Journalist uses pundit’s words against him after he slates Arsenal celebrations

Gabby Agbonlahor slated Arsenal for their celebrations after beating Aston Villa this weekend, but James Benge has quoted him on his previous comments about Steven Gerrard’s celebrations to highlight his absurdity.

The Gunners were 1-0 victors at Villa Park this weekend, putting in a solid performance which all-but nullified the home side, and the players celebrated on the touchlines next to their fans in the crowd.

Agbonlahor has spoken out to complain that our celebrations were excessive, complaining that we were championing as if we had just ‘won the Champions League’, but James Benge has shared his previous comments praising Gerrard for celebrating a win in such a way, when he claimed that was ‘what the fans want’.

I think we’ve all been there when our emotions get the better of us, and we say things which we later come to regret, and Agbonlahor has well and truly been put in his place by his own previous comments.

He will no doubt feel stupid here after recalling his own previous statement, and you would certainly not hear any complaints from our fans as we continue to impress and close in on the top four of the division, a feat that we are growing closer to every match.


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  1. Speaking of being put well and truly in your place. I am sorry Didrik Plhen but in a reply to me about a comment i made about Auba being still top class, Didriks reply was AT 32 AUBA IS PAST IT, HE HAS BEEN PLAYING IN AN INFERIOR LEAGUE AGAINST INFERIOR PLAYERS, ON SUNDAY NIGHT BARCA PLAY REAL MADRID, AUBA WONT SCORE AGAINST A WELL ORGANISED DEFENCE AND BARCA WONT WIN.🤣🤣🤣 Auba MOM scored 2 made one and Barca won 4-0 away from home. He said my description of Auba was nonsense. Oh well Didrik, i hope you aren’t a gambling man, you will end up broke. All in good fun!!!!!!! But he aint past it Didrik 🙂

  2. There is something about our celebration that upset opposing fans, all teams and fans celebrate one time or another

    First it was Wolves now Villa and am certain as night turn to day there will be other fans complaining in the near future.

    A think rival fans don’t use to us celebrating. I use to see T shirts showing how sad Arsenal fans are as opposed to United and Chelsea.

    As North London slowly and surely turns red could the up coming North London derby victory be celebrated properly deep in enemy territory

  3. Agho need to learn the reason for celebrating a win. Even a win against a minion is cause for celebration… It’s to say yes, we planned to, we played and trusted and now, we reap the fruits. Let’s celebrate MA and his team our Arsenal

  4. Sincerely,auba destroyed real madrid last night netting twice and also assisting once in their four-nil rout away at madrid.i knew he is still at his best but just no longer wants to play for us,as it was claimed that it was because of the issue he had with the coaching i hope arteta can learn from this and listen to players’ opinion too especially that of the experienced ones cos he is not the only one who has the club’s interest in mind.

  5. Auba stopped performing for us. Its not the first time he did that to a club, did the same for Dortmund.

    Just tells you that after signing that new contract, he checked out on Arsenal.

  6. Arsenal living in Agobony’s head rent free. Suppose losing to The Arsenal on many occasions has scarred the poor simpleton.

  7. I don’t really understand some folks complaining about Arsenal’s celebration after a win. Celebration is a good thing, you get motivated for the next action. Why why would you question someone’s feelings, you are not that person. Keep your mouth shut.

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