Arsenal fans will not be pleased with Granit Xhaka’s latest comments

Granit Xhaka has vowed not to leave Arsenal until he achieves something special with the club, which is sure to give fans anxious feelings.

The Swiss international has been somewhat of a ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ player in the fact that he can sometimes be the main man on the field, and other times he can single-handedly hand the result to the other team. Unfortunately for him, the latter sticks in many a mind of Gunner’s fans, while some have never forgiven him for swearing at us prior to being stripped of the captaincy back in 2019.

Xhaka has now claimed that he wants to improve his relationship with us, before claiming that he will always give 100% for the club, and that he will not leave until he does ‘something special’ with us.

“I want to have a better relationship with the people outside, with the fans,” he told The Players Tribune. “To be closer with them. We never meet them, we never have a conversation with them. They are only seeing us on the pitch, for 90 minutes, and goodbye. They don’t know how we trained before, they don’t know how you feel, they don’t know if you have problems with your family, they don’t know a lot of points.

“After the season I still have two years contract here. I will give everything until I’m at this football club. I always say that. I didn’t sign a new contract to be here for… enjoy my time and that’s it. No, no, I want to achieve something with this club, something special. And before that, I don’t leave.”

After strong reports that he could have left to join Jose Mourinho at Roma last summer, many may have had hopes of seeing the back of him in the coming window, with many reports that a new first-team midfielder could be brought in to partner Thomas Partey.

Fans will now fear that just like last summer, we will go into the new season with Xhaka as first-choice option alongside Thomas, although those who have forgiven him for his numerous costly mistakes could feel positive that the extra funds which would have been spent on replacing him can be invested into signing a top striker…

How many of you are praying he leaves this summer?


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  1. Not me. We are a better team when he plays. Use the money on a decent striker.
    I have seen mass murderers treated better then the ref’s, media, and some people’s treatment of Xhaka. Enough Already.

    1. True, even a drug addict with an extensive criminal history and a resistance during the arrest got a statue

      Xhaka is slow, but his leadership, aerial and passing abilities are essential for the team. I don’t think it’s difficult to replace him, but we must make sure we get a better midfielder

      1. What are aerial?, he has never won a heading duel. We rather play Azeez in his position, a youngster who has hunger to make his name, and who is far better than Xhaka technically.

      2. What aerial?, he has never won a heading duel. We rather play Azeez in his position, a youngster who has hunger to make his name, and who is far better than Xhaka technically.

        1. If you re-watch the games, you’d see he won many aerial duels against the opposition’s midfielders

      3. Yes Xhaka may not be the best available, but in Arsenal team he is about the best in what he does. I agree he has flaws with the fans but he has a good work ethics. There must be something he does well which make him irreplaceable by even past Arsenal managers. He can’t be thrown away without a better left footed replacement.

        1. I feel Xhaka is one of the most commanding and enthusiastic midfielder at Arsenal, hence the trust of many managers

    2. Agree. We play better with him. We enjoy fancy dribbling and skills, what he gives is he spends least amount of time on the ball and keep the ball moving. Like a metronome, which is essential to any team I think.

      1. Xhaka is always going to be a polarizing figure. Overall, I think he has performed better for Arteta than for his predecessors. However, his limitations mean that he is not good enough for a team looking to consistently qualify for the CL, except perhaps as a squad player.

  2. Xhaka is another polarizing figure, but he plays with his heart on his sleeve.

    On like a number of gooners including my children, I have no problem with him remaining, that should not prevent us from adding two marquee midfielders

    We need an injection of players to play the attractive 4 3 3 system effectively

    1. I do agree with you, xhaka isn’t that fast but is technical, with the addition of 2 good midfielders we should be fine,

      Imagine Renato/Nkunku-Partey- Xhaka,

      With a complete defense and an attack of Saka-Darwin/Gianluca-Martinelli,

  3. It must be good news for MA, as he offered him that contract and, at least, someone wants to stay at the club.

  4. Need to look at the bigger picture here on performance and his temperament. For me a mid table prem player.
    On the other hand look what Emery has done and you look at MA achievements – I rest my case.

    1. @teddy, the EPL is quite different, the media is chasing you, the fans want your head, a micro mini flaw and the people want you down, the games are too physical to even dribble,

      Show me a coach that’s instantly made coming into the EPL without loads of money,

    2. You aren’t looking at his league performances. They have been crap. Lower mid table. But I’m happy for him to find a team that’s right for him and can understand what he is trying to do. Arsenal couldn’t and I’m happy that unai is gone.

  5. probably more heart attacks along the way, but for me if were to choose the first person I would like to see leave Arsenal the soonest possible that would be MA.

    1. You



      All you MA haters.

      MA has rebuilt Arsenal in a modern model of youth, pressing, strong backbone, massively creative midfielders (albeit we are short still and need some windows to continue to improve), stunning young winger/wingbacks, and a legacy forward that loves the culture and values of the club. And honetly, both keepers are starters despite Leno being a delicate wallflower. Get your head out of your ar&e and get behind the club.

  6. We have players more exculsive 2 play with action.. (Ramsad)… (Cedric… Ben… Gabriel… Teraves…) (Eleney… Xhaka… Odegaard…) Saka… Nechola Pepe… Matineli) in the front line… 4.4.3 let try this arteta please let use it

  7. Can people stop with the unhealthy obsession with Xhaka?
    We know that he is not the best midfielder out there and that we’ve all got our favourites but my goodness..
    Whenever something goes wrong with the team he is the first one to be scapegoated even if it’s not warranted.
    Been happening during the wenger, Emery and now Arteta the tenure.
    All the managers seem to trust him.
    The managers and the team’s attitude have to be critiqued as a whole for the most part.
    I know the guy is average but he always gives his all compared to some fans favourites that are always excused.

    1. @Goonster
      Okay but why are fan favourites, fan favourites? Is it because of good looks or it is because of what they produce on the pitch? Do we criticize Xhaka because we personally hate Xhaka or it is because of what he does (or doesn’t do) on the pitch? Xhaka would not have survived at any of the top 6 clubs for as long as he has managed at Arsenal. That is the truth. At Man utd he probably would have been out by the first 3 months.

      1. @Quantic Dream
        “Fans favourites” is just an subjective opinion.
        Your favourite player might not be mine.
        So you can’t be talkng about how they are favourites because of what they bring to the team.
        Some so called fans favourites have just been overrated, overhyped and overpaid social media propagandists / celebrities. People just gravitate towards them for personal subjective reasons. People have a soft spot for them.
        Xhaka is not average but he gives his all whenever he is on that pitch. But some of your fan favourites done worse than Xhaka but you will always find excuses for them.
        People will twist themselves into knots just to cover for their favourite players poor performances but then will never give as much leeway to the likes of Xhaka or others deemed unfashionable etc..

  8. I agree with the first part he says, about engaging with fans.

    However, he will leave this summer, he must. Its time for Arsenal to move forward and improve the midfield with players who are Champions League quality.

  9. Far better to have a slightly mediocre but highly determined player like Xhaka then super talented but completely unmotivated players like Pogba, Ozil etc.
    I like Xhaka’s passion and desire.

  10. Be careful what you wish for. We sacked a manager who has just got a team of underdogs to the Champions League semi final after beating Bayern Munich, for a manager who cannot coach a team to beat Palace and Brighton. Let that sink in.

    1. Declan
      I have a slightly different take on it although I can wholeheartedly congratulate Emery for doing a better job in Spain than he did for us here. He lost the dressing room with catastrophic consequences. Top4 was all but guaranteed and Baku was horrible. Emery came with a very good CV and lots of experience

      1. Yeah. We were nailed on to finish 3rd, when he prioritised UEL. And, the season after that the results were terrible. Emery had to be sacked, there was no choice. As well as he is doing in Spain, it didn’t work out for him with Arsenal. He has moved on and so should we.

        1. I certainly have moved on and wanted Emery gone because as Sue said, he lost the dressing room amongst other major problems and I wanted Arteta in, but it’s not looking good for a top 4 finish and I’m nervous even for top 6. Having said that, I do think Arteta is a better fit for us tan Emery ever was.

          1. TBH I am also nervous about top 6. But, I think in the near future this young team will blossom into something awesome. That is why I hope Arteta continues. Hopefully he will learn to manage player egos (and his own ego) better. This team could have surely done with a Guendouzie and a Saliba.

        2. Or alternative view Arsenal “were nailed on to finish 3rd” until a group of players downed tools and Emery wasn’t supported by the Board in a similar way to Arteta later was to discipline those players. For example Ozil was dropped and Emery was forced to reinstate him, only to have that abject performance in the Europa League final inflicted on him by Ozil and others.
          Compare the funding Emery has at Villarreal (or at Arsenal) compared to Arteta?

    2. Were most people on here calling for Emery to be sacked?
      The exact animosity our fans have towards Arteta is the same animosity they had towards Emery. Even towards Wenger.

      1. I wanted Emery out due to the fact that the players let him down when it mattered most. Senior players too.
        If the players don’t respond to Arteta now then I will start to have doubts. Losing the dressing room is the kiss of death. So far I have been 80% behind him. New manager with a lot to learn, learning it at a big club that was in a fair bit of turmoil so he got my proverbial patience and I have seen improvements. Not quick enough for the majority though and if he can’t get an EL place then the process will have stalled.

  11. I agree with you on this point,Emery was far better than Mikel Arteta,only that he wasn’t given time to improve 🥺

    1. Who didn’t give Emery enough time to improve?
      The toxic fans, the toxic primadonna players or the clueless board?
      The fans were on his back, he was so disrespected starting with our primadonna players on top of our consistently whining fans.
      Was driven out by player power and our toxic fans.

      1. Lack of support from the Board, starting with appointment as “head coach” rather than “manager”.

  12. Xhaka must stay but should be played consistently in the midfield instead of emergency LB. We have Tavares to play LB, the lad must play more minutes to get confidence. Whether Xhaka stays or not we must buy another quality midfielder to partner Partey.

  13. Xhaka, is just not good enough, is slow, technically challenged and has limited influence in a game, unless he is fouling.

  14. I completely agree with your comment NB

    Not only do I think Xhaka will stay but I think he will get the armband back next season

    I have never really got him as an individual player but he clearly has something as a team man

  15. Xhaka has been one of the biggest problems at this club. When I remember Cazorla and Ramsey in CM then I think about Xhaka I just want to cry.

    1. Loved these two for sure. Cazorla especially. I am seeing Ode as the replacement there and he’s amazing and still so young!! The different formation arteta uses needs to rely on a stead strong defensive transitional anchor. We just aren’t through the rebuild yet and we already find ourselves on the edge of top 4. Flip your thinking. We are close but still have gaps and no backups.

  16. It seems that noone payed attention to his last sentence, saying that he’ll honor his contract… Like listening to Ozil’s agent. So, even if we buy the new MF, he won’t go freely. Hmmm…. 🤔

  17. “How many are praying he leaves”!

    Well, ALL the ones who have brains are praying!! I have wanted this man out of our club since the first month he played. I NEVER WAVERED AT ALL NOR CHANGED MY MIND. He is wrong for us and we all know it!

    1. And that shows a completely lack of adaptability and stubbornness on your part. You can’t get through your stubbornness to realize how good he is.

  18. Xhaka has been a steady, enormous passionate leader for Arsenal. For those that don’t know what they are watching, the guy has brilliant positional play, always willing to win a 50/50. Off the pitch, his leadership is something th fans can’t see but I would expect he has shown. I continue to trust him defensive midfield and progressing the ball. We MUST GET BEHIND OUR TEAM. #arsenalhatersout

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