going through such a horrendous time, this show just seemed to add more salt to the wounds and made me cringe even hearing about it.

There must finally be good words coming from them, as I don’t hear about them anymore. It’s nice to not be the butt of jokes and we can now leave that to… well I could name a few other teams.

It looks like we’ve finally turned a corner with Arteta in charge. We’ve gone from a shambles team to a vibrant, young exciting squad who I actually enjoy watching every time they play. Yes, we still have a few blips here and there but even the tougher games we are finally showing grit and don’t give up.

This was our main issue for seasons gone by. We just gave up, we never looked like we were going to get back into games, we had no game plan, we were too predictable and hard to watch.

I remember a game against Watford back in 2019, I think that game really hit me at how bad we were defensively. 0-2 up to go and draw 2-2. I remember saying I never want us to play a game like that ever again!

Now to today and we play teams like Liverpool, City and yes, we have lost to them, but we’ve been the better team and just an error by certain players ruined it. But still we didn’t hang our heads and we kept calm and carried on.

I finally feel we are no longer the laughing-stock and it’s nice to hear opposition fans or neutrals actually saying “to be fair Arsenal were the better team”.

Let’s hope this article doesn’t make me a laughing-stock come 10pm tonight. COYG!!


  1. For me,if daily mail is still there,the sun and the mirror , the banter not gonna stop.even the arsenal football London is click bait.

  2. Lets get to CL first, see what kind of players we can pull in and lets see how we then compare in Champions League with the big boys.

  3. In my environment & beyond, I hear rival fans going for an Arsenal win or draw. Something I haven’t heard 4rm them in previous seasons. Rivals fans don’t want their teams 2 play Arsenal now, even Chelsea fans.

  4. To put things into context we were only the better team against City at home. The Carabao semi could’ve gone either way. We have turned a corner but as to the main question that must be proven over a season or two. I’ve seen that some of you knock down the opinions of others because of Arteta which is a cheap thing to do. He always had potential from day one so if he actually succeedd people will support him.

  5. In Wenger’s banter era, we often got conceded from failed offside traps and got punished because of our CB’s comical errors. Those ridiculous situations rarely happens this season, despite sacrificing our offense a little for a more organized defense

  6. We been the better team against City and Liverpool
    I can think of City at home but apart from that ……
    City 5-0 Arsenal
    Liverpool 4-0 arsenal
    Arsenal 0-2 Liverpool

  7. School children deep in a bunker Kiev, Ukraine, knows we have made a great turn. Win lose or draw later, the emirate seems to be a different place these days.

    Would like to see our fans develop to a more mature level in the future, we are overly critical most times about our team and players.

    Am writing exactly two hours , just before kick off at the office
    North London has never been so red

  8. We’ll be free of the banter if we make top 4 and then start the season relatively well next year.

    If we end 5th, even by 1 point, we’ll be labelled as bottlers I guarantee it because of our prime position we are in now.

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